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Medical Test

by Daniel Guy

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© Copyright 2010 - Daniel Guy - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; F/f; wrap; cocoon; bond; electroplay; breathplay; mast; cons/reluct; X

It must be two am. As you lie awake in your bed in that hospital room, unable to sleep, you think about the days ahead, the friends who visited, and then you smile when you remember what happened when Daniel came into your room and sat on the edge of your bed the day before, and the horny things he said. You lick the tip of your finger and gently caress the tip of a nipple. Unable to resist, you slip your hand down between your legs. You close your eyes, hoping that an orgasm might lead eventually to sleep.  

But your erotic thoughts are interrupted by a gentle knock. The door opens and you see two figures entering in the shadow. The light is turned on low. You look startled. A middle aged doctor and an attractive young blond haired nurse stand beside your bed.

The doctor smiles nervously and leans over.

"Hello Tara.  Sorry to wake you, but the lab has just sent back the results of your latest tests, and your consultant asked me to have a look at them. I know it's quite late and there's nothing to be alarmed at but I'm not satisfied with them and I'd like to do some more.  The room where we carry out the tests is free at the moment. Would you mind letting us do them now?"

You are confused. You do not recognise either of these people and you cannot understand why this has to happen in the middle of the night. But you find yourself agreeing and within seconds the young nurse is lifting you out of your bed and into a wheelchair.

They take you down many corridors and into a part of the hospital you never knew existed. You study the nurse. She looks suspicious. Her uniform is too small making her breasts protrude provocatively. She doesn't look like a nurse. She seems nervous and constantly looking over to the doctor for approval. The doctor also seems a little strange. He's middle aged and looks the part, but his white lab coat also looks too small for him. The nurse pushes you along, the doctor leads, holding the swinging doors open but avoiding eye contact with you.

Finally you reach a room, brightly lit and filled with machines and computers. In the middle is an operating table, sparkling with shiny chrome and polished black leather.

The doctor points to a machine and says,

"O.K. Tara. This machine will study your nervous system, to check it's all o.k. These electrodes which we'll attach to parts of your body, will measure your muscle response to an electronic charge. However with your condition it's important that we don't trigger off a muscular spasm, so what we are going to do is to wrap you in a tight plastic binding. This will keep you absolutely still and prevent spasms. Do you understand?"

You don't but again you find yourself nodding, acquiescing.

"Good. Nurse - will you help Tara out of her night clothes and apply the plastic wrap?'"

"Yes, doctor." she says, softly and meekly.

She lifts you out of the chair and helps you to undress. She makes you sit on the edge of the operating table. The doctor hands her what looks like a large roll of green tinted cling film. She takes it and kneels at your feet. She pulls the soft shiny plastic from its roll and begins to wrap your feet up together.

"Make sure it's tight, nurse. Remember what happened last time."

"Yes, doctor."

You feel the soft warm film enveloping your toes and feet. The nurse wears white latex gloves. You feel them brushing against your ankles and she wraps the roll of tinted film round and round. She continues to wrap the green plastic up your legs to your knees. You notice that her hair is dyed and that roots of jet black hair can be seen from the top.

The doctor leaves the room. Suddenly you are alone with her and feel a strange tension.

She lifts you to your feet. She continues to wrap, until your hands become strapped to your sides and you bum is enveloped.  She wraps you in several layers and when she gets to your breasts she seems to pull the shiny green tinted plastic even tighter. She says nothing. She glances up at you from time to time. You sense she is smiling. She reaches your neck. You smell her cheap, sweet perfume as she stands close to bring the roll round your back over your breasts a fifth time. Your arms are now pressed tight against your sides. She reaches your chin and then before you can say anything suddenly she rolls the shiny plastic over your face. You twist your head, open your mouth very wide and let out an anxious 'Aaahh…' before she stops and with her thumb breaks the plastic over your mouth to make a hole. She looks at you and grins.

"Sorry." she says but doesn't pretend to mean it.

She continues to wrap your head completely, leaving just one layer over your eyes so that you can see through the green mask clearly. She tears off the roll and smoothes out the plastic over the top of your head. You are now completely mummified. Your body is now rigid. You feel strange but faintly aroused. She leans you back and then lifts you up until you are lying flat face up on the operating table.  She says nothing. She stands back, puts down the roll, puts her hands on her hips and studies your wrapped body closely.

She grins. She steps forward and leans over. She places her hand on your breast and says, "You O.K. in there sweetie?"

You are unable to move your head. You are nervous. You are about to tell her this when the doctor returns. He glances over at you and smiles. He pulls the trolley piled with electronic machines over to the table and both he and the nurse begin to sort out the many electrodes which are attached via long coloured wires to the machines.

Together they place them on different parts of your body, using thin white tape to secure them to your new shiny plastic skin. The small pink coloured pads are attached to your nipples, belly, knees and feet. The final one is pressed down against your pubis. 

You lie there quite still, unable to see much, feeling these pads being pressed down one by one onto your body. Then without saying anything to you, the doctor and nurse strap you down to the table with thick black rubber straps.

One is strapped across your forehead, keeping your head pinned down, while you feel others being strapped tight over your chest, pelvis, knees and feet. You are unable to move. You are frightened but all the time aroused and curious.

The lights in the room are dimmed. Out of the corner of your eye you see the brightly illuminated dials and switches of the machines that surround you. You hear them humming and clicking. The whole event feels so unreal. You wonder for a moment if this is a dream.

Suddenly you feel an electric current on the tip of your nipples. You squirm but your movement is tiny because you are mummified and strapped tight to the table. Then another charge is sent through your body from another electrode.  After a few moments you realise that the shocks are not painful once you are used to them. Soon your whole body tingles with shocks. You feel a hand pressing the electrode hard in between your legs and into your pussy. You feel the shocks. You try to twist but the hot tight plastic cocoon keeps you very still.

After several minutes the machine is switched off. Your body begins at last to relax.

The doctor stands up and watches a print out of test results spewing out from the side of the machine. He stands over you, half glancing at the test result. You see shiny sparkles of sweat on his cheek and forehead. You smell the odour of a man who is aroused but that is the only clue you get.

"Well done, Tara. I hope that wasn't too uncomfortable. Now then, all I want to do now is to run these results through a computer. It'll take about twenty minutes. The chances are they're fine, but sometimes we're unlucky and we have to do them again. So what we'd like to do is leave you wrapped up until I'm satisfied that these are satisfactory. It would be pointless to have to wrap you up twice. Nurse will take off the straps and the electrodes, and perhaps just unwrap your head. You must be hot in there. Nurse can get you a drink and a straw. I'll be as quick as I can. And then we'll be finished. O.K.?"

You nod feebly, still stunned by the electronic shocks, which have left your entire body tingling.

The doctor leaves. You hear him shut the door and then moments after you hear the nurse locking it. You try to twist your head to see and to understand why.  The nurse comes over. She begins to undo the straps and clear them away. Still she says nothing.

You lie there. You can see little more than the ceiling. The room goes silent. You wonder what the nurse is doing. You are able to twist your body a little, but not much, as the many layers of plastic film wrapped tight around you keep your body very rigid. You guess she must be sitting down but you sense beyond doubt that she is looking at you. Finally you have the courage to speak.

"Excuse me – but could you just get this plastic off my head?  It's very hot in here?"

Silence.  You try to move your head to see the nurse.

Finally she gets up and leans over so you can see her.

You see her grinning at you. You feel her hand on your breast again. She is caressing you. "Your nipples are hard. You really want me to take it off your face?"

You don't know what to say. She is sneering, being unprofessional. Before you can speak, you catch your breath as you feel her hand sliding down your belly and then her fingers breaking through the plastic between your legs. She's touching you and you cannot do anything about it. You twist and writhe. You say,

"What the….!"

Then before you can find enough energy to shout, her latex covered hand goes over your mouth, stopping you from breathing. You look up through the green tinted plastic over your eyes and see her smiling and her eyes gleaming with mischievous delight.

"Sssshhhhhh!"  she says. "Quiet, let me have some fun. You look so good wrapped up like that, and I'm convinced it's making you horny too."

She continues to touch and caress your plastic covered body. You twist as best you can, but her hand pressed tight over your mouth, keeps you pinned to the table. For a moment she lets go and moves away from the table. You suck in the air that your lungs have been starved of but you do not notice that the nurse has reached down and pulled out a clear plastic bag which had been lining a waste paper basket which was sitting beside a table.   She pulls the shiny clear soft polythene bag over your head and gathers it tight around your neck with a fistful of plastic. She moves her head in close to yours and she whispers loud enough so you can hear through the plastic layers.

"Listen, you let me have some fun and don't you dare tell the doctor about it, or I'll sneak into your room tomorrow night when you're asleep with one of these bags and you won't know anything about it."

You lie there terrified. The air in bag quickly becomes warm and stale.

"Will you keep quiet or do I have to gag you?"

"I won't say a thing! I'll be quiet I promise!"

The nurse smiles again and releases her grip on the bottom of the bag. You suck what clean air you can. The nurse disappears for a few moments. Your head is dizzy. Nothing seems to make any sense any more. Your nipples are definitely hard and the heat inside and tightness of the plastic cocoon feels strangely sexy.  She returns.  Now she is naked. She climbs onto the bed and kneels astride you. She has the thin white tape in her hand. She wraps the tape tight around your neck so the plastic bag tight is once again air tight. She sits back and begins to stroke her pussy. She closes her eyes. You feel her writhing against your pelvis. You feel her knuckles rubbing against your pubis. The bag expands and contracts around your head. You can hardly see.  You hear her gasping and groaning, rocking back and forth with increasing vigour and pace. Suddenly there is a knocking at the door and the naked body on top of you freezes.  The nurse panics, mutters a desperate 'Shit!' climbs off, pulls the bag off your head and begins to dress furiously. The door knocks are repeated but this time louder and more impatient. The nurse leans over to you on the way over to the door and says breathlessly,

"Remember, not a word, O.K."

The doctor enters and you are still gasping. The nurse leans against a machine, still out of breath. The doctor sees you breathing heavily to catch your breath. He looks over to the nurse and stares as if they are accomplices to something. Finally he looks back and with a nervous smile asks,

"Anything wrong, Tara?"

Before you can speak, the doctor steps over and begins pulling the plastic off your head till finally your head is free. Your soaked hair sticks to your forehead. Your cheeks are red and moist. You see his face up close to yours and an expression of concern. You recover your breath. Finally you say as calmly as you can,

"I'm fine. Honest. It's O.K.  Were the test results o.k?"


Daniel Guy

[email protected]




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