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Mental Institution Weekend

by Mumwrap

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Continues from

Part 4

Chapter 9: Getting some legal help

That night Kelly and Amanda started planning how to get all of the lose ends of my life on the outside of the hospital cleaned up. Amanda called her friend Robin the lawyer and told her what she needed from her. The attorney on the other end of the phone was not sure if the phone call was a joke or not.

 “So let me get this straight, you want me to get a healthy normal man committed into your hospital, and he wants to do this? Are you sure that he isn’t really crazy?” Robin said

“Yes he’s not crazy, but he is a little kinky like the rest of us, and besides he going to help me, by being my research subject for my work”, Amanda said.

 Robin said, “OK I don’t know how you always talk me into these things, but I will do it. But I need to see him, when he’s not on any drugs, just for my peace of mind that he really wants to do this.”

 “How long do you plan on keeping him in the institution” Asked Robin.

“About a year” said Dr. Smith.

“A year?” said Robin with shock in her voice.

“Yes a year.” Dr Smith said in a matter of fact voice.

“Wow!” After a brief pause she continued, “I will need to see the file you have made for him, and when do you want to start his stay” said Robin.

“Well he’s been in the hospital all week-end already on a 5150 involuntary commitment, but it runs out tomorrow so we need you to get him a more permanent commitment.” Also Amanda explained that we want him to be in Isolation away from the rest of the patients as much as possible for his safety.

 “Ok I am going to need you to stage some violent actions so I can show the judge that he’s a severely agitated and violent patient, that will keep him in Isolation and most likely in physical restraints too,” said Robin.

“That’s ok he won’t mind” said Amanda smiled to herself knowing that her patient would prefer it.

 “Ok I will get us into court tomorrow afternoon to see the judge, I will come by the hospital at 10:00am to meet your Mr. Murphy, and also I want him to sign some release forms for your research studies” said Robin.

“That’s good since we need you to set up a power of attorney for Kelly to get Brian’s person affairs in order during his stay with us at Ashland State Mental Institution” said Dr. Smith.

“No problem. See you at 10:00am” said Robin.

Amanda and Kelly continue making their plans. Later that night, I was fast asleep in my room, strapped down tight, when the girls had finished their plans for me. 

The lights in my room came on and I jumped, but my restraints kelt me from moving much. “Good morning Mr. Murphy it’s time to raise and meet your new life for the foreseeable future.”

I could see smiles all around from Kelly, Amanda, Sally, and Patty. I tried to say hello but my voice was still all drugged out, I thought it must be early. “Well Mr. Murphy we have a lot of things to do this morning so let’s get going shall we” Kelly said.

First a quick breakfast, then I was dressed and being pushed down the hall in the wheelchair to the shower room. Then I stripped and my arms spread across the shower and hooked the D rings on the wall. The rest of the girls left the shower room and Kelly started washing me down and was taking great delight in my helpless state.

After my shower Kelly dried me off and took great care to make sure all my parts were completely dry, I was in heaven. Then I was rolled back to my cell, where I was stripped out of my red scrubs and was dressed in a yellow jump suit. I asked if I was going somewhere.

Kelly said “Yes, you’re going to court today to be committed.” By this time I noticed that my voice was back to normal. Kelly said “OK let’s dial your boss on your cell phone, I bought it in from your stuff at my place, so your boss will not see that you’re calling from the State mental hospital on his caller ID.”

So I called my boss and told him I was quitting and this was my one week notice and I would not be returning to work. He was shocked, but I told him that I had a better offer out of state, a job that I was really committed too. Kelly smiled at my joke as I spoke to my ex-boss. I told him Kelly my girl friend will pick up my things from the office and it was great working for him.

“Next” said Amanda, “we need to get you set up for your violent act so the judge will let us keep you here in the locked wards”.

I asked, “What do you want me to do”.

“I just want you to bite Nurse Sally on the arm” said Dr Smith.

I said “Bite Sally?” with a concerned voice

“Well, not really. Kelly has taken a picture of Sally’s arm and photoshopped marks from teeth onto it. We will just turn in an alarm on you, simple” Amanda said with a smile. 

I said “ok”.

I was placed in bed but not completely strapped down, I had one arm free. Patty drew some blood from me and from Sally. Dr. Smith said we had to make it look real so the blood drawn from me was placed in and around my mouth and Sally’s blood was placed where the “bite” was.

At this point Kelly said “everyone ready, go”.

Sally screamed aloud and hit the alarm on the wall. Patty and Sally ran out into to the hall with Patty acting as if she was treating Sally’s bite. In my room Kelly and Amanda pretended like they were fighting with me trying to get my arm down and did just strap it down as two officers ran in the cell. Kelly then called in to dispatch and cleared the alarm.

Patty took Sally off to the first aid station to clean the “bite” and bandage up Sally’s arm. Kelly told the other officers she would file the incident report, and she did. Dr. Smith cleaned me up after some pictures were taken for evidence of the attack.

Then Kelly walked back in the room with this funny looking canvas helmet.

“Well Mr. Murphy now that you’re biting people you’re going to have to wear this for awhile.” Kelly said.

She then slipped the padded canvas helmet onto my head and strapped the chin strap on. Kelly then produced a matching part that looked like a wide gag with a soft breathing tube running through it.

Kelly said quietly that “Amanda’s friend the attorney wants to talk to you without drugs and this way we can keep you from talking, normally without drugs, and I just like gagging you, now open up,” she said with a smile.

The gag with the tube was placed in my mouth and the two straps hooked to the helmet and were tightened up on so I could not say a word and now you could just see my eyes, next Kelly hooked a strap from the top of my head to the head of the bed and tighten it. Now I could not move or lift my head or talk, I loved it.

Two or three more officers came by to make sure Kelly had me under control. Sally walked back in with her arm wrapped in bandages, she smiled and said “You’re such a bad man Mr. Murphy.”

About 10:20am the door on my cell opened up and a woman in her early thirties walked in with Kelly. The woman was dressed in a business skirt suit, her hair was pulled up into a French twist style, and she looked like a lawyer, a smart one.

As the woman walked in Kelly closed the door behind them and locked it. She looked at me and said “Hello I am Robin Lane your court appointed attorney.” I just looked up from my canvas helmet.

Robin said “Why is he gagged?”

Kelly said “Well you wanted him not to be on any drugs when you talked to him, and to make Brian sound retarded we have been shooting up in his mouth with a type of nova cane. Since we did want him to slip up and talk to anyone, we gagged him till you could speak with him.”

Kelly said, “Just a second, I will remove his gag”.

Kelly quickly removed my gag.

I said “Hi, my name is Brian and I would shake your hand, but as you can see I am a little tied up right now”.

They both gigged a little. Robin said “So you really want to be in here, as a mental patient?”

I said “As crazy as it sounds yes!”

Robin turned to Kelly and said “I think your boyfriend really is crazy, don’t you agree?”

Kelly laughed, “I am sure he is,” she said.

Robin said “But why?” 

I said “It sounded like fun and I have always wanted to see the inside of the institution and I must say I like the excitement and danger and now that I am here I like helping with Dr. Smith’s research. Also I hope to write a book about my time here when I get out.”

Robin said “Ok I just want to make sure that before I get the court to place you in permanent conservatorship for disability and imminently dangerous behavior that you really want to stay in here for awhile. I read your file here and the way they have you diagnosed I can easily get you committed and you will spend most of your time continuously restrained and in a seclusion/isolation cells like this one”. 

Kelly said “That’s what we want, to make sure he is kept out of the general population of the hospital, so we can look out after him and control his contact with other staff and patients.”

“Yes that’s what Amanda told me,” said Robin.

“Well this is the weirdest thing I have ever been a party too but if you two are in for the ride, who am I to stop the parade. I will have him committed today, we have an appointment at 1:00pm with the judge. First I need you to unstrap his writing hand so he can sign these papers for power of attorney and some other papers to get it set up so Kelly can take care of your affairs during your stay here,” Robin said with a big smile at Brian.

I said “Great,” and quickly signed the papers and my life over to Kelly.

Robin and Kelly discussed my court appearance and how I should be presented at court. I just lay there and listened as my lover and my new lawyer planed how to “show me” to the judge so that he would see me as severely mentally ill person, one worthy of long-term incarceration.

I was listening and thinking how this felt more real and permanent than just passing as a patient for the week-end, this was getting serous, real lawyers, courts and judges. I was asking myself, what was I doing? I had a mental battle going on in my head, the fear of what was going to happen too over the next year and the knowledge that the wheels have all been set in action and could not be stopped or could they?

No, I told myself I have just quit my job, I signed papers to giving power of attorney to Kelly, and I was due in court in a few hours. I have let it go too far, I must through go with it now, I feel it’s too late to stop, it was already out of my control.

I was thinking about talking to Kelly about my new anxiety, but just then Kelly said to Robin “I am afraid that someone will come to checking on him because of the nurse biting, so if you do not have anymore questions for Mr. Murphy, I am going to put his gag back in.”

Then Kelly turned and looked at me in my bed all strapped down and saw I was a disturbed. She asked if I was ok. I said yes I was just feeling a little scared.

Kelly looked deep into my eyes and asked, “Have you changed your mind? If you have its ok, we can get you out of here right now.”

At that moment I knew Kelly really loved me and would not do anything to hurt me, and I knew I wanted to go through with my institutional committal. I was ok again. I told Kelly and Robin that I was just getting a little nervous, because of going out in public to the court, but I was fine.

Robin asked, "Again do you really want to do this?”

I said yes, with a smile on my face.

Kelly said “ok”, kissed me on the lips and then placed the gag back in my mouth and strapped it in tight.

I was glad now I didn’t have chance to change my mind again, I laughed to myself. Robin said that she needed to talk to Dr Smith to make sure we all were on the same page.

Robin walked over to me and said to Kelly, “I am sorry but could you remove his gag again, I forgot to tell him how I would like Mr. Murphy to behave in court today.”

Kelly removed my gag and Robin told me what she wanted me to do and how to conduct myself (she has committed many people, so she knows how they act). Robin then asked me if I had any question.

I said, “No Ms. Lane”.

Robin laughed, and said, “So formal for a paranoid schizophrenic, developmentally disabled patient”.

Kelly said, “Yes he is truly the idiot savant”.

We all laughed.

“Ok”, Kelly said “No more talking for you right now Mr. Murphy”.

As she started to place the gag in my mouth, I said “Hey what about a kiss?”

Kelly laughed and said, “No kissing the patients” as she pushed the gag back in my mouth.

Then Kelly checked my restraints and said, “Ok I will be back for you, when it’s time to leave for your hearing with the Judge.”

Robin said “And Mr. Murphy I will see you in court”.

I lay in my bunk and thought, just like Alice in wonderland I have taking the blue pill, and am following the white rabbit deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

Chapter 10: The Court ordered permanent conservatorship and confinement (Or welcome to the Hotel California)

About 15 minutes after Robin and Kelly had left my cell, the door opened and Kelly, Officer Cathy and Dr. Smith returned with a wheelchair like the one they had brought me to my room the first night I was here. I think they called it a special needs wheelchair. All I knew was it had a lot of straps and my head was going to be secured down to the head rest again.

“Well Mr. Murphy we need to work fast to make sure you make you appointment with the court on time. First I have to give you your shots in the mouth and then Kelly and Cathy will get you set up in restraints and chains, then I have some other shots and meds to give you.” Amanda said with a very evil grin.

Kelly and Cathy removed my bed restraints and my gag. Dr. Smith gave me the shots in my mouth, as Kelly and Cathy start place me in heavy transport restraints. The cuffs running through the belt and leg irons with the chain running to the cuffs they were all placed on me with great care. They pushed my hands into the security mitts and locked them in place.

Cathy laughed and said, “I like putting Mr. Murphy in restraint he makes it very easy, he never fights us”.

Kelly said with a smile, “That’s because I think he likes it”.

I think every one in the room knew I love to be place in these restrains.

At this point Kelly asked about the canvas helmet and gag, if Dr. Smith wanted me to be transported like that. Amanda said they need to remove it and replace it with the standard mesh transport hood, the judges hates to see patients in gags.

“But before you do I need to put these contact lens in Mr. Murphy’s eyes.”

I said, “But I don’t wear contacts.”

Amanda smiled and said, “You will for your day in court, you see these are theatrical lens and they will make your eyes look washed out and blood shot instead of your bright healthy looking eyes”.

Dr. Smith placed the contacts in with no trouble. Kelly held up a compact mirror for me to see myself. I was amazed at how just a little thing like contacts changed my looks so much, I looked sickly, wow. Dr. Smith then put some eye drops in my eyes.

Amanda said, “Ok on with his hood”.

Kelly placed the mesh transport hood over my head and adjusted it. Amanda pulled out a hypo and said, “Mr. Murphy what I am giving you right now is Trifluoperazine a drug to induced mild paralysis. It will not keep you from moving but it was make it hard to move. People with type II paranoid schizophrenia, which by the way is what you have or should I say that’s what your chart says.” Amanda said with a laugh.

She went on to say that, “Patients with type II have predominantly negative symptoms, such as withdrawal from others and a slowing of mental and physical reactions called psychomotor retardation. So this drug will give you convincing symptoms and "side effects" such as trembling, uncontrollable shaking or movement of the hands or other parts of the body (which occur in the neurological disorder such as parkinsonism and schizophrenia) but your mind will stay very sharp.”

“I am glad to hear that, I do not want to sleep through my commitment trail.” I said with a laugh.

My new semi permanent voice was back, I sound like a retarded person again and would for the next year. Dr Smith gave me the shot to commence the mild paralysis. I asked, “How long will it take before I feel it?”

Amanda said, “It was a slow moving drug, so the effects may not show up for ten to twenty minutes”

“How long will the effects last?” I asked. 

“About 48 hours, this way you can learn more about the symptoms of your disease and how you should act over the next year,” Amanda said with and playful smile.

Kelly and Cathy directed me toward the waiting wheel chair and strapped me in nice and tight. We then left the isolation cell and proceeded down the halls towards the patient’s entrance so I could be processed for a day pass to go to court. After all the paper work was filled out I was wheeled in the receiving bay and I was placed in the same type of van that I had arrived in.

Cathy and Kelly made short work out of transferring me from the wheelchair to the van, and once again I was strapped in a chair, in a cage, in the back of the state hospital van. I had to laugh to myself; I thought that the next time I rode in the van, it would be to get out of the mental institution, not to go make sure I could stay in the institution.

Dr Smith told Cathy and Kelly she would meet them in the court room. Amanda walked out of the room. Kelly and Cathy jumped in the van and after the big door opened they started the drive towards town and the court house. It was about ten miles into town. We drove through the beautiful country side, it was very peaceful in this part of the county, because no wanted to build or move near the mental institution for the criminally insane.

As we rolled down the road the girls ask if I was feeling ok?

I said, “I feel fine” in my slurred voice.

Kelly said, “Well you really look sick with those Contacts you’re wearing, it’s wild how that changes your looks, and you really do look like a real patient”.

I said, “Thanks I think, or did I just get insulted?”

“Oh dear it was a compliment,” Kelly said in her sexy voice.

We all laughed. We pulled into Ashland a pretty little town that had been a big cattle town in 1880’s till about the 1930’s but now it was much more modest. Because of it’s hey day it had a wonderful downtown with Victorian homes, banks, businesses, and the courthouse. The courthouse was in the center of town, surrounded by a large park. It looked like a court house you would see in the movies. We drove up the area where the prisoners are brought into the courthouse.

Cathy parked the van and turned and looked at me with an evil smile and said, “It’s really show time now”.

They both laughed. Kelly sent Cathy to try and find a wheelchair. During the mean time Kelly started removing my seat belts, she asked how I was doing.

I said, “I feel good”.

Kelly said with a smile, “That’s the drugs talking”. 

Cathy said that the only wheelchair as being used right now.

I said, “I can walk”.

Kelly said, “Well we have to get him in there, so let’s get him out of the van”.

As they helped me get out of the van I start feeling odd, not bad just odd. After they had me out of the van, Kelly took one arm and Cathy took the other and we started to walk, that’s when the paralysis started. I could move but it was hard to make my legs or anything for that matter work.

I said, “I am having trouble walking”.

Kelly said, “It’s ok, we will not let you fall down, just keep trying to walk were almost there”.

Slowly and I am sure it looked painful (but it was not) we moved into the court building. Once inside Kelly and Cathy moved me to a bench against the wall, and sat me down. As they did, I started trembling and my hands shaking. Kelly had gone back into cop mode and she was acting unconcerned about how I was doing. Cathy when went to the desk to check us in with the court police. The sergeant at the desk said that we were about 15 minutes early and did they want me placed in a holding cell till it was time.

Cathy said yes if they could keep him isolated from the other inmates. “Because my patient is crazy but we don’t want him hurt or raped while waiting to be committed”.

The Sergeant smiled, and told Cathy to bring me and they would lock me up by myself. I was brought to a small holding cell, it was about 4 by 4 feet with the door made of bars. I was lead to the bench and I slowly set down. Kelly and Cathy stood there as the officer closed the cell door on me, as I set there Kelly said, “We'll be back don’t go anywhere”

They all turn and walked away I could hear the sergeant asking the girls if the wanted coffee.

As I stared out the bars of my holding cell, and I thought I have never been in a jail cell before, and then I laughed to myself, before last week-end I had not been in a lot of places I have now. My hands would start and stop trembling without warning.

Later the Sergeant, Kelly and Cathy walked back to my cell and said it’s time. They opened the cell door and Kelly and Cathy grab my arms and slowly made our way down the hall. As I passed the Sergeant I said, “I am not really crazy and I don’t belong here, and they are trying to lock me up for fun.”

The Sergeant just laughed. 

Kelly said with a silly voice, “Mr. Murphy you say the funniest things”.

We walked slowly in the court room through the side door where they bring the defendants in. I looked around the room it was really neat, it looked like it was a set out of a Perry Masson movie, it was very grand. As I looked around to my surprise there where people setting in the gallery of the court. I guess that they are waiting for their family or friends to see the judge, I hope that there isn’t anyone I knew in the crowd. But on the other hand in my present state I am sure no one would recognize me.

There was no Jury, because according to Robin all that was needed to commit me was the Judge to sign off on the paper work that robin was going to present to him. I was lead to my seat at the defendants table. Setting next to me was Dr. Smith and Next to her was Robin Lane my Lawyer. The Kelly and Cathy walked over to the side wall and just stood there just watching.

Dr. Smith turned towards me and asked how I was doing.

I said, “I am ok, but I feel a little funny”.

“That’s ok we will be done with this trivial matter, quickly and have you back in bed in no time.” Dr. Smith said with mocking sympathy.

Robin turned towards me and asked Amanda, “How is our patient was doing?”

Dr. Smith said, “I think he can make it through this hearing with out much trouble”.

The court guard called the court to order, and the judge walked in and sat down. He was an older man with gray hair and looked very judge like.

The judge said, “So Ms. Lane what do you have for me today?”

Robin stood up and said in a very matter of fact voice, “Well Judge we have a most unfortunate person before you today. Mr. Murphy has been in and out of Mental Institutions most of his life, he is paranoid schizophrenic and developmentally disabled. He has the an I.Q. of about 50, on a good day he can follow simple instructions, on a bad day he can go from detached to very violent, it’s anyone’s guess. In the last few months according to his group home he would become severely agitated and violent for no reason. Dr. Smith states in her report this is due to his deteriorating condition and it will only get worst. On Friday last week he busted up his group home and just today he attacked and bit a nurse on the arm pretty badly. Dr. Smith feels that Mr. Murphy should be placed in a civil commitment under code WIC 5358 for Permanent conservatorship on the basis of grave disability. We feel with cognitive-behavioral therapy and pharmacological therapy, that we can give Mr. Murphy his best chance for a safe and peaceful existence for the remainder of his life.” 

When I heard Robin said those words”for the remainder of his life” I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. I told myself that it was a formality and the only way the girls could get me committed for the long term, however it still was unnerving to hear yourself being committed for life to a mental institution. As I sat in my chair at the defendants table, I kept trembling and shaking uncontrollably, I was not sure if it was the drugs, fear or excitement of the proceedings that were taking place. At one point I was shaking so much my chains started rattling.

Dr. Smith held my arm and said with a very comforting voice, “Its ok Mr. Murphy, we will be getting you back to your new home very soon and you can rest.”

Then Dr. Smith whispered for me to start my act. So I started ranting, “I did not belong here, I was not crazy, and they were trying to kill me!” I said in a loud voice.

Dr. Smith start talking to me and telling me it was ok and I would not be hurt.

Amanda then said, “Quiet now” which was the code for me to stop talking.

Robin told the judge that you can see Mr. Murphy is very delusional. The Judge looked at me and then down at the papers on his bench.

“Well everything seems to be in order and but I have a question about this request for undisclosed treatments for your patient, it looks like your asking for unrestricted powers to do any medical treatment you desire,” said the judge.

Dr. Smith stood up and told the judge that she felt that with Mr. Murphy’s condition that multiple treatments and therapy may be in order and she wanted the freedom to quickly change from one treatment to another if and when needed.

The Judge studied my file and finally said, “Ok, Dr. Smith my knowledge of you is that you are a very caring doctor and the top in your field, and Mr. Murphy looks like he can use all the help you can give him. So I will sign off on your request for the use of medical treatments and Physical restraint at your discretion”.

“Before for I incarcerate a person for what in reality is a life sentence I would like to see his face, Dr. Smith please remove that transport hood,” the judge said.

Amanda stood up and pulled the mesh hood off my head.

The Judge looked me over and said, “Mr. Murphy do you know what is happening here today?”

I said , “You’re all trying to kill me and I am not crazy!” raising my voice as I spoke.

Dr Smith put her hands on my shoulders and said, “Now, now it’s ok and quiet now.” I stopped talking and hung my head down.

The judge said, “Well its probable better that he’s not aware of what’s happening to him.”

Then he said, “It is the finding of this court, that Mr. Randy Murphy, is to be committed to the Ashland State Mental Institution under civil commitment code WIC 5358 for Permanent conservatorship and confinement on the basis of grave disability, and I hope with the good Doctor and the hospital staff’s help you can find some much needed peace, Court adjourned.” and with that he banged his gavel.

Amanda turning to me and said in a low voice, “You belong to us now!” with a wicked smirk

Robin Stood up and walked over to the Judge and thanked him, then went to the clerk and picked up all of the paper work including the new court orders. Robin returned to our table and handed Amanda the paper work.

Robin then said, “Well Dr. Smith you are now the court appointed conservator of Mr. Murphy and I the conservatee's attorney, I will be dropping in to see Mr. Murphy about once a month to check on his well being.”

Amanda thanked Robin for all of her help and said they would go for drinks soon. Robin then looked at her watch and said she had another appointment to go to. Robin walked over to me and placed her hand on my shoulder and said, “I hope you enjoy yourself” in a soft voice.

Amanda called Kelly and Cathy over and asked my hood to placed back on my head and to take me back to the institution and get me bedded down for the night. Dr. Smith looked at me and said “Mr. Murphy needs his rest.”

With that I was lifted to my feet and Kelly and Cathy each grab an arm and we started the walk back to the van. 

We arrived at the van and within a few minutes I was placed back inside the van all strapped in the seat, locked in the cage and ready for transport back to the hospital. I was reeling with the excitement and terror of my semi-permanent commitment in the mental institution. I kept thinking this was incredible, I was just in court and committed by a real judge, I was excited about what the next year would hold for me, also very nervous.

Chapter: 11: Home sweet Hospital

The girls jumped into the van. Cathy was driving and Kelly was riding in the passenger seat. As we pulled away from the courthouse parking lot Kelly turned towards me and asked how I was holding up?

I said, “I was ok, and just a little nervous.”

Kelly said, “Don’t worry you have just passed the hardest test, now no one will question that you’re a real mental patient, and your in our care, so everything is ok.”

“I just was thinking about what the judge said about me being in permanent conservatorship, what does that mean?”

Kelly said, “Well the purpose of conservatorship is to provide supervision, placement, and to approved individualized treatment related specifically to the conservatee's disabled, and remember you’re the conservatee.”

“Because of your mental state it’s a permanent commitment, because it’s not likely your mental condition is going to improve any,” Kelly said with a smile.

“I see, I guess I should have asked this yesterday. How do you girls plan on getting me out of here at the end of the year?” I asked

Kelly smiled very big smile and said in a sweet voice, “Oh Mr. Murphy don’t worry your pretty little head about it, we will take care of your release when the time comes.”

I said, “I would really like to know.”

Kelly said in a sincere voice, “Brian its ok we will get you out of here next year, we have not planned it out yet, but trust me we will.”

I said, “Ok”

Cathy said, “You know maybe Mr. Murphy is really paranoid after all.”

Kelly smiled and said, “Maybe”. 

I started trembling and shaking again. Kelly asked if I was ok? I told her, “I feel good, I just look like hell” They both laughed.

We drove through the country side passing by old farms and green fields on our way back to the hospital. Kelly was telling me what fun this year was going to hold for me. I started relaxing and getting in the correct mind set that I was a mental patient and nothing was in my control. I was happy again.

As we passed through the hospital gates, I could see the massive structure setting on the hill top, dark and foreboding, my new home for the next year. We pulled into the patients entrance and was I quickly was removed from the van and placed in a wheelchair. Kelly and Cathy pushed me in the wheelchair back to my room in the locked ward. I was swiftly placed in my suicide watch gown, the catheter was reinstalled, and I was put on the bed, and tied down in 6 point restraints. Just then Patty walked in and asked how our patient was doing?

Kelly smiled and said, “Well other than he was found to be criminally insane and was committed to our mental institution for the rest of his life, he is doing good.”

They all laughed. Patty told me that since I had bitten Sally this morning, for the next few days I was going to have to wear the canvas helmet and gag. Just then Kelly slid the canvas helmet on my head and adjusted it. Kelly smiled and connected the strap to the top of my helmet to the head of the bed and pulled it tight. 

Kelly said in sweet voice, “Oh Mr. Murphy I will be taking the next few days off to take care of your affairs, you know move your stuff out of your apartment and putting it into storage or donating it to charity, sell your car, email your friends, you know get all of the loose ends tied up for your nice long stay with us.”

I smiled and said with my drug induced retarded voice, “Well you know it’s not like I am going to be able to use any of that stuff anytime soon, will I?” 

The Girls all said no and laughed. Kelly when on to say that Dr Smith would also be taking a few days off to help her and that I would be living like a regular patient till Dr Smith and she got back. In the mean time Patty and Sally would be in charge of me. But for the first few days I would be spending most of the time being strapped down in my bed because of my biting, but not to worry Patty would have me up and around before the end of the week.

Kelly asked, “any questions?”

I said, “No, why would I? I am just a mental patient, right.” 

Kelly smiled her wickedest gin and said, “Yes you are and I have the court order to prove it.”

The girls just smiled. Kelly reached down and kissed me, then quickly placed the gag in my mouth and strapped it in tight.

Kelly looked at me and said with smile, “I love seeing you so helpless and in my control.”

Kelly turned towards Patty and Cathy and said, “Well take care of Mr. Murphy for me girls”

Cathy, Patty and Kelly turned and left my room. The door closed, I could hear the turning of the key and the dead bolt of the lock siding into place with thud. I was locked in my cell, strapped down and gagged with Institutional Restraints, tucked away in Mental Institution in the middle of no where. I started wondering if the girls were really going to let me out of here in a year, or ever? Maybe I am getting paranoid. But such are the thoughts of a real mental patient.


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