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Meredith's Romance 2

by Kurai Kokoro

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© Copyright 2004 - Kurai Kokoro - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mum; enclosure; breathplay; cons; X

It had been nearly a week since Alan had been over to Meredith's house and played around with her bondage gear and indulged in their plastic fetishes. Normally, Alan would have that feeling of reluctance to get up out of bed, but this was Friday morning, and he and Meredith had made a date for after their martial arts class. They both had Saturdays off so they weren't bothered by a pesky weekend schedule. Alan was supposed to spend the night at Meredith's house tonight, probably the same way as last Friday night, with one of them bound, mummified, or maybe something even better! Meredith did say that she had some new ideas that she'd like to try on him tonight, since he had tied her last Friday night. Alan was going to suggest that they try binding each other together some way or another, but he was surely going to go along with whatever idea she had instead. She said it had bondage of course, and that it had plenty of plastic. Oh man, Alan couldn't wait!

Meredith and Alan both arrived early at their martial arts class, so they practiced their stretches, excercises and calisthenics while chatting about the past week. 

"It's really been rather dull," Alan stated, "mostly I've just been checking my favorite web pages, excercising, organizing my computer, watching some anime... " 

"A little self-bondage here and there," Meredith added, giggling. 

"Actually no, I've really just been imagining bondage scenarios and looking for more ideas online but I haven't got around to any real fun this week. I guess I'm just saving my excitement for us." Alan replied, realizing his lack of recent bondage fun. 

Meredith paused for a second, "hey, if you've got some good ideas, then we could split this evening between the two of us, I didn't have too many big ideas, so you could spend tomorrow tying me and I'll be on top for tonight." 

"Sounds good," Alan said, "I do have some ideas that might be fun." 

After class, Alan and Meredith spent about a half hour chatting with each of their friends before saying their goodbyes and going out to their cars. Meredith went over to Alan and said, "Since we both drove our own cars and I have a short errand to run, why don't you drive your car home and wait for me, I'll run a real quick errand, and then come by and pick you up." 

"Okay," Alan said, "I'll just sit in the car and wait in the driveway." 

"Whatever," Meredith chuckled, "I'll only be a few minutes." 

A few minutes passed a couple times and then Meredith rolled into Alan's driveway. She had to knock on his car window to wake him up. He had always liked being hot and the warm sun had put him to sleep rather easily, for a mid-day nap. She got back in her car when she saw his eyes flutter open as he started to get out of his car, and she imagined what it would be like to be kidnapped, and to wake up with a blindfold on without any idea where she was. Her fantasy was interrupted when Alan plopped into the seat next to her, still groggy from his warm cat-nap. 

When they got to her house, she let them both in and casualy set her groceries down in the kitchen. Alan melted into her big comfy couch and clicked the tv on. 

"Don't start watching anything long," Meredith warned, "I'm gonna go upstairs and get my pleasure suit on and I'll only be a few minutes." 

Alan just smiled wryly, anticipating their night of bondage and plastic fun. Nothing much was good on tv anyway, not that anything on television could be as great as whatever Meredith had planned for them. Finally, he heard the zip, scratch, crinkle of her plastic and nylon-clad feet coming down her carpeted stairs, until there she stood, in the same outfit she had worn last time. Plastic bags on her arms legs and body, covered and pressed to her body by a pair of nylon panty hose on her legs, and another pair with a hole in the crotch for her head to poke through over her arms. The waists of both nylons met in between her belly button and nipples and there was a strip of wide electrical tape around her holding the two nylons together, making one large plastic-covered, nylon-encased, catsuit. She stood there for a few seconds to let Alan take her all in before coming over and running her nylon-covered hands over his face. She had pulled the panty hose down between her fingers and wrapped electrical tape around her fingers, so that she didn't have to put holes in the feet of the nylons to make sure that she could use her fingers and thumbs correctly, she was going to be the dom for tonight after all, and she couldn't be all fumble fingered.

He kissed her and said, "Well, I'm yours for the night now, what first?" 

She kissed him back, took his hands in hers and put them behind his back. She restrained them with some handcuffs and led him upstairs. When they got to her bedroom, the first thing he noticed was that her large crate that held most of her bondage gear and plastic bags, sacks, and wraps was now empty and in the middle of the floor. Meredith knew that he was thinking about the box and told him softly, like a nurse to a numbed patient, "okay now, before we start, I have to get some things ready, so you're going to be held in that box until I'm done, and to keep you happy..."

She turned around to a large pile of bondage gear and plastic sheets and bags, apparently from the chest, and picked up a vibrator and a plastic bag about twelve inches long. She told Alan to sit down on the bed and then she took his jeans and underwear off. She then put the vibrator in the plastic bag and put it down over his cock. Then she took a roll of electrical tape, pulled the bag down tight over his dick and began taping around the base to hold the baggy on. She turned it on through the plastic and kept it to a low setting.

Meredith walked Alan over to the big chest and had him lay down in it on his back. The vibrator kept humming away and keeping Alan turned on, while Meredith closed the lid on the chest and closed the hasps on the sides. It wasn't locked, but he couldn't get out as long as the latches were closed. He began to struggle and push against the lid, but it wouldn't budge. He resigned himself to the slow movings of the vibrator, with a slight wiggle now and then to try and stay comfortable. 

Meanwhile, Meredith was bringing the items she had bought on her errands upstairs. She had a big bag of things and she first pulled out a ridiculously large plastic bag, it was about 2 feet longer than her, so she could easily fit into it. She also brought up her vacuum cleaner and plugged it into a wall outlet before setting it aside. She pulled out about ten rolls of saran wrap, and about twenty rolls of electrical tape. Then she pulled out more pairs of nylons, a box of large trash bags, and two long-sleeved, hooded, ankle-length, plastic raincoats. "If he really has a fetish for heat, he'll love this!" she said to herself with glee. 

"Okay, it's time to come out of the box," Meredith announced. She finally had everything ready, so she began unlatching the chest and opening the lid. He had fallen asleep again! Meredith grabbed a scarf, tied a knot in the middle and put it in his mouth. He woke up while she was tying it behind his head. At first he looked startled and then he looked into her eyes and let out a relieved mmpphh.  She smiled back at him and told him to stand up. She led him back over to the bed, and told him to cooperate. He gave a contented nod, so she took his handcuffs off. Then she took his shirt off and told him to stand up again. 

She got out some large trash bags and pairs of panty hose, and began to put his plastic-nylon suit on. When she was finished, she picked up a roll of plastic wrap and began wrapping it around his legs individually. Then she wrapped around his torso, taking off the baggy and vibrator, she continued up around his stomach and chest, over his shoulders, back down, avoiding his cock, then back up. When she came back to his shoulders, she began wrapping his arms, seperately. Once she was finished, she stood back to look at him, plastic bags on his legs, arms, torso, covered in nylon, wrapped in a plastic catsuit, and gagged, "You remember when you told me you had a fetish for being really warm while tied up? Well, I remembered that and decided to make it a theme for this session." She leaned down to grab one of the plastic raincoats, and brought it over to him. She put the plastic over his face and made him gasp for air for a few seconds, then began to put it on him, over all the plastic and nylons. Once it was on, she pulled the hood up over his head and pulled the drawstring so that only his mouth and nose were seen.

Meredith then grabbed another roll of Plastic wrap and began mummifying his legs together. She continued up, still avoiding his cock, and told him to put his arms to his sides. His cock began to throb as he thought to himself that he was totally putting his life and trust in her plastic and nylon covered hands. Meredith continued to wrap his arms together and left his head unwrapped. She took the gag out of his mouth and said, "Okay, we're all ready now, do you trust me, to keep you safe, cause I'm going to start some breath play now, are you ready." 

Alan thought, "If she were to kill me now I could die happy."  "Yes, I love you and I do trust you with my life," he stated passionately. 

She didn't even want to speak so she kissed him deeply. She made him hop over to where the mouth of the huge plastic bag lay open on the floor, panting to eat both of them. "I'm going to get in here with you in 69 position. Don't start pleasuring me until I start to pleasure you, okay?"  He nodded and she laid him down and pushed him in the bag head first, it had plenty of room for them both to be in there. She picked up two plastic head-sized bags. Each one had a hole in the front. She put one on Alan's head and one on hers with the hole directly in front of her mouth. She grabbed a roll of double-backed tape and put strips of it around her pussy, and then did the same around Alan's cock. 

Then she grabbed the vacuum cleaner hose, turned the vacuum cleaner on, and put the hose on her nipple so it wouldn't start sucking the air out of the bag yet. Then she pushed both of them all the way into the bag, grabbed the drawstrings of the bag, and positioned her pussy over Alan's face. She then taped around his neck to keep the plastic bag on and did the same to her own head bag. They could still breath through the holes over their mouths though. 

Now, very quickly she did four things. 1: She sealed the double-back tape around her pussy to the hole in the front of Alan's head bag, giving him access to her pussy but cutting of the air around his head. 2: She pulled the drawstrings of the bag closed and held the end of the bag closed with her left hand. 3: She sealed her head bag to the double-back tape around alan's cock, giving her access to him just as he had to her, but creating an air bubble around her head from the vacuum just like him, and 4: She pulled the vacuum hose off of her nipple, letting the vacuum do it's work and stuck it in between Alan's feet, sucking the air out of his hot, plastic, nylon, plastic, raincoat, plastic, mummification, and sucking the air out of the entire bag at the same time.

She plunged her whole mouth onto his cock, she couldn't start out slow, because they only had so much air. He responded to her signal and did the same, plunging his tongue in between her lips, flicking her clit and giving soft bites and nibbles to her labia, still moving his tongue in and out quickly. The bag around his head was slowly expanding and deflating, quickening it's pulse with each breath. Meredith was sucking on Alan for all she was worth. She knew how hard it would be to let herself out of this bag without both of them cumming. She couldn't do that, it wouldn't happen. 

Suddenly the bag was tight aginst her nose, bringing her out of her thoughts. She kept pumping her head up and down, wrapping her tongue around his head. She could feel the gigantic bag pressing against her all over, like a garbage compactor trying to minimize the size of a pile of worthless cans, or even better, an anaconda, trying to squeeze the life out of her, not letting her breath, growing tighter with every exhaling of her lungs. Alan was in heaven, and in hell, he didn't know his lungs could ache so bad and his whole body feel so good. He thought he was wrapped tight before with the layers of plastic, but now there was no air in the cracks, and the plastic stuck to his face, like a second skin, only it wanted to squeeze him more than his skin did for sure. 

He made small circles around her clit, fast and powerfully rolling it, numbing it. Her legs bucked against him, but her efforts to bring his cock off were just as great. Both of their lungs were burning. They would exhale quickly and shortly only to make many more violent gasps trying to find some air somewhere. It felt as though the climax of the pussy or cock against their face would give them air. Alan almost couldn't work his tongue anymore and the plastic was gripping his face, and he felt his own climax coming close when suddenly, he felt a white, sticky, cream explode into all the creases between his face and the bag, he swallowed as much as he could and it kept coming. On Meredith's side, she too was being drownded by Alan's warm cream. It was being sucked to the sides of her mouth since she was also sucking for air. With her left hand, she opened the mouth of the huge bag. She grabbed the hose and pushed it out beyond the bag's opening, still sucking the juices from Alan's cock, then she wriggled out of the bag as fast as she could, ripped the bag from the tape around Alan's cock and did the same to Alan's bag. 

Meredith turned around slowly so that she was facing Alan's face, then she grabbed the big plastic bag, and a pillow from her bed. With both of their head bags still on she leaned down and kissed Alan through the openings in the front of their bags. Alan couldn't imagine a more perfect situation. When Meredith finally pulled away, she reached up to grab the big bag again and pull it up around their feet like a sleeping bag. She put the pillow under both of their heads and kept pulling the bag up. "Do you want to go to sleep like this or are you too hot, because if you don't..." Meredith stopped and smiled, Alan was already asleep, "I guess you do." She reached down and lightly tore his bag open farther to make sure he wouldn't have any breathing trouble during the night. "He's out cold," she thought, "he probably won't move around much anyway. He said he barely got any sleep last night, I guess he wasn't kidding."

The next morning, Meredith woke up and went downstairs to start breakfast, she would fix him french toast. Meredith knew he liked that. Once she was almost done and going upstairs to wake Alan up, she got a funny idea. She got a strip of plastic wrap and pressed it across his face. He began to suffocate and his eyes squinted open. Then she leaned down and kissed him through the plastic wrap. She was still in her plastic and nylon pleasure suit and she started rubbing her legs against his side. She licked the plastic seperating their lips. Alan began to wriggle and squirm beneath her. She loved it when he struggled against her. Through his nylon, plastic and raincoat, and her plastic and nylon, and even their lips seperated by plastic, she still felt that they were closer than they could ever be without their plastic to magnify every movement they made toward each other. Meredith reached up and stuck her finger in between their lips and poked a hole in the plastic wrap over his mouth. She then pulled back and smiled at him. "Well, good morning," Alan said, overcome by such an erotic wake-up call. "I fixed you french toast," Meredith said.

Merredith cut Alan out of everything, but not quickly, so as to let his body temperature adjust. Eventually, he was down to the panty hose, and plastic bags. He had almost forgotten that he was totally naked, but his cock sticking out of the front was a constant reminder. So he took them all off, got a shower, and put his jeans back on. He never bothered with shirts indoors, he liked the way he looked in just jeans. He wasn't ripped or anything, wasn't too skinny, no way did he have a pot belly, he just looked correct, and proportioned correctly, and he liked it. 

"We're going to have to try that big bag out again," Alan said as he came into the kitchen, "last night was unbelievable." 

Meredith was bringing the plates of french toast over, and Alan was watching her move since she still hadn't taken her pleasure suit off. As he listened to the wonderful sounds of the nylons swishing together, he started wondering how she could make breakfast with it on, even with her fingers taped apart from each other like a rubber glove. 

"Not one of the easier breakfasts I've made, but definitely the most erotic," Meredith said, walking over and sitting on Alan's lap. Alan had grabbed a pair of handcuffs from Meredith's pile of bondage stuff in her room before coming down. He put her hands behind her back, slowly caressing her wrists. She knew what was coming and smiled up at him, as he cradled her in his arms. He snapped the cuffs on and asked her what she wanted to do today. 

"On my errands yesterday I rented some bondage videos," Meredith replied playfully, "We could tie each other up and watch them if you want." 

Alan picked up a fork and started to cut a piece of french toast into pieces, "I'd like that, I think I'll mummify you, and then we can get inside your big plastic body bag from last night, and watch them on the couch."  Meredith giggled and opened up for a bite. She leaned her head on his shoulder, chewing, while he took a bite for himself, still cradling her in his free arm.

After breakfast, Alan carried her into the living room, admiring the feel of compression that the nylons and plastic gave to her body. He stood her in the center of the room and began to wrap her legs together up to her waist, ripping a hole over where her pussy was. He didn't see a need to waste plastic on wrapping her limbs seperately this time since she was already covered in plastic and panty hose. So he unlocked her handcuffs and put her arms to her side before wrapping on up to her neck. Then he laid her down and lightly layed a piece of plastic wrap over her face to tantalize her, before going upstairs to grab the big plastic bag. 

When he came down she had already rolled over on purpose to press the plastic against her face. She lay there slightly suffocating, but giggling at the same time, while Alan laid the big plastic bag out on the couch. Then he leaned down and kissed her long but lovingly through the plastic before picking her up and sliding her into the bag on the couch. By now, Meredith was writhing behind the thin plastic that she had sucked against her nose and mouth. Alan took it off and she giggled, pretending to act disappointed that he took it off. He slid a mummification-themed tape into the vcr, grabbed the clicker, and layed down and cuddled into the bag with Meredith, before pressing the play button. 

"So what are you doing next weekend?" Meredith asked during the movie. 

Alan paused, as if he was checking his mental schedule, "hopefully I'll be having some plastic fun with this kinky girl I know." 

Meredith sighed lazily, "I'm not doing anything, maybe I can join you." 

Alan kissed her on the ear, "I think I'm gonna try some suspension bondage next time." 

Meredith got excited and smiled to Alan, "I can't miss that." 

I'd love to hear from anyone that would like to chat about the interests in the story, or give feedback, positive or negative. If you liked this story, then you should probably read the first one. There's a first story about Meredith and Alan, hence the number 2 behind the title. Anyway, hope you liked it and thanks for reading. I plan on beginning another story as soon as this one gets posted so, cya later.


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