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The Midnight Slave

by The Wrapper

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© Copyright 2006 - The Wrapper - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; chloro; mum; wrap; kidnap; packed; nc; X

It was 11:30pm and Kate was getting very tired. She had been alone in the office for 3 hours now, she had regretted taking the day off  yesterday when she was "ill" Her boss, Mr Adams had been very angry and insisted that she stayed in all night, until she had finished all yesterdays paperwork.

Kate had never seen Mr Adams so bossy and he seemed so eager to get her to stay late, he even insisted she cancelled her dinner plans with her boyfriend. She could not work out why he had been so forceful as he was always very nice to her.

She sighed and ran her tired hands through her long, luxurious, blonde hair.

She got up, put on her jacket and made for the door. As she was walking out towards the elevator she heard a strange noise coming from Adams' office. At first she chose to ignore it however she kept hearing it and despite how horrible he had treated her that day, she had worried that he was perhaps in some sort of trouble. She slowly walked towards the darkened room and gently put her head around the door,

"Mr Adams?"

No answer.

"Mr Adams are you there?"

She felt along the wall for the light switch and finally found it, switching it on. The room was empty. However Kate hadn't noticed Adams behind her, knelt down on the floor with a large white cloth in his hand..

He pounced on her instantly covering the lower half of her perfect face with the chloroformed cloth. She struggled for a few seconds however the chemical had already worked its "charm" Adams lay down her still body onto the ground and began to drag her out of his office.

*  *  *  *  *

Kate raised her head very lazily and opened her eyes. The room was large and had a lot of machinery in it. She realised that she was standing up. She could feel her hands tied tightly behind her back and her feet also bound together. Becoming more and more conscious she realised there was a mirror in front of her she seemed to be constrained in a large yellow spandex bag.  Only her head was poking out at the top of the encasement. She then really started to panic.

"Help!! Some one please help me!!" She screamed.

She then heard footsteps from behind however was unable to turn round as she was strapped to a stretcher up against a wall. The footsteps became louder, before she knew it, her boss, Mr Adams was standing in front of her, smiling.

"Ah so nice of you to finally come through" he chuckled.

"Someone help please!!! You maniac, let me go!! Please hel. MMMM.MMMMPH!!"

Her pointless cries were silenced as he placed a white cloth into her mouth and wrapped several strips of yellow tape over her lips, silencing her. She wriggled in her bag and bowed her head trying to shout for help but it was pointless, she was completely helpless.

Adams pulled up a chair and sat in front of her.

"Well aren't we all pathetic and helpless now eh?" he said, "I know you weren't ill yesterday Kate and I don't like to be made a fool of, you should know that. You thought you could get away with it couldn't you?? Well you are going to pay for this."

Kate squirmed even more trying to wriggle out of her impossible bounds.

"Hmmm, you must feel real stupid now Kate, all wrapped up and gagged, cos that's how I felt yesterday Kate, stupid." He stood up and walked towards her and stroked her hair.


"Ah Kate you look so pretty like this" he sighed, "but don't you be getting used to your ability to move because the best is yet to come."

Adams then turned around and walked out of the large room. Kate looked at herself in the mirror. She felt like a fool and couldn't bare to look at herself so she shut her eyes. She wriggled and wriggled until she was dizzy.  What is he planning to do? She wondered.

Adams returned with a briefcase and sat back down.

"So Kate did you miss me?" he laughed. "Or should I say slave #5"

What does he mean slave #5? She wondered.

"In this briefcase are the documents for your shipment to a remote island location Kate. You are to become a slave dolly for a very close friend of mine, he will be able to do what he wishes with you, dress you up in costumes, use you as furniture or just have you tied up all day long!!"

Upon hearing this Kate began to struggle so frantically she nearly passed out.

"Oh and don't worry about your friends and family, the first fake postcard has been written telling them about how 'you just had to get away for a while' Oh Kate don't you see? You are to become a slave for the rest of your days!!!"


"This will be the last time you will ever see me, so goodbye Kate."

He leant forward and kissed the yellow tape over her gagged lips. He then produced a black blindfold from his pocket and wrapped it round her eyes. He then brought out a rubber swimming cap and placed it on her head making sure all her long hair was trapped inside.

"Now Kate we have to get you all ready for your big journey don't we?" he said, "You cannot be able to wriggle this much oh no!"

He then took out 2 rubber ear plugs and plugged them firmly in her ears. He completed her head by taking out a black spandex hood and slipping it over her head.

He strolled over to a large machine in the corner and switched it on. The machine looked like a large knitting machine, used for knitting jumpers very rapidly. It had many arms which moved in many directions. However, it was not wool in these arms, it was duct tape.

Adams wheeled Kate over into the middle of the machine and unstrapped her from the stretcher, He could still hear her whimpering through the hood. He quickly ran to the controls and slammed down on the large red button. The machine begun rapidly wrapping up from her feet to her knees and eventually encasing her entire body. To Kate it felt like something was eating her.  Adams then slammed the button again encasing Kate with a second wrapping.

Kate knew by this point that she had been mummified.

"ONE MORE TIME SLAVE?!?!" Adams yelled.

"MMMMMPH!!" Kate yelped as the machine wrapped the extra strength duct tape around her helpless body for the third time.

Adams turned off the machine and looked at Kate's duct tape-clad figure standing in front of him. She was completely frozen. All Kate could do was very gently breath through the single slit Adams had kindly made on the spandex hood.

Kate then felt herself being lifted and placed into a box. She felt the lid close and could just hear a padlock being clicked. The side of the box read "Kate Neil. Slave #5. Shipment documents enclosed." She then felt the wooden box being slid across something and then a very hard bang.

Kate realised that this was the feeling of a truck door being slammed shut.

She felt the engine start and knew that she was now moving.

Kate gently breathed through the whole and silently awaited her life of slavery.


The End

The wrapper




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