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Miko’s Mummification

by Dawn Sanders

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© Copyright 2009 - Dawn Sanders - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; mum; wrap; tape; coffin; encase; buried; revenge; stuck; cons/nc; X

Miko was an ordinary 19-year-old Japanese girl, except she had one secret, and that was that she loved mummification bondage. She would often get together with her sister, Makasaki, and spend entire nights wrapping each of them. But Miko had a very shocking surprise coming to her in this night’s session.

When Makasaki asked Miko if she wanted to start her session early, she agreed. They both went into the basement, where they usually did their sessions, and started to work. Makasaki wanted to use duct tape for this session.

Miko agreed.

Miko took off her shirt and bra, and then Makasaki got to work. She started to slowly wrap Miko’s left leg with black duct tape.

After 10 minutes, Makasaki was done with her left leg; she started with the other leg.

After another 10 minutes, Makasaki started wrapping Miko’s hips and waist.

After a very quick 1 minute, she started wrapping her vagina.

After this, she started wrapping her stomach, then her arms, and then her hair. After this, she wrapped her eyes.

Then Makasaki said, “How do you like this session little sister?”

Miko replied, “I love it.”

Then Makasaki said, “Well you are not going to love it anymore.”

Miko was shocked by this.

“Ever since you came into the picture, you have become the star of the family, and I am sick of it. Now you will face the consequences. I hope you enjoy the last mummification session of your life.” Makasaki spat the words at Miko.

Then Makasaki started taping her mouth shut, and then did the whole wrapping process again until she felt that Miko could not even move. Then she got out a coffin that she saved for this moment, and then proceeded to the backyard.

She brought out both the coffin and Miko’s mummified body. Then she started digging a hole big enough to fit Miko’s coffin.

Then she put Miko into the coffin.

Then Makasaki said, “Little sister, this is your consequence for being the star of the family, and I hope you enjoy your new home.”

Then Makasaki put Miko’s body in the coffin, closed it, and then started covering the hole.

After a while, Makasaki felt that she covered it enough, and then went inside.

Before she went inside, she said one final message to her sister. “Goodbye, little sister.”

Makasaki then locked the door leading to the backyard, and left Miko to rest in her buried eternity.




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