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Mind-control Punishment

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M/m; mum; bond; duct-tape; silk; oral; tease; denial; mind-control; trick; nc; XX

My mind races as I try to figure out where I am and what has happened to me? I know I'm blindfolded, wrapped up, gagged and I can't hear a thing. The only thing I can hear is my thoughts. Then I feel it... pleasure... pure pleasure... someone is stroking my hard cock with a silk scarf! I can feel the silk pleasuring my cockhead and shaft.

Mmmmm... that feels wonderful! Oh yes, right there... just a few more seconds from that silk scarf and I will cum. No… no... don't stop, I was about to cum. I need to cum badly... where is that silk scarf? Maybe if I thrust my body and cock forward I can reach the silk scarf!

I'm now bucking wildly not knowing where I am and who is watching me? I know I have been tightly wrapped up with duct tape, I can't move an inch... I can only thrust forward and only my cock is exposed.

Then suddenly pleasure returns again and I know a woman is now sucking my hard cock! Oh my, that tongue, that mouth is making me go insane.

She is slowly licking my shaft and then her mouth devours my hard cock. I tilt my head backwards as she deepthroats my hard cock. The combination of the shaft licking and deep throat sucking is pushing me towards an incredible orgasm. I'm going to cum inside this stranger's mouth, I don't know if she is barely legal, an 80 year old woman or if it's a man sucking me! All I know is that I don't care as long as I cum.

Shit! Don't stop! I'm so close to cumming! Don't leave me this way! I will do anything, say anything... just finish the blowjob! This is pure torture, no man should go thru this kind of torture.

Maybe her open mouth is only inches away? I try harder to thrust upwards to reach that sensual open mouth but to no avail. My cock needs attention, I would give up any information to achieve an orgasm.

I can sense someone is watching me... watching me suffer as they torment my cock.

"Good evening Dr. Peck, I see your mind-control device is working well. It's destroying HER mind and will. Soon SHE will break and submit to any question. What did you do to HER mind? Why is SHE bucking wildly?"

"Well Colonel Adams, the mind control device on private Lisa is running a program that is quite devious. You see SHE believes she is a man with a cock. She is going through an orgasm denial program. She has completed 1 hour so far and has another 6 hours before the program ends."

"So you are telling me that your device works and it will be available to be used by the military? We can use this device on our enemy spies to get all their secret information."

"Yes Colonel, this device is ready for use, but it has major side effects. The victims can't separate the mind-control program from reality. You see private Lisa will truly believe that she is a man and that we actually gave her a sex change. She will live the rest of her life missing the feeling of a cock."

"Colonel just so you should know, we had another test subject that nearly died. Private Susan was in a program where she was an Egyptian princess being mummified and buried alive. The trauma of being lowered into the ground and feeling the dirt bury her nearly stopped her heart. So Colonel, the device works but it comes with many nasty side effects."

The colonel motions for several armed soldiers to enter the room. They surround Dr Peck as he tries to make a quick getaway.

"Dr. Peck, it's a shame that you have betrayed us. We know you have been sharing this classified information with someone else. And now you will be the first test for your mind control device. Guards secure Dr Peck to the table and prepare him for the Egyptian mummification program."

"No! Not that! I will tell you everything... you don't need to use the mind control device on me"

"We know that, but you are now a security risk and a liability. We will use the device on you, just because we can... have fun princess!"

I lay in my tomb totally mummified Egyptian style, only my eyes are frightened eyes. I can hardly move as dirt fills in. I know it will be a matter of time before I'm buried alive. I struggle for air as more dirt fills my tomb. I can't move...I can hardly breathe...


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