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Missed Meeting

by JSmith7471

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© Copyright 2001 - JSmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; mum; bandages; wrap; cocoon; display; tease; cons; X

Mummification and Encasement Club
The Missed Meeting

I have been into mummification and bondage for quite a few years. My perspective and the pleasure that I derive from it has always been from the wrapper's viewpoint. I have experienced and enjoyed being the wrappee on a few occasions. This story is dedicated to that experience.

Becky will be sorry she missed the July meeting of the Mummification and Encasement Club. Bob and Becky were supposed to meet at the Jones's house. They were traveling to the meeting separately, due to work commitments. After the initial drinks and socializing, as soon as the roll call was taken at the beginning of the meeting, Bob knew he was in trouble. There he was sitting all by his lonesome, with Becky, nowhere to be found. 

After work (Bob later found out), she had gone shopping at Victoria's Secrets. She had so much fun shopping that she had forgotten all about the time and missed the meeting. By the time she remembered, it was too late to bother coming. (Actually, by that time it was already too late for Bob, who by now, was in over his head, literally---in bandages!)

The club rules dictate that either participating couples show up together, or not at all, for the meetings and activities. If one mate misses the meeting, the person who shows up is punished for it. This particular rule is strictly enforced, not so much to be nasty, but to ensure that both halves of the married couple, share the enjoyment of the club activities together. The type of situation that Bob suddenly found himself in, was always welcome as an entertaining side activity during the regular meeting.

Bob already knew what his fate would be as roll call ended. The one thing he was nervous about involved the second part of the rule. "All punishments will be handed out by a group of at least five members of the opposite sex, selected from the gathered group." A sideways glance in either direction, revealed that some of the female members were already eyeing him up with huge smiles on their faces. Bob pretended not to notice. He knew that the women in the club (from past experience) could be more stringent and sensually torturous in their bondage, than the men.

When the announcement for volunteers was made, he saw nine hands shoot up in an instant. Six were chosen in short order. He was surprised that Lisa (Tom's wife.) was not among them. They all ran over and dragged Bob to the middle of the Living Room. All the girls looked like Cheshire cats with mischievious grins on their faces. In about 30 seconds, his clothes had been peeled off, and he was standing nude before the group. "Thank god I started working out again." he thought to himself. He smiled as the teasing and comments started from the audience. Not feeling too embarrassed, his cock was already half erect, anticipating the evenings activities. He watched the girls make ready their preparations. They carried a box out of the coat closet and deposited it on the floor near him.

Four of the girls dived into the box, pulling out rolls of bandages and piled them on the floor. Those four set upon his upper body, swathing him in bandages. The other two took turns teasing his cock. Oh, by the way, according to the rules, if you resist... well, you figure it out. It was the little things he noticed, the details, as they bound his upper body. His bandaged arms were strapped to his upper thighs at the wrist with a length of adhesive tape. They doubled a strap and ran it behind his back, and over and around his elbows, connecting them together. His elbows were then pulled back and into his body as far as the wrist ties would allow. This strapping was very snug. His wrapped hands then had a layer of adhesive tape applied over them. They now looked like the flippers on a seal. Working in pairs, the girls, starting at his waist, wrapped his torso from navel to neck in a few minutes. All the while, photos were being taken of his plight, to show Becky later. 

One of the girls reached into the box and pulled out a ¼ inch wide, cut satin ribbon about 3 feet long. He wondered were that would go? The two girls in front took turns stroking his erection until they had it as hard as possible. Suddenly, he felt something constricting the base of his cock. He looked down. They were wrapping the ribbon around his member like fiends, trapping the blood in his cock. Though the assistance of the ribbon wasn't necessary, this erection wasn't going anywhere until the ribbon came off. The other girls came around front laughing and poking fun at how cute Bob looked. The two girls then tied a bow on top. "This feels so incredible" he thought as his cock pulsed and bobbed in the air. Pre-cum now dripping down from the head.

Now the teasing from the membership really heated up. They were laughing and cheering the girls on. The four girls went back to wrapping his body, while the two in front, now concentrated on his legs. Doing one at a time, each foot was lifted off the floor and wrapped from the crotch down to the toes. He felt them winding the bandages through his crotch and over his hips pulling them as snug as possible. Soon, only his head and cock remained free. He was certain that wouldn't last long. One of the pair in front picked up a roll of narrow bandages and proceeded to wrap his cock, being careful not to interfere or cover the bow and ribbon. Bob loved the sensation as the bandages squeezed down on his member. By the time she was done, it was buried in layers of white wrapping.

He saw one of the four reach into the box and grab something he couldn't identify. She held it behind her and walked over to him. She kissed him on the lips and whispered, "Tonight was your wife's loss." Suddenly, one of the other girls grabbed his head from behind as the first girl pulled a ball gag from behind her. She tried to push the gag into his mouth. When he resisted, he felt a hand grip his gift wrapped member and heard the warning, "Open up or I'll break it in half." As a second hand positioned itself on the end, he realized they meant business. The gag was popped in place. They were particularly vicious in tightening the strap behind his head. No doubt because of his struggle. As they buckled the strap, he noticed that the hard rubber gag must have a breathing hole in the center. His breath whistled in and out thru the gag.

Two of the four girls, each took a roll of bandages and took turns wrapping his head. The bandages were being pulled very tight. "Remember, we want him to be able to see and breath thru the gag. That's all!!" The bandaging progressed quickly over his head and face. In a few moments only his eyes looked out thru a slit in the wrappings. While they completed his head, the other girls took turns tormenting him by stroking his mummified manhood. With his head done, they prepared to finish the job. Four of the girls held his shoulders and sides and slowly lowered him to the ground. 

Once on his back, two girls lifted his legs while the other four grabbed bandages and started winding.( "Who would've thought that six women could actually work together this well without bitching amongst themselves." Bob wondered to himself.) " His legs need to be rigid and stiff, so he can stand the rest of the meeting. Try not to allow any flexing at the knees." He felt the bandages going on. Layer after layer, nice and tight. Soon his legs were joined as if one. Bob lay there savoring the feel of his mummification, the tightness, his immobility. Try as he did he couldn't move a muscle. He was really enjoying the situation. 

When they finished, he felt and saw straps being pulled around him. The girls placed them at the arches of his feet, his ankles, calves, thighs ,hips, waist and chest. The straps were so constricting, it felt as if two girls were pulling on each end to tighten them. As tight as they were, they only excited him more. They all stepped back to watch him struggle on the floor. He twisted and mmphed thru his gag to no effect. Every once in a while, one or two of the girls would tease him by stroking and petting his mummified cock.

After about 15 minutes on the floor, all six girls lifted him up to a standing position. The club members all cheered as the girls took a bow. It wasn't so bad he thought. The wrappings were very restrictive, he couldn't move a muscle. Only an occasional mmph escaped his lips. (After all he thought. The girls were all "professional" wrappers. Hell he had trained some of them.) The situation had his cock throbbing and pulsating, bringing him some very pleasurable sensations. He was glad they wrapped it separately, since he expected to cum more than once and the bandages would contain the mess.

"Oops, we're not quite done yet" one of the girls commented. He felt his cock being folded up, with the head pointing to his navel. Two of the girls wrapped it to his torso using a few wraps of bandage. He was now a male form in white accented by the black nylon straps. They moved him over to a vertical stand, strapped him to it, where he spent the rest of the 4 hour meeting. Throughout the meeting, members came over to examine and critique the girl's work. Ocassionly, the women would stroke him, while making teasing comments about his immobility and the helplessness of his situation.

He squirmed in his cocoon, as he came for the second time. He vowed to himself, he would have his revenge on his wife! (And then thank her for not showing up!)


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