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Mistress of Webs

by BP

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© Copyright 2009 - BP - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; wrap; cocoon; web; breathplay; oral; reluct; X

John is between sleep and reality. John feels pressure on his thighs. John feels numb and fuzzy at his extremities, and John feels wetness on his face. When you're between sleeping and waking, your senses are all blurred and you can't put things like these together right away. John's eyes try to open but he sees nothing. Eyesight or not though, John is waking up. He begins to realize that the pressure on his thighs is from something sitting on his lap. He begins to realize that his extremities are numb because there is something tight and constricting around his wrists and ankles. John makes another attempt at sight by closing and opening his eyes again to no avail, and he feels his eyelashes brush against something as they move.

The wetness that John feels on his face drags itself towards his ear and he is startled by a seductive voice commanding him, "wake up, my prey."

John's mind tumbles headfirst into reality as he realizes that the weight on his lap is a woman moving against him sensually, the tightness around his wrists and ankles are restraints that are holding him solidly in a chair, and the wetness on his face was from his captor's tongue, which is currently sinking itself into his ear. As John's mind races to take in his situation, he also becomes aware that his mouth is filled with a ballgag and that the reason he can't see is because he is blindfolded.

He tries to twist his head away from the tongue that's probing his ear but he realizes that his head is being held by a pair of hands that are tightly wrapped around him and holding him still. As John begins to struggle harder, he hears the girl moan into his ear as she withdraws her tongue and begins licking and sucking on the outer parts of his ear. The girl's strength is impressive as her hands grip her captive's head and she drags her wet tongue back across John's face towards his mouth, stopping to suck and bite on his gagged lips. As she does this, the girl is continuously grinding herself on his thigh.

John makes a valiant attempt to question his assailant, asking through his gag, "who are you?!"

The girl suddenly stops her humping and releases her grip on John's head. Suddenly a sharp jolt of pain makes John twist in his seat as his nipples are pinched and twisted viciously. "That's for interrupting me while I'm using you," the girl said sternly, "and to answer your question, you are now under the control of Arachnia, Mistress of Webs."

'What an original spider name,' John chuckled to himself silently.

"As you can tell, you've stumbled into my web, and you're going to help me with some of my biggest fantasies," Arachnia said coolly as she stood up from off John's lap, "if you behave and cooperate, I will release you unharmed, and if you don't mind being tightly restrained and helpless, then you might even enjoy my little sexcapade." John felt the knot at the back of his blindfold being fiddled with.

"If you don't enjoy it, I don't really give a damn, but whatever you do, don't try to escape or mess up my fun," Arachnia spoke very seriously, sending slight chills down John's spine as she sternly continued, "if you do not cooperate with me, I can make you so miserable that you would beg to play out my fantasies for me rather than endure my wrathful torture. Wouldn't you just rather indulge me, cooperate, and be released without harm?" Arachnia's threatening words had sunk hard into John's mind and he meekly nodded in submission to her. "Good," Arachnia said as she pulled the blindfold away from John's eyes.

John's eyes adjusted to the dim light and he focused on the figure of his new mistress as she walked around in front of him. He felt a slight surge of arousal (and realized that he was completely naked) as he laid eyes on Arachnia for the first time. She was close to six feet tall, had black, shoulder-length hair with red highlights, her face was strangely blurred, and the only thing she wore was a one-piece nylon bodysuit that came all the way up to her neck and covered everything but her hands. The interesting thing about her bodysuit though, was that it was made entirely in a spider web design, making her look as if she was covered in webs. As John's vision became clearer he could see that the reason her face was slightly dark was because she had a lace veil on that also sported a spider web pattern.

"To clarify my intentions once more and to be sure that you'll cooperate, I do not intend to harm you in any way, I'm going to play out some harmless bondage fantasies of a sexual nature and then I will release you. The fun I'm going to have with you will not even take too much of your time; I expect to only hold you as my captive for about half a day at the most," Arachnia placed her hands on John's legs and leaned in close before continuing in a more honest, personal tone, "so... will you consent and cooperate?"

With his captor this close, John could see that she was wearing little spider earrings and with her hazel eyes staring into his, waiting for an answer, he realized that she was a strikingly pretty girl. John tried to look sincere as he nodded slowly.

Arachnia smiled and said simply, "I'm glad." Arachnia pulled the ballgag from John's mouth and brought a cup of water with a straw up to his mouth. "I won't have you getting dehydrated on me and interrupting my fantasy," she said as John sucked up the cool water eagerly. Arachnia then took the cup away and walked out of John's view.

With Arachnia out of sight, John began to take in his surroundings for the first time. What he saw was somewhat expected; he was in what looked like a large, dark basement with fake cobwebs decorating most of the room and an assortment of bondage gear and furniture being the only things not covered in the whimsical webs. John was taken by surprise when something black was pulled over his head.

"Even if you promise to behave, I still can't trust you completely, so I'm going to make you blind while I place you into your next helpless bondage predicament. This is called a bondage hood, I'm going to lock the buckle closed behind your head and only I know where the key is. There is no way to get out of here blind so it would be very stupid of you to try anything.... stupid," as Arachnia said this, she released John from the chair and placed his hands into a pair of handcuffs behind his back.

John felt himself being led by what must have been a ring in the hood at the front of his neck. He followed obediently as he did not want to invoke this strange woman's wrath. After no more than about twenty feet, Arachnia placed her hands on John's shoulders and, moving him into position, commanded him to sit. John let himself rest on what felt like a bed and waited to find out what Arachnia was going to do next. He listened as his mistress moved about the room and rustled through things.

"I'm going to be getting things prepared now, you sit there very still and do not move until I tell you to, understand?"

John nodded to Arachnia's decree and heard her continue to busy herself with what must be John's next interesting situation. As John listened, he realized that the noises seemed to be getting farther away. He began to grow very tired at an alarming rate. "I wonder about that water..." John thought just as he fell back onto the bed and drifted to sleep.


As John's mind began rising towards consciousness again he hoped that what had been happening to him would turn out to be a dream, but when he realized that his body was paralyzed and helpless, his hopes were immediately dashed. John took stock of his position and found that he was blindfolded, gagged, and bound in an asymmetrical sort of position; his left arm was above his head, bent slightly, and his right arm was down at his side but angled outward as if reaching for something near his feet. His legs were also bound in an odd way; his right leg was stretching away from his body at the same angle that his right arm was, as if in a normal spread-eagle, but his left leg was folded at the knee and tied to itself with his foot pointing back up towards his body.

As he pondered the strange way his body had been bound, John began feeling vibrations in the ropes holding him, as if something was pulling at him, or crawling towards him on the ropes. The movement got stronger and stronger until it suddenly stopped and John felt his blindfold being removed. It was no surprise that the person staring down at him was Arachnia, but the surprise came when John looked around and saw that he was tied to a giant web made out of rope and that it was suspended about 3 or 4 feet off the ground. John quickly realized why his body had been tied in such an unnatural position; he was made to look as if he had literally fallen into a web!

John's mind wondered briefly at how Arachnia could have gotten him into such an elaborate predicament but his thoughts were interrupted. "Well, well, well, look what's fallen into my web," Arachnia said as she crawled around on the ropes, "it looks like a poor helpless slave has lost his way. Do you know what happens to little slaves who get lost and find their way into my trap?"

John shook his head slowly, he was becoming a bit frightened by Arachnia's elaborate role-playing.

"They become prey for the Mistress of the Web," Arachnia continued, "and do you know what the spider does to it's prey?" Arachnia moved her nylon-clad body over her captive's until her mouth was hovering just inches away from his naked, exposed cock. As John felt her warm breath tease him, Arachnia finished her sentence purposefully; "the spider sucks the very life out of it's prey." As she said this, Arachnia suddenly took John's member inside her mouth and began massaging it and rolling it around with her tongue. John couldn't help but chuckle silently at the humorous metaphor Arachnia had made and soon he was firming up and enjoying his predator's attention to his detail.

"This isn't half bad," John thought to himself, "I could definitely help her out with this fantasy." Although he had never been a big fan of bondage, Arachnia's lovely lips were soon bringing John to orgasm and he strained hard against his bonds, much to Arachnia's delight. Soon though, John began to get very sensitive and expected his blowjob to come to an end. His mistress, however, had other plans and she continued to suck hard on her prey, milking him and torturing his overly sensitive cock. This was like tickle-torture only a hundred times worse! John writhed against the ropes and begged and pleaded through his gag but Arachnia did not let go of him.

As John moaned and struggled for all he was worth, he was suddenly surprised when he climaxed a second time. John felt good for only a moment before the sensitivity returned and he was once again being tortured to the brink of madness. John was helpless to resist and his frantic movements only made his torture worse. Soon he felt his breathing getting labored and just as he felt his eyes watering with tears of frustration, his body tensed for a mind-shattering third orgasm and passed out.


Once again, John awoke from the depths of sleep but this time he had little doubts of whether he had been dreaming or not. He was not surprised to find that he was once again helplessly bound, although this time he was not blindfolded and was fortunately resting on solid ground. John looked down over his body and saw that he was wrapped from his shoulders down to his shins with clear plastic wrap, and the only thing left exposed was his cock. His feet were resting on Arachnia's shoulder and she was currently wrapping his legs together with more clear plastic.

"Good morning, my prey," Arachnia said seductively, "you didn't think you were going to leave a spider's web without being cocooned did you?"

John could see that Arachnia was trying to make her wrapping job look authentic; instead of just wrapping around in circles, she frequently angled and twisted the wrap to make it look more like a natural kind of cocoon. She didn't skimp though, her wrapping was very tight and she used plenty of layers to ensure her prey's helplessness.

"Although it's good news for you, I'm sad to say that this is our last scene before I let you go," Arachnia did, in fact, look a bit sad as she said this, "you've had quite an experience, and you've come a long way, so don't do anything now that could mess it up and force me to punish you, understand?"

John nodded since there was still a ballgag in his mouth preventing him from speaking. Whatever he was about to experience, he was comforted by the thought that his freedom was getting closer. Arachnia finished her job by covering John's feet in many layers of plastic before standing up and surveying her handiwork. When she stood up John noticed that his mistress had changed her outfit. She was now wrapped from just above her breasts to just below her ass in black plastic wrap; resembling a sort of mini-skirt. There was a gap in the wrapping over her stomach that revealed a layer of red plastic underneath the black. The gap was in the shape of an hourglass, giving her a black widow marking on her stomach.

Arachnia leaned down to unbuckle John's ballgag, only to replace it with another gag. John felt his new gag with his tongue and found it to be a ring gag; a simple ring placed between his teeth to keep his mouth in an "O" shape and buckled behind his head. Now Arachnia straddled her captive's chest and he could see that she once again had a roll of plastic wrap in her hands. "Now to finish your cocoon. Don't struggle now babe, just remember, you're almost done," and with that, Arachnia began to completely cover John's head in plastic. She wrapped him in layer after layer before poking a decently sized hole over his gaping mouth.

When she was finished, Arachnia proceeded to run her hands all over her prey, caressing and groping him enthusiastically. "Oh damn, you look so hot like this," she said, still fondling her cocoon, "the only parts of you free are the only parts I need heehee!"

Arachnia crawled up until she was straddling John's head between her legs. John had a good idea what was coming. "Alright prey," Arachnia began, "I'm going to cover your mouth with my pussy now, and if you don't please me, I'll never get up and you'll die between my legs. That's not much of an ending after all you've been through is it?" John shook his head quickly. "So if you behave and do well, I might even give you a reward, how does that sound?"

John nodded at her and Arachnia immediately sat herself down on him, her woman parts covering the lower half of his face.

John was startled at the weight of her body suddenly resting squarely on his face and his sudden lack of oxygen but he knew that these were things he would have to overlook if he wanted to ever breathe again, so he plunged his tongue into her lovenest and began lapping at her hungrily. Arachnia gasped as he so quickly submitted to her will and she closed her eyes and began to enjoy the sensations. Arachnia kept a part of her mind counting the seconds she had kept John from fresh air and she lifted herself up after about thirty seconds of pleasure had passed. John was thankful when he felt cool air enter his lungs but his captor had no intentions of taking any long breaks from the sensations she could be receiving and she let her weight go from her legs and smothered her prey once again.

John was disappointed with the small breath of air he got but he knew there was only one sure way to get more, and that was to make Arachnia cum before she smothered him into unconsciousness. He worked at her pussy until his jaw ached, and he kept on going until she raised herself up to give him another breath.

As Arachnia sat down again, she knew that that was the last breath that John would get for a while as she was getting very close to cumming. She looked over her shoulder at her helpless prey's shiny cocooned body and watched as he moved and twisted in small token struggles. She looked down at his poor, shrink-wrapped head going to town between her legs and relished in the thought that the only thing he could breathe was her hot scent. Just then the feelings, sensations and the thought of her cocooned prey suffocating beneath her for the sake of her pleasure pushed her over the edge and she exploded in orgasm. She reached down and pulled her slave's head hard against her, grinding herself on his plastic-covered nose, squeezing his head tightly between her thighs, and feeling his tongue wriggling deep inside of her.

Just as Arachnia thought it was as good as it was going to get, she felt another wave of pleasure sweep over her and then another. She continued to pull John's face into herself as she rode out her multiple orgasms. She looked over her shoulder and sure enough, John's cock was standing at full attention. John had been without air for just over a minute now and Arachnia decided it was a good time to give him his reward and continue with her own pleasure. As she lifted herself off of his face, John gasped loudly and sucked in lungfulls of the much-deserved fresh air. Sixty seconds is a long time to be without air and John was beginning to think Arachnia was going to make him pass out; another sixty seconds after that and he would have! Torturous though it was, the oxygen depravation had made him as solid as a rock down below, and he could see that that was Arachnia's next destination.

John watched through his plastic cocoon as Arachnia straddled his hips and lowered herself onto his cock, swallowing him up inside her fully before continuing with her assault on his body. She was already on a pleasure-high from her multiple orgasms so she didn't hold back at all; she rode her captive as hard as her exhausted body would let her. John was still sensitive from Arachnia's previous oral torture but soon her enthusiastic humping began to feel good and he began moving his body with hers as much as his plastic bonds would allow.

Arachnia was drunk with pleasure now and was bucking and riding her plastic chrysalis like a girl possessed. As she felt her slave respond to her in kind, it gave her a renewed fervor and for a moment, it seemed as if her energy was endless. Finally though, both of their bodies went rigid in the throes of an earth-shattering climax. They simultaneously experienced an orgasm that left them exhausted and motionless, except for their chests heaving as they gasped for air.

Using all the strength left in her body, Arachnia reached over to a small control box on the floor near them and pushed a button. John suddenly felt their bodies being lifted and he realized that he had been laying on a hammock that must be attached to a winch. As their bodies rose a few feet above the floor they swayed gently and John once again laughed silently to himself at how eccentric Arachnia was.

"Don't worry babe, I'll let you go soon, but just hang here in Mistress Arachnia's web for a bit while you recover," she said as she cradled her lifeless prey in her arms.

"Although..." she continued, "I do have need for a long-term slave, but if you still want me to let you go..."

John thought at the prospect of being Arachnia's slave; permanent prey for the Mistress of Webs, but as his eyes grew heavy and his thoughts became fuzzy, he realized that the decision would have to be made after a well-deserved nap.


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