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Mistress's Mummy

by To Be Wrapped

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© Copyright 2006 - To Be Wrapped - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; mum; wrap; bandages; plaster; latex; cons; X

I knew I was in trouble with the Mistress this morning when all I got for breakfast was one liquid drink and a bad look on her face. Within ten minutes I had bad pains down below and an urgent need for the bathroom. I had been given a system washout drink. Then came the enema to really clean me out. 

'Prepare yourself for some serious mummification time' was all the Mistress said to me a short time later. I was tied to a metal frame, spread eagle fashion and then the mistress started to trim all my body hairs to a stubble. Next she covered me from the top of my head to my toes with a cream which she took great pleasure in not only applying, but making sure it was well rubbed in at the top of my legs, teasing my cock and balls as she wished. Then came the hosepipe to wash me down completely, not a hair left on my body anywhere, not even my eyebrows. I must be clean inside and out.

Cotton wool was placed between my toes and then both legs wrapped from my toes to the groin, held in place by narrow strips of bandage. Then the process was repeated with my fingers and arms. After inserting a small tube into my cock for drainage, even that was wrapped in cotton wool. Then came the chest and neck area to be wrapped with the cotton wool, this was becoming a sensory depravation session as well by the looks of things. After inserting a small speaker into my left ear, my head was wrapped completely in cotton wool and covered in the bandages. I was a cotton wool and bandages Mummy. My only access to the outside world was the tube inserted into my mouth and the nostril tubes.

The speaker in my ear then came to life and My Mistress then informed me that more was to come. A layer of plaster impregnated bandages was to be applied over all my body to seal me in and make me look like an art work for all to see. The three tubes were cut flush with the plaster to disguise them. She would put me on display as a deterrent for all to look at. I could feel my body being moved to assist the applying of the bandages from my toes to the top of my head, then came the heat as the plaster set- it came through the cotton wool. As it was drying the speaker came to life, with a voice informing me it was time for an enriched drink to keep me sustained.

Then things went quiet and all I could feel was the cotton wool and an itchy feeling that would not go away. After a while I was moved again and a voice informed me that the Mistress had decided to paint me with Liquid Latex because the white colour did not look right. Four times I smelt the latex as it was applied and slowly dried. This was obviously going to be a long session. 

After a while I was moved again and I presume placed on display as a deterrent to all, you seriously should not upset the Mistress. Then came the body cramps and the pins and needles, nothing to relief them except the short periods of enriched drinks coming at intervals. 

As for me now, who knows how much time has elapsed since that fateful morning. As I stay cocooned in cotton wool, bandages, plaster and Liquid Latex. Lets hope that the Mistress will forgive me shortly if not I do not know how long my sanity will remain or my body can survive on just liquids.




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