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Model X2020

by Pegasus

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© Copyright 2001 - Pegasus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; mum; tape; cons; XX

Set in the near future:

Part 1

Lauren had been getting bored over the summer vacation, she had been off Uni' for months but hadn't bothered with getting a job, her father was millionaire and had bought her the penthouse flat she stayed in. She stayed there with two other girls the same age as her, 23, but they had gone home for the summer. 

She was going out her mind with boredom, she had taken to ordering anything and everything from the home shopping channels, the delivery man was a bit dishy and she had even managed to get him in for a cup of coffee the last time, though that was all.

Her father had always been one with lots of sayings and advice, some which she listened to others she did the exact opposite. Some of his tips were; buy in bulk, if it doesn't go off take advantage of the offer, cleanliness is next to Godliness, blah, blah, blah.So that was how she came to be in the possession of stacks of goods, none of which were any real use.

Lauren also had a high-specked computer, which she went on sometimes to relieve her boredom, she had found some of the things other people did fascinating, the dildos, the bondage, self-bondage, and mummification. Mummification, she had never thought that something so simple could give her such pleasure; she loved the feeling of helplessness, the feeling of encasement, so hot and moist. She also loved the feeling of her bodystockings, the tight, smooth sensual feeling of the soft and intimate material hugging her entire form made her senses feel electric.

She had order in some more stuff off the TV channel and the Internet. The internet won the race to her flat, two new dildos, a couple of bodystockings and a book on bondage positions. That was the thing about the internet, it allowed her to anonymously buy her more risqué purchases, she didn't want people to think her a freak even though it gave her so much pleasure and felt as natural as anything else.

Lauren woke up the next day to a chap at the door, that must be Matt she thought. She quickly got up to go to the door. Oops! She still had her black sheer bodystocking on! Oh well, she thought, I'll just grab my silk bathrobe and keep it closed up.

"Matt! How are you?" Lauren asked. 

"Aye, not bad not bad, yourself?" replied the deliveryman, out of breath. 

"Fine thanks, you look knackered"

" I think you must have it in for me with those stairs and this heavy box"

"Come in then and I'll make you a cup of coffee" Lauren says leading him into her flat.

 Lauren and Matt chatted away for nearly an hour before he realized the time

"Sorry Lauren, I'd best be on my way, more deliveries to make. Would you like to, maybe... go out for meal sometime?"

"Yes, that would be lovely"

"How would next Monday at Ayutthaya's sound? It's a great Thai restaurant near the new cinema"

"That sounds great, I really like spicy food. If you want to come round at about eight, that okay?"

"Yeah, I'll pick you up then, see you later then Lauren and enjoy your stuff."

Lauren watched him go and then remembered her new stuff, she always had a thrill when getting something, a bit of a shopaholic but she had the cash, or daddies cash! What the hell she thought, money's for spending!

She went over to the box and tipped it out. This thing was lush! It looked like a little android! It was a new intelligent cleaning robot, though the makers also claimed it could do a lot more as well. She read about all its sensors and special new abilities, and then thought to herself; basically it's a small robot person that is a domestic slave to do all the household chores, why do they bother with all the technical gobbledygook?

Lauren spent the rest of the day looking through the manual and trying to figure out what all the attachments where for. At dinner time she gave up and just set it up as the manual instructed, to fit the pieces into the side of the robot and attach it to the mains via the charger and it would do the rest itself from there.

She cooked up a meal and sat down to watch the film on TV. She turned with a start when she heard the machine beep, she needed to name it, something more catchy than X2020! Adie, that would do. She read in the guide that you can instruct it to do a task or it would do them itself when they needed done. 

"Clean kitchen floor"

The machine set about mopping it clean, she watched it for a while, amazed at its efficiency and speed.

She sat back down on the couch, oh well, more free time, as if she didn't have enough already. After eating she fitted in her new dildos, the pulled her bodystocking back up. It was completely seamless and utterly ladder-proof; they really were making advances in everything these days. The machine beeped away quietly as it did its chores, she felt it was a shame men weren't more like it.

After a few days she had got used to it tirelessly working away while she played with herself and her toys, she tied herself up and mummified herself a few times. She wondered what the robot would think if it had intelligence.

Little did she know the machine certainly did have intelligence. It had watching Lauren playing with herself and the mummification and thought of it as just another chore. The little robot had been going round for days exploring the flat and its contents; it had found the cupboard with all Laurens stuff she bought from the TV channel and thought it was Christmas! 

The robot came into the kitchen where Lauren was drinking some fresh orange juice; she was dressed as normal, in her aqua blue sheer seamless bodystocking. She fitted dildos in each hole and then inflated a ball gag in her mouth, pulled the arms of the bodystocking down over her hands, stitching them shut and pulled on half the leg of a matching stocking over her head and sewed it onto the bodystocking at the neck. She now was entirely covered in the stocking, all she had to do now was wrap herself up and wait for the randomly timed dildos to come on. They were the same as ours today apart from the batteries, these were promised to last lifetime of continuous use with the improved batteries, well that should be more than enough Lauren thought! 

This was when she noticed the robot, it had decided to help her with this chore. Lauren had no idea that it understood this at all but she let it continue as it started to wrap her legs together. It worked its way up her 36 inch long legs, she was astonished at the speed it went at as it spun round her on the wheels that came out from its feet. The first roll was just 20ft and ran out just above her knees, she watched as the robot made its way to her store, then her heart leaped as she saw it bring back all her cling film and also the clear wide selotape! Well, this might be interesting!

She stood perfectly still as the robot got to work wrapping her body all the way up to the thighs then it legs extended like a telescope to give it more height. Lauren put the palm of her hands against her buttocks as the robot continued up, pulling in her arms tight against her back as it went round her 24 inch waist. She could feel the moistness building in her pussy with the thought of her slave wrapping her up, or was she the slave now? She wondered how far it would go, there is nothing more frustrating than when wrapping up and running out of cling film or unable to reach more without undoing your work.

She needn't have worried, there was more than enough wrap and Adie was more than able in her technique, soon Lauren's body was wrapped tightly, over her impressive 36DD chest and up to her shoulders. Then horror! Adie stopped! Lauren was not going to be impressed with this contraption if it stopped now. 

The reason it had stopped was it had found the film was slipping slightly and it wouldn't have any imperfections in its work. It went away to the cupboard and brought back her new hairdryer, it started at the bottom and heated the wrap until it melted into one and then continued up Lauren's body, in a couple of minutes it had finished heating up the wrap. 

Under the wrap, Lauren couldn't believe how well the robot was performing, it was far better than her and also far quicker, and it had only been going for ten minutes. She grinned even more to see Adie get back to wrapping her up. The wrapping here went more slowly, Adie had to learn how to approach the narrowing, deciding to keep wrapping up and then cross over the shoulders in a figure of eight pattern, then continue up the neck. Lauren started to worry, what if it suffocated her?

The robot kept wrapping her up oblivious to Lauren's emotions or concerns. It wrapped up her head completely, Lauren couldn't breathe, she started to panic, she tried to get out, writhing against the wrap, she was starting to got faint, then. air.

 Thank God for that, the robot had remembered to pierce for the nose. Adie then retrieved the hair dryer and melted the wrap at the top. Lauren could feel the heat and the wrap contract, her pussy lips were soaked in her own juice, this was the best experience of her life, nothing else came close. She had no idea that the robot could be this versatile, to learn new tasks and to get involved in her sex play, the robot was worth much more than she had paid for it, though this task wouldn't have been expected when they designed it.

The robot started the whole process again, pulling the wrap tighter. Then it did again, and again. In all it repeated the whole process over a hundred times!! It must have been stuck in a program loop, seeing the object, the pile of cling film it kept on going until nearly all the wrap had been used, Lauren had thought that there would be enough wrap for years when she bought it in bulk, this robot had used nearly it all in one go!! 

The robot then sat for a minute, just looking at her, it still had her feet to do. It then gave her a sharp shunt and she fell over, there was so much wrap that the fall didn't hurt at all, if fact Lauren wasn't sure she was over until the robot started to wrap her feet. Soon these were wrapped as thoroughly as the rest of her. Lauren tried to move, but nothing could move at all.

The robot wasn't finished yet though. It now attached rope to each end of Lauren's wrapped form and hoisted her up using the pulley. Next the robot spun the sellotape round Lauren, the tape was extremely strong and adhesive, about two inches wide, the robot pulled it so hard that it again compressed Lauren.

Lauren felt the pressure grow and grow, she had no idea that she was being wrapped in mid-air. The robot then lowered her down and started with the heat again, the hair dryer whirred away and then stopped, the robot looked at it for a minute then decided it must be faulty and recorded a message for its mistress to hear when she returned. 

It scuttled away and then returned with a heat gun, normal used for paint stripping now it was being used for heat sealing! The multiple layers, far too many to count, melted and fused into a single layer and went completely transparent. Lauren could feel the intense heat but still had no idea what was going on, as although the wrap was transparent it had pressed onto her eyes when she closed them in reflex, now she couldn't open them again. 

She lay there, in the kitchen wrapped solid in well over a thousand meters of wrap, sealed with heat each time a pass had been done then finished off with the thick sellotape and heat sealed thoroughly again. The robot had managed to pull the wrap so tightly and shrunk it with the heat that Lauren was only slightly larger than she had started out.

The robot scuttled of satisfied that its mistresses task was complete and got on with cleaning the bathroom to be nice and clean for when she came back

Lauren could hardly think, the pleasure was so intense, the number of times she came was near to the number of layers she didn't know were applied to her body, the dildos, the wrap, the heat, the confinement, the moistness, the complete helplessness.. She lay there for days without sleep, the euphoria never ceased, again and again she came. 

Had she died? Was this Heaven?

Then she thought. the robot; it's never seen me come out of mummification!! It's only seen me wrapping myself, carried on with its jobs then came back when she had released herself, how the hell was she to get out of this encasement?? And what about her date? 

Part 2

Lauren's date came on time as arranged. Matt thought it strange that there was not reply at the buzzer and waited until someone else came out, he slipped in the door and went up the stairs. When he got to the top he stopped and listened, he could hear movement. He knocked at the door but not one came.

He didn't know what to do, she was so nice and absolutely stunning, he couldn't imagine her shunning him like this. He decided to have a peek through the letter box, the flat was lit up and tidy looking, then his heart stopped. He saw Lauren, lying on the floor motionless with a strange sheen to her. Oh God, she's dead! He had seen a corpse before, in his rounds, but she had been so young.

He shouldered the door, thankfully it was just a cheapy and gave at the first try. He went inside at walked straight over to her, she was still motionless and looked slightly bloated with that ghastly sheen of death on her skin. She hadn't started to smell yet, that wouldn't be long in coming though. He felt her skin, strange, plasticky, no heat and very smooth.

Matt sat down, trying to take it in. Well, this is a crap date! He looked around, everything was brand new, he should know, he brought most of it up here. She had talked about her daddy, an oil executive. He had bought her this flat and gave her credit cards with no limit, then jetted off to run his companies fields in Sri Lanka.

He started to think now, what if I just didn't tell anyone? I could spend the money for years before she'd be missed. That is, if she would be, the neighbours didn't know her when he first ask for her flat number, some had even thought he was staying there. She also had arguments with her dad when he 'phoned, him telling her to get out and do something with her life.

What would he do with the body though? That's when he thought of his weekend job. He made statues for people's gardens, the life-like statues of fair maidens, bold warriors, angels, whatever they wanted. He looked at her body, even though it was mummified it was still in perfect shape, her stunning curves and awesome breasts, she still looked natural, though to him dead.

He went over and picked Lauren up and took her to the couch and lay her down, she was stiff, her limbs stuck together, must be the rigor mortis that had froze her body he figured. Strange that she went in this way, lying out flat with her arms behind her pressed against her body.

Matt looked her over, her body was beautiful. Yes, he'd use her for a new statue, an Angel.

Lauren was still awake, she had orgasmed more times the last days than in the rest of her whole life. She had between times thought about escaping this confinement, though she had no idea how to escape. When Matt came in she heard the door going and then felt being moved, she was more relieved that someone was here to rescue her she didn't care what he actually thought about this kink afterwards.

Matt waited until nightfall, exploring Lauren's flat to find where things were hid. Once it was dark he placed Lauren into a large canvas luggage bag, he had to cover her legs with a towel as they were still sticking out the end. He took her outside to his car and sped off to his house on the outskirts of the city. At his house he set to work straight away as he thought she'd start smelling soon. He coated her body with an industrial sealant solution then left her to harden off, propped up in his garage.

Lauren knew something was badly wrong here, someone had taken her and moved her, in a car or something to somewhere quiet, out of the city, then she smelt some horrible strange smell, was this something to dissolve her out of her plastic prison? She didn't think so.

The next day Matt went back out to look at his new work, Lauren's new layer had hardened like a rock. He liked the colour of her body, it hadn't changed and he hoped it would stay that way now that she was sealed. He lay her down and started to work on her wings, this wouldn't be as easy as usual as he didn't want to pierce into her body and it would have been hard to fix them on that way anyhow. He spent the morning attaching his angel's wings and left her again for these to harden.

Lauren couldn't understand this, what was happening, was she just imagining this? Was she still in her flat with that bloody robot, if not where, was nobody going to release her?

Matt came out the next day and stood for an hour just admiring it, his new angel. It was time for her to go to her new home, he dragged her round to the front of his house. He had a large garden at the front and had a fountain in the middle, he'd always thought about getting rid of those two stupid frogs in the middle, now he had something to replace them with.

After more work he finally had her set in the middle of his fountain, now all it needed was the water to come out it. He drilled a small hole at her arse-piece, and then thrust a tube into it, he pushed at it for nearly an hour before it stopped. Lauren now realized something very, very wrong was happening, the pain of the tube pushing through her whole body was intense but there was not a thing she could do about it.

Matt then drilled a hole into her mouth, passing through the middle of the gag without noticing it, he then thrust the tube out the last few inches. Lauren had tried to shout, to make any sound but found her lungs couldn't take in enough air now and her voice box seemed numbed with not being used for days.

Matt filled up her mouth with an instant sealant and the same at her butt. He then attached the tube to the fountain pump and stood back to watch it spring to life, he never looked at anything with so much awe in his life, she was so beautiful, such a pity he didn't get to know her better when she was alive he thought.

Lauren over the next few weeks could only imagine what had happened to her and where she was, was she some exhibit somewhere? Would she ever be freed? Would the batteries ever run out on the dildos? Would she die, encased?

The angel had become a much talked about feature in Matt's garden, word had spread across the country, a few articles had been written in the papers about her and even a TV spot on a home improvement show. Matt's order books were full for years to come, though he had no idea how to keep up with demand, when he didn't know how to make another as good. At least Lauren's money would see him okay.

Lauren picked up bits and pieces over the next over the weeks. People kept on talking about the stunning angel statue, how was she made and how much would one cost. She had no idea that it was her that they were discussing. 

Then one day it happened, her eyes opened, she had been trying relentlessly to open them, to find out what had happened. At first all she saw was some gardens and houses, she must be outside but where. Her answer came when another visitor came to look at her. The car drove into the garden and parked facing her. And then she saw it, she saw herself, she was the angel! She was a fountain statue!

Everything became clear, Matt had turned her into statue for his own garden, did he know she was alive? He obviously had decided to make some use of her in her new form. Lauren resigned herself to this new role, trapped eternally by her own fetish.well at least she looked stunning and she always did enjoy her time mummified with her two best friends, now she'd be spending a long, long time with them!!!



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