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Model X2020 2

by Pegasus

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© Copyright 2001 - Pegasus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; mum; tape; nc; XX

Set in the near future:

Part 2: When Katrina returns

When Katrina returned to the flat the first thing she noticed was the door looked different, but she thought nothing of it when the her keys worked the same as they had before she had left for the summer.

She looked around for signs of Lauren, there were no new newspapers or magazines, the place was stuffy and there was no electricity. Katrina went out the corner shop and bought a power card for the meter, then returned and started to make the flat more inhabitable, open windows, turning on the heating etc. 

Katrina then saw the little robot, standing at the charger point refreshing its batteries, covered in dust. It must be just little a friend that walks around and talks to you, a bit like those Sony pets people had Katrina thought. Well, Lauren always was a sad shut-away, maybe this was her trying to get a new friend she thought to herself nastily.

Katrina ran herself a bath. She lay in it for over an hour, relaxing in the warm water after her long flight back, easing her sore muscles. She toweled herself dry and walked through to the lounge still as naked as the day she was born. The holiday had been good to her; her body was smooth, the skin tight, a light tan that complemented her platinum blonde hair, she had shed several pounds so that her hips curved smoothly, her bust perked up instead of the old sag, her buttocks firmed from the horseback riding. She felt wonderful and was bursting to tell Lauren all about her adventure out in Australia.

She lay down flat on the big sheepskin rug, she always loved its soft feeling. She turned on the TV and watched some trashy romance film, sending her straight off to sleep….

The little robot, now full charged, disengaged itself from the charger and went to explore the flat for tasks to do. It immediately focused on the new object lying in the lounge. This was to be wrapped it remembered. It accessed the files it had on wrapping objects, the last one it did was a while ago, before its mistress disappeared. Now it had many more files, it had been accessing the Internet via its pc port and downloaded anything of interest in wrapping techniques and had ordered new stock over the Internet, which had duly arrived. 

The robot stretched out its arm towards Katrina, a dart fired out and stung her butt cheek like a wasp sting. Damn it Katrina thought; don’t tell me I’m going to get stung here as well, I thought I had left that behind. She tried to roll her legs up to feel for the sting but she couldn’t move, her muscle weren’t responding. Franticly her mind raced as she tried to move, the lower half on her body was limp and useless. 

She still could move her upper body though, she dragged herself towards the couch, pulling herself up onto it. The robot was prepared for this, it spun out a rope from its arm and caught her right hand, it pulled sharply upwards and Katrina fell face first onto the couch. The robot looped the rope up over the pulley and repeated on her left arm, then it hoisted both ropes up simultaneously. This stretched her naked body upwards, her arms outstretched from her body and her legs hanging limply below. The robot approached Katrina; she looked down at it and wondered what the hell it was doing and where the hell was Lauren to turn the blasted contraption off.

The robot started to spray down Katrina’s body with a solvent solution, which dissolved all her body hair off, then rinse it of with water. The robot left her to drip dry and went about with other chores. Katrina tried to free herself from the ties but with all her body weight hanging down she couldn’t get any leeway to free her hands, what was this crazy thing doing?

The robot returned after an hour, Katrina had stopped struggling, the drug had stopped all her movement from the neck down, she hung there as helpless as carcass at a butchers shop but still able to move her head to watch the robot. It brought in the new supplies it had purchased using Lauren’s bank accounts. 

The robot fitted a hose into her anus, Katrina felt a warm liquid rush into her bowels, after a while the liquid was brutally sucked out and then fresh liquid was flushed in. Once it had completely drained her anus it moved onto her pussy, drying out her bladder. 

It then it fitted two newly developed dildos; these were designed to monitor the heart rate of the user, varying the length of stimulation and through time and use the length of the orgasms and their intensity. It thrust these into her vulnerable pussy and up her helpless anus, then sealed both permanently shut with superglue, they wouldn’t EVER be coming out. Katrina was terrified at her delicate private parts being invaded by the robot. She could feel everything it did but couldn’t move to stop it.

The robot picked up a huge thick roll; it was a five hundred metre’s long roll of industrial pallet wrap. The robot started at the feet and slowly worked its way up her legs pulling them in together and compressing them into one. It gradually worked it way up over her thighs and up over her ass, pressing her pussy from all sides at once, the dildos now really felt part of her very being. It continued up her waist, up her back then over her chest. Katrina could only watch in horror as she saw her body being smothered by this toy of Lauren’s, damn her. She felt her ample 38EE tits being thrust upwards as she watched it in the reflection from the large mirror across the room. Her tits were then squashed in as it proceeded up, it kept going up and soon reached her neck, thankfully not pulling to hard, then covered her head completely.

 The robot pierced a hole for the object to breathe then returned to wrapping each arm, once done it lowered Katrina down so she was now standing with her arms aloft. It pulled arms down and super glued them onto her sides, then started the process of wrapping her again, sealing her arms completely into her sides. Once it had finished wrapping the body it shrank it down with a heat gun, the wrap fusing into a single extremely tight layer on top of Katrina’s body. When it had finished you could still see Katrina through the wrap but she was completely immobilised.

Katrina never thought to shout out while she could, she was so shocked at what was happening. She had never experienced anything like it, she had no idea what was going on, once she was totally wrapped there was nothing she could do about it even when the drug wore off. She could still see herself in the mirror, totally immobile but still looking as naked and vulnerable as before. Just then the dildo’s started to kick in, now she was focused on one thing, one sense, one emotion; the vibrations in her moist pussy sent her into orgasm after orgasm. Never had she felt pleasure like it, now she would feel nothing but it.

 The robot went across to the computer and plugged itself in, transferring the details of the new mummy ready for sale in the slave market…. 

February 5th, 2002

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