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Morning Wrap

by Clingfilm

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© Copyright 2004 - Clingfilm - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mum; saranwrap; breathplay; cons; X

Some of the below is true, some is my personal fantasy.

I lay there on the bed half asleep.  It was early morning.  I felt my wife stir slightly.  I was tired.  I needed a sleep in.  Today would be the first opportunity for weeks.  My daughter was out at work, she's eighteen and a Saturday girl in the city and she'd left for work about half an hour ago.

Margaret swung her feet out of bed and I began to stir too. 

"I need the Toilet" she said, I'll put the kettle on, You stay there".

I lay half-asleep as she went into the bathroom.  Still half asleep, I heard her in the kitchen.  I lay on my belly still cosy under the duvet and heard her walk back into the bedroom. 

Suddenly, she was on top of me.  Sat astride my shoulders, pinning me to the bed.  She nuzzled her face next to my ear and said "Don't move a muscle I have something for you". 

I tried to turn my head but she grabbed me under my chin pulling my head back.  Then I smelt something!  Vinyl!  She quickly wrapped cling film across my face!  One turn! Two!  Another! And another.   My air supply was cut off.  I couldn't breath, I couldn't move my arms.  They were tightly pinned under the duvet by the weight of my wife above me.

" I told you not to move" she said. "Lie still while I cut a hole to let you breath" she demanded.

I knew better than to disagree.  I was in no position to argue.  I lay there.  Still, holding my breath, my chest beginning to hurt a little.

She reached towards my mouth and used her finger to poke a small hole in the film. I sucked in sweet fresh air, but the hole was too small and I had trouble getting enough air.  I tried to speak and she said, " Shut up now or I'll wrap another layer around your face".  I shut up.

"Give me your left hand" she demanded.  What was she going to do I wondered? I pushed my left hand out sideways from under the duvet.  Still sitting astride my shoulders, she seized my hand and started to wrap more cling film round it.  Round and round she went, transforming my hand into an impotent ball.  My fingers were totally immobile.

"Now your other one" she demanded.  I complied and I was now helpless.  My hands were useless.  I couldn't use any of my fingers and my teeth were useless behind many layers of cling film.

She then shifted her weight off by back and pulled the Duvet away leaving me naked on my belly on the bed.  She grabbed my arms and pulled them together behind my back wrenching my shoulders a little.  I gave a grunt with the pain and she said, "Shut up now, I'm warning you".

More cling film was wrapped tightly around my wrists pulling them tightly together.  She worked her way up to my elbows pulling the cling film hard so that my elbows nearly touched.  Right up my arms she went, tearing my arms backwards sitting on my backside as she did so.   It hurt, but I loved it!  My prick was now rock hard and I ached for her to play with me.

She then twisted herself round to face my feet.  Still sat astride me she then started to wrap my feet together.  Using her First Aid training, she wrapped my feet in a figure eight, immobilising them together.  Then she started to wrap my lower legs, instructing me to lift them back towards her. As she got to my knees, she got off me and knelt at my side. 

Slowly but firmly she started to wrap my legs right up to my waist. Telling me to lift up so that she could get the roll of wrap under me. The first wrap over my manhood felt so good.  I wanted her to play with me so much but dare not say anything.  I groaned in pleasure as she pulled the wrap tight round me.

"Like that do you"? she said giggling slightly.

"Yes", I gasped as she wrapped another layer over me. Totally encasing my prick. 

"Well if you are very good, we will have to do something about that" she said playfully squeezing the end of my prick. 

"Yes Please" I said hopefully but now she was wrapping my stomach and as she did so, my arms were pinned to my back with layer after layer of cling film.  Each wrap was pulled tight and she slowly worked her way up my chest.  It was getting difficult to move or to lift myself up.  I was having to use my head to push down into the pillow to lift my chest for her.  As I did so, the pillow sealed my mouth and I couldn't breath again as I pressed into the pillow.  She reached my shoulders and wrapped them over and over in a criss-cross pattern sealing me in.  There was no escape.

I was helpless, and in heaven. I lay there, my prick pressing against the bed, my arms pulled tightly behind my back, hardly able to breathe, my face and head encased in tight plastic.  I wanted to hump the bed to get release.  The cling film was pulling the end of my prick and I wanted to cum.

She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me over onto my back.

My shoulders started to hurt like hell, and my weight pressed down on my arms cutting off the blood supply giving me pins and needles.  She sat astride my face.  Her sex inches from my nose.  I wanted to bury my face in her but she held my head down with her hands.  I was breathing on her pussy.  I wanted to taste the pussy but I was not prepared for what she did next.  Through the layers of cling film, I could not make out that she was as wet as hell.  Suddenly she squat down heavily over my mouth, rubbing herself on my nose, mouth and chin.  Her legs gripped the sides of my head in a vice like grip.  She sealed off my only air supply.  Initially, this was very erotic and my prick began to press against the tight cling film wrapped around my groin, but then I began to run out of air.  I was suffocating!

She was clearly on the verge of an orgasm and she was not letting go of me.  I bucked and tried to twist out of her grip.  She was too strong.  All her weight was pressing down on my head.  I tried lifting myself up to throw her off but with my arms pinned so tightly behind me, I couldn't.  I tried throwing my legs to one side.  My chest was burning.  I was desperate for air!

Suddenly, she cried out, and stopped, gripping my head tighter than ever as wave after wave of orgasm tore through her.  I was getting light headed.  My struggles were getting feeble. She collapsed off me and I took a deep breath of sweet, life giving air.  She rolled to one side of me and grabbed at my prick and balls. 

"God that was soooooo good" she said beginning to stroke me.  I felt myself start to heave and jump as electric shocks sent waves of pleasure through me.  " I think you like that" she purred. "Are you going to come for me"?

At that I began to come like never before.  Still encased in cling film I shot my seed inside of my plastic prison.  I lay there, In ecstasy and fell into a deep sleep.

A long time later I awoke, drenched in sweat, still sealed in my cocoon with my darling wife cuddled up to me at my side.  My arms were dead but I was in heaven. What could be better.



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