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A Mother and Her Daughters

by Papa Palpatine

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© Copyright 2020 - Papa Palpatine - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; mum; bandages; entomb; sarcophagus; insert; enema; nc; XX

Ten palace guards escorted the five women through the palace courtyard, two guards flanking each. A voluptuous mother and her four nubile daughters, each was a perfect specimen of classic Egyptian beauty, with long-flowing, raven hair, well tanned skin, and pomegranate lips. They were dressed in gauzy, white gowns that showed off their figures and wore sandals on their feet. It was a bright day with the sun high in the noon sky, but these women had grim expressions on their faces and hung their heads low. Their arms were bound behind their backs in golden shackles, and golden leg irons on their ankles prevented them from taking a full stride or running.

The guards led them through the massive, golden double doors to the throne room, bringing them before the Pharaoh, who sat on his black marble throne with an evil smirk on his face. As the women were paraded before him, his eyes shined the way all predators' do when they have their prey right where they want them. He raised an eyebrow and addressed the mother, "I assume you know why you've been brought to me today?"

"You murdered my husband..." She spat her words at him.

"No, my dove." The Pharaoh replied condescendingly. "Your husband, a man I regarded as a brother before he betrayed me, was fool enough to challenge me to a duel for the throne. When he lost that duel, not only did he lose his life, but he forfeited you and your girls to me."

"What are you planning to do with us?" The mother asked, foreboding the answer.

The Pharaoh rested his elbows on the arms of his throne and folded his hands. "I'm a fair man, so I'll offer you a choice: you can agree to serve me as the newest concubines in my harem, or-"

"Or what? It doesn't matter what you threaten to do to us, we will NEVER willingly serve a man as despicable as you... and if the gods are just, they will curse you for what you've done."

"Very well then." The Pharaoh frowned. He snapped his fingers and a priest in a hooded robe emerged from the shadows behind the pillars to the right of the throne. He turned to the priest and said, "You and the guards are to take them below, but defer their preparations until I'm there to observe."

The priest bowed. "As you command, Oh Great One."

The guards seized the women by their upper arms and led them away behind the priest, who disclosed a key from inside the sleeve of his robe as they came to a set of wooden double doors to the left of the Pharaoh's throne.

The mother and her daughters found themselves in a torch-lit tunnel that sloped downward and spiraled deep into the Earth. At the bottom was an octagonal stone room. In the center of the room was a stone slab with stout metal cuffs at each of the four corners. To the right of the slab was a shallow pool of warm water that smelled strongly of hyssop. At the back of the room was a wooden cabinet and the start of a second tunnel. Stacked on the floor between the slab and the cabinet were five stretchers. Four hooded priests were already in the room, chanting prayers to the gods. One by one the guards unshackled the women and chained them to the wall just to the right of the entrance. Each was then gagged so none could protest.

The Pharaoh entered the room, smiled and said, "Very well then, we'll begin with the youngest. Leave the mother for last."

The guards unchained the youngest girl, who had only recently reached her eighteenth year, and dragged her to the pool of water. She fought them every step, but the two large, muscular men were just too strong for her to break free from. After they unceremoniously removed her gown and sandals, they put her into the pool as the priests began scrubbing her with sponges. Producing bulb syringes, they then administered the cleansing water as an enema and a douche. After they toweled her off, the guards placed her on the slab and locked her down spread eagle.

The priests unlocked and opened the cabinet, revealing shelves stocked with thick rolls of bandages. Two priests grabbed two rolls each and approached the slab. As the guards unlocked her right leg, the girl began kicking wildly, but they quickly grabbed her leg and held it straight. The priest went to work, wrapping her foot and working his way up to her thigh and back down, tucking the end of the bandage in at the ankle. They locked her right leg back down and then unlocked her left leg. Once it was finished and locked back down, the guards unlocked her right arm and held it straight for the second priest to begin wrapping as the first returned to the cabinet for more bandages. With the right arm done and locked down, they unlocked the left arm and the priest went to work on it. Once the left arm was finished and locked back down, the guards took a break while the second priest went back to the cabinet as well.

The priests returned with more rolls of bandages. The first priest wrapped his bandages around her waist worked his way up her stomach, over her perky little breasts, and finished by wrapping her shoulders. As he returned to the cabinet, the second priest wrapped his bandages around her neck and, after putting her hair up in a bun, wrapped most of her head; leaving her eyes uncovered. Other than her eyes, only her vagina and anus remained uncovered; and when she realized why, her eyes widened and she renewed her fierce if ultimately vain struggling.

In addition to another roll of bandages, the priest returned with an alabaster jar fitting in the hand, and two phallic-shaped objects made of gold. One of them was roughly ten inches long and two inches in diameter, while the second was slightly shorter and more bulbous at eight inches long and two and a half inches in diameter. The priest placed the phalluses and the jar on the slab between her feet. He removed the lid from the jar, which contained a viscous liquid that smelled of hyssop the same as the water of the cleansing pool. With his fingers, the priest first lubricated the girl's orifices and then the two phalluses. He then took the first phallus and inserted it anally. He then picked up the second phallus. The girl grimaced and yelped through her gag as it was inserted vaginally. The priest then wove bandages through her crotch, seal the phalluses in their respective orifices before the girl could muster the strength to force them out.

The priests went back to the cabinet and returned with more bandages. The guards unlocked both of the girl's legs and firmly took hold of them. As her ankles were forced together, the girl wince from the two phalluses inside her. The priests wrapped her ankles and feet and worked their way up her calves, thighs, stomach, and chest; stopping just under her armpits. Her legs were sealed tightly together, there was no way for her to get off the slab under her own power. As the guards unlocked her arms, the girl closed her eyes and resigned to her fate. They crossed her arms over her chest and the priests secured them in place with bandages.

The priests went back to the cabinet and returned with more bandages and four gold and jewel charms. The priests proceeded to wrap the girl in another layer of bandages. They tucked the first charm, the symbol of the goddess Isis, into the bandages over her pubic mound. They finished that layer and started the next. The second charm, an ankh, they placed over her stomach and wrapped it into place. They started the next layer. They put the third charm, a scarab, between her breasts and wrapped it in place. They then started another layer. They placed the final charm, an Eye of Ra, on her forehead and wrapped over it. The last layer was finished with the girl's eyes still uncovered. Two guards picked up her mummified form by the ankles and shoulders, placed her on the first stretcher, and strapped her securely in place. They picked up her stretcher and put it on the floor next to the stack.

The second youngest girl went to her fate in tears, but offered no meaningful resistance. Her preparations proceeded the same as her sister before her, but were completed quicker as she didn't struggle. She was strapped to a stretcher and put on the floor next to her sister. The second oldest gave the Pharaoh a dirty look, but didn't resist. She was cleansed, wrapped, placed on a stretcher, and soon joined the other two girls on the floor. Only the oldest girl and the mother remained. As the guards came for her eldest daughter, the mother tried to turn her eyes away; but another guard grabbed her head and forced her to watch as she was cleansed, wrapped, strapped to a stretcher, and put on the floor.

The Pharaoh and two guards approached the mother. He removed her gag and asked, "Any last words before we begin your preparations?"

"Please," She pleaded tearfully. "Please just let my daughters go. You can do with me whatever you want, let them go free."

"Sorry my dove," The Pharaoh replied. "It's too late for that now. You should've taken the very generous offer I made you at the beginning of all this."

"You're an evil bast-"

"That'll be quite enough out of you." The Pharaoh replaced her gag.

The guards unchained the mother from the wall and took her to the cleansing pool. After they removed her gown and sandals, the priests bathed her in the hyssop-scented water and administered it as enema and douche. After they toweled her off, the guards placed her on the slab and locked her down.

The mother silently prayed to the gods to rescue her and her girls somehow, despite knowing they were unlikely to answer.

The priests wrapped both of her legs and arms, wrapped her torso from the waist to the shoulders, and after putting her hair up wrapped her neck and head; leaving her eyes uncovered. The priests went back to the cabinet.

She dreaded what was to come next, but there was nothing she could do to prevent it, only brace for it.

As the priests came back with more bandages, the two phalluses, and a jar of lubricant, the Pharaoh stopped them by putting up a hand. He then said, "I wish to do this part of her preparations personally."

"As you command, Oh Great One." The priest carrying the phalluses and the lubricant handed them over and bowed. The Pharaoh and the other priest approached the slab. The mother's eyes widened.

What is he doing? She thought, knowing she probably wouldn't like the answer.

The Pharaoh opened the jar of lubricant and dipped his index and middle finger in it. He lubricated her vagina and anus. He dipped his fingers back in the jar and then did something that sent a shock throughout her being. He stuck his fingers deep into her and probed for her G-spot, and then rubbed her clitoris on the way out. Her face reddened and she cried hot tears as the orgasm built up inside her against her will, and then she came. She groaned angrily through her gag, wishing she could make him pay for that; but she knew she was helpless to do anything. Satisfied with her humiliation, he lubricated the phalluses; inserting the longer of the two anally and the more bulbous one vaginally. The priest then wove bandages through her crotch, perfectly covering and sealing her orifices. The priests wrapped her legs together and then wrapped her arms crossed over her chest. They then added more layers of bandages along with the four charms. When they were done, the guards lifted her off the slab, placed her on the last stretcher, and strapped her down securely.

The Pharaoh approached her stretcher and bent down to look her in the eyes with a smug smile. "Your ordeal is far from over, my dove. We're now going to take you to your final resting place."

He motioned to the guards, who paired off and took up the stretchers like biers. They along with the priests followed the Pharaoh down the second tunnel.

The mother noticed that the wooden supports of the tunnel were connected by stout ropes, the slack of which was in two coils on the floor back in the preparatory chamber. Staring at the ceiling of the tunnel, she soon lost count of how many support structures they passed. She was even drawing a blank for what time of day it might be up on the surface. Wherever they were going she imagined it was far off into the desert, outside the palace and even the city walls.

The Pharaoh, the guards, the priests, and their captives passed through a room with shelves stocked with countless rolls of white cloth bandages. In the center of the room, they passed a white marble pedestal that held rolls of bandages made of a metallic golden silk material. They then came to a far larger, rectangular chamber, lit by torches and containing hundreds of empty sarcophagi in several rows with their lids leaning against their sides. Five of the sarcophagi each had a wooden death mask sitting at the foot. The guards put the stretchers on the floor near the five sarcophagi. They first unstrapped the youngest daughter and sat her up. The priests wrapped more bandages around her head, covering her eyes this time, and then they put on her death mask. The guards then picked her up and placed her in her sarcophagus, sliding the lid into place with a THUMP! One by one, they did the same with the other girls and finally the mother. Her mask was a tight fit over her head as all went black. The priests chanted, activating the four charms and lapsing the five women into never-ending slumber.

On their way back out through the storeroom full of bandages, the priests chanted again and the wall magically closed up behind them once they were back in the tunnel. When they were back in the octagonal preparation chamber, the Pharaoh motioned for the guards to take up the ropes. They pulled hard, pulling down the wooden supports of the tunnel. With a rumbling the tunnel caved in and sealed itself off. They returned to the palace topside.

That night in his bed chamber, the Pharaoh sat a golden box on the nightstand next to his bed. Opening it, he disclosed another golden phallus; this one larger and hollow with a padding material lining the inside. Using a jar of lubricant that was in the box with it, he liberally lubricated the interior and slid it onto his already erect manhood. he laid down on his bed, closed his eyes, and recited the incantation the priests taught him. The padding inside tightened pleasantly around his penis and he began to thrust with all his might. He smiled, enjoying the sensation.

Far away, underground, the other ten golden phalluses came to life and began to throb and vibrate inside the orifices they were sealed in...


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