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by Ukeseme

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© Copyright 2006 - Ukeseme - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; machine; tape; wrap; crate; encased; shipped; reluct/cons; X

"What is this thing?" Camille asked standing in front of a conveyer belt, about 8 feet long with an odd hoop on the end.

"Just relax and lay down."

Reluctantly Camille lays down on the conveyor belt, and is a bit surprised when I pull a strap over her calves and over her waist and wrists. She whimpers nervously. I shift the belt forward so her toe is through the hoop.

"What's happening?" she asks.

"It's okay my little cherished one." I say calmly.

I pull a strip of tape out of the bottom of the hoop and attach it to her toe. She wiggles it curiously. A carriage with the tape begins to make revolutions around the hoop as the belt moves slowly. Four revolutions for each inch that the belt moves.

"What's happening?" she asks a bit panicked, struggling.

"You know I'm moving, right?" I ask, watching the machine work.

"Yes..." she says unsurely.

"Well, I want to make sure all of my cherished things are packed well."

"Packed?" she says inquisitively

"Yes." I say as she whimpers a bit realizing her fate.

I remove the strap on her leg as it approaches the hoop. She struggles a bit but the tape holds her.

"Packing me?" she asks, a bit incredulously.

"Yes, my little demoness." I state.

She whimpers as I stroke her head to comfort her.

"It will be okay. There will be more than just the tape."

She looks up at me scared.

"You'll be safe, and I am sure you will arrive unharmed." I add.

"Sending me and not taking me yourself?" she inquires.

"Oh, I'll be driving the truck." I say to her as I slide a cart to catch her body as it feeds through the hoop.

She squirms trying to move her legs, the tape holds firm, even as it captures her wiggling hands. As it wraps them up I release the other strap.

"A-and you're gonna put me in the back?" she asks, again unsure of her circumstances.

"Yes, my dear."

She continues to struggle as the tape works up her chest. I place a neck brace around her neck to protect it. She watches the ceiling because of it.

"That will keep you from getting hurt." I say trying to comfort her.

She looks at the taping machine and cries out my name as I put a rubber hood over her head to keep her hair from getting caught in the tape.

"Open wide for me." I command.

She gulps and shakes her head, biting her lip as the tape works up her mouth.

"If you want to breathe, I would suggest you open up." I explain.

She whimpers and opens her mouth. I shove a mouthpiece in with a tube that sticks up out of it. The tape catches up and the tube pokes a hole in the tape as it passes over it.

"Aren't you glad you opened up?" I ask.

She whimpers and tries to nod. Instead giving a muffled "mmm-hmmm" as she looks up at me desperately just before the tape covers her eyes, following the rest of the head. I turn off the machine and cut the tape. I give her a kiss on the tube. I hear her panting as she continues to squirm. I use the cart to put her next to a metal capsule with a rubber lining. Carefully I lift her into it. I give her a hug before closing the lid. She whines and mumbles a bit as I close it. After I close the lid I inflate the rubber lining to hold her tightly. I carefully use a winch to raise the tube and lower it into a carefully made crate. As I begin to hammer the lid of the crate closed I hear her scream into the tube.

"I'll be sure to make sure I open you as soon as I can on Tuesday." I say reassuring her, she screams into the tube, obviously not reassured.


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