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Mummification Scene

by Lady Sun

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© Copyright 2001 - Lady Sun - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mum; saran; ducttape; cons; X

First written September 10, 2000. A scene within a relationship prior to my beloved butterfly. This is still one of my favourite activities. Works up a sweat for top and bottom!

Tools/Materials used: 

     A small roll to use for the head wrapping. 
     A huge roll of saran wrap from a hardware superstore.
     Red duct tape. 
     Paramedic scissors purchased at a health supply store. 
     Two tennis balls. (These balls are too big, smaller tension balls where the fingers cover would probably be better or 
     nothing at all) 
     A fruit juice bottle. (In hindsight, should use sport bottle with straw) 

The Wrap

Since this was the first time I did a full mummification scene we had more of a fun sort of time while wrapping him. I figured it would probably take me about 30 minutes to wrap him, and that's exactly how long it took. I started off with wrapping his chest. I placed two cotton balls over his sweet nipples and I told him to take a deep breath so that he would have room to breathe, as the wrap would be very tight. After I finished with his chest, I wrapped his arms - starting from just under the level of his underarm. I wrapped all the way down until I got to the middle of his hand (fingers left uncovered). I then gave him the tennis balls so that he could squeeze them to keep the flow of blood going. I then proceeded to wrap the shoulders in a cross like fashion from front to back. It took a bit to get it on the proper angle of wrapping but I got it after a couple of turns over his shoulders and under his arms back over to the other shoulder. It was time to start wrapping his arms to his chest. 

It was coming all-together and he looked like one sexy package. All snug and warm in the cocoon. I wrapped down to the bottom of his hips and then decided to duct tape part of his chest. I proceeded to use three strips of tape. I liked the contrast of white plastic (saran wrap) and red shiny tape. I made one horizontal tape above and below his nipples and one at below elbow level. 

The excitement started to happen when I realized he was all mine to do with as I pleased. He was restricted, compressed and deliciously in captivity. Oh la la.. Well what is a Girl to do is this situation? :) Bring out the whip and erotic torture devices. He he. So I slapped his bottom a few times, got out a stingy whip and used a feather at his lips. I loved the sound of the whip and hand upon impact. It made a load cracking sound. He said that the sting lasted longer than it normally would. hmmm. 

Now for his head. I wrapped around completely exposing his nose and mouth and made it very, very loose around the neck. Up until this point he was standing. I then began to wrap his legs from top of thigh to ankle. The difficult part came. Wrapping his legs and remaining butt and c&b. In one swoop I laid him flat onto the bed with his bottom and feet hanging off the side of the bed. With his assistance (legs lifted uncomfortably) I wrapped the rest of his luscious body, and when I was finished I pushed his legs and body with slippery ease completely onto the bed. I stroked his body in long full swoops. 

Admiring my package I decided to expose those lovely nipples. Over the cotton balls I gently picked through the saran wrap with the paramedic scissors. I pulled out the cotton balls and the bulged nipples looked like teeny little breasts because of the tightness of the plastic. I played a bit with those babies and then it was time to free the hard pressed cock and balls. It was fun to see the cock inch it's way up the plastic as it grew. Since the cock is raised there was some space between the cock and skin of the hips. I gently poked & picked through the plastic with the scissors. The finale was putting a blindfold on so that he could go into a trance. I made enough of a hole for the cock and balls and pulled them through. My wrapping was then complete~! During the wrapping part I had him drink from the bottle twice. 

The torture and tease

I tickled his feet and watched him squirm around in anguish. He he! I used ice over his cock (while the plastic was on). What a shocker...he he I used ice over his nipples and lips (careful that the ice doesn't fall into their mouth - best to tell them to keep their lips closed). I used the feathers to create that tickle feeling that takes awhile to leave... I kissed him and poked him I used cock and ball bondage with a leather shoelace and decided to hop onto the face train. he he 


At one point he got that dry cotton ball feeling in his mouth. Just all of a sudden! He choked a bit when I gave him some water from the fruit juice bottle. Best to use sport bottle with straw. We didn't have one, we improvised (sp) and this is what happened. The tennis balls were pressing into his thighs. They were too big. Best not to use anything or use small tension balls or balloons of sand or something like that. After about an hour and half of being wrapped his cock went limp for about 10 minutes and he said that he was getting hot. Luckily I have my handy paramedic scissors and I just cut him out really quickly. We didn't have a silent alarm. After the whole thing was completed I realized that if I passed out while he was in there, he wouldn't have been able to get out easily. He said he would have gotten out eventually as long as he kept his wits about him. 
Still, I won't do it again without the alarm in place. 

The Unwrap

I had the towels and blanket nearby. I started from the ankles up and slowly and carefully slid the scissors up the open space between the legs. Then I worked up to the chest. He was very wet. I left the arm and leg wrappings on until I opened him up like a hot potato. I then put towels over areas that I wasn't working on. He was very cold but had a strong feeling to get up and out of everything. He rose up before I got everything off so I just firmly pushed him back down and told him to wait. :) He wasn't panicked or anything, he was just constricted for more time than he normally is and in a way he had never tried before. Once I got him out I dried him a bit but I didn't need to do that for more than a mere few seconds because it seems as if the water on his body just evaporated. He was very smooth and soft. I guess it was kind of like a mini sauna. The unwrap took about 5 minutes. 

The aftermath 

We were both pleasantly in bliss although I was exhausted and he was refreshed. He got something for me to drink (by the way I hydrated myself all the way through too - was a good workout) and covered *me* up with a nice cool sheet and we snuggled and cuddled. It was a wonderful bonding, intimate experience.


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