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Mummification Mistress

by BM

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© Copyright 2002 - BM - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mum; cons; X

He had started to read all kinds of mummification stories when he was younger in the military. He started to read club magazine stories, and the diaries of a male slave, that belonged to a wonderful mistress. He could not get these thoughts out of his mind, no matter how hard he tried to forget them, he could not. He started to look in local chat rooms, and many fetish singles but to no avail, until one day. He found what he thought was a wonder women, that could fulfil his dreams and many years of frustrated fantasies. They started to talk online and eventually they progresses to calling each other on the phone, he was getting what he needed and he thought she was getting what she wanted - him. 

They became closer than he had ever been with a women like her before. It was like the more he talked to her the more it scared him to submit to her, but it got to the point, where it was like he was being reeled into her web, the more he thought about her the more it excited him, and the more the thrill became real for him. He was thinking of her all the time day dreaming of her at work, and of all the things they had talked about and wanted of each other. He was getting more excited of the fact that they had talked about him becoming her pet, the last time they talked was wonderful, it gave him a hardon that was intense, after all he was going to leave his home, and become her pet, her slave, they had made a plan and it sounded wonderful to him, she even gave him the address where he was to go. 

Then the next night he tried to call her and she was gone. Gone forever he never knew what happened to her or what caused her to break up their relationship. So for a few years he was lost in his search for a new ‘women in charge’ he called her, until he found her. This time she was for real.  They talked several times a week and became friends, they talked more about things in real life then before, family friends, they were truly becoming good friends, as he would learn that was the best way to do things. She was hesitant at first to mummify him but she was willing to learn and slowly became more into the thrill of wrapping him than he had ever been. She started to read all kinds of books and watch all kinds of tapes, and movies on the subject. 

She started to reel him into to her web of domination, slowly but surely, they talked about it to make a plan for him to be helpless in her hands. They talked about it more and they learned more about each other as the days went by. She got to know him so well that is was like they were meant to be together. Until the day that they finally met and she wrapped him with all her love and care. She started to wrap his legs one at a time, and proceeded up to his chest where she wrapped his arms one at a time, until she got to his neck, then she had him sit down in a chair and started to rewrap his legs together so they were one and they could not move at all. Then she crossed over his arms, and started to wrap them across his body, she then showed him what he looked like in a mirror.

Then she proceeded to put ear plugs and eye patches on his head, so he could be totally isolated, and alone. She wrapped his head and left his cock exposed so she could play with it. He was totally thrilled and happy inside his wrappings and wondering what she was going to do to him next, he was in heaven. She was also in heaven wondering what she did to deserve such a nice guy that had such trust and faith in her that he submitted himself to her to play with knowing that once he was in her powers, he was helpless. This is what trust is all about, as his mind was wondering as she continued to wrap him tighter and tighter. As she was in heaven and wonder what a man he was to trust her to do this to him. As they both enjoyed this time together and were pondering what they would do next for their next adventure, in slave and mistress. 


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