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Mummification Peril

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; oral; collar; mum; tape; apartment; stuck; neighbor; nc; X

She gathers her items for her erotic evening in self mummification..lots of rolls of duct tape, the butterfly vibrator, a metal slave collar and her new sexy ballet boots. Susan is a successful, powerful lawyer and only 30 years old, her long red hair making her very noticeable. She is used to power, controlling people, making this is the reason why Susan likes to have fantasies about being a slave in a harem or just becoming a pet to a Master. These fantasies always include some sort of bondage and she has been privately practicing self bondage. Tonight will be her first time trying a self mummification and her pussy is getting moist just thinking about it.

Susan lives in a condo with a spectacular view of the city, although she has to share the common backyard area with her neighbor Becky. Becky is an older tough looking dyke, who has made many advances on Susan. Of course Susan just ignored these lewd advances. One time when Becky was drinking some beer in the common area, she told Susan how she would love to taste some rich lawyer pussy.

It was now time for Susan to play and get her self mummified. She came up with an interesting idea by placing about 20 rolls of duct tape through a long slender stick of about 6 feet, then placing the stick behind the strong legs of her couch. She could unroll the duct tapes about a few feet, lay down on the duct tape and roll her body until she got wrapped up in the duct tape. Once fully mummified she could still get her hands free and cut herself loose when she was ready. To excite herself during the mummification she puts on her strong butterfly vibrator that would automatically turn on and off during her fantasy.

Susan looks in the mirror as she places the metal slave collar and day dreams about a Man placing the collar on her, forcing her to become a sex slave. Next comes the sexy ballet boots, nearly impossible for her to walk in and that's why she chose to wear them. She does not want to be able to stand up, forcing herself to inchworm like a mummified damsel.

She is now about to lay down on the duct tape when she almost forgot about the safety scissors. She crawls into her bedroom since she can't walk in her ballet heels, grabs the scissors that are on her satin sheets when she gets another stimulating idea. That morning she accidentally got herself wrapped in her satin sheet and it turned her on. She grabs the satin sheet, places it on the floor and on the laid-out duct tape. She lays on the duct tape, begins rolling towards the couch and the satin sheet. She has to roll many many times until she uses up all the duct tape and places herself in mummification.

As Susan begins to roll around in her mummified state, she realizes her error. By using the satin sheet, her hands are no longer able to break free of the duct tape. Now she has no way of escape as her butterfly vibrator turns on and stimulates her pussy...she moans as she dreams of being a captured mummified woman about to meet her sexy strong masculine Master. The vibrator brings her to several orgasms But she wants the real deal...a real hard cock in her wet pussy.

After several hours of inch worming and struggling, she needs to come up with a plan since she is becoming thirsty and hungry. She used to have a dog and she had a doggy door installed. Her plan is to inchworm thru the doggy door and struggle her way into the common area. She knows Becky likes to smoke at a certain time and she will be able to ask Becky for help. She knows it's not the best idea since Becky has been lusting after her. She slowly inchworms on her belly towards the doggy door.

Becky is enjoying a smoke when she sees a strange silver creature coming out of the doggy door. She is enjoying the show and getting excited as she sees it’s Susan mummified wearing some kind of sexy ultra high heels and a slave collar. Mummified Susan finally reaches the feet of Becky "Hi Becky...I kinda of in a jam and I could please use your help to get me unwrapped...please....I really need to drink some water." Becky grabs her phone and takes a few photos of the now embarrassed Susan all mummified.

Susan is horrified but then the vibrator turns on again "No! Not now....mmmmm...please Becky...mmmmm....I'm going to cum again.....I will do anything Becky....mmmmm." Becky easily picks up the mummified Susan and carries into her condo. She lays her on the kitchen floor next to some doggy bowls "Drink up Susan and there's some dog food in the other bowl." Susan can't believe that this is happening to her, but she is very thirsty and begins to lap at the water like a dog. She then moves to the dog food, takes a bite of the slimy chunky dog food...swallows it!

Becky grabs her phone and calls her friend "Remember that snotty hot lawyer that lives next to me? Look at the photo I sent you. She got herself somehow all mummified and get this... she is wearing a slave collar. The lawyer bitch is horny, she gots some kind of vibrator teasing her cunt. Oh yes.....she is going to lick my old cunt soon....she has no choice. I will tell you more later....bye."

Susan tries to plead with her neighbor "Please I don't like women....just let me go...I can pay you a lot of money if you just unwrap me." Becky sits on top of the mummified damsel, pulls her by the slave collar and kisses her "I don't need your snotty stuck up bitch....I'm going to make you mine! If you don't submit to me I will send those naughty photos of you mummified wearing a slave collar to your boss."

Susan now crying has no choice but to submit to this older dyke and become her lesbian lover. Becky picks up her mummified pet, takes her into the bedroom, and gets naked. Susan is disgusted by all of the rolls of fat on Becky's body as Becky's old cunt is now inches away from her mouth "Oh by the way I'm a huge will learn to love my cunt juices." All Susan can do is gulp as her virgin tongue tastes her first pussy ever!


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