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The Mummification of Subira

by Filador50 and Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2009 - Filador50 and Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; bond; wrap; bandages; mum; resin; encase; entomb; nc; XX

Note: This story was initially written by Filador50 as a sequal to his outstanding story, "The Sentence". In his own words, "There have been calls for a sequel to The Sentence-I had put some thought into a story, but could never seem to come up with a plot sufficient to meet my demanding standards. A story was partially composed and never finished." He forwarded thetext to me, which I have expanded upon and completed.


The condemned woman had the majority of the night to contemplate her fate.

The last rays of the setting sun had vanished hours ago… hours that had passed torturously slow, her prison cell itself seemingly being a tomb… it was silent, still, dark, and terribly confining. Frightening images of pain and suffering racked her brain and took her breath away, even though the process wasn't to begin for a few more hours at least.

Plenty of time to contemplate her fate.

Perhaps she would get a reprieve, a pardon. But even then, the thought was only a fantasy. Khenti, all powerful ruler of Egypt, had sentenced her to die. He was not known for being merciful, and not one person yet had escaped their fate when his word became final. But even then, Subira did not fear Khenti. Though not merciful, he was simply executing justice. Subira's crime had to be punished under the law, and he had enforced the law.

No, she feared Iabi and his followers more then the son of heaven. While the ruler of Egypt could condemn her to death… he was not the one who would do the actual work. That was Iabi's job, and he prided himself on, in his words, 'exacting justice.'

What could she expect from his methods?

The footsteps were faint at first, eventually loud enough to confirm that someone was approaching. The hour of her encasement appeared to be at hand, much, much sooner then she had feared.

Subira's heart pounded in her chest. She wasn't ready. Barely in her mid twenties, she wasn't ready for what was about to happen.

The door to the cell was opened wide. Several men quickly entered with objects. An unseen voice from the back of the group called out a command.

“Fasten her for transport”.

With that, men quickly seized the young woman by the wrists, tearing off her linen dress, leaving Subira naked in the cold night air before she was picked up. But she did not resist. The men were much larger then her, and stronger. They could, if they so chose to do so, could inflict great pain upon her. It was best to not give them a reason to do so.

A large wooden beam was placed behind Subira, small straps indicating where feet were intended to go.

Though she didn't want to go on the beam, Subira knew that there was no escaping it. But that did nothing to alleviate her fear, which caused her to struggle, to instinctively try and wiggle away as she was picked up and forced onto the beam. Her arms were quickly pulled behind her, and rope tied aggressively around each wrist and then tightly together, forcing her breasts outward. The rough treatment made her give a small squeal, terrified. Never once in her life had she expereinced treatment like this. She had never been a prisoner before, under the complete control of someone else.

It was a terrifying experience.

More rope went around her body, drawing it tightly to the beam, forcing her into total immobility, the rope tight enough to compress flesh to the point where any struggle brought sharp pain.

Then a face came in front of her, one that Subira knew all too well... it was a face that had frightened her since youth, and that power had not abaded.

Iabi walked in front of the grotesquely-restrained woman, looking her young, supple form over from head to toe. “Now that I have your captive attention," he said, momentarily giggling at his own joke. "I do so very wish to reveal to you some of what you shall experience. Soon enough you shall learn all... but not just yet”. With that, he jerked his head aside with a subtle sneer.

This signal compelled the assistants to action. Movement around baskets compelled Subira to turn her gaze. Assistants stood behind her, grabbing at her head, shoulders and neck. One grabbed her nose and mouth, effectively shutting off her air. Suddenly panicking, she struggled, trying vainly to draw in air to prolong her consciousness, anticipating the end when suddenly, the hand over her mouth was released. Reflexively, Subira opened her mouth widely to allow massive quantities of air into her lungs.

A second set of hands sudden grabbed her jaw and held it open, while a third began packing wads of linen into her opened mouth, between gums, under and above the tongue, against teeth, until her cheeks were bulging. Trying to hold back the feeling of suffocation, Subira hissed out her nose, drawing air into her bulging mouth, trying with all her might not to panic. It wasn't easy.

After three minutes of stuffing, her mouth was forced shut with strong hands, the pinch removed from her nose, and hands pressed tightly against her mouth and lips. For the longest time… Subira didn't know exactly how long… her jaw was forced shut and held tightly together… affording her an opportunity to view the linen shroud being unfolded at her feet on the jail cell floor.

After what felt like forever, the menacing hands released her face and head. She tried to open her mouth to take a deep breath, but her mouth refused. A few moments of frantic pulling, and Subira became horribly aware that her teeth were firmly stuck together, with her tongue trapped inside the linen inside her mouth that had since grown rigid. She tried to open her mouth, and was greeted with pain in her teeth and pulling on her gums and lips.

Her mouth was glued shut!

A faint, nearly imperceptible smile appeared from Iabi’s gaze.

“You have become acquainted with the power and the magic of our mummification methods. Never again you speak gentle words to your forbidden lover, or to anyone else. Speech is only the first power to be taken away from you. The rest shall, for the present, become known to you only by sight”.

Subira barely heard him, nearly overwhelmed at what had just happened. In all her years, she had never, ever heard of this happening to anyone else. She couldn't speak! She couldn't speak!

Small packets of resin-impregnated linen were suddenly packed into Subira's ears, effectively silencing all outside noise, leaving her in a world of near total silence.

The process was happening so quicky that Subira could barely follow what was happening, leaving her only time to fear what was to come... first her speech, and now her hearing. What would come next?

The bar was lowered horizontal with the woman firmly attached, and the shroud wrapped tightly around the bound woman until no parts of her body were visible. Rope was coiled around her restrained body, if only to ensure that no part of the shroud could work free. Subira frantically breathed through the tight, form-fitting shroud, squirming slightly in her bonds for even a moment of relief.

With that, the bound woman was lifted onto the shoulders of the assistants, removed from the cell, never to return, and stealthily carried out of the palace under cover of night.


The embalming chamber was a tomb unto itself in the pre-dawn hours. Activity routinely stopped with the setting sun, and workers departed, to be replaced by sentries who ensured grave robbers were denied an early opportunity.

The pre-dawn quiet was startled by the appearance of Iabi’s band, who quickly asserted their authority and emptied the chamber of all living occupants. Once the chamber was secured, their bound victim was ceremoniously paraded into the center of the area and secured horizontally to waiting frame. A buzz of activity came alive throughout the chamber, as torches were lit for illumination. Men moved swiftly in all directions. Subira sensed the movement, but could only speculate as to its meaning. Her body had grown numb from the restraint.

Out of her gaze, men commenced taking measurements of her restrained body. The length from soles of the foot to crown of the head, from ear-to ear, at the width of the shoulders and from shoulder blades to top of the chest. The measurements recorded, the men went off to an antechamber to complete the rest of their mission.

A second team of assistants, under the supervision of Iabi, began to prepare the mummification altar for receipt of the body of Subira.

A latticework of leather straps was checked for integrity and strength. It was apparent that the woman was to lie on and in this web to facilitate the wrapping of her body. As torches flickered, illuminating the room in fits and sputters, piles of rolled bandages appeared around the circumference of the altar. The piles had grown high enough to suggest a type of perimeter around the altar, as if it had become a sacred, perverted grotto. Though it was impossible to determine with accuracy, it appeared that there were in excess of one thousand individual rolls. Menacingly, curved knives in beaten metal pans were brought up to the altar as the specter of Iabi appeared once again in the torchlight.

Silently, as if on cue, the bound woman was raised to a standing position. The rope was methodically untied from around the shroud, which remained snugly in place despite the absence of ropes. With a nod of the head, the assistants removed the shroud to reveal the hopelessly bound condemned.

Subira squinted, as if by shutting her eyes, she could avoid the reality of her sentence. As fear gave way to the unknown, she opened her eyes to the sight before her. Reflexively, her nose flared, her face flushed, and she drew deep breaths through her nose in an effort to avoid passing out.

An audible groan emanated from her sealed mouth, followed by violent squirming as knives were drawn and brought close to her limbs. Yet, they were not for slicing open her flesh. Though she could not hear, she saw one of the assistants draw the blade close to her skin. Assistants stared intently as body hairs were neatly and cleanly shaved off, revealing smooth, bare skin. Subira shivered from a total, spontaneous release of tension, her body growing limp in its restraints.

The men quickly rubbed her exposed skin in oil. It stung slightly, and had a slight eucalyptus-smell. Blades flashed as her limbs were painstakingly shorn smooth. The inevitable shaving of her crotch brought about a stinging sensation, as she sadly, heart-renderingly thought of the one who had last merged with her, not less then two days prior. Even now, near the end of her life, she could not help but think back to the experience, the warmth and tender caresses that she had experienced, the passion that had slowly taken over, until nothing else mattered. Even though it had been a forbidden passion, she hadn’t cared. She had been happy, and for a few hours at least, she had known what true love was like. Even now, she still longed for the experience, wishing she could relive it again.

How strange it was, that the happiest day of her life would be followed so soon by it’s end.

Subira’s self-pity came to an abrupt end as her hair was roughly gathered together from behind and methodically hacked towards her skull. She felt her head being pulled backwards repeatedly with each swipe of the blade, and soon enough, she felt cool air pass over her scalp for the first time in her life.

Even without any clothes, she had never felt more naked, alone, and exposed in her life.

The blades continued, scraping now, down to bare skin leaving nothing remaining, not even the tiniest stubble of hair, leaving her looking like an infant.

It was horrible to behold, but despite the hideousness of her appearance, Subira grimly knew that it would soon be irrelevant.

Lost in thought, she did not resist as her limbs were individually released and shaved completely. The stinging sensation brought feeling back into her body, along with the limited freedom of movement release allowed. As limbs were completed, they were again washed in a different liquid that stung as the first, but seemed to leave a clean, oil-free sensation on her skin. Ropes were tied at ankles and wrists as individual limbs were completed, restraining her bit by bit. The process of the shaving seemed to calm Subira somewhat… the buzzing in her stomach that had been gnawing at her for hours began to ease. If the restraints had been taken away, it would have felt like she was getting one of her frequent massages in the palace’s finest beauty parlors. It was ironic then, that she felt her relaxation as a form of surrender to her impending encasement.

Whatever comfort that brought her was rudely interrupted by activity in the adjoining chamber.

Teams of men were hacking wildly at an object. Subira quickly determined it could not be anything living, as even with her ears plugged up, she could hear no screams. After a half hour, the activity ceased, the team regrouping into formation and slowly filing into the chamber.

Their cargo again released the buzzing in the condemned woman’s stomach.

The cruelty of Iabi became apparent, as he directed the team to parade the hacked-up wooden coffin directly in front of Subira, making sure for it to be open. She saw it was perfectly form fitting, clearly intended to hold her mummy. The destruction and disgrace to the outside showed the contempt she was to be held in for eternity. The lid was then carefully placed over the lower half, and slowly forced snug with the beating of fists. The two halves mated with a final woosh of expanding air, revealing how tight it was.

She was going to spend the rest of eternity inside that coffin, forever disgraced. But that was not the worst part... with no identifying marks, her soul would never find rest in the after life. It appeared that not only was she going to be punished in life, but forever in death as well.

As the coffin was relocated to a standing position directly facing Subira, she glanced around the room with frightened eyes. There were many mummies in various stages of preparation, displayed as if to afford examples of the fate that awaited her. Subira had been a mourner at many funerals, and was familiar enough with the process of mummification. She saw unwrapped, shriveled bodies, bodies partially-bandaged, and fully-wrapped mummies. There was one mummy in particular, standing near the table, where the body's features had been obliterated as the layers had built up.

She became horribly aware that her body would soon enough have the same appearance.

As the images ran through her head, the assistants lowered her horizontally, adjacent to the altar, and seamlessly picked up her body and positioned it on the leather strap web. In under a minute, she was once again restrained with rope at ankles, wrists and upper chest just above her breasts. This time, she was restrained at a spread-eagled position. The menacing face of Iabi once again came into her view.

“I know that you can hear me speak, though my voice to you is quite muffled. Soon enough you shall be sealed into total rigidity and silence for all eternity, as has been commanded. You shall not escape, of that I am certain. While it might be possible for you to be removed from your wrappings, such could not be done without doing great violence to your body. So, we shall not contemplate such. Oh, struggle all you want… enjoy it while you can. I know I shall enjoy thoroughly the process of transforming your young, attractive nubile, body into that of a rigid, tightly wrapped living mummy.”

Subira’s eyes went wide. Living?!

“Yes, a LIVING mummy, for you shall probably survive your initial encasement. Pharoah HAS commanded it so. You shall have ample quiet time to yourself to contemplate the consequences of your unholy indiscretion. We do so hope that you will enjoy your mummification as we shall.”

With that, Iabi withdrew, clapped his hands twice, and withdrew to a darkened corner of the room. The poor woman struggled violently at the mummification altar.

A swarm of embalmers descended upon the condemned woman, a ritual of activity that would play out for hours through the advancing dawn had begun.

The cuff restraining Subira’s right ankle was released, as hands grabbed and restrained the limb. The woman kicked as best she could, shaking the mummifiers, but they refused to release her. Strips of one inch linen, each approximately one foot long, were methodically bandaged around each toe. Subira felt the increased pressure between her toes as the increasing layers caused them to be splayed apart. The bandage seemed sticky, and it was with this realization that Subira saw the bandages being coated in an amber like liquid as they were being wrapped around her body. That realization caused her to attempt to move her mouth, which had long since been sealed shut by solidified resin. It was now apparent that her entire body was to be so encased… and the meaning of Iabi’s words about the futility of escape became evident.

The bandaging continued for several hours. Strips of resin-coated linen were tightly wrapped from her toes, tightly around the insole and ankle, up past the calf, knee and upper thigh. The bandaging stopped only when the wrappings reached the woman’s crotch. Layer after layer was wrapped, each layer being rubbed into the next by waiting hands. Subira felt increasing weight and rigidity as the layers built up. She could lift her head slightly as she saw the contours of her knee at first outlined, then slowly obliterated as the layers built up. As she would attempt to flex her arms, the muscles would only ache painfully until she stopped. The process was repeated simultaneously at her left arm, then left toes, foot and leg, and lastly, the right arm. Within six hours, she had been bandaged at each limb, toes-to-crotch and fingers-to-armpit. Her arms were wrapped straight, with each finger bandaged as her toes. The entire hand was then wrapped until a bulbous mass of resin-impregnated bandages appeared at the end of her arms. She was able to flex somewhat, but her movement was very restricted.

As the wrapping of her limbs concluded, the team of embalmers withdrew and was replaced by an even numbered group. Subira dreaded the hands of her captors around her most private parts, and anticipated rough treatment at their hands.

Bandaging began again at mid-chest with resin-impregnated bandages being wrapped directly against her smooth skin. The bandaging progressed down to her hips and over her butt cheeks, tightly compressing them, then down her bandaged legs to the knees, then resumed back up again towards her breasts. Subira groaned as she felt rolls of bandages being wrapped in a figure eight pattern around her breasts, under her armpits, and tops of her shoulders. The effect was initially to enhance her figure, but as the layers built up, gradually more of the bandage was wrapped to cover her breasts completely, tightly compacting them into small mounds.

Subira breathed deeply, felt the compression of the bandages over her chest. She began to struggle again, flexing at waist, shoulder, and knees. The bandaging continued despite her desperate movements. The woman now felt even, tight compression from the tips of her toes to base of her neck. She was able to see her form, blunted by the layers of bandage, the weave of the linen soaked up in resin. The sight compelled her to audibly groan again, repulsed at the sight. She laid back in defeat, squeezing her eyes, hissing through her nose.

Images of being a fully wrapped mummy in her coffin began to play over-and-over in Subira's mind. She wondered how long it would take to suffocate, and whether it would be painful. She began to focus on trying to meditate to relax, to control her breathing, to fight panic. She shifted slightly in her bonds and felt increasing resistance pulling against her skin. As she opened her eyes, she saw that the wrapped bandages were compressing the layers less than before, and that she could not feel the outer bandaging layers. She hissed again as it became apparent that the resins were beginning to set. Movement was becoming increasingly difficult as the layers built up and the resins began to thicken into eventual rigidity.

The inevitable was coming. And no matter what she did, Subira could not escape it.

As this image played in her mind, she suddenly, without warning, felt a swift, simultaneous intrusion into the front and rear of her crotch. With her legs spread, there was nothing she could do to resist, other then to squeeze her eyes shut to avoid crying. Wads of resin-impregnated linen were packed tightly into her, entering her from front and rear. She could see the embalmers soaking the wads in resin and rubbed the liquid into the surrounding crotch area. In one final act of defiance, Subira began to squirm as violently as she could. Until now, she had not seriously resisted, fearing that the embalmers would only make her remaining time as painful as possible. But now, realizing that the end was in sight, she felt a surge of frightened strength, and it made her struggle, fighting with everything she had against her fate.

Ignoring her, every embalmer in the chamber surrounded the bandaged woman and forcibly pressed her legs into the traditional mummy position.Subira felt increased pressure in her crotch, both painful, yet pleasurable at the same time.And again, as before, it brought back thoughts of her forbidden lover.

Thoughts went through her mind, remembering how they had been together, how they had pressed up against one another, hot sweat slipping off the bed sheets, skin sliding against skin.

For the first time, pitiful, slight whimpering emerged from Subira's grotesquely gagged mouth.

The embalmers paid no heed. Bandaging began again from the tips of Subira's bandaged toes to her armpits. Layer after layer was built up, slowly transforming the figure of a wrapped female figure into that of a mummy. After perhaps two hours, the embalmers placed Subira’s bandaged arms at her sides. They had some difficulty in forcing the arms into position, as the resins had become quite thick. Bandaging began again at the toes, progressing upwards to the base of the neck. The woman rocked from side-to-side as the process continued, slightly flexing at the waist and knees

As the embalmers raised Subira up to complete wrapping, her body began to sag less and less, and, after a time, began to move as a solid unit. Movement from inside the wrappings, while still noticeable, became less and less. Subira now felt total, even and rigid pressure from her toes to the base of her neck.

Several hours after the process had begun; the condemned woman's head was firmly restrained by a powerful set of hands. She attempted to rock back and forth and lift her head to avoid the inevitable, but was no longer able to generate muchresistance. Her bandaging ensured that.

The first roll of resin-soaked bandage was wrapped from under her chin, over her ears, trapping and squeezing them flat, and over the crown of her head. The process repeated, each wrap covering more exposed skin. The wet bandages were molded and rubbed into the contours of the woman’s ears, jaw and skull. Her world grew progressively quieter as layers were built up.

The inevitable bandaging of her face followed soon afterwards. Rolls began at the base of her neck, progressing upwards over her chin, fusing into the layers bandaged earlier. She saw the rolls passed over her mouth and lips, obliterating them forever. Pressure built up against her mouth and cheeks, as well as the hardened wads inside, as bandages were tightly wrapped over her mouth and neck. She was rocked back and forth as the bandaging continued, now utterly helpless to resist. As it progressed, she noticed her head began to move as one unit with the remainder of her hardening mummy form. She began to breathe rapidly in hissing fits through her nose.

Subira's eyes darted about in a low panic as her gaze saw rolls passed now over her nose, across her cheeks, and just above her eyebrows. Each pass of a roll narrowed her vision slightly. Hands rubbed the bandages together, into the folds of her head and skin, until the restrained mass formed a solid unit. A second set of hands continued with the bandaging, tracing the path of the first layers. Each pass of the roll increased the thickness and rigidity of the condemned woman’s mummified head and neck. Her eyes followed the rolls as they passed over and over, The edge of her eye opening disclosed the increasing thickness of the layers-and for the first time she realized the degree of thickness of her cocoon. As if to emphasize her circumstance, additional hands began rubbing the bandages as soon as they had been wrapped. She attempted to move her head from side-to-side, and met the restraint of the many hands who were determined to encase her into eternity.

She was weakening, understanding the futility of resistance, and the irreversibility of the process. As she tried to flex, she felt uncomfortable, almost painful pressure against her skin. With a final hiss, she stopped struggling.

It wasn't long before the fear overtook her, and forced her into unconciousness.


When Subira next opened her eyes, she saw that the torches lining the walls were extinguished. Sunlight was starting to filer into the chamber, fully illuminating it to Subira's eyes for the first time. Forgetting where she was, she instinctively went to roll to the side to sit up, but was met with total, inescapable rigidity. As she had lain unconscious on the table, the resin-soaked bandages had hardened completely. She could no longer generate enough movement in her wrappings to wiggle. There was no movement possible.

“Well, my dear, condemned one, you have finally awakened from your beauty sleep. And I do hope you enjoyed it."

As she couldn't move to look at him, Iabi leaned over Subira. He looked happy to see her.

"As you have noticed, while you slept, your wrappings had become rock-hard, encasing you in your cocoon forever." He said. "As you can see by my rapping on your wrappings, you have essentially hardened enough such that it is impossible for you to escape, and painfully impractical for me to attempt your release. I do hope you enjoyed your little surprise… such shall guarantee for all eternity that you shall never, ever be able to experience the carnal pleasures again, and it shall not be with another woman. After all, such a thing is condemned. Not even the daughter of the pharaoh can be excused from such a hideous crime."

Subira looked up at Iabi, a tear falling from her face.

"Indeed, your lover for all eternity shall be these rigid, inescapable bandages within which you find yourself so thoroughly encased. But do not be sad... even as you are sent to your grave, you will not go alone. Before we brought you here, we took great pains to find your lover. While you were waiting in your cell, we took her and subjected her to living mummification as well."

The tears were falling from Subira's face faster now, sliding down and collecting into little pools at the edge of the bandages and her skin.

"You are probably wondering where she is. Do not fear, she is very close by. In fact, she's been in front of you this entire time."

Subira suddenly realized what he was talking about... that one mummy, the one where it had been impossible to tell who was inside... that was her lover.


She was so close to loosing it. So very close. This was just too much... Subira had hoped that her lover would escape, but to hear that she had suffered the same fate she was enduring... that broke her heart.

The tears kept coming.

"While I have enjoyed our little adventure, and am honored to have served Pharaoh, I am afraid that our little adventure must now come to its conclusion." Iabi said. "This shall be the last time we are able to converse, as it is now time to complete your mummification and seal you in for eternity." He thought for a moment. "If you wish to say goodbye to your lover, now is the time to do so."

Subira sadly took one final look around the room, at the wrapped mummy at the adjacent altar. It was smooth and resembled a statue more then a living human. Her own mummified body nearly matched its appearance… all the more horrifying knowing that her lover was enclosed inside those bandages, as she was about to be.

Her coffin was brought into the room and placed on end in front of her table. Subira knew that she was minutes away from being encased inside of it. And yet, in a strange, perverse way, she longed for the final bandaging, to ensure her body was sealed away from further harm forever. With everything she held dear taken away from her, all she wanted now was for it to end.

The embalmers descended upon her body.

Though she longed for it to end, had seemingly nothing left to live for, a last spasm of fear descended upon Subira. She attempted to rock fruitlessly side to side, breathing through her face wrappings, feeling her breath try to penetrate through the resins .She attempted to rock slightly, instinctively trying to kick with her feet, but felt total, unrelenting resistance. She closed her eyes to focus on her breathing, to avoid panic.

Within seconds, wads of resin-soaked linen were placed directly over each closed eyelid.

Panic shot through Subira. She hadn't been ready for the darkness that now descended upon her, the light fleeing forever.

Bandages were immediately wrapped over what remained of Subira's face, sealing her body away forever.

Muffled screams were heard from inside.

The embalmers stopped briefly and looked at Iabi. His unwavering glare commanded them to continue.

For several minutes, the embalmers bandaged the mummy from toe to head. The body had lost most of its features, and it became impossible to determine the sex or identity of the occupant. The mummy moved as a single unit, having become totally rigid. No sounds were heard from inside.

At last, Iabi raised his arm to indicate that the bandaging was sufficient.

The mummy was finally lifted from the altar and placed upright. The bandages formed a solid, inescapable mass several inches thick. Iabi was confident that pharaoh would be satisfied.

Nearly sixteen hours had elapsed since the mummy formerly known as Subira had been removed from her cell. It was time to complete her encasement.

As the mummy of Subira had been placed in an upright position, the coffin had been brought to the altar and opened. Teams of embalmers coated the inside with the same resins that had been used to solidify the wrappings.

As the task was completed, the mummy was lifted and placed directly over the opening for the bottom. The mummy briefly balanced in the mouth of the opening, but with a firm, even push, the mummy was pushed into the bottom of the coffin.

A loud whooshing noise was heard as expelled air made its way past narrow gaps in the side of the wrappings.

With a final weary, wave of the arm, Iabi gave the final command.

The embalmers took the last of the resins and applied an even coating around the edge of the bottom half of the coffin. A second team of embalmers placed the lid on top of the bottom, pressing the two halves together until they mated. Resin oozed out of the edges, dripping down the side. It was hastily, sloppily wiped even. It wouldn't be long before the coffin would be glued shut.

Before the sun would reach its place at noon, two anonymous graves would be dug deep in the desert sands, the coffins of the two forbidden lovers dumped inside, and buried forever, the graves quickly covered by the sand, lost to time, never to be discovered.

But that was still several hours away. For now, all that was needed to be done was to chisel a number into each coffin, and then to make the final report to the pharaoh.

The mummification of Subira was complete.



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