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Mummified and Eaten - Orca Snack

by Darkraptor

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; mum; wrap; vore; cons; X

Another Mummified and eaten story. This one features one of my favorite animals, orcas (who I find to be incredibly sexy animals). Luckily for those who don't like grim endings, this one does not feature any fatal eating. How so? Read on. 

There's no grim stuff in this one. No deaths, no blood, just affection and care. 

Mummified and Eaten: Orca snack 
By Darkraptor1 

It was a great life she had. 

After all, how many other women could say that they had a job they loved, a lovely house, lots of money coming in, and how many could say that they worked with an incredibly sexy coworker? 

There were probably some, but then again, not many coworkers weigh over ten tons and are over forty feet long. 

Nia was an orca trainer at a major aquatic theme park. After more then ten years of working hard and studying, she had finally made it to her dream job. Training Killer whales. 

Today, her particular orca, Jude, had gone through three shows, each one pulled off withought a hitch. She was good, this orca. Very smart, very intelligent. 

As the crowds slowly left after the last show, Nia was behind the stage, getting Jude’s dinner of fish ready to go. When the park you work for houses the world’s largest killer whale, you get to prepare a lot of food. 

“So Nia,” coworker Liz asked as she walked in, drying off her wetsuit. “Do you think today was a successful day?” 

“Of course.” Nia said as she added some vitamins to the fish. “I think Jude performed very well.” 

Liz poked her head out the door. “Judging by how sad she looks, I think she’s pretty hungry.” 

Chuckling, Nia picked up the bucket of fish and walked out onto the stage. 

The sun was setting on the horizon, and Jude was swimming slowly near the display stage. The water on Nia’s wetsuit glistened in the rays of the setting sun. 

Holding up the tank, Nia whistled. “Come on Jude! Dinner!” 

The orca responded immediately, angling herself towards the stage, and thrusting herself up onto it. With well-trained practice, she already had her mouth open, ready for a meal. 

“All right, all right!” Nia laughed. “Lets start out with one fish at a time."

Jude snorted. 

“Ok, let’s do two at a time.” 

Another snort. 

Nia placed her hands on her neoprene covered hips and shook her head. “Jude, you’re hopeless! At the rate of food you eat, you’ll be fat in no time!” 

Jude, however, was unfazed. She squeaked and starting splashing her tail in the water. 

“Fine. But only for tonight!” 

Chuckling, the trainer took three fish in her hands, and tossed them into the orca’s waiting mouth. Without even closing, Jude swallowed them all easily. 

Another three into the mouth, another three swallowed easily. 

As she kept tossing food into the hungry mouth, Nia found herself looking at it in fascination. Jude’s mouth was huge. Big and wide enough to swallow a human if she wanted too… 

Soon, the bucket was empty. “Sorry Jude.” Nia said, turning the bucket upside down and shaking it. “No more fish.” 

Jude squeaked sadly, but seemed to get over it quickly. Nia was about to turn and leave when Jude wiggled her tongue back and forth, her sign that she wanted her tongue to be scratched. 

Smiling, Nia walked over and started scratching the giant tongue, unfazed by the razor-sharp teeth that were only inches away from her arm. Though she was large and powerful, Jude had never shown anything but kindness to the people she worked with. 

Sometimes, Nia wondered if that kindness was out of appreciation for free food, or if it was genuine affection. 

She was smart, Nia had no doubts there. Jude always picked up on whatever it was her trainers wanted her to do. And sometimes, Nia thought that Jude could actually understand human language. 

But no matter how smart Jude appeared to be, Nia knew that she’d never be able to convince others that Jude could understand human language. 

Her attention was shattered by Jude closing her mouth over Nia’s arm. 

Nia was too shocked to react. Jude had never done this before. Though her first instinct was to pull her arm out, Nia managed to keep her concentration and avoid panicking. 

Jude had closed her mouth over Nia’s arm, but had done so gently and firmly. No teeth had punctured flesh, nor would there be any bruises. 

Jude’s purpose was to simply taste neoprene. Her tongue rubbed over Nia’s arm, feeling and tasting her body suit. Her hand tasted good as well. Very good… 

“So Jude,” Nia joked nervously. “Do I taste good?” 

Jude’s eye swiveled to look at her. The whale’s expression was one of “Yes” 

Satisfied with the taste of a human, Jude opened her mouth and released Nia. 

Though slightly disturbed by Jude’s actions, Nia decided to spend a while stroking the whale down. If there was one thing Jude loved, it was being stroked on her sensitive skin. 

Slowly walking around her huge bulk, Nia started rubbing her bare hands against the orcas skin. Jude closed her eyes as she got her massage. 

Around and around, Nia rubbed her big, blubbery friend. When she reached Jude’s head, Nia climbed up an onto Jude’s back. 

She lay there, still stoking Jude’s forehead. Nia sighed slowly. She found it relaxing to lie on top of her big friend, who didn’t mind supporting her weight. 

The sun went down, and night fell upon the aquatic amusement park. Though she didn’t like it, Nia knew she had to go home. 

“Bye Jude.” She said, stroking the orca’s skin. “See you tomorrow!” 

“Goodbye” The orca said, her eye telling everything she couldn’t say in words. 

With a gentle slip, Jude slid back into her huge tank, slowly starting her evening swim. 

Stretching her limbs, Nia slowly walked to the locker room to change out of her clammy wetsuit. 

At home that evening, Nia spent a few hours browsing the Internet, searching for notes on Orca intelligence. All the ones she found showed that Orcas were very intelligent creatures. 

She also found that there had been no documented intentional attacks on humans on record. 

Did she really like her taste? No matter how hard Nia tried to get the image of a hungry, human-eating Jude out of her head. Would she really do something like that? After all, she was an animal. Tamed and loving yes, but still an animal. 

And yet…there was something that Nia found appealing abut the image of her friend swallowing a human. Something…hot…and…sexy? 

Slightly shocked, yet intrigued, Nia browsed the Internet further. She eventually found that the term for a person getting swallowed was something called, “vore”. 

Did she have a sexual attraction for vore? As she went to bed, she decided that…yes, she did have a thing for vore. 

The next day, and the day after that, the thought of being swallowed whole and alive refused to leave Nia’s head. And the thought of being swallowed by this wonderful, loving Orca was even stronger. 

But she knew that it was all a fantasy. What were the odds of being swallowed by Jude? 

The last day of the workweek started out normally. Nothing out of the ordinary. Three shows to do, one in the morning, one at noon, and one in the evening. 

Jude performed spectacularly, as normally. She did very well when pushing Nia through the water, and up into the air. Nia enjoyed it as much as Jude did. 

The odd things began after the last show was finished. Nia’s boss came up to her, which was somewhat out of the normal. But she had a happy expression, which indicated good things. 

“Nia,” she began. “I have a proposition for you.” 

Wiping the water off her suit, Nia’s eyebrows perked up. “Go own.” If there was anything Nia liked, it was something that varied the ordinary routine of working with Jude. 

“Well, we’ve thought of a new stunt to boost publicity. You’ve heard of people being shot out of cannons, jumping from great heights, right?” 

Nia grinned. “Do you mean to tell me that I’m going to be shot out of a cannon into the pool?” 

“No, no. What we’ve thought of is something that nobody’s ever seen before. We want to do…the woman eating orca!” 

Nia’s face went blank. “You…you’re kidding, right?” 

“Nope.” The boss’s face was ecstatic. “And if you’re up for it, I’d like you to be the human star of the show!” 

“But what’s to make sure that Jude won’t actually try to digest me?” 

“Well, we’ve been working with Jude on getting her to swallow objects, then regurgitate them on command. She picked it up on the first few tries, and we’ve worked her up to a human dummy.” 

She grinned. “So, you up to it?” 

Nia was speechless, completely at a loss of words. 

“Come on.” A little voice said. “This is your chance! Take it! Take it before someone else does!” 

“All right.” She said. “I’ll do it!” 

“Great!” Her boss gave her a huge hug, getting damp with water in the process. “We’ll give you the instructions on what to do this coming week. Then it’ll be Showtime!” 

The week after that was full of training and instructions on how the stunt was going to go. Working with Jude, Nia was able to get a perfect idea of what to do. 

To her fellow co-workers, Nia was perfectly calm and focused during her training. 

What she didn’t tell anybody was that she was incredibly excited and horny at the thought of being swallowed whole and alive by her favorite Orca, spending some time in her stomach, and then coming back out, only to do the whole thing again. 

Soon, opening day came for the woman eating orca show. 

As she parked her car and walked into the park, Nia gulped upon seeing a huge line that snaked all the way from the front gate to the orca attraction, where a new sign now stood that read, “Come see the woman eating orca!” 

“Oh boy.” She whispered. “What have I gotten myself into?” 

No time to back out now. She was the only trainer who was trained and prepared for this kind of act. There was no one else. 

And she found that she wanted to please the crowd, and give them their money’s worth. 

The process was the same as usual. Into the locker room, putting on the wetsuit, and reviewing the days shows. They were normal, except for the last act, which now had the new feature written in. 

Finally, it was show time. 

Strolling out onto the stage, Nia couldn’t help but be taken back by the gigantic crowd that now sat in the bleachers. Where there were normally hundreds of people, there were now thousands of them. And every single one was there to see her get swallowed by a whale. 

The thought made her shiver with excitement. In less then an hour, she would be bound and lying inside Jude. What was more exciting is that it would be done two more times. 

The first show of the day went off withought a hitch. Jude performed splendidly, obviously enjoying her work. 

Nia spent most of the show riding on Jude, on her back, on her belly, and being pushed around by her nose. 

All too soon, however, the show came to a finish. The moment had come that everyone was waiting for. 

Even Jude seemed to sense the excitement in the air. 

“And now, ladies and gentlemen!” The announcer said from high in the stadiums. “The moment you’ve been waiting for! The first showing, anywhere in the world, of the woman eating orca!” 

There was a small pause as the crowd clapped and cheered. “Will Nia please come to the front of the stage?” 

Taking a deep breath, Nia slowly walked across the stage to the platform where Jude would slide up to perform closing tricks. She wasn’t there through. 

Rather, Liz and another co-trainer were waiting, each holding several rolls of duct-tape and two large grins. 

Nia grinned back. 

“Now that our lovely lady is on stage,” Nia waved to the crowd as they roared their approval. “We need to get her compressed enough so she can be safely swallowed!” 

Nia stood in place, her arms at her sides. She nodded to her co-trainers. 

Having received Nia’s unspoken permission, the two began to wind the duct tape around Nia’s body, beginning at her ankles. 

Working quickly, but efficiently, the two wound the tape up and around Nia’s body, wetsuit and all. 

Soon, Nia’s legs were bound together. Then her hands. Then her wrists. Then her arms were bound to her body. 

As her co-trainers finished winding the tape around her upper body, Nia decided to test out how strong her bindings were. A quick wiggle revealed that her co-workers had practiced well. She could only wiggle and squirm. Escape at this point was all but impossible. 

With a final press of the tape, Nia’s mummification in duct tape was finished. Her body was held tightly and compressed by the tape that now encircled her. 

“Well folks, looks like she’s tied up nice and tight! Can you get out Nia?” 

Nia hopped around a little bit, squirming just for the fun of it. The audience laughed in approval. Their laughter eased any doubts Nia had about the journey she was about to undertake. Out of the corner of her eye, Nia saw Jude poking her head out of the water. She looked very interested in what was going on. 
Liz raised her whistle and blew. 

Jude immediately came to the platform, and with a great thrust, she came out of the water and onto the platform, slowly sliding to a stop. 

Nia trembled with excitement. Jude’s belly was huge and draped onto the ground. There should be plenty of room in there for her. 

“Jude!” Liz said. “Open!” 

Jude’s mouth opened, revealing a cave lined with pink flesh, and ending with a dark hole. 

Nia couldn’t help but gulp just a little bit. 

Jude noticed Nia’s expression. 

“Don’t worry.” The orca’s expression told her. “You’ll be all right.” 

Reassured by her large friend’s look, Nia slowly hobbled over to Jude, Liz at her side to help her if she fell. 

She reached Jude’s open mouth. Though she was beautiful to look at in form, Jude’s mouth sure didn’t smell too good. 

“All right folks,” The announcer said. “She’ll go in and stay in for about a minute or two, then she’ll be popped right back out!” 

Nia reviewed the procedure of what was going to happen. If Jude didn’t regurgitate her, then the trainers would pop open a small vial inside Jude’s stomach that had been swallowed during the morning. The foul liquid would “convince” Jude to regurgitate whatever was in her stomach. 

“Well,” Liz whispered. “Let’s put you in!” 

Taking Nia in their arms, Liz and the second co-trainer lowered Nia until she was level, her feet facing the orca’s mouth. 

Slowly moving Nia forward, the two inserted Nia’s feet into Jude’s mouth. 

Jude responded immediately, letting her powerful mouth muscles take hold of this offering of temporary food. 

Though Nia’s feet were covered by Neoprene socks, she felt the whales saliva coat her feet, and felt the powerful muscles grab hold. 

Slowly, inch by inch, Nia was fed to Jude, her fellow humans pushing her in, and her whale taking her in. 

When they got to Nia’s waist, the wrapping did it’s job well. Though it was a tight fit, Jude was able to swallow Nia’s waist, her saliva coating the silvery bindings that imprisoned Nia. 

For Nia, the feeling was extremely odd. She couldn’t see her waist, for it was now inside Jude’s throat. She couldn’t see her legs, though she could feel them inside Jude, surrounded by warm, pulsing muscles that pulled her along. 

What amazed Nia was how gentle Jude was. She was slow and steady, taking her time to ensure that this human was swallowed safely. Her teeth didn’t move or even touch her bindings as she was swallowed. 

As her breasts moved closer and closer to being accepted into Jude’s mouth, Nia was able to twist and look at Jude in the eye. 

Jude saw her meal looking at her. She was smart enough to know that this human needed reassurance. 

“Do not be afraid.” Her eyes said. “You will not be harmed. You will be safe inside me.” 

That gave Nia confidence as her breasts were swallowed. 

Only her shoulders and head were left. Liz and the other trainer gently let go of Nia and let Jude take over. 

The whale had a good grip on Nia now, and was slowly picking up speed as she swallowed her trainer, being very careful not to harm her. 

Then, only Nia’s eyes and hair remained to be swallowed. Jude paused, gathering the strength to take the final swallow. 

Nia looked at the sky above, and the pink flesh right above her, which was still. 

Then Jude took one final swallow, slowly moving Nia inside her. Nia’s head was inside Jude’s mouth. 

Jude slowly closed her mouth. Nia could only look ahead as darkness filled Jude’s mouth. 

The orca’s huge mouth was closed. Wet and warm flesh surrounded her. “I wonder if this is what a fish feels like?” Nia wondered. 

She didn’t have time to contemplate it as a powerful pull sucked her into Jude’s throat. 

She had been swallowed alive. 

Jude’s throat was tight and warm, pressing down on the human now traveling down it. 

The experience was exhilarating. Nia kept her eyes closed, knowing that there was nothing to see anyway. She relished in her friends warmth and pressing skin. 

If there was one desire that Nia had, it was for Jude to hug her, as Nia had hugged the whale so many times. 

Jude had sensed that desire, and did her best to accommodate the wish. 

With a plop, Nia felt herself being deposited in a long, stretchy sac. “This must be her stomach.” Nia thought. 

This was the biggest risk in the entire act. Nia knew that killer whales could actively control the output of digestive juices and stomach activity. In theory, Nia could stay here for hours, unharmed in the stomach of a whale. A modern day Jona. 

Nia decided to relax, and let Jude take control. Whatever was going to happen, was going to happen. She wasn’t afraid. She trusted her aquatic friend, trusted her with her life. 

She settled down inside the stomach, relaxing and lying still. 

The stomach moved a little, then started to swerve and turn. What was Jude doing? Nia didn’t recall any movement involved with the act. 

It didn’t matter though. It was actually quite comfy in here. The air was quite warm, but there was enough to survive on. The only bad thing was the smell. It was quite bad, no doubt leftover from all the fish from the day before. 

Nia soon lost track of time, being held in Jude’s stomach. She was only supposed to stay in here for a minute, two minutes at the max. But to her, with no reference for time, it seemed to last for hours. 

It was almost hypnotic. With the warmth surrounding her, and with no need to move (not that she could anyway), Nia soon fell into a trance. It was almost womblike in a way, being carried by a large, caring parent. 

Then the movement around her stopped. There was a contraction around her. Then powerful muscles took hold of Nia’s body, and started pushing her towards Jude’s throat. 

She didn’t want to leave this womb, this warm wonderful place. But she had no say in the matter as light began to build from behind her head. 

Then the light enveloped her, as her head emerged from Jude’s mouth. Then her shoulders. Then her waist, knees, and feet. 

With a plop, Nia was deposited on the stage, her eyes closed against the blindingly bright light of the sun. 

She felt hands moving over her, cutting away her bindings, releasing her. 

“This is what a baby must feel like.” Nia mused. “To be snatched away from a warm, safe place, and then be dumped into the bright, cold world.” 

Some hands helped her to her feet. She struggled for a moment, trying to regain her balance. 

“And let’s hear it folks! She did it!” There was a thundering noise as thousands of people clapped. Squinting her eyes open, Nia managed a slight wave. 

“She did it! She was swallowed, carried around Jude’s tank, and then let out! You have all just seen the first woman swallowing whale stunt in the world!” 

Nia watched as the whole scene was replayed on a huge LCD screen. She saw herself being swallowed by Jude, slowly vanishing into her mouth. Then she vanished, and Jude wiggled a bit, obviously working her down. 

Then to her surprise, Jude slid off the platform, and slowly swam around in her tank, going underwater and staying there. Then the whale had gone back on the platform and regurgitated her trainer. 

“Let’s hear it again ladies and gentlemen, for our courageous Nia!” Again, applause greeted Nia. She waved politely, but she looked back at Jude, who was lying on the stage. She seemed to be smiling, in her own way. 

“See?” Her eyes said. “I told you everything would be all right.” 

The rest of the day was a blur. Nia got a long rest in the locker room, surrounded by her colleges, who congratulated her on her amazing trip. 

Nia smiled and thanked them all. She just wanted to get back inside Jude. 

And she did, going back inside the whale two more times that day, being bound twice again in tape, being swallowed twice again, and being regurgitated twice again. 

When the day was done and through, the crowds piled out, eager to spread the word on the amazing trust between an orca and her trainer. Nia was pleased to hear several of them commenting on how they were going to spread the word about this amazing show. 

But when all was said and done, and when everyone had left, Nia had one thing she wanted to do. 

Walking out to the tank, she watched Jude swimming around, her black body glistening in the setting sun. 

She didn’t even need to be called up onto the stage. When Jude saw Nia, she instantly went up onto the stage, squeaking with delight at seeing her. 

“Oh Jude.” Nia whispered, hugging Jude’s mouth. “You were wonderful today.” She slowly sat down, holding her beloved whale’s mouth in her arms. 

“I love you so much.” She whispered. “I love you more then anything.” 

“I know.” Jude said. “And I love you too.” 

With that, Jude’s mouth opened. Grinning, Nia reached in and started to scratch Jude’s tongue. But Jude firmly closed her mouth over Nia’s arm. 

“What?” Nia grinned. “You don’t want a tongue scratch?” 

Jude looked at her, her wise eyes gleaming. 

Nia lit up when she realized what Jude wanted. 

A minute later, Jude finished gobbling up Nia’s twitching feet, taking the woman deep inside of her, where she could relax and rest after a long, hard day. 

Perhaps the soothing motion of swimming through gentle waters would help her relax. 

Jude slid off the stage, and slowly went for a long swim, carrying her beloved trainer with her.

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