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Mummified in Storage

by Chryslerman

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© Copyright 2007 - Chryslerman - Used by permission

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We had talked online for quite awhile and finally made the decision for me to go and become his pup/slave. He drove a truck and wanted to have a pup to ride with him, and he also was a lover of mummification. The plan was for me to be his pup and ride in the truck, and on some longer trips, I would also be mummified at times.

We had a blast! I really enjoyed being his pup, we had fun with me being mummified and other times I would be (to the public at least) as his ‘human’ partner. We drove all over New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Etc... It was really exciting. Being his pup, locked in a chastity device, locking mitts, collar, muzzled, watching the cars and trucks go by. Or be mummified and belted to the bunk in back so I didn’t go anywhere. It’s a great life!

We began playing more and more games. Master began by buying a nice steel cage and keeping it in his apartment. I would be chained up inside the cage before going out on a short run (overnight, or during the day). Depending on how long he was to be out, I was even catheterized.

Sometimes I was mummified heavily and tied to a bed, with just a radio for company. He owned his own truck, but leased to a company. One morning, I was mummified, and taken to the truck, where I was again belted in and then catheterized. He did his rounds in the truck and when we got back to the yard, he parked, and went into the dispatch building as usual. When he got back, I was told that he was going to have to go back out early in the morning. Since I was all nice and comfy, and my needs were taken care of, he had given me an Ensure at the last stop, I should be fine. 

He stepped out of the truck and locked the door and left. I spent the night that way. At first, I was scared, but got to enjoy it. And I found out that Master did too. Our games got to be more and more elaborate. Then we came up with a great one.

Master rented a storage unit, and placed a lot of stored items in it. Also, a large box with a padded top in the back. It was to hold me inside, or on top. We began many different ways and times, and we both became rather excited about them. And he always had a backup. If anything were to happen to him, his parents knew to look for an envelope in the apartment he’d keep on the TV. It would direct them to where I was.

Our most elaborate came one day. We decided that we’d encapsulate me on this occasion. I was told to make sure I shaved everywhere, clean myself out, and was told to put on a shower cap. I was then covered in liquid latex and placed in a latex sleepsack, and had my cock pulled thru its hole, and it was zipped shut. I was then given a set of headphones to put on. I was then put into a tight latex hood with nose tubes and a breathing tube. I then had a catheter placed in me and then a latex sheath pulled over the tube and placed over it all. I was then wrapped totally in heat-shrink wrap and after it was heated with a hairdryer, I was then wrapped nice and tight with 6 rolls of Duct Tape. Head to Toe. 

I was in heaven. I looked like a large silver worm, with 3 tubes coming out near one end and another tube coming out near the middle, ending in a bag. Quite a sight, if I could have seen it! I was carried out to the car (fortunately our apartment is kind of hidden, with the trunk of the car next to the door). I rode in my blissful cocoon, all the way to the storage unit.

I felt the trunk open and I was lifted out. I was placed into the box, and the usual belts placed over me, locking me to the bottom. Hoses to the outside of the box were attached to my nose and mouth tubes and the pee bag was put in its place. I was patted on my chest, the headphones plugged into a walkman which was on a talk radio station and the lid locked down. I was in my heaven!

“Well, he’s all locked in the box, the outer door locked. Now I’m off. Glad it’ll only be for 24-30 hours.” He thought as he climbed into his car, driving off to work, leaving me in my nice little heaven. 



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