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Mummy Burglar Alarm

by Cinder

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© Copyright 2001 - Cinder - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff: machine; capture; wrap; cocoon; electroplay; mast; climax; nc/reluct; XX

His name was Vandervecken, and he was a stickler for security and for many reasons. Some were obvious, some were not.  He had spent the afternoon as he had spent every Friday afternoon for the last three months getting really stoned and having sex with his secretary, Kathleen. Kathy was a temp, and he didn't trust her at all. He was in his fifties, and she was just in her twenties. She came onto him right away when the temp agency sent her over. She wore super high shoes and super short skirts and made sure he got a glimpse of her garter belt on occasion, and finally she just asked him for sex.

Things progressed. She introduced drugs - marijuana, cocaine, LSD, and started asking him questions. It was then that he knew she was up to something, and decided to "find her out", so he set a trap... he showed her his safe in his office, under his desk. She saw the cash in there, many thousands of dollars.

"Do you have a security system?" she asked after she had masturbated him. "Just asking."

"No, who needs one, with a safe like that?" he asked, and smiled, because he DID have a security system, and he knew that she had lifted his combination while watching him unlock the safe a few times. Tonight, he thought, she would come tonight and try to steal from him. Well, she would be in for a surprise...

The hallway to his office was very long, and the carpet was thick. The carpet in his office even thicker, so much so that you could fall on it and not be hurt! He had it installed there for a reason that nobody suspected.

She used her card key to enter the building, her girlfriend and co-thief waiting in the car. The elevator went up, up, up and she waited. Soon all that money would be hers. With no security, she could rip off the old bastard and leave right away!

She slipped her card into the office door, and stepped in, and walked across the entrance lobby. Then she made a left, and started walking down the hall. The security system went off. She heard a "WHOOMPH!!!" of air and felt it hit her from behind, like the slap of a huge hand, it was pressure!

Her small body FLEW down the hall, and then she suddenly felt something soft and sticky hit her body, then another, and another! She saw herself flying through the air, and suddenly something was covering her face! She couldn't breath, and then she hit the carpet floor, and rolled and what came to a halt was a female shaped mummy, wrapped tight in layer after layer of high tensile strength plastic wrap!

"I should let you suffocate," he said from his desk as he walked over to her. She saw him, screamed, and the plastic over her face fogged over. "Relax," he said, and deftly cut a hole for her nose. He had the masking tape in his hand, and gagged her, loop after loop of tape going over her mouth. Only her nose was left unwrapped.

"Mmmmph!" she screamed as he sat back at his desk.

"I think I will enjoy this," he said, and watched as she struggled about. "I wonder how long it will take your friend to show up?"

It was half an hour later when he heard the pneumatic system turn on, and then the second girl was delivered, wrapped and struggling, also not able to breath. He cut her a breathing hole, gagged her as well, and smiled. "Well, now I guess you two can find out why I REALLY have so much security. You see, girls, I like my females wrapped, and I like to play with them... I would like to play with you. Interested?"

"Mmmph Ummmm!" said both girls and shook they're heads "no".

"Wonderful!" said Vandervecken, and he picked Kathy up in his arms...

They went into the next room, a room Kathy never knew about. It had steel walls, and a steel floor. Both girls stood in the silent room, tears running down there faces, mewling to Vandervecken. "No girls, let me explain before you get frightened," he said and smiled. "First, see this switch? Watch," he pulled the switch, and the girls felt the hair on there pretty heads starting to rise. "Static electricity. When I thrown the switch again, the floor will be electrified, and a few volts will travel up the feet of any poor mummy-girl that isn't wearing any shoes."

Kathy was wearing her usual spike heeled pumps, her partner in crime low heels vinyl shoes. He walked towards them both, and they knew what he meant to do, and for the next ten minutes or so he chased both girls around, he smiling and laughing with an erection, the poor girls mewling and screaming and hopping about the room!

He caught Kathy first, and she screamed and twisted as much as she could in his arms and he lay her down. The sound of rustling plastic could be heard, and she was working herself up. She must be getting very hot under the wrapping, he thought. She scrunched her toes but finally her heels came free and he stood her up, holding her shoes over her head as she hopped about, panicking, not knowing what to do. He threw them out the door, shut it again, and went for her friend, and did the same to her. Then he did something that made both girls open both eyes wide and run to the corner.

He started to strip.

Vandervecken was naked except for his rubber-soled boots. he already was visibly excited.

"Now, girls, I'm placing a small-very small-rubber mat on the ground in front of me. It only has room for one. The girl on this mat is going to have to rub up against me, grab me in her hand, and basically pleasure me. If you don't, I'll push you off!"

"Now hold still," and he cut a hole for the right hand of each girl. Both were in a frenzy now, knowing that they were in the hands of a criminal worse than themselves.

"Ready to co-operate?" he asked them.

Kathy said, "fuck you" under her gag, her friend just closed her eyes and screamed.

"Very well. Go!" he smiled and threw the switch, and both girls started to jump! "ZZZZZZZT" sounds could be heard, and they both screamed and hopped about and finally Kathy jumped onto the mat. Her small fingers grabbed for his erection and started to pump it, frantically, her plastic wrapped body rubbing up hard against him.

She was knocked out of the way, to the ground, by her friend. She also started to jerk him off, and turned her head away as Kathy writhed on the ground. As she tried to get up, small sparks jumping around her small behind and back.

It went on that way, sometimes with anger, most of the time with pity, as each girl shoved, or tried to shove, the other out of the way. Finally Vandervacker grabbed Kathy in both hands and lifted her up and against him as he climaxed. Her friend jumped onto the pad when Kathy's feet left it, and both mewled sweetly in his ear as he climaxed.

Both knew the rules of the game now... and Vandervecker turned off the switch as he enjoyed the feeling of two plastic wrapped mummy slaves against his body.

The adventures of Vandervecker and his two girls WILL continue.

   Cinder.  :)

  Please let me know if you wish to see more?


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