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Mummy Fun

by Dr Strangelust

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© Copyright 2002 - Dr Strangelust - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mum; wrap; cons; X

My slave and I had been getting together for bondage play for a few months. We especially like mummification.

I had her wrapped from throat to ankles in rose colored wrap and carefully lowered her onto the bed. This was somewhat difficult for two reasons. First she outweighs me by a few dozen pounds, second, I was wearing my favorite spike heeled, thigh high rubber boots. She was barely able to bend enough to sit on the edge of the bed. I slowly tipped her back until she lost her balance and plopped across the bed. I then lifted her legs and slid her the rest of the way on.

Once she was centered on the bed I crawled on next to her and we cuddled for a bit. I fondled her massive boobs, we smooched for a bit. I stroked her legs with a spiked heel, giving her a few jabs in the navel and crotch. She giggled and oohed! in appreciation I then straddled her, sitting on her pot belly with my cock pressed up to her breasts.

I asked her, "How do you like looking like a bunch of easter eggs?"

"I do don't I ", she laughed.

"I'll give you something to laugh about" said I, stroking her tits with a riding crop.

"Uh oh, I'm in trouble now."

I sat back farther on her, locked eyes with her, raised the crop up, then over my head and then behind me. Planting my heels on either side of her head, I leaned way back, grabbed her tits for balance and tickled her toes with the crop. This had the expected effect.

" Oh! You like that do you" I said as I climbed off her to focus on her feet. I switched to a short straight whip and proceeded to gently tickle her towards ecstasy. I discovered that she had sensitive feet and soon had her laughing uncontrollably. When we had reached a certain point I gave her a sharp stroke across the bare bottoms of her feet. This brought a nice sharp squeal out of her.

Now, to get at her feet better, I rolled her over onto her chest. Since she is much bigger near the top than at her feet, this left her at an angle with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. I decided to leave her like that since she could breath easier and I planned on gagging her in a few minutes.

Getting back to her feet, I tickled her soles with a fingernail for a minute. At this she giggles. Switching back to the crop I started, gently, to spank her feet. Working up to stronger blows I could see her soles turning pink. This brought on a series of strange utterances such as "Oh!" and "Ah!" and "I'm slipping" followed by "OOH!" then, I think, "Oohahow?" whatever that means.

"Well I've heard enough of this" Said I, walking over to the toy box and rummaging for a gag. As I untangled the rubber thing from the other rubber things she called out "here I go!". Looking back at the bed I saw that she was indeed going, very slowly, sliding head first off the bed.

"Hang on. I'm coming" I said, moving as fast as 5 inch heels would allow in my cluttered bedroom.

" With what? I really can't move my arms or anything" she said still laughing.

I grabbed her feet just as her enormous breasts popped over the edge. This stopped her sliding for the moment but that was all. Between my heels, her weight and the wall at my back I could not pull her back. Once those tits went over, there was no backing up.

I tried going around the bed to try and lift her back, but hadn't gone two steps when she started sliding faster. Getting a good grip on her ankles and bracing one pointy boot against the bed rail it was all I could do to hold her still.

"Um, I don't suppose you could get an arm loose or something?"

She squirmed appealingly for a few seconds. "no way. I told you I was slipping."

" Yeah, but I didn't know what you meant."

Straining awkwardly for half a minute, I realized we could be in serious trouble here. She could break her neck if I didn't let her down gently enough.

"Hey, Who's Phil Dick?"


" Who is Philip K Dick? You have a couple of his books down here. And some Robert Silverberg and " craning her neck around " Vonnegut, Theodore Sturgeon."

"Its all science fiction. No girl stuff" I joked.

" Well I've read some Vonnegut. In fact I read this one a long time ago".

"I forget, which one is it?"


" Oh, I didn't like that one very much.But seriously, I'm going to let you down slowly. I don't want you to break your neck so brace yourself and let me know if you feel any discomfort."

" You mean other than being mummified in plastic wrap, hanging upside-down, sliding to a messy floor while my boyfriend tugs on my feet?"

"Exactly. are you ready?"


"Once your head touches down you will have to twist your body to the right. I will help at this end and bring your feet over to the edge."

As her body slid to the floor I realized she was going to be wedged between the bed and my dresser. "Oh well, I figured she can live with that." Once her big rump was on the floor with no mishap I let her feet drop with a thud.

" I wonder what the people downstairs are thinking?" she said.

" They probably think those people upstairs sure are having a good time."

"Well, what are we going to do now." said she, wriggling slightly but unable to move much at all.

" I think the rules say I have to play this as it lays." I said, placing one foot on her rump.

"What rules?"

"Never mind what rules. I'm still in charge here and you are my slave." I say, picking up a whip and pressing my heel deep into her.

"Yes Master, but your slave is laying on her arm at a bad angle and my elbow is starting to hurt."

"Oh, in that case I guess we've had enough for one day."

I reach for the scissors and open up the side. She waves her arm a bit and says "that's better but I'm still wedged down here."

I take her hand but still cannot lift her. I ended up having to move the bed to free her.


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