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Mummy Lives

by Kilogram

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© Copyright 2006 - Kilogram - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; mum; tape; wrap; electroplay; cons; X

2006 Shadowplay Imaging Mummification Story Contest Entrant

Nancy Leigh shuffled her sneakers on the sidewalk as she moved slowly down the street, ignoring the obvious looks from the male students hurrying to a late class. (She also ignored the jealous glares of the other coeds.) The old Mansfield Mansion was ahead on the left. She passed it two or three times a day, but she never paid it more than a glance. She never had to. The place was only a big old spooky house.

It was the perfect setting for a sorority haunted house fund-raiser. For $5 and proper ID, students could pass through the dark rooms made up as scenes from famous horror movies.

She paused a couple blocks away. She was a little afraid of going in. That was why she stopped. But to give herself a reason for stopping she emptied the last of the water from the bottle. A quick glance in all directions told her no one was about. She discarded the plastic bottle by stuffing it in bushes on the corner.

"Well, maybe Keith will be there," she said aloud. That was her wish but she knew it was a wasted wish. He was the captain of the football team and a pre-law major but he also was going with Patti Peters, the president of the sorority. Nancy flirted with him whenever she had the chance. It was her nature to flirt with cute guys to lead them on. In this case, she knew nothing would come of it.

Still shuffling her feet, she continued her journey forward.

"Here she comes," said Mandi Marlowe from a second story window. "She is still wearing her cheerleader's outfit." Under her breath she added, "What a tart!"

Behind her, three other sisters of Tau Nu Alpha (TNA) sorority finished moving the props into position.

On the far left wall, they had painted images of the inside of an Egyptian tomb. A papermache head of the god Horus stood on a pedestal to the far right.

In the center was a projection TV, recently removed from the basement of the TNA house. The coeds pulled a light blue, plastic tarp over it to hide it from view.

For now.

Inside the door, Nancy ran into Sue and Linda, two other TNA pledges. The two wore bikini panties and tattered tee tops.

"What are you guys supposed to be?"

"We get chained up in the dungeon and menaced by a mad scientist. What do they have you doing?"

Nancy raised her arms out toward them. "I am the mummy," she said in a husky voice.

All three laughed. The TNA haunted house was the biggest money raiser of the year. Everyone on campus was guaranteed to come. Nancy began to feel better. At least they did not plan to chain her up in a dungeon.

Patti listened to the conversation from the top of the stairs. As soon as she heard the beautiful pledge start up the stairs, she ducked into the room across from the Egyptian themed room. She knew her best friend Mandi would take care of everything.

Nancy was not happy at playing a mummy. She was beautiful and she knew it. In high school she had been voted both homecoming and prom queens. As a freshman in college they had voted her to the queen's court at Homecoming. That feat was unheard of. Surely they could find something than the mummy for her, something that would show off her beauty.

What was worse, she had to audition for the part. Somebody wrote out some lines. In front of a video camera, she had to repeat the lines over and over until they felt she made a convincing argument for being the mummy.

"Come Nancy , we're running late."

She maintained the same slow pace up the stairs. At the top she turned right down the hall. She moved slowly into the room. What caught her eye first was the large black box.

"I'm supposed to be in that?

"Yeah, it's your sarcophagus," said Kate.

Nancy extended an arm to touch the side. It was simple wood with a few holes cut in the back and side. "They must have made it out of used wood," she thought.

"Take off your clothes," Mandi ordered.


"We don't want our mummy showing any panty lines."

Nancy hesitated only a second. Hell, at the Homecoming Dance she had pulled her top down while dancing on the floor. Stripping in front of these women would not be that bad. Her sneakers came off first. A mummy would look funny wearing only them. Once she had the top off, she shook her head to get her long, dark tresses back into position. The pleated cheerleader's skirt followed with the red panties right behind.

One hand went instinctively to her crotch, the other her tits.

"First thing. Put your hands over your head. Kate put that strap around her chest like we talked."

Nancy looked down as the coed passed a think, woven strap across her chest above her tits. Though she could not see it, riveted to the strap was a heavy steel ring. It was near the buckle in back where she could not see it.

"What's this for?" she asked Mandi.

"We're going to secure you in the sar.sar.What is it?"

"Sarcophagus," Kate reminded her.

"We are going to secure you in the sarcophagus so you don't fall over. You're going to have trouble keeping your balance," she said. "We don't want you to fall over and hurt yourself."

Nancy discovered there were two nylon straps, one at chest level, another at ankle level. She did not see the need for the second, but then again she did not understand much of what was going on. She believed Mandi when the sorority coed told her they did it to protect her.

"Put your hands down to your sides, only a little toward your back."

Mandi stepped forward to move the brunette's arms into the desired position.

"This will be more comfortable." That position would also keep Nancy was getting leverage in any escape attempt.

State's colors were white and red, and those were the colors of the duct tape.

"One of you start at her ankles, the other at her waist. Remember, we want all flesh covered."

One coed used the palm of her hand to press the end of the tape against Nancy 's back. She unrolled the spool of tape as she revolved about the beautiful brunette. Nancy looked down as the woman passed in front of her, the tape clinging to her flesh.

"Will this stuff hurt when it comes off?"


"Jeanna checked it out. She said this was the way to do it."

Jenna was nicknamed "the Brain." In class she wore black, horn-rimmed glasses to give herself sober, studious look. She was an engineering major.

When the coed taping Nancy 's upper body came to the end of the roll, she selected a new roll and started at a new location, the brunette's neck. The first passage was low, the second a little higher. The captive coed was well aware that with each passage, the tape came closer to her mouth.

"You aren't going to gag me with this, are you?"

With fifty feet of duct tape pinning her arms to her sides, and more than fifty pinning her legs together, it was a little too late to start asking questions about the details.

"Yeah. We're going to cover you whole head so no one can see who you are. We will leave little slits so you can see though."

In seconds, Nancy was beyond the point of objecting. Mandi used both hands to bunch her hair together over her head. The tape continued about her head until it reached her nose.

At this point they stopped. Nancy expected them momentarily to resume covering her face, but they had their attention on other parts of her anatomy.

In five minutes they were done. They had her voluptuous body covered with tape, Well, they had as much covered with tape as they planned to cover. They had covered her front with duct tape from her nose to her feet, with the glaring omission of covering her large tits. They had not covered her bottom cheeks either, but no one would see them.

"Somebody call Jenna on her cell phone and ask her where she is."

The three coeds in their room crossed their arms above her chests as they stared at their captive. Nancy , for her part, could do nothing but stare back."

"She said she's running late. She's only a block away."

"Get the rest of the scene ready."

That entailed uncovering the projection TV. With the tape acting as a posture collar, Nancy could not turn her head to see what they did.

The beautiful brunette was concerned about other things. The tape kept her body heat pinned inside her. She felt hot everywhere the duct tape pressed against her skin. The upper part of her face was not hot. Neither were her tits nor her ass. She tried to catch Mandi's eye, but the coed stared impatiently at the door. She thought they were going to cover her whole body with tape.

Finally Jenna arrived. From her shoulder bag she pulled a jewel case that she sent flying across the room behind Nancy . Since she did not hear it land, she guessed someone had caught it.

"You're late! People will be here soon."

"Sorry. There was a line in the audio-visual lab. Hang her in the box and I'll hook her up."

Nancy could do nothing as two coeds lifted her from her feet. They carried her backward a few feet in the direction of the sarcophagus. It took direction from both Mandi and Jenna to do it, but they finally found a hook to hang her front. The web strap pressed against her chest when they let go. She felt them do something with her feet. Shortly afterwards, she tried to move them, but discovered they would shift only a few inches in either direction before the pull on her calves stopped it.

Jenna disappeared behind her. In seconds she felt unseen hands rubbing something on her cheeks. Something was pressed against each. When the pressure went away, that object remained fastened to her bottom.

About that time, Patti entered the room. She paced back and forth before the young captive with her balled hands on her hips.

"It's done!" called Jenna from behind her.

"Do you want to explain it to her?"

"Sure." That voice came from behind Nancy . Jenna appeared before her. "What we have are three motion sensors built into the sides of the sarcophagus in a logical 'and" sequence that."

She stopped abruptly when Patti interrupted.

"Jenna, she's a design major. Speak English."

The coed turned to stick her tongue out. She resumed her speech when she looked back at the suspended captive.

"There are motion sensors at your tits, hips and feet. If you don't keep all three moving, this happens."

She held up a remote for the captive to see. While there were numbers and red buttons on it, there was one large, gray button in the center. Jenna smiled as she pressed it.



Nancy 's whole body jerked when the electric current passed through her bottom cheeks.

"That wasn't very pleasant was it? It's set so each time it goes off, the charge increases by one volt.

"You don't have to move all the time. You have three seconds to move or you get this."



Nancy tried to plead through the tape gag, but her words were only muffled mumblings.

"Is the DVD player hooked up?" Patti asked as she resumed her pacing.


"Then let her listen to what will be playing in the background."

For several seconds she heard only silence, then Nancy heard her own voice.

"I think it would be fun to be the mummy, to have all that tape all over your body so you can't escape. There you are helpless, and everyone can see you. The sense of being at everyone else's mercy is a real turn on for me."

This was the statement they had her repeat again and again while they had the digital camcorder going.

Everyone one would see her face on that screen. They would think she enjoyed being bound helplessly in duct tape. They would know who she was.

"It's only a 23-second clip, but it plays over and over and over for two hours."

"Mandi, we have people at the door!" The call came from downstairs.

"We open exactly at six," Mandi yelled back. "Get the lighting ready and put the white tape down on the floor. We don't want anyone touching her and getting a shock."

As the other coeds moved away, Patti came closer, getting in her face.

"Next time, you don't flirt with another girl's boyfriend."

Nancy thought she had a chance to escape when all the sorority sisters left the room. She wiggled back and forth, discovering two things.

First, she could not escape the tape. The multiple layers of tape had her arms pinned to her back on the sides. It had her legs pinned tightly together.

The second thing she learned was that she could not get down from those hooks.

She heard voices and footsteps. They had started to let people in to see the exhibits in their haunted house! Almost immediately, Jenna came back in the room. She said nothing to the captive at first as she moved around behind her. In seconds, she reappeared in sight.

"Once I turn this on, you have three seconds to move or you get another jolt in the ass. Three. Two. One."

Nancy started to squirm. That abnormal twisting and squirming was tiring. When Jenna turned toward the door, she stopped squirming. Remembering she had only a three second reprieve, she started again. She stopped, she started again. When the coed reached the door, the circuit closed.



By then a parade of paying customers had started up the stairs to see the mummy. Nancy panicked at the thought of everyone seeing her helpless while a video played behind her as she told everyone how much she enjoyed it.



"Hey! Look at this!"

The students, male and female, crowded into the room.

Patti stood in the hallway, a satisfied grin on her face, as they filed past.

Mandi tapped her on the shoulder.

"You do realize, don't you, Patti," she had Mandi say, "This will probably make her the most popular girl on campus."

The End


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