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Mummy Play

by Chris

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© Copyright 2005 - Chris - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; sbm; slave; mum; cons; XX

It had been a very long time since Mistress had wrapped him as a mummy. But today was the day. She had told him to ready himself for the tightest bondage ever. For the last three days she had been teasing him making him horny. She started by bringing him to the edge with her hand and then stopping over and over. Next she used her mouth on his shaft. She sucked it making it hard. She licked his ball sack and the very tip of his shaft. It drove him crazy, but she would not let him cum. Last night she again brought him to the edge with her hand. He moaned when she stopped short of orgasm. She taped a vibrator to his shaft and plugged him with the glass penis plug for the night. It was turned to low, but as excited as he was it could have been on high as far as he was concerned. It drove him crazy all night long, making have several dry orgasms, but he could not cum because of the glass plug and cord wrapped around his balls. 

In the morning she told him to take the kids to the school bus and return home. He was to get himself ready taking a shower. She told him he could remove the plug and vibrator, but he had to replace them before he started tying himself. After the shower he was to go to the bedroom, make the bed and tie himself so that his backside was available to Mistress. He thought about this for sometime and wondered how he would do this. Finally it came to him. He started by laying out some toys for Mistress to punish his rear with. He laid out on the bed several of their whips and the two paddles, the one with tacks glued to it and the electric one.  He knew Mistress loved to use those on him. Next he laid out some toys for her to abuse his rear. He found the large blue plug that vibrated and couple smaller versions he laid these out  He found a large plug he had bought a while ago, but never used, it may be to big but he hoped she would try it anyway.

Now with all the toys laid out, he stated to tie himself. He replaced the batteries in the vibrator and retaped it to his shaft. He pushed the plug back in and taped it in place also. He turned the vibrator to medium.  He took out the weighted clips (clover clips) that get tighter when pulled and attached them to his ball sack. He lay a pillow on the floor next to the bed to keep his knees from hurting to much, next came the spread bar, he attached it to his ankles and spread his legs apart. Next on his knees facing the bed he tied his knees to the bed rail as wide open as he could. The clips on his balls hung free pulling his balls as he moved tying himself. Nipple clips came next pulled and tied off to the bed rail. He then placed the ball gag into his mouth and pulled it tight, next came the ear plugs and then last the blindfold. A wrap of bondage tape was last holding it all in place. Now the final step, he reached across the bed until he felt the handcuffs tied to the other bed rail. He clipped both on his wrists, the left one was already attached to the rope from the other side. Now all he had to do was attach the right one to the rope and he would be helpless. It took a few tires but he did it. He now lay helpless on his knees his ass wide open for his Mistress. Bent over the bed the nipple clips dug into his nipples every time he moved and the clips and weights on his balls hurt as they swung around.

He remained like this for an hour, the clips dug into his nipples and balls as the vibrator keep his shaft hard and took him through many dry orgasms. Finally she arrived. She looked him over an admired the way he had tied himself. Reaching down she played with the clips on his balls, swinging and pulling them. She reached into their toy box and removed more weights. She placed them on the clips making them pull even more. He moaned into the gag. She reached down and tightened the nipple clips tied to the bed rail also. He yelped as she pulled them to there limits. Next he felt something cold being applied to his anal area. But it would not stay cold long it was icy hot and she was applying it all over his ass. She pushed it inside him with her finger and worked it around lubeing him with it. It started to get hot and hotter and he was on edge, everything down there burned!!!! He was on fire!!! 

Then he felt the large plug being forced into his ass, little by little she pushed it into him, then pulled out, then back in, he moaned at the tightness and the invasion of his rear. Next she used an ever larger one on him. He moaned and yelp as it was pushed into him with a new supply of icy hot on it. She worked it in and out invading his hole. He pulled back and pulled on his nipples clips and made the weights on his balls sway. He was in wonderful pain. She removed the plug and pushed in the last of the plugs he had laid out for her. It was the  big purple one with no cords. She lubed it up with icy hot and pushed it in as far as it would go into his back side. She set it to high and tied a rope around his waste and pulled it through his legs, pulling the vibrator into him. After several passes through his legs it was in to stay.  He moaned and then she whacked him with the electric paddle. He jumped and pulled on the nipple chain. He moaned as he tried to stay still. She shocked him all over, including his shaft as he tried to stay still. Next came the paddle with tacks and she used it all over him, making nice little tack marks all over his body. She flipped it over and gave him some whacks with the paddle. He yelped and tried to hold still and not pull on the nipple clips. The riding crop came next then came other whips they had in their collection. Finally she bored with the whipping and stopped. His ass with a nice red color.

Now came the tack strips (duct tape with tacks on them) on his back and ass. She placed them, then taped over them with more duct tape to hold them in place. She pushed the tacks down inside his ass cheeks and taped over them sealing them up. More were placed over his ass and taped there. Now he felt his legs being unhooked from the spread bar and his knees untied. Last his hands were released. “Stand” he was told.  Tacks were now applied to the inside of his arms and legs, so when the plastic wrap and tape was applied it would pull the tacks into him. More tracks are applied to his chest and stomach. She now attaches two more vibrators to his shaft. The rope from the nipple clips (now untied from the bed rail) is tied to his shaft and pulled tight pulling his shaft tight to his stomach and pulling his nipple down tight. The vibrating nipple clips are placed next to the other clips on his nipples and all the vibrators are turned to high. Now tacks are applied over his clipped balls and over his taped shaft. The clips with the weights on his balls are left in place.

She now begins wrapping his upper body in plastic wrap. She starts just below his ass and goes  up to his neck then back down covering everything. She made the pass several times sealing him up good. The tacks bite into him as she wraps and he moans and yelps. She stops once and zaps him for making to much noise. After this he does his best to remain quite. Next comes the duct tape she wraps it around the plastic pulling it even tighter. Again he moans and gets zapped. Now it is time for the legs. She wraps them tight down to his ankles and then back up several times. Next it is finished up with the duct tape pulling the tacks deep into him and causing a yelp. Another shock with the paddle stops the noise. Next she helped him down on the bed. The clips and tacks cut into him as he lays down. He yelps as he is stretched out. 

She now finishes the wrapping with his feet. She applies the last two tack strips to his feet wrapping them around his feet tight. Next comes the plastic wrap sealing it up and then duct tape to keep it all nice and tight. He was now a mummy in silver duct tape and plastic wrap, the only thing showing was his nose. He thought she was finished and was not sure if she had left him or not. Then he felt rope tied around his feet and tied to the bed and then more rope tied around his collar around his neck and attached to the headboard. How he could not move around. The vibrators were driving him crazy and he tried to keep from moving but a dry orgasm took him and he pulled the nipple clips. It hurt lots and he moaned into the gag. It was pain and pleasure at its best he had no control over it. 

He felt her touch him through the plastic. He thought she had left. She must have watched him have the giant orgasm. He wondered if it make her excited and wet to watch him. He though about eating her and her wonderful taste. He thought she would be really nice and wet right now, he longed to stick his tongue deep inside her. Just then another dry orgasm hits him. He moans into the gag. Then he feels something he never expected. A nose hook in placed in his nose and pulled tight to the head board. Hair clips are attached to the sides of the nose and are pulled both directions and tied off. 

Now comes the part he never expected. With twisters she starts to pull out the hair in his nose. He can not move. Any movement causes pain. He has to take it.  He yelps and moans into the tight gag. Finally she tires of the torture and he is sure she has left him. The vibrators have him right on edge now and the pain is just within his limits. He moans wondering how long she will leave him like this. She has talked about surprising him sometime and not freeing him, leaving him tied for days to suffer. All this goes through his mind as the vibrators force another dry orgasm out  of him. 

Mean while Mistress is on the phone. “ I will show him how it really feels to have no control. Hi, it’s me, would you like to do lunch? My husband is gone for a few days and I am bored. Ok, sounds good, I will meet you there is half-hour.” She hangs up the phone.  “I hope he enjoys being a mummy. I plan to give him lots of time to think about it.” With that she grabs her car keys and leaves the house. In the bed room he continues to suffer right on the edge of orgasm. Not able to go over the edge. The pain gets worse from the clips as he moans in yet another dry orgasm.       



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