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Mummy Scene Report

by Anita via Orion1701

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© Copyright 2001 - Anita via Orion1701 - Used by permission

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I friend from the alt.discuss.  news group I frequent posted this. She (call her Anita ) gave me premission to send this to you to use. Could you please post it on your site. She is a relitive newbie and does not want to be flooded with e-mails. But for a newbie I think she did quite well.

Mummy scene report

For quite some time I have had a fantasy of being mummified. Not having a Dom, and being too chicken to do it to myself, I enlisted (begged) the help of a good and trusted semi-kinky nilla friend. While he is not into bdsm, he has several fetishes of his own and is very kink friendly. He is someone that I trust with my life. Don't think I could have done this without knowing and trusting the wrapper well. This is how it went:

Note: the first part is how we did the actual wrapping. Scroll down about 8 times if you want to get to the juicy part (the paragrap starts with "By the way..."

Jim (names have been changed to protect the non-bdsmers) came over and we looked thru several instructions on mummification that I had printed off the internet and decided on one that he felt would be the easiest for him to use. We agreed that if at any time I wanted to be released, he would immediately do so and he could release me at any time if he felt I was in danger or something was not right/safe. We had 3 pairs of scissors on the nightstand. We also agreed that Jim would leave the bedroom (leaving me alone) if I requested him to but that he would not leave the apartment at all and would check on me frequently.

We gathered the instructions and headed to the bedroom where I put on socks and gloves. With me standing, he wrapped each leg and each arm individually with 2 layers of vet wrap (ladies: very pretty bright pink color). He wrapped the vet wrap around my torso up to my breasts and then tried to wrap a figure 8 around my chest. This is much harder to do than you would think. I was reading the instructions to him and we were getting pretty confused when I started to feel uncomfortable. I asked "What is sticking me in the back?" He started to laugh and said "Oh, it's just my arm wrapped up along with you." This sent us into gales of laughter wondering who would let us out if we both ended up mummified together. And, of course, then he had to do some Boris Karloff "mummy" imitations. When we finally regained our composure he finished wrapping my chest and back and did a pretty good job of it! The vet wrap felt wonderful! Soft against my skin but tight enough to get that good bondage feeling.

Next he started wrapping my neck (not too tightly and only 1 layer) and proceeded up across the top of my head and back down around my chin. When he started the 2nd layer around my eyes, I hit a big wave of claustrophobia and wanted him to take it off (which he did very quickly). At that point, I knew that having my head wrapped wasn't going to work so we went to my back up plan - a blindfold and earplugs (but didn't put them on yet as I wanted to see the finished product - how I looked mummified. We were doing this in front of a full length mirror). At this point, we had been wrapping for nearly an hour (minus laughing time) and I started to complain that it was taking too long and we needed to hurry and get to the good part of me being totally bound. If a Dom had been in the room, I'm sure I would have been gagged. Jim said "I'm doing this slowly so I can get it right. Even tho I don't quite understand your need to do this, I want to do it right so you get the most out of this and have the good kind of experience you want." Bless his nilla heart!! Don't we wish they were all like that? I quit my complaining.

Next, he put a strip of duct tape around my toes (outside of the socks) and I was amazed that it actually prevented me from wiggling my toes. He did the same on my gloved hands to prevent finger movement. He wrapped strips of duct tape around my calves and knees, another strip around my thighs and one around my abdomen that bound my arms to my sides. I was watching in the mirror and I felt dizzy at times so he stuck very close to me so I wouldn't fall. As a test, he held on to me, and I tried to move any body part and couldn't move anything below my shoulders. I really felt a sense of accomplishment looking at this pink mummy in the mirror! Not to mention, that the feeling of being totally bound was making me hornier than hell. We congratulated each other on our beginners success!

JIm picked me up and laid me on the bed where I had placed a bed sheet. Funny sensation, being picked up when your knees don't bend. He rolled me up in the bed sheet and then tied rope all the way around and under the bed so I was completely bound to the bed from ankles to shoulders. He placed the blindfold on me and sat down next to the bed at my request (no ear plugs yet). I got that cozy, glowing kind of feeling I get when restrained (I'm really into bondage) but still kept trying to move at least something and couldn't (other than my head). After a few minutes, I got panicky and asked Jim to talk to me. Not being a Dom (barely knowing what a Dom is), he proceeded to tell me some boring story about what happened to him at work. But, it served the purpose. I concentrated only on what he was saying and relaxed. We used a bungee type of cord across my forehead and around and under the bed to secure my head to the bed. Now I couldn't move anything at all. After about 10 mins. (Jim was the timekeeper) I asked him to insert the earplugs and leave me alone.

By the way, did I mention that prior to wrapping my body, Jim had inserted a remote controlled vibrator in me. We agreed that he would not turn on the vibrator for at least 20 mins. to give me time to adjust to and appreciate the total bondage experience. After that, Jim was free to control the vibrator at his whim. He liked that idea...maybe there's a little Dom in him after all!

Well, there I was...complete darkness, no sounds, unable to move any part of my body. Alone with my thoughts. I started thinking about Egyptian mummies, snug in their pyramids with their most favorite earthly possessions surrounding them. I imagined myself being one of those mummies and thought about what earthly possessions I'd want around me for my trip to the hereafter. Suddenly, I felt like I was in a tomb and a huge rush of claustrophobia screamed thru my brain. I yelled for Jim and he came running. He took out my ear plugs and asked me what was wrong. I said "I feel like I'm in a tomb and I have to get out of here" while constantly straining to move something, anything, any part of me. I felt that if I could move, I wouldn't feel as panicked. He said, "You're not in a tomb. Your laying on a raft in the middle of the ocean. You're looking up at the vast blue sky and the sun is warming and caressing your body..." he continued on with this imagery until I felt like I was laying on a raft in the wide open space of the ocean. 

Really good, I thought, him not being a Dom! I calmed down, he put the earplugs back in, gave me some sips of water and left me alone again. I let my thoughts drift here and there and tried to control the urge to move. I've been restrained in many ways but never completely and it was a little unnerving. All of a sudden I felt a familiar tingle between my legs....ahhhh...the vibrator. At last, a sensation to concentrate on! felt so good and I was getting wetter by the moment. I really relaxed into the bondage and felt like I was in a safe, warm cocoon. The vibrator stopped and I missed it's tingle to say the least!

But the urge to move was gone and replaced with a sense of comfortable peace. My thoughts drifted, mostly to past pleasant sexual experiences. Yesss...there was the vibrator again! The pleasant sensation, combined with my sexual fantasies, made me want to cum and I noticed it was getting a little warm in the cocoon. I felt like I was drifting, almost an out-of-body type feeling, and the urge to orgasm was very, very strong. Damn...vibrator turned off.

I laid there for what I think was quite a while (all sense of time was gone). Mostly, I was cursing myself for giving Jim complete control of that vibrator and wishing desperately that he would turn the blasted thing back on. The waiting was awful, wondering "Will it come back on now?" Then being disappointed when it didn't. My body was aching for release!

At's back on!! The steady pulsating was making me hotter and wetter and I wanted so badly to move my hips but couldn't. I tried to raise my head but it was bound to the bed. I was getting closer and closer to cumming. If I could just move my damn hips! I started to moan and had reached that delicious stage where orgasm is right upon me. All of a sudden I thought "What if he turns it off?" I couldn't bear the thought so I did the only thing I could do. I yelled out "If you turn that thing off now, I'll kill you!" Jim, not being a Dom, mercifully left the vibrator on. I orgasmed explosively with shudders throughout my entire bound body. One of the best I've ever had!

Aftercare: When I recovered from the orgasm, I was very hot (temperature wise) and felt exhausted. Jim told me I had been mummified for 70 minutes. I was ready to de-mummify. We unwrapped and even managed to save some of the vet wrap (that duct tape is sticky!). Ladies, you'll definitely want a shower after doing this! Plus, the water felt wonderful on my tight muscles.

A few notes: my knee and ankle bones are sore today (should pad those areas) and don't forget to pad your forehead if you use bungee type cord. I have a nice indentation on my forehead...good thing I wear bangs! In the future I will refrain from thinking about Egyptian mummies while mummified. And I will have to work on my attitude if I ever do this with a real Dom. LOL If Jim had been a Dom, I'd still be waiting to cum! I did have to reciprocate the favor with nilla sex (yuk) but it was a small price to pay for getting to have this experience.

All in all, I enjoyed my mummification experience tremendously and would highly recommend it as long as you take the necessary safety precautions! And may your Dom have mercy on you while you're mummified...but don't count on it!

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