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Mummy Session

by Leviticus

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© Copyright 2002 - Leviticus - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; wrap; tape; susp; toys; sex; cons; X

Hi Gromet.

First, I want to say what a great site you have. I have been logging on from time to time and have spent several hours perusing the wealth of information you have made available to us. It has to be one of the best free sites I have ever seen, and that isn't just because you feature some of my writing (grin). Maria also enjoys your site, and agreed to let me tell you about a bondage session we had on Tuesday evening. It involves something you evidently like a lot, mummification. If you want to post it, feel free to do so.

Looking at your site, we have seen many different kinds of ways to mummify someone, but when deciding which way to go, Maria chose to use a method described to her by someone she met when she used to be on AOL. Intrigued, I did as she asked, at least as far as the initial bondage went.

This method of mummification didn't use plastic wrap as most methods do, instead it used a bed sheet and several rolls of duct tape. The sheet was an old one, one I had owned for years and was so threadbare that Maria had threatened to toss it anyway. This was important, for once used, the sheet would be useless for anything else anyway.

I won't go into how we got ourselves warmed up for the event with a little naked frolicking (I'll let your dirty little mind make up it's own story), but eventually we did get down to the business of bondage. The first thing we did (after Maria had a bathroom break) was gather our stuff and go down to the basement. Why the basement? Because we needed a stout pillar or post, and the only ones available in my home are in the basement holding the first floor up.

Once downstairs, I prepared by ripping a few six inches pieces of tape apart, and put them close at hand, ready for use. Maria meanwhile, laid out the sheet and a pair of scissors for me, then popped into her mouth a special ball gag I had made for her.
I took a large rubber super ball, and drilled a rough hole through it, (hard to get a clean hole through those things). Then I shoved through it a plastic tube I got from a hobby store (oh those wonderful hobby stores, how they can cater to even THIS hobby!). The tube, about a 1/4 inch in diameter, just poked out of one side of the ball while the other end stuck out about two inches. This went into her mouth with the long end of the tube facing out from her face.

When she was ready, I wrapped my still nude girlfriend in the sheet, covering her from head to toe. The short pieces of tape I used to secure the sheet to her. She looked rather interesting, standing there like that, the tube in her gag tented the sheet away from her face. Her arms I had her keep at her sides.

I took a pair of scissors, and pinched the sheet over one of her nipples (pinching a nipple too, heh heh) and pulled it out a little way from her body until it was clear. Then I snipped a small hole directly over the nipple and let it fall back. I repeated this with the other nipple, and then snipped another hole over that wonderful spot between her legs. Finally I snipped a tiny hole over the gag, just big enough for the plastic tube to poke through.

I helped her shuffle back toward the post, but did not quite let her get to it. It would come later. Then came the really fun part.
Starting with my first roll of tape, I began to wrap her middle, binding her arms tightly to her sides under the sheet. As I wrapped, I would ask her if it was tight enough or too tight, and she would grunt an answer and I would adjust accordingly. I worked my way up and down her torso, crossing the tape between her breasts, making sure that the holes over her nipple didn't gravitate too far. Once her body was done, with at least three layers of tape, I continued up and did her head, wrapping it completely except for just under her nose.

The gag, with it's plastic breathing tube uncovered, I bound tightly into Maria's mouth. There was no way she was getting that out. I took the scissors once more, and snipped the cloth under her nose, giving her just a little more breathing room. Her head done, it was time for the next step.

I thought this would be tricky, but it turned out easier than I thought, and definitely worth it later. I had collected several phone books, from unnamed sources, and piled them up at the bottom of the 4x4 post I planned on using. The reason I did this, was to place Maria at the right height.

What height is that? You may ask. I won't tell you now, but I'm sure you'll figure it out.

I helped her up onto the books and, after pulling one out (I had guessed too high) I leaned her against the post. Starting again from her middle, I began wrapping again, this time binding her tightly to the post behind her. I took care to spread the tape evenly over her entire torso, except for over her breasts which by now were pressed hard against the sheet that covered them. I used a whole roll here and started another one on her head.

WARNING: If you try this, do not wrap around your partner's neck at this stage, it is not a load bearing piece of anatomy, as many hanging victims could tell you if they weren't dead. Instead, I just used enough tape to lock her head in place against the post.

What about her legs? I hear you thinking.

Before I wrapped her legs, I took a moment to slide into that tight little cleft at the top of her thighs one of her vibrators. I knew it was positioned to provide her with hours of pleasure, but no real release. I love to tease her like that. THEN I began wrapping her legs in tape, binding them directly to the post. I used a full roll of tape and a bit more, blending in the tape on her legs with the tape on her body. I was now ready to leave her hanging, so to speak.

Gingerly, at first, I pulled out the phone books from under her. I was happy to see I had done a good job with the tape, for she hardly sagged at all. Once all the books were gone, she was stuck to the post, not even able to touch the floor with her toes.

I waited with her for about fifteen minutes before going on. I asked her every so often if she was okay, if the tape was too tight in any place. But she didn't give me any negative sign (in case you're wondering, our safe word is for her to hum a tune. I never go out of hearing range of her while she is tightly bound and gagged). So, I kept going.

I had her point her toes toward the ground, and wrapped her feet in still more tape, then taped them to the post. She told me later this was the only uncomfortable part of the bondage, but as time went on she got used to it.

The final step was to use the scissors to enlarge the holes I had made over her nipples so that her breasts were forced through. I did this carefully, so that their bases would be squeezed, bulging her breasts out and making them more sensitive to touch.

The next several hours was spent in play, that is I played while Maria just hung around and took it.

I played with the vibrator, exciting her with it and even letting her cum once or twice toward the end. I used our few nipple clips and teased her breasts unmercifully. Her sensitive skin was also a target of feathers, brushes, ice, jelly, and of course my tongue. All through this, Maria couldn't move muscle one. It was great.

From time to time, I used a sports bottle with a straw, to pass water down the tube that ran through her gag, which was the main reason I had built it. I could have gone on for hours more, but after spending so long teasing her, I was getting antsy for the next step in our plan.

Taking the scissors, I felt for a gap in the tape between her feet and started cutting. I cut the tape away, as well as the sheet, working my way up toward her waist. My cutting however, had a definite reason, and it wasn't to free her. Oh no.

I cut upward from the front, until just her beautiful bare and sweaty legs were free, and parted them with ease (dropping the vibrator and breaking it. Opps!). The rest of her was still bound to the post, helpless, blind and silent, as I eased myself into position and had my eager way with her.

And yes, I got the height right (Grin).

Once we were both done, and I had taken a few minutes to recover, I decided to free her head. Not wanting to use the scissors, I just took the time to unwrap it. First from the post, then from it's own wrappings. It took a while, but when the last of it was gone and the sheet pushed down from her face, I was greeted with a big smile. I helped her get the gag out and I gave her some water before we kissed for a while, and, while she was still taped tightly to the post, we made love again, only this time slower and a lot more intimately.

I won't bore you with details (Ah boo!).
As I got her completely unwrapped and down off the post, she told me it had been great, and that she recommends it to anyone who cares to try it. I do too, it was a great way to spend about five hours. Maria surprised me though. Even after all that time, she wasn't done with being mummified. We took the time to eat and for her to wash up a little, then she demanded that I wrap her up again, only this time in plastic wrap.

So I did. I wrapped her from neck to toe in clear Saran Wrap, and laid her on the carpet in the living room while we watched a movie. We both work nights, so by now it was like three in the morning when the movie ended. I carried her upstairs to bed, with the intention of unwrapping her and getting some sleep, but she insisted on staying wrapped through the night, so that was how I left her, lying beside me on top of the covers, snug in her plastic cocoon.

I know, you hear these stories about how you shouldn't leave people wrapped in plastic for more than an hour or so, but we haven't found it to be true. We have yet to reach Maria's upper limit, and I wonder if we ever will. I just make sure I can cut her free in a hurry if she needs to get out.

Since she wasn't gagged and her head was uncovered I figured it was safe enough for her to sleep as she was, and I was right. when we woke up the next day she was okay, but thirsty.

It was a great day, and I wish we could do more of them.



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