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Mummy Skirt

by J Phipps

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© Copyright 2006 - J Phipps - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mum; wrap; tape; cons; X

Here is a true story of what happened last week end, call it Mummy Skirt


My partner is a lovely lady, 5ft slim and blond, one of the things that she loves is being trapped, she has never in her life worn a pair of trousers, only skirts, since I have known her. She loves to wear very tight, knee length skirts to the extent that she has trouble stepping up a curb, but I find this cool.

Jane, she works at a factory, and one day brought home a very large roll of pallet wrap. Now she often wraps her legs together from her knee to chest to make her slimmer, and some times stays like this all day. She also has a sticky plastic film, when in contact with water shrinks and goes rock hard. Jane also wears round the house both legs in a pair of stretch trousers,

But on Friday when I cane home from work she grabbed me, and took me to our bedroom, striped me naked and put a blind fold on me, and said, "Stand up and wait here."

Several minutes passed and then she grabbed my arm and started to wrap it in pallet wrap down the length of my arm. I said what are you doing?

Not knowing what's happening, then suddenly she gagged me with a large piece of duck tape and said don't worry I have got you.

Jane then wrapped my other arm then body then both legs, this took about 30 mins to do, felt quite nice I could not move my elbows and knees. She said hold your hands out, then I could not move my fingers, she wrapped several layers around my hand.

Then suddenly I felt different, she was wrapping me like a mummy, up and down, up and down, to my toes.

After about an hour she said that it all the wrap used, by then I could not move an inch, slowly falling asleep. Jane helped me on to the bed. it felt amazing like I was a stick.

Then I heard the door slam. I was wondering where Jane was. Little did I know she went out for the night with a friend leaving me trapped.

I fell asleep, woke up several times gagged and completely trapped.

It must off been 6 hours before Jane came home, when she did she was drunk. By then I had worked the wrap a little looser. She cut my legs free so I could go to the toilet, after I hobbled back I had a tube put in my mouth, and wow I felt like I was being pulled in, she began wrapping me up tightly in duct tape. I started to panic.

She said, "Ha ha got you.." and then the door went again, her friend had come round and she also started to wrap me.

That night I know I was trapped all night and most of Saturday. Late Sunday evening I was finally let free, had a bath then went back to bed and woke Monday thinking it was a dream. All week I have been thinking how cool it was being mummified, and now understand it



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