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The Mummy Speaks

by Techster

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Storycodes: FF/m; wrap; cocoon; intubate; chast; electro; toys; tease; torment; sex; climax; cons; X

It was one hell of an experience being mummified for three and a half days.

The only reason I survived it was because Techie did a great of planning for my mummification and along a registered nurse monitored my condition. The catheter kept my bladder drained and the hollow butt plug allowed my (semi) solid waste (to keep from building up). My 6 times daily feeding kept my strength up and balanced my fluid intake.

But the real lifesaver were the rotator that had me in a standing position for several times a day for 5 hours at a time and the CPAP that insured my breathing was regular.

It took me about 2 hours but I learned how to control the television and spent the day watching the news and when I slept listening to an easy listening channel.

The real killer was the electro stim that “tickled” my cock several times per day. With the catheter and CB6000 in place I could not get an erection but as time went on I got hornier than all hell with no way to “release” it.

I knew when Techie’s friend, a Registered Nurse named Nancy, came in to fill my feeding bag and empty my waste. She always came in slowly and softly and changed my waste bags and filled my feeder. She would “check” me out first with a massage of my legs and arms and then a massage of my balls of my balls with a warming lotion.

Once she lifted off my right headphone and said, “This will help keep your skin soft because I believe when you are released you will be horny as all hell!”

Then before leaving she worked all over my balls, groin with a small high speed vibrator.

On the last day she taped the vibrator to the urine drain tube and that was pure torture.

I tried struggling but Techie had done an excellent designing my mummification.

When you are restrained, make that mummified, even though you can watch TV time goes by very, very slowly. To keep myself amused I started designing a suitable fate for Techie. She would be mummified but with a clit vibrator, a pulsing dildo, nipple clips and dildoes with electro stim contacts in her vagina, clitoris and anus.

The pulsing dildo would be automatically lubed and would both rotate and move in and out slowly. The dildo would sense an increase in heart rate and stop for a few minutes. This was designed to keep her balanced on the edge of an orgasm while she was restrained. Techie would not be gagged, instead she would be kept on the sub basement level of Domina Bonita’s dungeon. That way no one would hear her screams and moans as she struggled vain .

Finally on day three I felt my covering removed, and Techie leaned down, removed the headset and said, “I think you got the best of this deal! I was ready to kill those two spoiled brats by the end of the second day!!”

Techie and Nancy then stood me up and removed the feeding tube. Next she removed the CPAP nasal pillow, the gag, the butt plug with the solid waste tube. I stood there naked as the two women washed and massaged my skin.

“Did you replace the batteries in the vibrator” Techie asked Nancy

“I knew I forgot something!” Nancy replied with a grin.

Techie reached down and removed the tape from the vibrator which was still taped to the catheter, she inserted two new triple A batteries and made it buzz to test it.

Nancy removed the catheter and instantly I could feel my cock getting hard. Again it was in vain, the CB6000 kept me from achieving a full erection.

Techie laughed and said, “I do believe you are due for a break. I think I’ll remove the CB6000 and we’ll see what happens.” She unlocked the lock and removed the tube. Instantly my cock jumped to a full hard on. “I hate to waste an opportunity like this. Nancy, you should leave now.”

Nancy took the hint and sprinted out of the room. Then we heard the front door close.

Techie pushed the button on the rotation timer and I was lying down with my hard cock pointing to the ceiling. She took a bottle of sex lube and rubbed my cock with it. Then she straddled me and since the lying down position was quite close to the floor she slowly moved up and down with my hard cock inside her.

Then she stopped just before I was about to cum. She lifted off me and sat down and rubbed the edge of the head of my cock After several times I had an earthshaking orgasm then Techie laid a long deep kiss on me as she released my restraints and helped me stand.

The warn shower and Techie's massage felt great.

We made love 2 more time and then went out for a steak and champagne dinner.

At home we fell asleep in each other's arms as warmed by her body and stimulated by her scent I dreamt of my revenge.

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