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Storycodes: FF; museum; discovery; tomb; F+/f; captive; punish; rack; wheel; susp; bandages; wrap; mummify; tease; pleasure; enslave; dream; nc/cons; X

Dominique and Phoebe were archaeologists students at the nearby College
Dominique do you want to go to the next exhibit tonight at the Museum?
Sure Phoebe, What time? It is a late showing at Midnight. So Off they go.
After a half, an hour there exploring the Tomb set up. Dominique says this is lame Let's go home, Phoebe, AW come on just a little longer. Ok, what's that over there. Wow, it is the symbol for the Mummifiers of the Sun God RA.
Go ahead and push it, Dominique. Ow, it pricked me. your OK?  Yea Phoebe. A moment later the Tomb wall opened up. Wow, the girls just had to look.
Dominique you Ok you have a glassy-eyed look. Call me Goddess Dominique.
No screams Phoebe, Phoebe wakes up naked lying on the altar to await her fate.

Phoebe screams Dominique. Call me Goddess, Slave. Snap out of it. this is not real. Oh, but I assure you, it is Slave. and if you don't obey me. You will be punished. I'll never obey. Let me loose Dominique. So be it guards prepare her for punishment. with that, a beautiful female dress in a very loose fitting toga comes over to poor Phoebe. and presses a rag with a foul order to it. she passes out.

Phoebe awakes again in a different chamber, she looks around to see in the torch lit room all sort of devices for torture, a rack in the middle of the room, tieing posts, spiked chair, chains, and shackles hang everywhere, and then there is Phoebe's predicament. Phoebe is tied to a big water wheel.
Her hands are lashed over her head, a rope is wrapped around her elbows very tight. a very tight waist rope wrapped around three times, and finally her ankles, and knees too.  Phoebe thought this was overkill but then realized why so many ropes, the water wheel was over four feet of a deep pool of water when she was turned upside  Phoebe would be under water. Well, Slave, will you obey. No never

Dominique. Please wake up. Turn her!!
Poor Phoebe. around and around she went only to stop in the ice cold water, Enough, Slave will you obey, Never Dominique, I told you to call me Goddess, Guards stretch her. With that Poor Phoebe was hung by her wrist from the ceiling, Dominique comes over to Phoebe. Well, Slave what it going to be. submit or not,  Please Dominique, wake up you are not a Goddess,  Guards!!.
Weights now !! two 25 pound iron balls are added to Phoebes stretched out legs. This pulls her more taught. Dominique talks again Slave if you don't submit soon. I'm afraid the rack is next or you seal your fate, Never. So be It.

Guards !! the female guard comes back with that foul smelling rag and Phoebe passes out again. Tighter Dominique screams, and one more click goes the rack. Never. Slave, I admire your resolve but you sealed your fate. Wrap her. Phoebe was to be mummified and placed in a sarcophagus.

Poor Phoebe undergoes the wrapping ritual and the wraps were up to her head now.  Slave last chance, No, she screams, guards. Leave her eyes open so she can see the horror of her mistake.  The guards continue to wrap Phoebe up, They take a big wad of cloth and stuff it in her mouth to stop her from screaming any more.

Done Goddess, Ok take her to my chamber, Poor Phoebe got the rag again.
Phoebe awakes in Dominique bedchamber. Well, Slave, time to play with you before you go in the sarcophagus. For three nights and days, Phoebe was submitted to Goddess Dominique advances and she was weakening.
On Phoebes 4th day Goddess Dominic asks Slave will you submit.
Phoebe Yes!!, Goddess Dominique,
Good no sarcophagus for you but you will remain wrapped up in my bed for my pleasure.

Phoebe you Ok. What !!  Phoebe was a little dazed. You walk right into that low overhead beam. You knock yourself out. How Long. A good hour or so.
Wow, Dominique. I had a very vivid dream, What about Phoebe?  You were an Egyptian Goddess and you wanted me to be your sex Slave.
Did I succeed? In the end but I had to suffer a lot of torture and finally, You had me mummified and taken to your bed. Go on this sound sexy and so exciting. Yes, I submitted to you in the end, After four days of sexual torment. Ok Now. Yes. Phoebe, You should write it all down for a book. Phoebe, it is getting late. Let's get out of here, Don't want to spend the rest of the long weekend in here.

Dominique, you drive I'm still a little woozy, just one stop,  Ok Phoebe.
She was asleep when Dominique stops the car. Where are we?
In front of the all-night Drug store. To get something for you. What?

the End

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