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My Final Resting Place

by Bad Spyro

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© Copyright 2006 - Bad Spyro - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; slave; bond; mum; wrap; enclosed; buried; cons; latex; entombment; toys; sbf; XX

2006 Shadowplay Imaging Mummification Story Contest Entrant

Special thanks to the members of the Gromet's plaza, who gave me the inspiration and drive to write this story, especially the likes of Jenny and Toran


It all started 3 years ago, when a group of us met up, and decided to start a game, a sex game of warped proportions between our group. Each round was 6 months long, and usually involved a modification of some sort, and recently the stakes had been getting higher.
My name was pulled out of the hat.
My head started to spin.
My partner started to think, as the cogs in her head started to turn.
At that point, I knew mine was going to top it all.

6 months later, everything was ready, and I was getting prepared for the ceremony that night. First, I took a looong hot shower, feeling the hot beads of water gently massage my body for the last time, orgasming gently as they pounded upon my open flower, both pairs of lips pursed at the flow of the water.
finally I got the courage to turn it off and step out of the shower, while scolding myself for my mini-orgasm.
I gently toweled myself off, yet again picking up an extra towel to dry my hair off, for forgetting that it had all been removed especially for tonight. The preparations had taken so long. I was shivering with anticipation even then. It had started. My final day.

I dropped my towel into the washing basket, and slowly walked through the house to the kitchen, where my electrolyte drink was waiting. This was all I had been allowed to drink for a week, and coupled with the enemas, I was totally cleaned out, both inside and out. I would miss the feeling of the water slowly filling me from below, and the feeling of it rushing to get out as it was expelled down the toilet every day.

Slowly, I wandered into the conservatory, wondering what she had put out for me to wear today. I was not disappointed. She had put out a latex wrestling style suit, but it had one surprise, it had a built in straight jacket.
It had a note with it...

Dear Christena
I know this is your fave toy, and piece of clothing, so I thought I would treat you to it one last time, on your last day (I shuddered as I read that), and I even set it up so it will do its self up! ( pleasure surged through my body and up my spine)
before you put it on though, I want to make sure you have had your shower and drank your electrolyte, as you won't be able to do that in this outfit! (my eyes closed softly again as pleasure pulsed through my body)
Have a nice day!
Your loving partner

I rushed back to the kitchen to put my glass in the dishwasher, and then came back to the conservatory like an over eager puppy, and I begun to climb into the suit, being careful of the wire attached to the back zipper of the suit, which was attached to an electronic winch on the celling, designed to pull up the zip as soon as the switch on the floor was pressed by my foot.
Finally, I was in, and I pressed down the switch while standing bolt upright to give the winch the easiest possible job, and to let the zip go up smoothly, resting at the base of my neck, sealing me in for the day. Just at the thought of that, another shiver of anticipation ran up my spine.

I wondered into the living room and sat down on the settee, playing with the TV remote with my feet to turn it on (something I had gotten rather good at during the past few months), and settled down to watch TV for a couple of hours, enjoying re-runs of Scrubs, snuggling with myself until I drifted off to sleep...

I woke up to see Anna standing over me, grinning like an over excited Cheshire cat that just got the cream. THAT is the kind of thing I like to wake up to!
Then, she bent down to my ear, and whispered (nibbling my ear all the time - I love this woman!) "Its time to get everything ready, they will be here soon."

As she helped me up, it dawned on me that she was the one thing in my life that I would miss the most, and that she was one of the few left that would truly miss me, especially after my entire family died in a plane crash 5 years ago, not that any of my family ever liked our relationship together.
As a tear glistened by my eye, she stopped, and with a deep look of concern in her eyes, she asked me if I was alright, to which all I could answer was the simple, and woefully inadequate "I'll miss you", but enough was passed through our eyes to make even this speak volumes.
"and I will too, but I also know that you have always wanted this, and that some day, in another life, we will meet again, and again be together, and again join each other, as our love will always form a bond between us, whatever happens."
"I love you" I meekly replied.
"are you sure you want to do this today? We can do it another day if you want..." she said with a look of deep concern in her eyes, and beneath that, the love shone through, like a bright light guiding me along my path.
She already knew my answer, but she still needed me to tell her. To finish our vocal contract for one last time. "yes, I need this, and its now or never. If I don't do this now, I never will." I replied, my own voice strengthening my conviction, hardening my resolve.
tonight would be the night, when it all came together.

She gently hugged me while she led me into our garage, where everything was laid out neatly on the floor, in preparation for my final resting, the pinnacle of my life, the shining light of my kink.

That night, I was to be buried alive forever.

Then, she let me sit down on my throne, as she went to answer the door, the rest of the group were already arriving. It was all happening now. Only I could stop it, and I knew I couldn't. I knew, that if asked now, or at any stage, I would never be able to say no. I was an addict, and this was my drug.
The fantasy's had pulsed through my veins for years.
The highs had grown as my inventions and techniques had grown in number.
But it all came down to that night.

Slowly, they were shown in, and they gathered round, and sat down to watch the show, the cameras recording everything, live feeds going around the world on the web, and more feeds going to secure servers.

Everything was ready.

Everyone was there.

The wires were live.

The show was on.

Anna walked round the back of the chair, unlocked and unzipped my latex straight jacket, and helped me get it off, and get me seated again, naked in front of an audience off countless millions both now and in the future, as this was not the only audience, this was being shown at the center for sex and culture live for educational purposes, where it would also be cataloged and stored for future generations.

I slowly stood up, and she began to wrap me in the first roll of saran wrap, tightly confining my legs, keeping them straight, apart for now, pausing to thread the catheter in, the burning sensation was brief, as the power of the saran overtook it, even as it burrowed deep into my urethra, and my urine began to drain into the bag. Then she started again, but this time on my arms, after hugging me tightly, the last human touch I would ever feel on my skin.

She then did my torso avoiding my dripping open rose and my tender anus, wrapping up to my neck, and slowly covering my head, being careful to leave the shot IV tube coming from my neck free, and careful not to pull it out, as this was to be my only source of food and nutrients for the rest of my life.

I felt the vibrators go in, front and back, with a satisfying plop, the super glue bonding them to me forever, the wires hanging loosely, ready to be connected up to their programmed power supply, designed to last longer than me, a flash of a camera went off as they sank home, my face a picture of the perfect orgasmic moment, before Anna kissed me, the moment before she intubated me, ready for me to be put on my ventilator, and finished wrapping up my head, finally loosing my sight forever.

Next, she put in the layer of cooling pipes, that were to be connected up to the underground passive heat pump, to keep me at the right temperature at all times, short of nothing but a full scale ice age, and started to wrap my limbs separately in duct tape, before putting a cushion between my ankles and mummifying me as one full mummy, with only a few tubes keeping me as part of this world.

She slowly pulled the plaster bandages out of their soaking tub, and stated to lay them on me, sealing me into a nearly impregnable cast, halting any attempt at movement what so ever, finalizing my journey to the grave, glad that I was at least the orchestrator of my own demise, and very happy that it was going to be one of the most enjoyable things that I would ever experience, and with any luck, the most enjoyable.

Finally, she lowered me into the coffin, with some help from our group members, before pouring in gallon after gallon of ebony liquid latex, just three tubes and two cables poking out as it set all around me as they closed the lid, threaded the wires through their holes and welded it shut, and filling it to the brim with more black liquid latex, ensuring that the vibrations from my toys would vibrate the entire coffin.

They carried me out to the back garden, where my pit was dug, and filled with liquid concrete, where they hooked me up to the IV point, and hooked my ventilator and my toys up to the solar powered sterling engine (aka heat engine) and its battery pack, with the computer driving the vibrators randomly, only ever letting me have an orgasm once every 10 years, all the time bringing me to the brink and halting. Slowly driving me insane.

They grassed it over, and made sure that I was to be looked after until I died, by way of my Anna's will, and my vast fortune from the airline for the death of my entire family, totaling in several million.

The only thing left to show that I ever existed apart from on paper is a stone tablet in the back of a garden, somewhere in the world, with a sterling engine going by it, and a heat pump under the concrete. And this is how it will be forever, or at least until my next life, when Anna and I can try something new...


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