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My First Meeting

by Chryslerman

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© Copyright 2007 - Chryslerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; D/s; bond; wrap; tape; cons; X

I had met him over the net, and spoke by IM 4 or 5 times. He lived at the southern part of the state south of mine, while I was in the northern part of mine. We had discussed a few of the fantasies I had, and he told me how he handles himself. We were to meet in a city central to us both at a Red Roof Inn.

He was already there, a white rag hanging on the door, so I knew where to go. I was to arrive, put my gear on the bed, turn and face the door with my forehead against it, eyes closed, feet apart, and hands behind my back and announce out loud, “I am ready, sir.”

I had arrived a few minutes late due to a problem with my car (A truck blew a tire and a piece got lodged under it). I found the rag hanging, proceeded into the room, and did as instructed. I heard a sound come from the bathroom and breathing coming toward me. I had my hands put into cuffs and then locked behind me. I had a blindfold put on, and I was led to the center of the room, where I had my hands locked above me, and a spreader bar placed between my ankles. A gag was then inserted.

“Are you enjoying this, boy?” he asked.

I had never met him before, and only spoke by IM. I was nervous, and scared to death! But I managed to shake my head yes, and he seemed to be satisfied with my answer. “Good, because you’re mine now, boy!”

I was then subjected to a ‘rip and strip’ where my clothes were ripped off, and I was fondled. I was unlocked from the overhead hook and secured to a high-back chair. I was then brought to orgasm, then untied and moved to the bed, where I was tied spread-eagle and again brought to orgasm.

He was very kind the whole time, and never once was I given cause to fear him. We continued for sometime, me in various bondage positions, and brought to orgasm. Finally, I was released and I dressed and we went out to eat. We talked in person for the first time and we learned that we had much in common. He grew up not far from my Grandfather, and as I had gone into that town to visit, I was only blocks from his home. We had a nice meal, and went back to the motel.

Once back, he fell back into “Master Mode” again, and I was undressed, and began to have plastic wrap wound around my body, more and more. I had told him that I loved mummification, and that I would like a session as a mummy. I was covered head to toe, with only nose holes in saran wrap, and then was covered nice and tight in a few layers of duct tape. It felt like heaven, and I found out, he had never done it before, or had even considered it before until I had spoken to him about it. He did a fantastic job!

It was extremely comfortable, but still nice and restrictive, so I could stay in it for a long period of time. I was then picked up, and placed on a short metal ladder, covered in pillows and then had strips of duct tape wound at strategic spots to hold me there. I was leaned against a wall, held face down horizontally, laid back with my feet elevated, flat, etc.

Most of the rest of the evening though, I was left on my back, feet elevated and my cock exposed. He had cut out around it, and began to stimulate me, and bring me right to the edge, and then back off. I wanted off, SO BAD!!! But he’d do that every so often, and I had lost track of time. Finally, I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning (I was told) I woke up to more stimulation. He kept up the on again, off again stimulation for what seemed to be hours, and then I had my head released. It was nearly 11am! He fed me breakfast, a couple of doughnuts and coffee, had a hospital pee can, I relieved myself, and I had my head re-wrapped. I was told, that the rest of that day and night, I would be confined to the mummy.

I had a hole made at my mouth for water through a straw occasionally, and my lower face was released for lunch, and again for dinner. We had sessions all day, including some fantastic orgasms! Again, sometime late that night, I fell asleep, only to be awoke with an impending orgasm! More than once! I was given an orgasm, and left for the night. The next morning, I was released, led into the shower and my clothes brought to me.

As I finished getting dressed for the drive home, he gave me my orders for the following weekend…

To be continued…


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