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My Mummification Fate

by Chryslerman

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© Copyright 2007 - Chryslerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; mum; encased; sealed; cons/nc; XX

I had told my Mistress of my love for mummification on many times, and was treated to it only occasionally. I had met with friends at different times and we got together mummifying each other. Sometimes in cloth, sometimes in Saran Wrap and Duct tape, sometimes in plaster, and other times we’d do it in a mix of them.

My Mistress (who is also my wife) had told me she no longer wanted me to do this with other people. I agreed but, the craving became too much, and I began meeting them secretly. One day I was having fun mummifying, and being mummified and lost track of time. I ran home to find her upset with me not being there when I was supposed to be. I was grilled constantly for a couple of hours until I finally admitted what I had been doing. 

She was upset, but less so than I had expected. I was actually shocked at how well she took it. But I noticed that over the next few days, she was more business like with me, and we did not do anything together. Then, on Friday when I came home from work, I was instructed to shower, and completely shave, and to report to her in the basement/dungeon.

I did as told, and reported to her in the basement. She had the room made up as a small apartment and proceeded to cover me in a nasty smelling ‘goo’ and then wiped it off. It burned a little bit when it was on, and I found out afterwards that it was a permanent depilatory. She then put cuffs on my ankles and wrists, placed me into a chastity belt and connected the wrists by a 1 foot chain, my ankles by a 2 foot chain, and then chained to a hook inset in the wall. I had a gag with a tube through it put on me, covered with a muzzle which had an opening for the tube to come through, and was locked on.

“Well, until I know how to do what I want, you’ll remain here. I’ve already called your boss, and let them know you quit. I have no idea how long you’ll be here, it depends on how fast I can get the information and supplies that I need. You will now sign these documents. They effectively take everything out of your name, and places them all in mine. The house, the cars, the bank accounts, etc. All that remains in your name are the bills! I will feed you, and you have the port-john to use. But you will not be released until I’m ready. And if you attempt anything, I’ll use a cattle-prod and put bondage mitts on you and tie you down to the bed. Is that understood?”

What could I do but meekly nod my head, and settle in to my new home. I had built it to be soundproof, and fully contained, and quite sturdy. At least it had a TV, no cable, but I could pick up the local broadcast channels. She left, and shut the heavy steel door, and I heard the locks and drawbar being clanked shut. I was sealed in.

The next couple of weeks went by fairly uneventfully. She told me that she had sold my van, and most of my tools and belongings, told most everyone that I had ran away to South America with a girl I had met, and given her my Power of Attorney to do with everything as she wished. I was screwed.

Then one Saturday afternoon, She came in and pressed a rag against my face, and I lost consciousness. When I had awoke, I had an IV in my leg near my left ankle, I had hoses in my nose, a catheter inserted, and I was laying on a hospital like gurney. I was also unable to move. “Ah, you’re finally awake. You’re being given a drug that immobilizes your voluntary motor functions. You can breathe and such ok, but can’t move. You will lay here awake as your fate is sealed.”

She showed me the rolls of saran wrap and pressed in a butt plug. “While you were out, I’ve given you an enema, so I know you’re well cleaned out. You won’t need to worry about that anymore.” She proceeded to wrap my legs, feet, torso, carefully leaving my genitals exposed, and up my chest, over the shoulders, the neck, then the arms. “I’m going to do your head now.” She then put a gag in that filled my mouth completely and glued it to my face. Then plugs were put into my ears, and cotton balls over my eyes. Then a latex hood was pulled over my head, and the nose hoses were pulled through their holes and the glue was applied to seal the tubes to the hood.

She then proceeded to wrap my head leaving the hoses out. I was completely wrapped except for my air hoses, IV tube and my genitals, with the catheter tube extending from it. She then started wrapping me in Vet Wrap, wrapping my legs together, placing small rags between my ankles and knees, and then my arms to my side she continued up and then at the neck, she lessened the tightness a bit, then finished wrapping my head tightly. She then grabbed my cock and tightly wrapped it separately, then pulling it up against my abdomen, used more vet wrap to seal it against me. 

She then wrapped me tightly in duct tape, and then wrapped me in cotton roll. She then proceeded to begin wrapping me in fiberglass strips like for a cast. All the way up, and then left to harden. During the wrapping I was stood upright, and now I was held up in that position while the fiberglass cured. Suddenly, I heard a voice in my left ear. The plug must have a speaker in it! “Well, I have you ready. You will be placed in a sarcophagus in the family room, where it will have you sealed in with wax and the lid sealed permanently. A small box attached to the side has your IV bag and urine collection bag and the ends of your breathing tubes. I have no idea how long you will survive, but you wanted mummification. Now you’ll have it permanently. The papers have been filed to have a divorce decree placed in effect since you ran away, and left the country. I will have to start dating again.”

I felt myself being lowered into the box. I must have been wrapped while in the Family Room. I felt pressure build up, apparently as the wax was poured in. I then felt the lid apparently close and nailing being done.

“Just a last note. If I ever get tired of you, I have 2 options. I can either close off all the tubes, or I can sell you on eBay as a bondage artifact. The new owner could decide to keep you, release you, or put you out of their misery. I’ll have to see. But anyway, hope you like what you got. I always told you, ‘Be careful what you wish for because you may get it!’”

I am left to myself in the darkness and silence pondering what kind of future, if any, that I may have.

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