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My New Home

by Chryslerman

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© Copyright 2007 - Chryslerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; mum; wrap; bagged; boxed; stored; cons; X

I traveled to visit a good friend that loves bondage too. His parents are elderly and he had recently put his father in a nursing home. Now that he was taken care of professionally instead of by my friend, he had a lot more time on his hands.

I love to be mummified and he loves to top me and enjoys mummification too! So, while his mom was out one day, I showed up (so she wouldn’t know I was there and ask him where I was all the time) and I was summarily stripped and heavily mummified. (Several layers of saran and then shrink wrap, covered by a couple overlapping layers of duct tape, head to toe with just a mouth tube, piss tube and nostril tubes sticking out)

“Time to get you put away before Mom comes home.” And I am lifted and placed in a large garment bag with a piss bag connected to that tube, and placed up on a high shelf in the hall closet, with the mouth and nose tubes sticking out appropriate holes. Soon after that, I hear his mother come in and dealt with things as usual, not knowing there was a man mummified and on one of her closet shelves!

The day progressed and that evening, I was pulled down and taken down into the basement where I was taken out of the garment bag, teased and jerked off, and then placed in a large pickup truck tool box that was in the basement somewhere. It already had pillows and blankets in it, I was given a small bottle of Gatorade, and once done, told goodnight and the lid shut. I laid there taking in how great everything felt so far and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I was taken out of the toolbox and carried up stairs. I was told his mother was still asleep, was again given a Gatorade, then a nice cup of coffee (I love coffee in the morning), my piss bag was changed and then I was placed into a large trunk in the living room, with my knees pulled up slightly and my head down, hard to do wrapped as I was, and my piss bag placed next to me and my breathing tubes connected to a couple attachments that connected to outside air, then I had a false bottom type cover placed in over me, and then a lot of stuff to fill the trunk. I was told he was leaving me there most of the day as he had a lot of errands to run and was also taking his mom a few places later on as well.

I was there for hours and hours, beginning to get cramped up actually when I heard his voice. He was telling his mother that his father had just taken a turn for the worse at the Nursing Home and that they had to go there right away. I heard some movement and then a door slamming.

An unknown time later he came in, waking me up as he took me out of the trunk, apologizing for leaving me so long, but he only had a few minutes available. So he carried me out into the garage, given more Gatorade and 2 Protein shakes and changing the piss bag again. I was then placed in a long bag, similar to a large tent bag, and then hoisted up to the attic and left hanging there. I was told he would leave me there for the rest of the day and if any family members did show up from out of town, I wouldn’t be found in the house.

After an unknown time hanging there in the bag, I heard the garage door open up and voices. “We need to clean out this garage for them. There is a lot of junk in here!” and you could hear a lot of things being moved around and different voices talking to each other. I was afraid of being discovered! All of a sudden I heard my friends voice asking what was going on, it was explained and he told them not to worry, he’d take care of it all later, he was going to go through all the boxes and sort it all out and soon the voices diminished and then a door shut.

Later I was taken down, given more Protein shakes and water, jerked off, asked if I was okay (1 grunt for yes, 2 for no) Of course I did 1!

He then said with everyone there it was impossible to get the time and opportunity to let me loose, he loved having me there anyway, knew I loved it, so he was going to keep me as a fulltime slave! What did I care, my life sucked anyway! So he proceeded to place me a cabinet there in the garage, which he then placed a couple hasps and padlocks on and told that for now, this was my home until things settled down and then he’d find a better way to handle and keep me.

I don’t care; I’m enjoying all this anyway!

The End?

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