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My Turn

by BP

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© Copyright 2009 - BP - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; wrap; plastic; breathplay; tickle; sex; cons; XX

"I'm back!"

BP felt butterflies jump in his stomach as he heard his wife, soon-to-be dominatrix, call to him from the door of their vacation cabin. As Cassie stood in the doorway, she locked eyes with BP, who was currently relaxing on the couch, trying to put out with his best pouty, puppy-dog face. "Oh no no, that won't work now," Cassie said firmly as she walked into their bedroom, "you're mine now, you already had your naughty way with me... I know you haven't forgotten already." BP certainly had not forgotten.

Cassie and BP had been on vacation for a little over a week now in a little secluded cabin they had rented for themselves. In a particularly horny moment before their vacation started, the two of them had agreed to relinquish complete control to the other for a whole day each during their time off. Cassie told BP that he could have his first, and then she would take hers four days later to give them time to recover from the first day. They agreed upon the days, the time came, and sure enough, BP had kept Cassie as his kinky little sex pet from morning until night just four days ago.

Now Cassie certainly didn't mind her day of sexual servitude; although it was agreed upon that the submissive's comfort and satisfaction were not to be a priority during their two vacation sessions, she still derived a great amount of pleasure from the dirty, sexy feeling of being "used" and treated like a total sex slave. She had been kept on a leash the entire day, no exceptions, was only allowed to crawl on all fours, had been spoon-fed all of her meals, and was washed and cared for by BP's own hand. There were certain parts of being his pet that certainly made Cassie feel like she was being pampered, but the fact that she was constantly naked and unprotected from being ogled, fondled and sexually used kept her well-aware of her sole purpose as his screw-toy for the day.

By the end of the night, Cassie had really gotten into her role and was keeping her mouth constantly busy planting kisses all over her master's body and frequently pleasuring his cock and balls while they relaxed and watched tv together. Even if he wasn't constantly ready for action, BP still enjoyed the nearly constant attention of her warm mouth on his most sensitive parts. As the night ended, Cassie was even made to give her master a full-body tongue-bath before they both took a real shower and had one good screw before going to bed. By no stretch of the imagination could that have been considered a bad day, but although Cassie's submissive side had enjoyed it, her dominant side was more than ready to take her revenge and put her husband in his place.

"Well, now that I have everything I need, I hope you're ready," Cassie called out to the living room. She had woke up and gone out shopping this morning, telling BP that there were a couple things that she needed to pick up before she was ready to enslave him for the day.

BP looked over the back of the couch just in time to see Cassie walking sexily toward him with a blindfold and a ballgag in her hand. "Any last words, my pet?" she asked as she pulled the blindfold around BP's head and gagged him, before commanding, "stand up and strip." Once he was naked, Cassie told BP to kneel on the floor and, grabbing a handful of his hair to lead him with, made him crawl into the bedroom on all fours. "What a good little slave," Cassie cooed at him, "now stand up and don't move from that spot. It's time to wrap things up."

BP didn't catch her turn of phrase until he felt her place a sheet of plastic wrap against his chest and begin wrapping it around his torso. "I want you bound in a position that you'll be physically comfortable in for a while, so you're getting a nice, simple mummy wrap," Cassie said with a smile as she spun her slave into a shiny cocoon.

As she worked her way downwards, Cassie made sure to avoid BP's hardening penis, making a hole for it in the plastic as she wound around his hips. Once she had reached his mid-thighs, she started wrapping back upwards, pulling much tighter on the second layer. BP's arms were being pressed tightly to his sides now and if there was any doubt about the security of his bondage before, Cassie soon took them away when she reached his neck and began wrapping back down towards his feet again, this time pulling the plastic as tight as she possibly could, and slowing her decent to make the layering thick and even.

Cassie once again made a hole in the plastic for BP's manhood to stick out of as she wrapped past it. Once she reached his thighs, she tore the roll of plastic off and set it down beside her. Standing up, Cassie took the blindfold away so that BP could see himself. "Well look at you now," Cassie said as she dropped to her knees in front of him, "you look as if you've been spun in glass."

As BP looked down, he saw Cassie take him inside her mouth and begin to expertly pleasure him with her warm, wet tongue. Cassie heard her captive let out a low moan above her and she reached around and gripped his plastic-covered ass in her hands. BP was really enjoying himself now but Cassie's plans did not involve him getting off yet. Once he was as hard as she wanted, Cassie took the roll of plastic and wrapped her slave's throbbing cock up tight against his stomach, eliciting moans of frustration from his gagged mouth.

Cassie giggled to herself as she watched BP plead to her with his eyes. She nonchalantly pushed him backwards and giggled again as her shrink-wrapped slave toppled stiffly onto the bed. Before he could get his bearings though, Cassie was already kneeling on the bed with his legs propped on her shoulder, busy at work, wrapping his legs together with the same uniform tightness that she had used on his upper body.

Once she had covered BP's legs in three very tight layers of plastic, Cassie looked thoughtfully at his feet, the only part of her slave left uncovered other than his head. As BP looked down at his wicked captor, he knew exactly what she was thinking and, sure enough, she began dancing her fingers across his sensitive feet, making him squirm helplessly on the bed as Cassie subjected him to a horrible bout of tickle torture. After a minute or two though, she mercifully stopped her sadistic fun and began wrapping BP's feet together in more plastic wrap. "I suppose I wouldn't be able to help myself from tickling you more if I left your feet free to wiggle around," she said in a caring tone, "so I'll just go ahead and wrap them together too." BP counted this a favor, as ticklish as he was, and soon his feet were as tightly compressed and helpless as the rest of his body.

"Aaaah," Cassie let out a sigh and straddled her shiny, plastic-wrapped slave. "How nice. I've finally got you right where I want you," she said as she ran her hands all over BP's body, fondling and groping him freely, "ooh, it's so hot having you completely at my mercy like this. Are you scared of what I might do to you baby?"

BP liked it when she acted all devious like this. He slowly shook his head and mumbled from behind his gag, "hm-mm."

Cassie laughed at his response, "oh you poor, brave thing. You should be scared, after the way you used me like a piece of meat the other day? All day long too! You better believe I've been just itching to get you back, and as helpless as you are now, that's going to be very easy." Cassie was getting into her dominatrix character very well today; of course she had enjoyed the other day quite a bit, but her wicked little vengeance speech was actually making BP look a little worried nonetheless.

"First-off," Cassie continued as she patted BP's cock through the plastic, "as you can see, you're not going to be getting any pleasure today except for whatever pleasure you can derive from pleasing me... at least not until much later anyway." A big frustrated moan came from behind BP's gag as he heard this. "Second," Cassie moved around behind BP as she spoke, and lifted him into a sitting position in her lap, "you and I both agreed that there would be no limits during these two day-sessions, and you knew full-well what I would be doing to you once I got my chance."

BP whimpered a little bit, he did indeed know. Cassie's hands came around in front of his face and as one hand clamped over his gagged mouth and the other hand covered his nose, BP whimpered again, knowing that fresh air was about to become very precious to him.

Cassie had always been interested in breath play. She wanted to hear her helpless slave moan and plead to her for air, as he trusted her with his life. She wanted to feel him struggle against her when she denied his pleas. She wanted to watch him become aroused against his will from his body's natural response to breath play. Then she wanted to do it all over again. She had told BP all about it before but he had always put it off as something they might try eventually. Unfortunately for him, "eventually" had finally arrived. Now that Cassie had him at her mercy with no set limits, BP knew she was going to make the best of it.

"Alright babe, listen close; for the rest of the day you are mine to do with as I please, and you can bet that means I'm going to be keeping you breathless most of the time. Now when I let you breathe again I'm going to take your gag out, and I don't want to hear any complaints from you about your predicament. I don't intend on pushing you to the point of passing out today, but if I hear any complaints from you then you'll leave me no choice but to punish you, understand?"

BP nodded quickly.

Cassie continued, "you are allowed to answer me when I speak to you and beg me for air only when you need it, and trust me, I'll know when you need it."

BP nodded his consent again, feeling more uncomfortable with every moment that Cassie smothered him with her hands. "Unless I ask you a question, the only words I want to hear out of your mouth are 'please mistress may I have some air' and you better be pretty breathless before you say it, are we clear?" BP nodded his head urgently and Cassie took her hands away from his face.

BP sucked in the cool, fresh air as his captor set about taking the ballgag out of his mouth. "Remember my love," Cassie said as she sat the ballgag on the bed beside them, "not a word from you now, only whimpers, moans, groans and..." The room was nearly silent now, except for the sound of plastic wrap being pulled off a roll. "...and the occasional gasp for air," Cassie continued as she pulled a length of plastic across her slave's face, slowly and sensually at first, then pulling it tight with a wicked purrr. Taking both ends of the plastic in her right hand, she began running her free hand over her captive's plastic-covered face, feeling it move in and out subtly as he tried to breathe. Cassie was mesmerized by the way the plastic seemed shrink-wrapped over the contours of his face every time he inhaled. She felt him start to struggle against her and so she let her free hand wander down to BP's mouth and slowly... casually... stuck her finger through the tightly stretched plastic and made a hole for him to breathe.

"Enjoy it while you can babe," Cassie said ominously. She didn't pull the plastic away from her slave's face, but instead pressed the loose end to the back of his head and pulled the roll around and over his face again, covering the air hole and making the whole thing a bit more airtight in the process. Once again Cassie held the roll in her right hand and let the other hand dance across her captive's smooth, shiny features as he began to wriggle in her arms. She relished in the feel of his struggles, wrapping her legs around her slave's waist and pulling his shiny, helpless body back up against her, she could feel his back rub against her breasts as he struggled.

Cassie soon made a hole in the second layer of plastic over BP's mouth, giving him but a moment to recover before pulling yet another layer over his face. She did this for another two or three layers, each time keeping her toy breathless for about thirty or forty seconds before popping a hole over his mouth and giving him a moment of recovery.

BP's struggles were becoming weaker every time Cassie took his breath away, so she finally made one last hole over his mouth and tore the roll of plastic away, leaving his head still plastic-wrapped but his mouth free to drink in as much fresh air as he could. Cassie got up from her sitting position and laid her slave's head gently down on a pillow. "You can have a few minutes to collect yourself, slave," she said as she stroked her smooth, shiny toy, "but I want you to remember that breathing is a privilege when you're in my control, so appreciate it while you can."

BP would have begged for mercy and pleaded for Cassie to stop suffocating him long ago, but he didn't doubt her threat to incorporate pass-out games in today's session. Even though he wasn't gagged, he didn't dare utter a word in protest. He was in mental bondage, and it was almost as bad as the physical bondage he was also experiencing.

BP was shaken from his thoughts as he realized his breathing hole was covered by something soft yet firm being pressed against his mouth. He felt the intrusion with his tongue and instantly recognized the feel of his mistress's nipple. "Let's put that little slave mouth to work shall we?" Cassie said as she pressed her breast tightly against BP's only source of air. She moaned in pleasure as every gasp from her slave sucked at her sensitive nipples. BP received a quick breath as Cassie pulled her breast away, only to quickly reach behind his head and pull his mouth tight against her other nipple. He tried to struggle but that only turned Cassie on more and she pulled his head even harder against her soft breast. "Come on slave, lick it," she purred sexily, "don't just sit there and suffocate."

BP had trouble concentrating on anything but his desire to breathe, but he licked and sucked at her teat as best as he could, hoping that she might show him mercy for his obedience. Cassie rewarded him with a short breath while she changed breasts and sealed his mouth back over her other tit.

As horny as Cassie was by now, breast-smothering her slave was just not giving her enough pleasure and she soon let go of her captive's head, much to his relief. As he laid back on the pillow catching his breath though, Cassie was getting ready to continue his torture in full force. After cutting away his head-wrappings with a pair of safety scissors, she crawled up the bed and straddled his face, leaving no question in her slave's mind what was coming next. "You're doing very well so far my little toy, but I've got a better use for that mouth yet," Cassie said as she lowered herself onto BP's face, covering his nose and mouth with her dripping wet pussy.

BP tried to lick at his mistress's pussy but with her weight bearing down on him it was rather difficult. It didn't take long though before his interest switched from pleasuring her to getting fresh air, and he began to struggle beneath her. Cassie moaned as she felt her slave's pitiful wriggling between her legs, and her arousal was stoked as she felt him gasp for air but only receive the scent of her hot sex. After thirty seconds of intense pleasure, Cassie gave her slave a short breather before quickly sitting back down and depriving him of air for another half-minute or so. BP's eyes pleaded up at Cassie as she smothered him again. She squeezed her legs together and covered his face with her thighs, putting even more weight on her poor toy, just to hear his helpless moans. She then gave him another breath of air before sitting back down in her normal face-straddling position.

Soon Cassie couldn't tease herself anymore and she began grinding her clit over her slave's nose, working herself towards an exquisite climax. With her arousal nearly at it's peak now, she gave her slave one more breath before sitting down once more, determined to reach orgasm before she let him breathe again.

Sure enough, it took no time at all before Cassie was shuddering in orgasm, squeezing her helpless toy tightly between her thighs as she rode out the waves of pleasure crashing over her body. Every time she felt her captive's breathless gasp at her pussy it sent another surge of pleasure through her and she relished the feel of power she held over him. It was getting close to a minute since BP had last breathed though, so Cassie mercifully rolled off of him and held her shrink-wrapped toy in her arms. "You're so cute when you're being tortured," Cassie giggled as she listened to BP drink in his much-needed air.

Cassie's wicked mind was not done torturing her slave yet though. She began stroking his cock through the plastic, ever so gently, using only her pointer finger, and it wasn't long before she had her captive whimpering and wriggling in his tight, clear cocoon. "Aw, have I been playing too rough with my little toy?" Cassie cooed at him in her most sultry voice.

BP nodded submissively.

"I bet your balls are just aching to cum after all this up-close and personal time with my horny naked body, aren't they?"

BP nodded again.

"How would you like a chance to be released from my naughty torture and get your poor, little cock some relief in the process?"

BP nodded once more, now very interested in what his mistress had to say.

"Well then here's your choices. I could leave you wrapped up as my sex toy for the rest of the night, torturing you, suffocating you, and riding your face whenever I please..." Cassie paused a moment to clarify, "and believe you me, your cock would stay wrapped and unpleasured just the way it is now the whole time. I'd actually like to see if it could explode without even being touched just from needing to cum so badly." BP whimpered and Cassie giggled at her sadistic plans for the night.

"Or..." she continued with a wicked smile, "I could cut your cock loose from the plastic, ride you until we're both exhausted and then cut you free from your cocoon. How does that sound?" BP stared at his captor, waiting for the catch that he knew was coming. "Of course, there is a cost to being released from my clutches early," she said, "while I ride you, I'll be suffocating you with a plastic bag until you pass out."

BP whimpered at Cassie's offer, torn between his intense longing for an orgasm and the thought of being subjected to a whole night of his wife's sadistic torture. "Those are your choices," Cassie said firmly, "early relief or extended torture. Pick one."

There was a silence, and Cassie waited calmly for her slave's answer.

"Make...  make me cum... please, Mistress. Please let me have relief," BP couldn't believe he was actually requesting to be suffocated, but he didn't know how long he could remain sane if he didn't get an orgasm soon.

Cassie smiled as she reached down beside the bed and picked up a pair of safety scissors, two rubber bands, and a simple, yet erotically ominous, clear, plastic bag. BP's eyes pleaded with his mistress as she slid the bag down over his head slowly, followed by the two rubber bands to close the bag off around his neck.

BP inhaled and the bag moved inward slightly, while Cassie casually began cutting at the plastic wrap covering his penis. Whether it was because he was anticipating the prospect of sex with Cassie, or from his body's natural excitement from breath play, BP's cock was already growing. By the time Cassie had straddled her mummified slave's body, he was already hard enough to be taken inside her, a quality that she quickly accommodated. With a long moan from both mistress and slave, Cassie impaled herself on her toy's hard member and began their climb towards sexual bliss.

The air inside BP's bag was already getting thin, but the thinner the air got, the closer his body would be to orgasm. He wished he could do more than just lay there as Cassie screwed him at her own pace, but as tightly wrapped as he was, all he could do was squirm under her. She, on the other hand, was mentally trying to milk the moment for as long as possible, but the sight of her helpless husband, now turned into her defenseless screw-toy, struggling and gasping in his bondage was just too much for her to take and she began riding him harder and harder.

Cassie ran her hands over her slave's face as he sucked all the air out of the bag, each time he did it looked as if his face was vacuum-sealed in the plastic. She continued to ride him but she couldn't help but play with him as she did; pulling the plastic tight across his face, covering his mouth and nose with her hands, and kissing all over his face through the plastic as he struggled to breathe.

The bag was moving almost constantly now and BP thought he was going to pass out any second. Cassie never stopped her assault on his body though, she knew he had plenty of time to go yet. Suddenly, BP's body stiffened, shuddered, and the bag closed tightly over his face as he sucked in a big breath and held it. The feeling of her slave cumming deep inside her pushed Cassie over the edge and the two of them had a monstrous orgasm together. BP's orgasm lasted much longer than normal due to the breath play, and by the time it was over he was almost too weak to struggle, even though he had used up all the air in his bag and was desperate to get out.

Cassie's climax was not stopping though, and watching her plastic-covered slave suck at the plastic was giving her wave after wave of multiple orgasms. She watched her slave twist around and lean his head back, searching for air that wasn't there, and she couldn't help but lean down and kiss him as he sucked the plastic deep into his mouth, rubbing his shrink-wrapped tongue and lips with her own tongue. She loved feeling his plastic-covered face as he gasped, touching the skin-tight, silky-smooth plastic membrane that separated her breathless slave from the life-giving air on the other side.

"Please Mistress, may I have some air?" BP begged in a whimper.

"Oh no," Cassie laughed wickedly, "you already gave up your right to breathe. The only way out of your little predicament now is for you to pass out in your little plastic prison there. Then maybe I'll release you."

"Please Mistress, please," BP continued to beg, the plastic sucking in and out with every word.

"I told you you're not getting any air. Of course I also told you that I better not hear any unnecessary complaining, now you're begging for air when I already told you no. You're being a very bad slave."

BP continued to whimper and plead with her as the plastic continued to squeeze and smother his face every time he breathed in.

"I've decided that I'm going to keep you as my slave for the rest of the night after all," Cassie said, watching orgasmically as her slave continued to struggle against his bondage, "since you apparently need to be taught not to complain to your mistress. Consider yourself lucky you were able to get an orgasm out of all this, because that's the last one you're having tonight."

Cassie wondered whether she should keep suffocating her husband until he passed out, writhing and begging her for mercy, or pull the bag off early and show him a bit of kindness before his night of torture continued. As she wondered whether to be sweet or sadistic, she felt her slave's member pulse inside her with a second, involuntary orgasm. "Mmm the wonders of breath play," she said.

"Such a tough decision," Cassie thought to herself, "it's so tempting to make him pass out in his hot little plastic cocoon."

"Please Mistress," her slave pleaded weakly, "please Mistress... please... please..."

What would you do?



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