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My College Enslavement

by Umbrella

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© Copyright 2011 - Umbrella - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; M/m; college; catsuit: pvc; darlex; sleepsack; bond; gag; hood; bdsm; cbt; denial; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

I had always had odd interests growing up, but it wasn’t until I got to college that I had any hope of acting on them. I had always been attracted to shiny clothing. I didn’t know at the time that it was fairly common and I assumed it was something odd with me. I hadn’t gone out much in high school, so I had most of my money from working at my part time job during school. Paying for college wasn’t much of an issue either due to a scholarship, so I was more or less free to do as I pleased with my money.

I started out in the dorms like a lot of freshmen. The room wasn’t big but it was big enough that we got by with bunk beds instead of a loft for both beds. My roommate was out a lot, so I had plenty of free time to browse the internet. I looked at all types of pornography and spent a lot of time taking matters into my own hand. My interests seemed to keep gravitating towards shiny clothing like PVC and latex. The latex looked great on the women, but I am a guy so I wasn’t sure how it would look on me. I am in pretty decent shape, but I’m not a woman. I finally decided that I had to have a catsuit but didn’t want to spend the money on a latex catsuit in case it was a letdown so I settled on a PVC catsuit. I began to look around for one and I was drawn to the Winter Fetish website.

I’m not sure what initially drew me to it, but I liked what I saw. I also noticed something that I had noticed elsewhere, all these sites selling latex and PVC wear had a very noticeable bondage component or they outright sold bondage toys. I also began to notice that I was looking at more and more bondage porn as time went on. Something about seeing women all tied up and at the mercy of their captors was a huge turn on to me. Amidst trying to sort out these feelings, I went ahead and ordered a black PVC catsuit.

The catsuit arrived a short while later and it was wonderful. I would wear it when I knew my roommate would be out. It felt so good. The slight pressure all over was unlike anything I had ever felt and I had a constant hard on while wearing it. My curiosity also got the better of me after wearing the catsuit a few times and I ended up buying some bondage toys and sex toys. Just a few simple things like a pair of cuffs, a ball gag, and a vibrator that I could put on the end of my cock. I was able to tie myself up a few times and the orgasms were great. My fun was short lived though because around this time my roommate started staying in a lot more. His name is Alex and he is more or less my size and build. The main difference between us is that I have black hair and he is blonde. We are on pretty good terms and have some similar interests. We have a couple classes together and do things together sometimes. But, up to this point, he has spent a lot of time out of the room. I had always assumed it was with a girlfriend that he wasn’t telling me about. As I found later, I was close but not quite there.

I came back from class one day to see a notice that Alex had a package in the mail room. I almost put it on his desk never to think of it again, but then I noticed the sender name. It was the same fake company name that was on the box for my catsuit. I didn’t know what to think. Did he also like PVC and latex? What if he did? I had to know, but I had no idea how to go about asking.

That afternoon I came back from one of my classes to find Alex already in the room. “How’s it going?” I asked. “Okay I guess. Just sitting around here.” He replied. We sat at our respective computers with the TV on in the background for a while. I had never seen him like this. He was usually lively even when he was staying in, but now he was just sitting there almost looking like he was just pretending to be doing something. “Are you staying in tonight?” He finally asked me. “Yeah, I think I’m going to be here all weekend. You got any plans?” I told him. “Not really.” he said sounding somewhat depressed.

This mild tension went on for another half hour or so when I had finally had enough. “I saw that you got a package today” I said. He stiffened a little bit. “Yeah… My mom sent some cookies to me. Sorry I should’ve saved you some.” he stammered out. “Alex, I’m going to open up to you. I haven’t opened up to anyone else, but we are living together and I believe we share an interest. I know the package wasn’t from your mom.” “How do you know that?” he blurted out before backpedalling “I mean, what are you talking about?” I looked him straight in the eye and said “It’s okay. I recognized the name of the sender.”

After saying this I pulled out my PVC catsuit. “I got this from the Winter Fetish website. I’m glad that I got paired up with someone else into PVC. There’s a lot I want to talk about.” Alex looked at me a little odd and I thought perhaps I had made a mistake. “Bobby, I like PVC, but that’s not what I ordered.” I gave him a quizzical look. “There’s no easy way to put this, so I will just show you.” he said as he moved to open up his locked trunk. He pulled a mass of roughly man shaped cloth, and then another. As he reached in to grab a third item he said “I’ve got one of those too” and pointed to my catsuit as he pulled out a black PVC catsuit of his own. I just stared for a moment as my mind tried to accept that of all the people I could’ve possibly been paired with I was paired with someone who shared my interests.

“What are these?” I asked. “The larger one is a sleepsack and the smaller one is a straightjacket.” “So… you’re into bondage?” I am barely to say aloud. “Yes. Have you ever been tied up?” he asks. I think before I answer, but ultimately decide to come clean, “Yes, I have tied myself up here a few times.” “Oh really? With what?” he asks. I pull out my small collection of restraints and hand them to him. He looks through everything, then pulls out the vibrator and looks at me “This isn’t a bondage toy.” “I get turned on and I like to cum, which I can’t do with my hands tied up so I attach that and turn it on.” I try to explain. Alex looks at me and says “Put your catsuit on.” “What?” “You heard me, put it on.” he says a little more sternly. I decide to go along and start undressing. I notice that he is also starting to undress. “What are you doing?” I ask him. “I’m putting on my catsuit too. You aren’t going to have all the fun.” I get down to my underwear and hesitate, thinking how far I am going to go. He grabs me, “You strip down when you put on your catsuit, so strip down.” Then I notice that he is completely nude and his cock is visibly erect.

I can’t help but stare. “Like what you see?” he asks. “I…I…” “Shhh. Don’t talk, just get undressed.” I obey him and strip down and notice that my own cock is quite hard as well. “Not bad. Not bad at all.” he says as he grabs my cock and gives it a few strokes. “I’m not gay” I stammer out. “You don’t have to be to enjoy this, now put your catsuit on bitch.” he whispers into my ear as he gives me one last stroke. My cock spasms at that name. I quickly comply and put on my catsuit. Alex turns back to me after he has his on as well. He steps close to me and grabs behind my head to pull me in as he kisses me deeply. He grinds his body against mine as his hands work their way down my back to draw us in closer. Finally he breaks the kiss and asks “Have you ever been with someone?” “N n no” “In that case Bobby, I’m going to cut to the chase. I like you. I think you’re cute and I want us to have sex. But you know I am into bondage, so I will be tying you up and dominating you. Do you choose to submit to me?” “Y y y yes” I quickly blurt out without thinking. “Good” he says and then kisses me deeply again.

“Let’s get you tied up then” he says as he grabs something out of the pile. “Hold your hands out” He slowly puts fingerless bondage gloves on me forcing my hands into useless balls. Then he blindfolds me. He grabs my shoulders and holds my arms to my sides. Alex begins rubbing his hands across my chest and pinching my nipples through the catsuit causing me to softly moan. Slowly he works his way down before he starts grinding on my crotch. I moan a little more He stops saying, “Not yet”, causing me to whimper. He kisses me deeply again, the works a cock shaped gag into my mouth.

He tells me stay still as he messes around with something. Then he guides me over to the bed and has me lay down on it. He begins working with something down by my legs, and then I feel them being drawn together. “Let’s zip you up” he says as my legs are drawn together more and more. Alex stops at the waist and guides my arms into some kind of sleeves, and then he starts to zip things together again. Once he gets to my chest he stops and says “I hope you like the sleepsack. It was one of my purchases. I didn’t think I would be using it this early. My boyfriend and I broke up, but I had already ordered this. Oh well. Now I have a new sub to play with, don’t I?” He opens the sleepsack at the crotch, opens the catsuit, and then grabs my balls and starts to squeeze, “I said, I have a new sub to play with, don’t I?” I eagerly nod my head up and down hoping he will let my balls go. “Good boy. And I think you are trainable too.” He grabs my balls again and gives them a squeeze, “It just takes the right motivation.”

He releases my balls as I start to loudly whimper. “Shhh” he says as he put his finger to my gagged lips “Obey me and you don’t have to worry about that. Got it?” I nod my head up and down quickly. “Good boy. I had hoped I would have the chance to find out if you were a good bitch.” He slowly strokes my cock and I begin moaning. “There we are. You like that, don’t you? Of course you do.” He keeps stroking me as precum starts dribbling out of my cock. My precum acts as a lube making my cock slippery as he keeps stroking. My breathing gets faster and my moaning gets louder and quicker. “Ready to cum?” “Mmmm Hmmm” I try to say as I nod my head up and down. “I bet you are. Too bad.” He stops stroking me and I start whining. Then I feel ice on my cock and balls. “We need to cool you down. I can’t have you just shooting off, can we?” I moan as I rock back and forth and try to buck my hips. “Now now, none of that. Do I need to grab your balls again?” I shake my head back and forth. “Good boy”

“All this foreplay is making me hot. I bet you’re hot too. Lucky for you that sleepsack is darlex and not canvas so the heat bleeds off easier. I have a different plan to shed my excess heat” he says as he starts to remove my gag. “Not a word, understand?” I nod my head up and down. After he gets my gag out he tells me to open my mouth. Then I feel his cock slide into my mouth. “I better not feel any teeth or your balls will regret it. Now start sucking bitch” I start sucking. He gives me pointers as I suck. Finally I hear him say “swallow it all bitch” right as he explodes in my mouth. His hot cum fills my mouth and my throat as I try to swallow fast enough to take it all down. “Be sure to lick me clean” he says. After he is sure his cock is cleaned he pulls it out. “Do you need a drink?” I nod my head. “Drink this” he says as he puts a glass of water to my lips. Then he regags me. “Having fun yet?” I nod. “Good” Then he lays down next to me and snuggles up next to me and begins to rub his hands all over me. My cock bounces around in anticipation. “My my, someone wants some love” he says as he grabs my manhood and starts stroking.

He gets me a little past the precum phase again and then stops, again. “Not yet.” And then he uses the ice again. We lay there for a while as he idly strokes my cock and plays with my balls. I moan and squirm as I am continuously denied release. He grinds into me and I can feel his hard cock press into me. “Time for you to use that mouth again” he says as he removes my gag. His cock enters my mouth and I begin to suck, again. It doesn’t take long for him to blow his load into my mouth. I swallow it all down and he regags me. This cycle repeats itself a third time with me blowing him once more and my cock still unsatisfied.

“I think it’s time to change up your bondage a little bit” he says as he begins undoing the sleepsack. He pauses, undoing the sleepsack to lock my gag in place. “Listen. Your hands are in bondage gloves and totally useless without some way to take off the gloves. Your teeth are the most likely way, but your gag is locked on and you can’t use your hands to undo the lock. So, even though you will be able to move freely, you will be stuck until I undo your bonds. Do you understand?” I nod my head yes “Good. Now be a good boy for me and do as I say.” I nod again and he continues to undo the sleepsack.

He tells me to stretch out so I do. Then he pulls out the other item he bought, a darlex straightjacket. As he starts to put it on me I realize it has some features that straightjackets usually don’t have, like attached shorts so it can’t be pulled over the subs head and a hood to provide sensory deprivation. He pulled the jacket up my legs and put my arms into the sleeves before tying them off. Then he removed my gag once I was secure. “Here we go. You need to take a drink of water before we go on” he says as he puts a glass of water to my lips. “Thank you, Master” I say after taking a drink. “I don’t recall giving you permission to talk” he says just before kissing me deeply. His hand grabs my crotch and starts working my cock while his tongue probes my mouth. Finally he breaks the oral embrace and says “You want to cum, don’t you?” I’m trembling and biting my lip, not wanting to displease him further. “You may speak” he says. “Yes, Master. I desperately want to cum.” “I will have to think about it” he says as he puts the cock gag back in.

He unzips the crotch of the straightjacket and lets my cock and balls fall out. Alex begins stroking my shaft with one hand and fondling my sack with the other. I’m ready to pop at this point. “I think a lesson is in order here” he says as he grabs the ice. I shake my head and try to say “No, please, no” but only gibberish comes out through the gag. He ices down my balls and then my cock. I hear him fooling with something else when I feel something around my balls and then something on my cock. Then I hear a click. “There we are. All locked up” he says as I look down to see my cock enclosed in a plastic sheath. “This is a chastity device. While it’s on, you can’t get hard. If you can’t get hard, you can’t cum. I think I will leave it on for the rest of the weekend for you speaking without permission.” “MMMMMmmm. MMMMmmmm.” I scream behind my gag. “Ah. Does the poor little slave regret his actions now?” I vigorously nod my head up and down. “Good. Then you can appreciate this punishment.”

Then he guides me to the bed and lays me face down. He begins lubing up as he unzips the catsuit and the straightjacket farther. Then I feel a cold, wet finger begin to probe my anus. Alex strokes his finger in and out. First one finger, then two, then three. I moan as my cock tries to grow and hits the plastic wall. Finally he removes his fingers and I feel something larger pressing against my anus. “I love you Bobby. I want you to be my slave. But, we never set rules beforehand and this could be crossing a line so I must ask, may I fuck you?” I consider what he is saying for a moment. For all I know he will do it anyway if I say no. On the other hand, part of me is wondering if this is maybe what I want. Curiosity ultimately won out as I nod my head. “I hope you enjoy this. In the future I can give you a reach around, but this time you’ve been naughty and need to be punished.” And with that he thrusts into me. Alex pumps in and out, in and out. I moan and squirm because I can’t get hard. My frustration is at levels I have never felt and my cock is in pain because it can’t get hard. Alex finally groans and stiffens as he blows a load into my ass.

After he pulls out he pushes a butt plug into my ass and inflates it. “We better keep that hole open. I’ve got a few more loads to pump in there before the weekend is over.” I moan and squirm and he says “Oh don’t worry. You will get to wrap your lips around my cock and drink my cum several more times too. I plan to use both of your holes.” I moan louder. Then he grabs my locked up cock, “We have something to take care of here though. Hold still because this will sting a bit” and with that something begins to push into my pee hole. I try not to move as I feel something working its way inside my cock. Then it stops and he says “Okay, no more need to pee now with that catheter in place. Let’s zip you all up now.” Alex proceeds to zip up the catsuit and then the straightjacket.

“Well I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. Let’s get you ready for some peaceful sleep.” He removes my gag and stares into my eyes as he asks “Are you having fun?” I nod. “Sorry, I forgot. You may speak.” Yes Master, I am enjoying myself.” Did you enjoy having sex?” he asks. I look to the side, a little embarrassed. “No need to be ashamed. It’s natural to enjoy getting fucked by someone that knows what they’re doing” he says with a smile on his face. “I I I enjoyed it Master.” Then what’s the problem?” “I never considered myself gay. Before we started tonight, I never thought of doing anything with a guy. You made me enjoy sex in a way I never even considered trying and without me cumming. It’s a lot to sort out.”

He leans in and kisses me deeply, fondling my crotch through the jacket and catsuit causing me to moan into his mouth. “I really hate that thing you put on me.” “Good. It wasn’t meant to be a pleasure. Look on the bright side though.” Oh, and what’s that?” I ask. “If I do let you cum, just imagine the orgasm you will have after all this fondling and fucking” he says with a grin on his face. “That might almost be worth this torment” I say. Be careful. Lots of guys fall into the chastity trap and begin to love the anticipation more than the payoff.” “I don’t think that will happen to me” I tell him. He kisses me deeply and grinds against my crotch again. “We’ll see. Now, you need some peace and quiet to think about the new direction your life is taking. Time for some sleep, and please trust me.” “I do” I tell him, causing him to kiss me again. “I do love you” he says.

With that, he pulls out some ear plugs and plugs my ears. Then he pulls the hood onto me. After that, I feel something at my mouth that I recognize as the gag. I comply with the unspoken command and open my mouth. He puts the gag in and tightens down the straps. He lies down next to me and gently strokes my head, and my crotch. I moan in frustration as my cock is fondled. At the same time, the stroking of my head is so gentle and fills me with relief allowing me to begin to fall asleep. I can’t hear what he says, but suddenly my ass starts buzzing. Then I get a gentle pat on my head and crotch and falls still. It’s a long, frustrating night before I finally pass out.


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