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My New Girlfriend, Friday

by Grumpy

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© Copyright 2011 - Grumpy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; darlex; straitjacket; rope; bond; hogtie; foot; wand; bdsm; pain; tease; denial; sex; cons/reluct; XX

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

My New Girlfriend, Friday

“I never want to hear from you again!” Said Miranda. “You are a complete perv, you sicko! Leave me alone!”

As I hung up the phone I felt hollow inside. Every time I started dating it always ended the same way. Things would go great until I told her that I wanted to tie her up for sex (or be tied up for sex, I go both ways).

‘Why can’t I let just let this whole bondage thing go?’ I thought to myself. ‘I’m good looking, I have a solid job, I have no problem getting dates. Why am I hung up on using ropes during sex? Now I have another Firday night alone.’

Just then the phone rang. I was in no mood to answer it, but it was little Nicole. Ten years ago I dated her older sister for a couple years back when I was in High School. Being raised by a single mom in a house full of women she really needed a good male infuence in her life. So, I had unofficially become her older brother back when she was starting middle school.

“Hi Nicole, how’s everything going at college?”

“Hey Grump. Not well, that’s why I’m calling. I really need some advice.”

“You know I’m always here for you. What can I do you for?”

“I’d rather not talk on the phone, can you pop over?”

“Sure... not like I have any plans. Did you eat yet? If not let's grab a movie and hang out tonight.”

“Sounds great! I was just ordering some Chinese.”

“Get enough for two and I’ll be there in forty minutes."

I had been there for Nicole for a long time, and she had returned the favor more than once. We talked about everything, and over the years she had become my best friend. She had grown into quite a girl too. She was 5’6” tall, with piercing blue eyes and dark wavy hair that cascaded over her shoulders. She wasn’t supermodel thin, but she was all woman with curves in all the right places and just enough padding to fill out a tight pair jeans. Nicole had a wickedly twisted sense of humor too, but that was probably my influence as much as anything else.

A quick shower and I was out the door. While I was driving I started reminiscing about Ashley’s death last year. It had shocked everyone when Nicole’s older sister was killed by a drunk driver. We had been hanging out watching a movie on TV when we heard about it. We sat there on the couch holding each other tight while we both cried for hours.

Eventually Nicole had fallen asleep in my arms. When I carried her into the bedroom and tucked her in I suddenly realized I wanted to climb into bed with her. Instead I grabbed a blanket and pillow to go crash on the couch. I was too tired drive home and I knew she wouldn’t mind. I always wondered what might have happened, and I had a secret crush for her ever since.

I parked at her complex and she buzzed me up. I got to her apartment just as the delivery guy was leaving.

“Hi there! You’re early!” Nicole exclaimed as she practically tackled me with a bear hug.

“Hiya Sis.” Between my secret crush and my breakup with Miranda earlier the hug felt great. I held on a little longer than normal, only letting go just before it got awkward.

While Nicole started unpacking the food I headed to the kitchen for plates and silverware. “You want a beer?”

“No, just grab me a water.”

I pulled two waters from fridge and grabbed plates and silverware before heading back to the table.

“Dish me up some pepper steak Grump”

“Sure thing, can I get some chicken fried rice?”

“Here you go”

“So, Nicole,” I said between mouthfuls, “Lets cut right to the chase. What’s going on that you don’t want to talk on the phone?”

“You’re not going to like it”

“Try me”

“I’m quitting college. I want to go to work in a tattoo shop.”

“You’re right. I don’t like it.” Nicole and I ate in silence for a while before I spoke again. "Convince me. Why don’t you want to finish school first?”

“You know I’ve never been good at school. I’m miserable at college. I have always been good at art, and they offered me a job over at InkStain Tattoos"

“If that’s what you really want, go for it. Be bold and live your life, to hell with what other people think. Why don’t you just open your own place”


“I have a little saved up, and I could help you get a loan”

“Great! But I still have my real problem... how do I break the news to Mom?”

“Be bold! Go big or go home! Show her the business plan and the loan, then ask her to invest!”

“Yeah right." she said chuckling. "Seriously, will you go over there with me for Sunday night dinner... just to back me up?”

“Sure, I can do that for you.”

While we were clearing the table Nicole said, “Okay, now that we got my life straightened out, what’s going on with you”

“What in the world are you talking about”

“Come on. You haven’t cracked a joke all night. You have no plans for Friday night. You’re upset, don’t deny it. What’s up?”

“Miranda broke up with me.”

“I expected that. What happened, did you finally break down and ask her to tie you up?”

“Actually she did tie me up, but she said I wasn’t submissive enough. Then I suggested that maybe she try being tied up and she flipped. Called me a pervert and hung up.”

“Miranda might be good people, but I told you it would never work.”

“I know you did but you know how I am about strawberry blonds”

“Yeah, you’ll get over it sooner or later. Hey, I got myself a gag gift last week. It’s a Darlex Straight Jacket from Winter Fetish. Think you could help me try it out real quick before we put a movie in?”

“No, I’d rather just put the movie in”

“Pleeeeease?” said Nicole as she batted her eyelashes at me. “I promise, just test how secure it is for me and I’ll let you out right away. Just for you little sister?”

“Okay” I said, half laughing. “Since you promised it’s just for a minute I’ll test it for you. You know I’ve always been a sucker for those baby blues”

Nicole went to her bedroom and came out carrying what looked like a black spandex surf suit. It had built-in shorts, really long sleeves, and a zipper in the back.

I took it into the bathroom and stripped to put it on. Stepping into the shorts and sliding it up my legs it felt good, like spandex. As I finished pulling it up and started putting my arms in the sleeves I realized that unlike spandex it had very little stretch. The Darlex material was tough and strong, like leather. I could only get the zipper up to the small of my back, so I walked out to the living room and turned around, presenting my back to Nicole.

“Zip me up?”

“And more if you’re not careful” she said as ran the zipper up to my neck. She then spun me around and tucked my sleeves through the loops and pulled. It was only moments later that Nicole had the sleeves buckled together behind my back and pulled on the strap to tighten them.

“Easy there sis. Don’t you think... Uhhh”

Nicole interrupted me by yanking hard on the strap. “Yes, NOW I think it’s tight enough. How’s it feel?”

“Very tight” I said as I tugged a little with my arms. “This Darlex stuff may feel smooth and slick like spandex, but it’s strong like leather. I don’t want to accidentally rip out the seams, but it feels strong”

“Can you get out? I want you to really give it everything you have, I don’t care if you rip it. I want to know if it’s truly escape-proof”

“Well okay, but with the built-in shorts I can’t lift the jacket over my head... and unless I rip out these loops I’m not getting my arms out either”

I start to yank and pull with everything I have. I try to rip the sleeves from the strap at the end. I try to break the plastic buckle. I try to pop the stitches on the loops. I try to twist and shift my arms out of the sleeves. After a minute or so the only thing I’ve even come close to breaking is a small sweat from the effort.

“Nope. It’s not budging, I’m stuck without help. Now let me out”

Nicole just stood there watching me with a strange expression on her face the entire time I struggled. If I had paid attention I would have seen her staring at me like a piece of meat. Then what she did next would not have caught me by surprise.

I had turned my back to her so she could release me, but she grabbed my shoulders, spun me around, and kissed me. Not the little peck on my cheek that I had given and received from her for years. This was an aggressive, passionate, sensual, seductive kiss that had her tickling my tonsils and made me weak in the knees. When she finally came up for air she nibbled my ear and whispered “Not a chance bucko. I’ve waited too many years get you helpless and alone like this.”

I fell backwards onto the couch. I’m not sure if she pushed me, or if I fell from sheer shock, but she was on top of me in a flash.

Nicole flipped me over sat on me, pinning me face first on the couch. She pulled a piece of rope from under the cushions or somewhere and tied my ankles together. Moments later a second piece of rope cinched the ankle tie and then looped the ends through the arm strap and with a yank and a knot I was hog tied.

“Now you wait right here while I go change. I’ve got the perfect outfit for this situation.”

As if I was capable of going anywhere. I have to admit my head was spinning. I mean, yes. Nicole had grown up to be a really hot girl, but for ten years she had been like family. She had been my little sis since she was 12. 12! I still remember her as that cute little girl in pig tails. On the other hand, here I am helpless and hogtied at the mercy of a girl I have crush on. Oh crap, I’m at the mercy of Nicole... and I know just how twisted she can be!

Thirty minutes later I had come to the same decision that I did during the funeral last year. The bottom line for me was that I cared too much about Nicole to risk messing up our friendship. When she comes back out I need to talk her into letting me go before this goes too far. Unfortunately when she did come out her outfit took my breath away.

Nicole had done her hair, having it pulled back from her face with hair clips and falling down the back of her neck. She had done up black eyeliner and heavy mascara. She had done a foundation and makeup that subtly lightened her complexion, making her steely blue eyes and ruby red lipstick that much more dramatic. She wore thigh-high leather boots with 4” stiletto heels. A black corset pulled her waist into an hourglass figure while supporting and displaying her breasts to perfection. Long black satin gloves pulled up to her biceps completed the outfit. If you have ever seen pinups of Betty Paige you get the idea... but Nicole wore this so well she made Betty Paige look an amateur copy that pales by comparison.

My cock got so hard so fast when she walked in I’m surprised it didn’t flip me over on the couch. Nicole just stood there for a moment to let the full effect of her outfit hit me, then she walked over saying “Do you like what you see?”

My jaw flapped around uselessly trying to say words that my melted brain couldn’t put together when Nicole put finger over my lips. “Shhhhh. You don’t need to say anything here.” Her other hand started groping me while she said this. “I can get all my answers down here”

Nicole undid the hogtie, leaving my ankles tied together, and rolled me over to my back. “You see Grumpy, I have had a crush on you since you rented that Lincoln and chauffeured me to Junior Prom.” She carefully opened an un-noticed zipper at my crotch and pulled my cock and balls out. “I almost had you last year when Ashley died. When I fell asleep in your arms I expected to wake up with you too, but I woke up in my bed with you on asleep on the couch.”

By now she had tied one end of the hogtie rope tightly around my balls, and then untied my ankles. “Now you are available and I have an opportunity. Besides, you did just tell me to be bold, right? Let me help you on your feet cupcake”

She helped me sit up so I could stand, then used the rope around my nuts like a leash to lead me through the apartment and into her bedroom. She jerked the rope a few times just to mess with me, saying “I love to mess with a guys balls. They get so touchy about it, and easy to control”

When we got to the bedroom she shoved me backwards onto the bed, then tied my ankles to opposite corners of the footboard. Ropes from the corners of the headboard were run down around my elbows and attached to the side loops of the straight jacket, then cock rope was tied off to the footboard. I was strung up so tight I could barely move. Right about now my brain comes back online with ‘Oh crap! This is really happening and I am more helpless than I have ever been in my life!’

Nicole kneeled at my head, squeezing my ears between her leather covered thighs. “Now, cupcake. This could be a long night.” she said as she sat on top of me, fondling my legs, cock and balls with her satin hands. “Before you are released you will say that you love your Mistress.”

“Huh? OUCH”

Nicole stung my thigh with a violet wand, “That’s ‘Huh Mistress’ to you!”

What? Where in the world did that come from! I began pulling struggling for real with all my strength. It changed nothing. “What are you tal... AAAAAA”

Nicole stung my balls with that wand, and it hurt! She punctuated her next sentence by stinging my cock again and again, ignoring my screams and useless squirming. “YOU. WILL. ADDRESS. ME. AS. YOUR. MISTRESS!” She then started caressing me again. “Besides, Mistress can be kind too. By the way, that was level one. If you don’t behave maybe I will see what happens at ten.”

My head was spinning. The things Nicole was doing felt so good, then hurt so bad, then just as fast she had me feeling good again. My logic had blown a fuse some time ago because this situation was completely surreal. Fear and adrenaline were starting to short circuit my emotions.

Nicole sat on my chest and removed her boots. “Well, if you don’t have anything nice to say, let’s find something to keep that mouth busy.” She took her foot and inserted a perfectly pedicured toe into my mouth for me to suck and lick. “Do you like my feet?”

“yes...m...m...mistress” With that one word we both know I’m starting to crack, and her response is to lean over and give me another one of those insanely seductive kisses. I could get lost in one of these kisses. I could forget who I am in one these kisses.

When the kiss broke she nibbled on my ear a little and whispered “Now tell your Mistress you love her”

“Mistress, I’m in love with you.” I was done. I don’t know what tomorrow with bring, but for now, tonight, I belonged to Mistress Nicole.

“Now, I’m going to play with my cock. This is my cock, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Mistress”

Mistress spent the next half hour or so playing with her cock. She stroked it, aroused it, slapped it down, pulled on the balls... in general Mistress’s cock was brought to the edge of exploding and denied release again and again.

“Please Mistress, let your cock cum!”

“Well, since you have finally learned some manners I might be able to help you”

Mistress untied my balls, put a condom on, and proceeded to mount me. Slowly she lowerd herself until she was fully impaled. Then she squeezed me tightly and lifted back up.

"Oh God!" it felt like she was trying to rip my cock right off with her pussy! It hurt, but it felt so good. Down, squeeze, lift. Down, squeeze, lift. Nicole's control and balance were amazing.

Slowly she increased her pace. She removed one glove and started rubbing her clit while her gloved hand played with tits... all the while her pussy played me like a symphony.

"Ooooh YES! Here it comes! AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Nicole started her orgasm, and the spasms were so incredible it pushed me over the edge too. It felt like her pussy was trying to suck me in and swallow me whole. She milked me for everything I was worth. Then she got up, disposed of the condom, and returned with a damp rag and a small towel she used to clean us up.

Once we were clean, Mistress Nicole tucked 'her' cock back into the straight jacket and carefully zipped up the access. She then removed all the ropes, leaving me just restrained in the Darlex straight jacket. I watched her get undressed wondering what she was planning next.

“Mistress, didn’t you say you would release me once I said I loved you?”

“No silly, I told you to say that before you were released. Now you have said it and it is before you are released. Settle down and go to sleep.”

Mistress crawled into bed, wrapped her arms around me, and closed her eyes as I snuggled contentedly into her embrace. My last thought before drifting off myself was ‘Well, at least I don’t have to worry about keeping my crush a secret anymore!’

~ To Be Continued ~



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