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My New Mistress

by Chryslerman

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© Copyright 2010 - Chryslerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; FMM/fm; latex; catsuit; ball; boxed; delivered; shave; wrap; tape; cocoon; encase; entomb; cons; X

My Mistress, and owner came in to my 'room', where I was spending my days in some form of bondage. Today I was inside a body suit made of an extremely thick and semi-hard rubber. It was from ankle to neck and wrist, of a soft pink color, making me look rather like a female love doll. I had on a heavy latex hood, complete with a ring gag which was also at the time filled with a rubber dildo.

"My slave, I have news! I have a new slave coming in tomorrow and that means I need to move you out. I have sold you to another Mistress who has purchased you over the net. I will have to get you ready for shipment!"

At this, I was given an injection into my arm, which she normally does, making me loose control of my body movements. She peeled the suit off me, taking care not to rip my manhood from its sheath in the suit. I was then placed into a latex inflatable ball with a breathing apparatus installed over my face. I hear her moving some big item around, and suddenly I am being rolled. I bump against something hard, while sideways. All of a sudden, I am tipped back upright, and I feel her connecting my breathing hose to something.

"Slave, I have always cared for you, but its time for a new challenge. We've just become too familiar, in a rut. I told your new owner of your deep love for latex and immobilisation. Goodbye, dear slave." And suddenly a clunk and the sound of latches being closed. I was closed up inside some kind of trunk.

After a while, I felt myself being moved and jostled. I was being loaded into a truck! I heard voices saying something about having the crate at its destination in about 30 hours! Then I heard the truck’s cargo door shut, and we were off! I have no idea exactly how long it took, all I know is, it was a bumpy ride. I wonder what the driver would think if he knew a live man was trapped in an inflatable ball, locked in the crate, being delivered to some new place.

Finally, I heard the door open, and I was manoeuvred around and offloaded from the truck. I felt I was being moved at a slant, likely by a truck dolly into a garage or something. But it was rather noisy sounding. Finally the case was placed on its bottom, then the sensation of going down in an elevator. Where am I going????

The elevator stopped and I was again being moved. It was certainly quieter. I was set back down and I heard the latches being opened. I was tilted over and rolled out of the crate. The pressure was subsiding on the ball and then I was pulled out of the ball, and the breathing mask removed. In front of me was a beautiful, yet strong looking woman, dressed in a white latex dominatrix outfit, and a white latex lab coat. Two males dressed in black latex catsuits, latex lab coats, and latex hoods were holding me up. 

"Welcome number 1701A. You are to be paired with 1701B. You were purchased from your former Mistress because of your interest in 2 things. Latex and Immobilisation. My husband and I own and run a large company. We are in my underground fetish laboratory. Here my husband and I, and our select slaves run fetish experiments, far removed from the rest of humanity. We had this place specially built, and under extreme secrecy. No one, other than my husband, in all the people in the headquarters building, and main factory above us, know that this is here. It is quite deep and totally soundproof, and secure."

"My two assistants will prepare you early in the morning for our next experiment, which will take place tomorrow at 9am. Until then, you will be confined in your cell, along with food and drink for the rest of the day. Enjoy." She turned and walked away, and I was taken down a hallway, and led to a very plain looking room, all in white, and a very tough looking steel door at the entrance. 

"You will be kept here until we come to get you in the morning. There is a hot meal and drink inside for you. Enjoy it while you can." Came a very deep voice from one of the huge latex clad guards.

I entered and the door was immediately closed and locked, and I hobbled over to the small table with the food on it. I was still stiff and sore from the long trip curled up in the ball. I ate and then went over to the bed and immediately fell asleep from exhaustion. 

I was awoken by the two guards, and manhandled down the hall into what looked like an examination room. I was given a liquid diet meal and was led over to a basin where I was given a very thorough enema. I was then injected with some kind of paralysing agent. After it started working, I was fitted with an IV, which was placed in my upper shoulder.

Next, one of them came in and shaved me completely bald, from head to toe, and they rubbed in some kind of lotion that burned a lot. After 5 or 10 minutes, they rinsed me off and towelled me dry. I was then carried over to another area where they came at me with a tray that had a box on it. They each pulled out a roll of PVC electrical tape. They began doing each toe and finger, and then they carefully wrapped my ball sack.

Next, they pulled out PVC tape that was 4" wide and they each started wrapping a leg, beginning at the toes and working their way up, and they did it tight enough that the skin overhung the wrap just a little. All the way up the legs, and figure 8'ing over my rear and hips, careful not to include my 'manhood'. Then they did my arms, from fingertip to over my shoulder, then from my waist up to my neck. Then carefully, they wrapped my neck. 

At this point, they super glued 12" tubes into each nostril, placed earplugs in my ears, pads over my eyes, and a 2-way dildo in my mouth, and strapped it tight, and then proceeded to wrap my head, only leaving the dildo and tubes sticking out.

At this point, he was thoroughly wrapped and we brought him on his table into the next room. Here we had subject 1701B (female) wrapped similarly, except her canal was free and she had a ring-gag in her mouth which was free.

We picked her up, and manoeuvred her over him, so that his open shaft went into her waiting mouth, and the dildo into her canal. Her catheter, and their IV and air tubes were carefully placed, and then they were wrapped together very tightly with Vet Wrap. Once this was accomplished, they were wrapped very tightly once more in very heavy Shrink Wrap. It was wrapped down their entire length, with just their hoses coming thru. We then took heat guns and melted the shrink-wrap into one thick layer with no seams.

We then informed Mistress that subjects 1701 were now ready. She arrived a few minutes later and then informed them that the idea of the experiment was to see how long they could survive that way. We were then instructed to manoeuvre them into a steel case, hooked all their wires and tubes in the right places, and welded the case shut. It was manoeuvred down a long hallway, and thru a heavy door. Their case connections (which had monitoring equipment inside as well) were connected to the wall connections and we walked out of the room, closing the steel door, awaiting our next assignments.

The end... Or is it?





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