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Storycodes: M/f; catsuit; canvas; nails; wrap; plaster; encase; toys; cons; X

Paul Wright was sweating in the hot sun and with the ka-chunk. The pneumatic nail gun drove into the cut pine and finished what he hoped was the last nail in the outdoor gazebo. It was something he wanted to do in their spacious back yard. Some little out of the way spot he and his wife could go to listen to music and watch the sun go down. About ten feet from the newly built gazebo was the edge of hill over looking a curving highway that lead into town and his growing feed and fertilizer store business. But there was also a secret agenda. One his wife did not know.

They where married for three years and things where starting to get into a rut. Dinner at the Pheasant Tail Lodge on Friday. Bingo on Saturday. Church on Sunday.  Lunch on Wednesdays, it was staring to get into a rut. He knew that she knew it too. But what she did not know was that he had caught her going to some rather interesting web sites where woman where engaged in all sort of erotic bondage. 

Lilly 's birthday was coming up. He wanted to build this and she though it was great idea. He could lower the canvas shades and be able to isolate her from the outside yet with a simple pull of the cord, expose her in a variety of devilish bindings he hoped to impose on her.

Reviewing her cookie file he was able to look where she had been. Further more she seemed to favor a kind of bondage, which entailed wrapping a person from head to toe with a variety of bindings. Like a mummy. So the gazebo was built stronger than it needed to be and hook inside at its peak. He planned on suspending her or tying her up to any of the eight main posts around him. Delighted with his work and rather energized by the possibilities that stood before him he began to clean up. But as he looked about the remains of the lumber and canvas he struck upon an idea. But how to get her to do it.

More thought.

She was big on Halloween and he and the rest of the gang produced a pretty good haunted house for the PTA every year. But even that was getting stale. You have to change thing some every year and idea where running dry. Maybe he could use that angle. It seemed the best idea he had and he moved all the left over material to the garage and did quick set up. Now he had to coax her to do it with divulging his knowledge of her dirty little Internet secret.



"It all done." Dropping his tool belt on the kitchen table.

"Great want to have some lemonade out there."

"Yeah, sure let me wash off."

After awhile Paul strolled out to his newly constructed outdoors-wooden maiden. His wife already setting up chairs in newly constructed pine wood web. Paul let the moment set in and the breeze wash over him. He sipped on lemonade and the portable radio played a soothing jazz from the Public radio station. He lazily glanced over to his wife and fondle her hand. "Well that's done."

"Nice job." She remarked looking at him with those delicious baby blues.

Lilly worked part time managing the payroll at the feed store and instructed aerobics at the hall on Tuesdays. She had Monday and Wednesday off. Using his best I'll respect you in the morning voice' with a slight edged of exasperation. He asked. "Got any ideas for Halloween."

"Maybe. Is it a bit of a while to plan this?"

"Yeah the haunted barn idea kinda ran it course. You know how it is. You feel you gotta do better than the year before. Me and the rest of the guys started thinking of a pyramid. We could stack grain sacks in such a way to make them and cover them with cloth."

"Too bad. I'm going to miss Gene's Dr, Franken-Cow routine. But you're right. It was getting a bit stale. That is good idea. So you going to copy the movie."

"Yeah.  A little. Mike's kid is good with that make up stuff. Kyle can be your guide looking like Indiana Jones or Brandon Fraiser. Rick has some crazy idea of modifying a sprayer to shoot smoke. Put a fake door on the freight elevator to make it look like a secret entrance that goes down. Then into maze with more stacks of grain sacks to look like bricks then we lay the big scare on you. Then you exit out the ramp outside. Gene has enough wrinkles to pass as a mummy. But we don't want to spend a bunch of money. "

"What wrong?"

"Well I was thinking of really good mummy. One that does look fake until it rises out of it coffin. Kinda like a queen and she send her slaves after the crowd and everyone runs out with a big rush of smoke and sound."

"Oh? Did you have anyone in mind,"

"Jim said his wife would do it."

"What about me?'

Paul had to stifle his excitement. She was going for it.

"I figured you wanted to be cat woman again. I know how you like to have all the boys look at you."

"Its like you said. You get tired of the same thing."

"Well, We need some sort of mold or something for the coffin. Maybe a sexy queen mummy."

"I'm all for that."

Lilly was getting worked up. He could feel the sexual energy radiating off her. She was always a bit of drama queen. But he wanted to set the hook in a little deeper. "I don't know how to do it. Maybe I should use some scraps to experiment first."

"How much left over lumber do you have?"

Paul waited a moment like he was thinking but actually he was reveling in the moment. "I do not know. Enough I guess. If you want I could lay out a pattern today seeing I just threw everything into the garage."

"Let me change to some more comfortable and I'll meet you there."

Lilly ran off and Paul was wondering was he that good or was she that eager.

Dressed in a catsuit she met him in the garage. She looked quite fit and had a small bag at her side. He wondered what the bag was for. But Paul figured he was on a roll and the bag would change the subject he wanted to keep her on track.

"What do we do first."

"Well I thought about a plaster mold. I know we got a ton of plaster of paris from other projects."

Lil fidgeted a moment then nodded. "Okay what do you want me to do?"

Paul push off lumber he had carefully placed on the four by eight one inch thick plyboard used for the flooring on the gazebo He always got more than he needed. In case he cut something wrong or messed up some where. It was also a little cheaper to buy in bulk. He always had some project that need some lumber or something somewhere. Three sawhorses supported the plywood sheet. The lumber on top was camouflage so that she did not suspect he was planning this on for hours instead of the cuff like he was pretending to do. "Lay down on the board. I'll cover you in canvas then nail some board around you and fill in the mold with plaster of Paris". 

"I hope you went to the bathroom it will get hot and you will be there awhile while the plaster sets."

"I did."

Paul had her lie down on the ply board and lay a sheet of canvas over her body and working up from her feet began to nail gun her form to the board. Inch by inch Paul's nail gun began to secure her outline to the thick board. The broad headed nails and heavy weave canvas soon had her legs immobile. It was past her waist when he remembered Gulliver travels. He broke into a broad grin. Lily's mind was some where else and he could feel her going into 'heat'. So she did not question his odd bit of humor on his face. He decided to nail the arms to her side but only slight apart so could secure them down separately to the board. He had her shoulder secured and was pulling the material taunt around her neck but gave it more slack than he had the rest of her body. Then he covered her head. She could breathe thought the fabric and she seemed to be in heaven not having spoken a word since he started. Her eyes had been closed the entire time.

Once the final nail at the top of her head had sealed her in. he stepped back. She was a sight to behold.  " Are you okay Lil?"

"Yes." She said muffled through the canvas.

He then framed her body using two by fours. Literately capture her in canvas. Then he began mixing the plaster of paris.  Starting like he had before at her feet he began to spread it around her. He had to mix more of it several more times. Lily just seemed to be having the time of her life and she would try to move in her ever-growing cocoon but she was nailed down too well. It was when he started spreading the mold around her upper thigh he detected a vibration. Something was rising and falling inside her. So that was what was going on. She was trying not to let on she was being stimulated by some internal vibrator. Oddly Paul had felt left out but now he had some measures of control over her.

He began to finish his work leaving only the front part of the face open so mouth, eyes and nose could seen barely though the cloth. He layered the plaster and incorporated wood in the mold to give it strength. Layer and layer he added. He was afraid he would run of plaster of Paris. He knew he had a ton of it left over from last Halloween project, which never got off the ground. Now only her face was showing and she would have to stew in there for about three hours.

Paul bet he she did not think of that. He turned his attention to the bag she had brought with her. Inside was a box that looked like a remote control for a toy. But it did not take much to figure out to realize it was control for the vibrator inside her. There where some preprogrammed setting and then manual control. He turned the setting down and then let her simmer awhile. Let her frustration build. 

On some level Paul felt betrayed but with the remote in hand. He felt he could forgive her for that and he began to revel in the power he possessed. Like a mad scientist he wonder what he could do to her. Then reality set in. Then he began to wonder how to get her out. An inspection of his handiwork showed he even nailed her to the sawhorses by accident. The mold would have to go. Then cut her out. But for now she was nailed down and cemented in like the foundation for the gazebo. Every good marriage needs a foundation.



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