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Nestled Safely under the Tree

by Bagme69

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© Copyright 2009 - Bagme69 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; wrap; paper; tape; present; mast; sex; toys; cons; X

The smell of roasted chestnuts filled the air from my scented plug in, as I basked in the ambience. The crackling logs spitting on the open fire, the twinkling of fairy lights glistening on the tree and window lightly dusted with frost. My husband was snuggled up on the sofa watching the typical Christmas Eve films.

I looked at our twinkling fir tree with all the neat little packages with bows & ribbons, nestled safely under the tree, and thought to myself, ‘I wonder which of them presents under there are from him’. Well looking back at last Christmas when I received an ironing board cover, I realised I wanted something a little more exciting for Christmas this year.

I sneaked up the stairs to see if there was any rolls of spare gift wrap – and to my advantage, there was a 10mtr roll of the extra wide ‘Merry Christmas’ embossed paper lying there on top of the wardrobe. I grabbed the roll and crept down stairs to search for the sellotape.

After finding all of my equipment I looked at my husband and thought of a tactful way to get him to co-operate with me, so I left the paper hidden in the kitchen and straddled him on the sofa.

“Oooh this is a surprise, has Christmas come early?” I started to caress and kiss his neck whilst slipping off his tie (this was going to be the blind fold) I then starting unbuttoning his shirt, the tie became loose and I slipped it over his eyes to which he replied “Vanessa, what has got into you, have you been on the sherry?”  I cupped my hand over his mouth “Sshhhhhhhh we wrap our presents on Christmas Eve” I seductively whispered into his ear. He gazed back at me and grinned.

Slipping the tie from his now sweat beaded neck I lifted it into position over his eyes and pulled the knot tight to form a blindfold. “Wait there” I demanded.

I crept into to the kitchen and pulled out my supplies and laid them next to me on the sofa. I reached for the tape and ripped a piece off in between my teeth, staining it with red lipstick and slapped it over his mouth. “There you go! Presents don’t speak!” I carried on unbuttoning his shirt and started to slide it off his excited body; I then unbuttoned his black jeans and unzipped his fly where his hard manhood flopped out before me. I started to pull off his pants tugging at each leg until they came straight off. He was now sat in his boxers and socks, gagged and blind folded.

I removed each of his socks and then tugged down his boxers whilst teasing by licking the inside of his legs and the shaft of his penis with little flicks of my tongue, he wriggled with pure excitement. “Stand up, Now” I ordered, and started to pull him up onto his feet. I shoved him into the middle of the room. “Don’t move” I demanded as I reached for a roll of gift wrap. Sliding the polythene down the paper roll I unravelled a little bit of the paper and held it on to my husbands arm, with my other free hand I picked up the sellotape then held the paper with my elbow whilst I bit off a piece of tape, I used this piece to hold the paper in place so I could circle around and wrap him in the paper cocoon. I worked from his head, and down to the feet, and then back up again until the roll was completely used. Holding the last flap of paper with my knee I grabbed for the tape and attached it to the the free hanging paper. He was stuck and I was circling around with the tape, pulling the tape tight and watching the paper scrunch against his body, his arms drawing in tighter into the cocoon. I made sure that the elbow areas were the tightest to prevent any chance of escape. The head needed securing now so I folded over the top into a scrunch on the head and taped over it and come round and under the chin, I followed the tape then round over the nose and under the mouth, round the back of the head. I used my finger to poke and pick away at the layers of the paper helmet until a sufficient breathing hole was obtained.

I looked at my present and thought to myself “he needs to be there until the morning, I think a little more tape is needed” so I went on the search for the duct tape, and a pretty red bow. I started to weave the duct tape, tightly around his legs and feet making my way up wards until I reached his neck and came to the end of the roll. I then picked up the silky red bow and peeled off the sticky strip and secured it in place where his manhood lay under the cocoon. Throwing an old duvet onto the carpeted floor I put my leg behind his heels and pulled him down onto the floor. As he creased down some of the paper tore, but that was easily fixed, he was now on the duvet and easier to manouver under the tree.

As I dragged him under the tree I knocked off some of the baubles which smashed onto the floor, I didn’t care, I needed to nestle my present so it would blend in with the rest. As I surrounded him amongst the other presents and also piled a few on top I realised my job was done and turned off all the lights and the T.V. I whispered into his ear “See you in the morning, and remember I always save the biggest until the last”.

Excited that it was Christmas Eve and also the fact my husband was wrapped up tight down stairs like a mummified Christmas present I was quite horny at the fact he couldn’t escape unless I unwrapped him! Knowing there was no chance of him escaping I started to fondle my breasts and rubbed my erect nipples, I was so turned on, I slithered my hand into my panties and started to swirl my finger around my clitoris and made myself very wet. I opened my bedside table and grabbed my rabbit, placing its vibrating ears on my clit and thrusted the vibrating love machine inside me – all I could think about was opening my present!

After a breathless orgasm, I lay my head down on my pillow and before I fell asleep, I thought to myself “Sweet dreams Darling” and closed my eyes.

When I awoke in the morning I was quite worried my husband wasn’t there, until I remembered where I left him, I ran down stairs and to my excitement he was still there.  I could sort of make out a mumbling of my name. I sat down and started to open my presents, “Awwwww look what Aunty Doris bought us, shame you can’t see it he he he he he” I did this with all of the presents under the tree, and like I promised I saved the biggest one until last.

“Paul, you’re next honey – what have you got for me?”

I started to un wrap a hole where his hard penis lay and popped it through the hole. I clambered on top of him straddling him amongst all the other wrapping paper left over’s and started the thrust up and down, the peelings of paper from the cocoon layers where tickling my vagina as I thrusted on him, he was grunting and the tree was shaking and the decorations were falling on top of us, he was so horny I had never felt him so hard inside me!

Eventually we climaxed together and I felt his penis throbbing and pulsing as he came inside me. I rose off his penis and cleaned up the sticky mess and tidied up the paper around him. “You can wait a while longer; I have to put the turkey in the oven”.



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