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New Game

by Tiesthat

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© Copyright 2001 - Tiesthat - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; D/s; wrap; bond; M/m; cons; X

Well one day I was at home and my Mistress called and told me she had a new game to play with me.  That she would be over the next night and I was to be ready for her, I was to wrap as much of myself in plastic wrap and then lie down on the bed, blindfold myself and hand cuff my hands behind my back.

So all the next day I wondered what my Mistress had in mind.  It was so hard to keep my mind on the task at work, with her mind it could be anything.  Finally the next night came and I stripped, wrapped myself from the feet all the way up to my chest, that was as far as I could get.  I hobbled over to the bed laid down, blindfolded myself and hand cuffed my hands behind my back.  As I lay there and waited for my Mistress and her surprise I must say that I was hard with anticipation.  I don't know how long it was that I waited, but it felt like an entirety (lol).  As I heard her stiletto thigh high boots on my marble floor,  I have never heard such a nice sound. MMMMMMm....

When she came into the bedroom she said "Ahhh! What  a nice slave and so obedient, you will get to play my new game for being so good.."  

"Thank you Mistress." I said.  As she came over to the bed and helped me up, she told me that she has to finish getting me ready now.  She stood me up un-did my cuffs and told me to put my hands down at my side and wrapped  my arms to my side. GOD I love tight bondage soo good!!!!  Then she pushed my back on to the bed as I hit it took my breath away. 

She sat down next to me and said "You look so nice and tight as my play toy!!!!  Come here slave."

As I tried to roll towards her, she said "Not you fuck toy!"  What did she mean as I opened my mouth to ask what she meant, all I got out was "Wha......... MMMMMMMM" as she shoved a inflatable gag in my mouth and pumped it up till I thought my cheeks would explode. I did not know what to expect next.  

She then said "You might be wondering what is going on? But you will just have to wait and see, but I think you will like it!" 

As she moved me on my side I felt her take a knife and cut a slit in the plastic by my ass.  I thought 'ohh my god my virgin ass!!'  Next I heard her tell the OTHER slave to strip and come here.  I am going to be fucked up the ass by some unknown person I was soo hot and hard.  My Mistress rolled me on my stomach and told her slave to mount me... 

As I felt her lube up my ass she said "You are going to like this and if you do not I WILL hahahaha!!"

I felt her slave push against my ass and as the pressure mounted, it slipped in and the slave pumped away, it felt so strange and good. 

I came as my Mistress pulled my head back by my hair and said "I told you you would LOL!"  Then as quick as it started she was done.  I felt so strangely happy, relieved and I wanted more.  

As I fell asleep my Mistress said "I hope my fuck toy liked that!"

When I awoke I was free and I looked around for my Mistress, but she was gone. There next to me on the bed, I found the slave that had fucked my ass, it was a gorgeous women totally naked except for a hood on that was locked to her head so I could not make out her face.  There was a note taped to her that said "Good fuck toy you can play with this till I get back, your Mistress!"


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