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A New Goddess Is Born

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; wrap; bandage; straps; encased; coffin; tease; true; cons; X

This is a true short story about one of Gromet's readers, Gwendolyn a young lady who had ventured into Gromet's kingdom of mummification, and having read of others exploits decided this is what she wanted to try it for herself.

My dear cyber friend Gwendolyn had asked me for information on being mummified, of which I was glad to supply. It was to be her first time and like most first timers she was a little apprehensive but wanted to try it. Her helper in the venture was a long standing male friend, I had insisted to her that if she was to try mummification it must be with a well trusted friend as mummification could be turned into the supreme sacrifice so easily if you pick the wrong partner.

I sent her instructions on how I am mummified explaining a body board is advisable for the body to be bound to first as this helps to eliminate movement, then the body is bandaged to the board, not tightly as we have to be able to breathe and mummification is suppose to be a pleasurable thing not a endurance thing. Well that's how I look at it anyway, I know there are bent guys out there who think differently.

The next letter I received from her was an E Mail to say she had followed my instructions basically and allowed her male colleague to mummify her and the whole thing had been a fantastic session and had certainly lived up to her expectations. She had decided to use her friend, she told me he had treated her as a precious slave. His statement I had to agree with as she was indeed very precious for she is one of the rare bread of women who allow themselves to be stripped naked and mummified, this may not seem such a big deal at first but if she had picked the wrong partner there would be nothing she could do to get out of the situation, she would be a product waiting to be dealt with. But thank goodness she had chosen wisely and obtained a worthy helper as he followed my instructions slowly turning her into a mummy, he constantly inquired as to how she was and making sure she was comfortable and the wrapping bandages were not to tight.

Her Domme had decided to use two layers of elastic ace bandage, they did not use the body board as I had mentioned. After she was wrapped in a white cotton bed sheet her Domme then bound around her body with six leather belts securing her chest, elbows, waist, knees, ankles and finally the neck. There is always something about the effect of binding the neck, you realise this is it and now there is no going back. He then slid her completely bound and mummified body into a black satin lined coffin that had been prepared earlier. I thought this was a nice touch a little bit of the melodramatics in there somewhere but very nice. Around the darkened room were lots of candles giving off soothing scented perfume to add to the situation and help calm Gwen down, as this was the first time.

He lay on her for a while thrusting his body against her stroking her bound head and entire body occasionally covering her mouth smothering her for a few seconds and telling her in a very calm voice it was now her time to be put to sleep, then bury her with all the other slaves who had annoyed him. The wrapping process was now complete it had taken some considerable time, the mummified body was lying before the helper completely mummified, her dream had now been achieved she was a mummy. He then lifted the heavy oak lid on to the coffin locking it down and sealing her in the dark of the coffin. The final click as the three locks secured the lid into place seemed to sound very final as if the lid was never to be reopened.

He had now locked the coffin lid closed sealing Gwen inside there was an in built air tube in the coffin for safety but with the shroud over her mummified face she was unable to use it. She was now completely in the hands of her Domme, it was now in his hands whether she was to make the supreme sacrifice and be buried somewhere in the desolate landscape outside or return to his tender arms. He had talked about the joy of her making the supreme sacrifice, the fears flooded into her mind as she lay in the darkness of the coffin.

The sound of her heart beat pounding in her ears, the fear and panic of the realisation that perhaps she had made the wrong decision almost overwhelmed her, but like a true goddess she regained her composure she felt a tear form in her eye as thoughts raced through her mind, then the beauty and uniqueness of her situation took over this had been something she had dreamt of for sometime now, this is what she had wanted she was at last a mummy, if this was to be the complete supreme sacrifice then so be it, this was the risk a goddess had to take and perhaps expected to take or even happen one day.

She was now completely relaxed, her mind had calmed down the quietness and the stillness which at first was overwhelming was now so beautiful her mind was now composed and able to fully appreciate her position. She became so relaxed it was as if her mind was now a separate entirety drifting somewhere else as if looking down on her frail earthly body. Like Jenny had said she was now drifting into a new world of wonderful dreams, the worry's of the past few minutes now all gone, in her mind she knew there was no turning back whatever the future held for her but this was something she had dreamt of for so long.

It is strange the thoughts that go through your mind as you lie there rather than feel confined she felt secure, safe hidden away from the world, the leather strap around her neck seemed the very symbol of her existence. She remembered his final words, "It is time for you to be put to Sleep and be Buried!" Some how even through his words had a sinister meaning, She now took them to mean she was secure and safe even if it was forever, her rapid breathing had now slowed to a gentle pace as she seemed to drift into a wonderful sleep.

But all too soon she was being released and resented this intrusion, it was as if she was about to be violated, what was to be her permanent sleep was now ended. In her helpers judgement as it was her first time that she had been mummified it was long enough, there would be many times in the future were she could experience the delights of mummification for longer and longer periods of time.

She had given up control of her body to another this is the dream of all who enter this game, I think the word Game is the wrong word it is a life style. On reaching this stage she has not just given up control of her body, but as I warn everyone male and female who writes to me on this subject, "Once you willingly allow yourself to be stripped naked then willingly allow your self to be bound, you can cease to be a human being you can so easily become a product and all products have to be dealt with in one way or another."

But in Gwendolyn's place it went like a dream, she said after to me it was fantastic I opened up part of myself I did no know existed, I had given up control of myself completely I was now in total bondage for the first time in my life, I know it is strange but it was so exciting so much more than I thought it would be, I know it sounds crazy but now having tried it I am totally hooked and cannot wait to do it again.

So there all you non believers there is life after mummification and Gwendolyn is now living proof, she has now become a member of the elite band of women know as the Goddesses - welcome home Gwendolyn.


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