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The New Job

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2006 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; enclose; plastic; bodymod; wrap; bandages; entomb; resin; cons; XX

I was amazed at last I had a decent job, for ages I had applied for every job in the local paper, but they always found one excuse after another for saying, "Sorry you are not suitable." or "Oh so sorry the vacancy has just been filled."

I had applied at the North Wales Research Institute for Advanced Bionics for the position of security guard working nights, I was told at the interview the plant was mass producing and making simple machines to do simple jobs automatically for homes all around the world, it seemed ok to me.

I had been given for my uniform, a blue shirt and blue serge trousers and told I start Monday.

Monday came at last, I turned into the main administration block and walked into section D. I was introduced to a Mr Robbins he checked my papers and chatted for a while of what was expected of me, basically patrolling the buildings and grounds, he then handed me over to a security officer called Len to show me around .

Len took me thorough the main buildings telling me there was very little to do there as the plant operated 24 hours a day. My main job would be patrolling the outer buildings covering several square miles in all. Len explained, "Most of the buildings were store rooms and on the far side was a old disused research building that was on my list of buildings to patrol." All this was done on foot.

Len accompanied me the first week, it was a great job and usually very quiet, to be honest it was so quiet we managed most nights to get a few hours sleep, at the end of the week he told me from now on I would be by myself but not to worry as I had a two way radio.

My first shift was great, I chatted to several people in the main factory, and made a few friends where I could always slip in for a cup of tea, patrolling the outer buildings was ok, some I had to enter, others I just walked around the outside checking the doors and windows.

I was now in my second month and every thing was going well. And I had begun to explore some of the older buildings, several were used for building and testing new devices, that had not achieved the results required and where basically just left where they stood, some where just ordinary every day items like automated tin openers, other items defied definition, some where huge contraptions.

The more I explored the more interesting it all became, I used to most nights get a few hours sleep in the old research site, I would usually hide myself behind one of the test machines that littered the complex. To beat the boredom I found myself switching on machine's to see if they worked, some did, some were as dead as a dodo, others mystified me.

One large machine in particular seemed so unusual it had the shape rather like a mini fat rocket ship, it had defied my attempts to open or start it, I found this as a challenge, and every night that I passed by it, I would try a different combination of the button consul fitted to the far side, always to no effect. This had gone on for several weeks, one night I stood outside it wondering what to try next, when for no reason I muttered the words 'abracadabra open sesame', I seemed to remember it from some story I had read as a child.

To my utter amazement a panel slid back revealing the inside, I do not know why but I then said, "close sesame" and the panel closed, there was no edges or sign of a doorway the fit was so perfect. I now stood back and again said, "Open Sesame" and the hidden door slid open.

I shone my light into the faintly lit interior, in the centre was a sort of reclining metal seat resembling a sun lounger. The walls seemed very thick as if there was a lot of gear built into and then I could see several panels also built into the walls. Time was getting on and it was nearing the end of my shift, so I stepped back and muttered, "Close Sesame", soundlessly the panel closed sealing the entrance. I tapped the metal outer covering it had the sound of some thing solid, not a bit like I imagined, at that I made my way to the main building and made my way home.

It was the weekend I wondered what the device was I had found, there was no indication on the outsides of it to give any clue. I decided when I go back on the Monday I would explore the inside of the device, that is if device was the right word to describe it.

I was restless all week end thinking of what I would find on the inside and did it have a use, or was it still able to work, and why the reclining seat on the inside, to me it seemed obvious that it was meant to enter and the seat was there to sit on. I thought to myself well if nothing else I will have found a comfortable place to take a rest during my shift, and I would be out of sight of any prying eyes.

Monday came around, I started my shift as usual by calling in the main factory for a cup of tea, I did not want it to appear as if I was in a hurry to go. I then wandered off and once out of sight made my way directly to the large blue metal machine that had intrigued me all week end, it was a hot evening and a bead of sweat ran down the side of my face, I looked all around to see if anyone was about, it was all very quiet.

I whispered "Open sesame" and lo and behold the panel slid back revealing the inside.

I quickly looked around there was no one about so I stepped inside, the air inside was cooler than the hot summer air outside, the metal was so smooth to the touch and at the same temperature as me, to be honest it was very pleasant in there.

I walked to the reclining seat it was full body length, I ran my fingers over the metal it seemed to flex to my touch, I glanced over to the open door way and muttered "close sesame", the panel slid to with not a sound. I was now enclosed inside the device, I panicked a bit thinking it may not open and almost stuttered as I muttered "Open sesame", It was such a relief as the door obeyed my command.

I again ordered the door to close, which it did silently as before, this to me was so magical, my own secret world. I sat back on the reclining seat, the metal seemed to mould to me, taking the shape to my body. I stretched myself out so I lay there full length, the small cushion I had assumed was a head rest seemed to slid from under my head and positioned itself under the back of my neck, it was so comfortable it was fantastic. I thought a few moments had passed but in reality over one hour had passed, I grabbed my jacket and rolled off the lounger muttering open sesame as headed towards the door, the door slid open and at my command closed behind me.

When I got home I was so refreshed so much more than normal, I glanced into the mirror, I was amazed at my completion it had improved so much and I did not have any make up on. I glanced down at my hands the old wrinkles and freckles had all disappeared but only as far as my shirt sleeves reached to, it seemed to me that all exposed skin in the machine was made to look younger and improved, but where sleeves reached down to there was no alteration, only the uncovered parts of the body.

I was sure now it was the machine that was making me look good, the next night I returned to the machine, Open sesame and I was inside. This time I striped and stood there looking down my body a couple of scars stood out from a old skiing accident, I lay down on the metal lounger it soon altered to my shape. It felt good lying there, I looked at where one of my scars were and it was fading, the machine was working its magic.

"I wish I knew how to control this thing" I mumbled, instantly a gentle voice answered, "I can take you to the next stage of preservation you require mistress." I lay there trembling now knowing the machine could understand my voice.

I asked the machine, "what is the next stage?"

The voice now answered, "The next stage mistress is stage one, I will rejuvenate all your exterior tissue Mistress at your command"

"Then do it," I commanded .

At that second the voice asked, "Please confirm your command mistress."

I raised her voice and said, "go to stage One". There was a sort of whirling sound, a sheath of what seemed like plastic had now enveloped my body, a tube was being inserted into my mouth, the next second a sound of air being sucked out and the plastic sheet closed all around my body by the vacuum produced by the air being removed.

I struggled for a few seconds but realised it was pointless. What I did realize was the tube that had forced itself in to my mouth was now controlling my breathing, the muscles that used to operate my lungs had now been switch off and the machine was breathing for me.

What seemed like a brief interlude I opened my eyes the plastic sheet had gone, I got to my feet, the texture of my skin was real perfection there was not a blemish, the two scars had completely disappeared, it was as if I had been given a new skin. Looking at my watch over two hours had passed since I went into the machine yet it only seemed like seconds.

Getting dressed quickly and returning to the main building complex, as I was clocking off duty Len passed by me and I shouted "Hi."

"Hi" he turned and uttered, "Oh Wow you are looking good, I hardly recognised you!"

I smiled and carried on now knowing the machine was working, and was doing a good job on me.

The next night I went straight to the Machine, I was full of confidence now stripping off as I stepped into the machine, I stood there my now gorgeous body glistening in the bluish light. "OK machine I have done stage one what is next to improve and preserve my looks and body?"

Again the machine in a soft gentle voice said, "Mistress I can now take you to stage two."

"And what is the difference to stage one?" she asked.

The voice told her, "In stage two mistress your body will be adjusted and improved and made to look perfect to match your new skin."

"Ok!" I Muttered, laying down on the recliner, again the procedure was pretty much the same as before a sort of plastic sheaf was placed over me, again the breathing tube was inserted and the air was sucked out of the sheaf.

Some time later I awoke, over a hour had passed, I glanced down at my body, my once small 31a breasts were now a 36c and standing up firm with the most perfect nipples one had ever seen, any trace of body hair had gone. I stood up hardly daring to believe what I looked like, I had a perfect body, the sort most girls would be willing to die for even my legs seemed longer and perfect.

I could hardly believe my eyes, as I ran my fingers over my now perfect body. "This is so fantastic! Tell me machine what is the next stage of improvement for my body?"

Again the machine responded, "The next stage it is the final stage Mistress your now perfect body will be perfected inside as well and will never age."

I stepped over to the recliner seat and lay down telling the machine to now go to stage three.

This time a sort of bandage seemed to wrap itself around my body, enveloping my whole now perfect body, till I resembled a Egyptian mummy. A pair of mechanical arms now picked me up and lowered me in to a tube set in the floor, a quick setting resin now filled the tube setting instantly preserving my body for all time, I suppose at times it is best to settle for what we have.



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