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The Nosy Neighbor and the Rookie

by Jsmith7471

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© Copyright 2003 - Jsmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; mum; enclosure; cocoon; reluct; X

Ann, had lived next to her neighbor Karen, since she and Alan had gotten married and moved there. Karen was a divorcee, five foot, six inches tall with black, short cut hair. 35 years old, not a bad figure, even after having a child.

Karen was always over at Ann's house, showing an extraordinary amount of interest in Ann's husband Alan. She was constantly offering to help do this and help with that, when Alan was around. It had been quite obvious to Ann, even when they all went out as couples on a Friday night, (Karen brought her boyfriend.) Though Ann was not sure if Alan noticed, or was even interested. While they sat at the table, Karen was always very attentive to Alan's every word and gesture. She would hang on his arm like a leech, laughing at every joke. (No matter how good.. or bad.)

Many times, Ann would catch her giving Alan a backrub or just handling and touching him in general. This had been going on for some time and Ann found herself at the end of her rope. She wanted so much to teach Karen a lesson, she wouldn't soon forget.

She thought about this for a week or so and came up with a plan to fix her, but good. In two weekends, Alan would be out on the road until Saturday evening. This was instead of his usual overnight trips. This would provide the opportunity she was looking for. Ann called her mom and asked if she would look after the kids for the weekend. Her mom agreed. Ann told her that Alan and her had something special planned.

 Some phone calls and a winning bid on e-bay later, Ann had all the supplies she would need.

The weekend was rapidly approaching when Ann would spring her trap. Finally, on Friday evening, she called Karen. "Hi Karen. How are things going? Anyway. I've put together a set of bookshelves for Alan's den. I was wondering if you would mind coming over tomorrow morning and give me your opinion, on where I've placed them."

This only inflated Karen's normally pumped up ego further. (Being the expert on everything that she was.) Wanting the opportunity to see and learn anything she could about Alan, she readily agreed.

"Will after 10:00 AM be ok? I'll need to get breakfast for my daughter. She's leaving early and sleeping over at a friends tonight. I also asked Lisa to send Jay over to help move something, when he returns from work about 2:00PM. As long as that doesn't interfere." she replied. "I'll see you then." replied Ann. A huge smile creased her face. She reviewed the steps of her plan in her head. She knew that Jay was always punctual and that Alan wouldn't be home until 6:00PM, on Saturday night. This still gave her enough time.

At 10:00AM the next morning, Ann looked up from the morning paper as she heard a knock on the door. "Right on time." she thought. She walked over and opened the door. "Hi. Come on in. Coffee is on the table. Grab a cup!" welcomed Ann. They sat down at the table and chatted for about twenty minutes about anything and everything.

Ann noticed Karen looking distracted and asked if she was ok. "Everything ok? You look preoccupied." 

"No. Everything is fine. I'm just interested in helping with those bookshelves. I'm also anxious to see Alan's den. It will provide me with better insight into what he is like." answered Karen.

"I'll give you some insight into Alan...and me, you nosy bitch!" Ann thought to herself.
Ann led Karen into Alan's den and they discussed the placement of the bookshelves. Moving them around, here and there. They finally agreed on what looked best. When they were finished, Karen wandered about the den looking at the pictures, awards and trophies, displayed about the room. She asked numerous questions and made just as many comments, as she worked her way around the room. Karen's innocent expression was so transparent, it was pathetic. They finally moved back to the kitchen and sat down to more coffee and conversation.

After awhile, the conversation tapered off to one of those pregnant pauses, that seem to last forever.

Ann offered, "If you really want to understand Alan, you need to see his Trophy/ Play room downstairs." Karen's eyes visibly lit up. 

"Oh, can you show me. It would be very interesting. Can I go to the bathroom first? That coffee seems to have gone right thru me." asked Karen. 

"Sure. You know where the bathroom is. It might be best if you did." answered Ann, with a smile. When Karen returned, Ann got up and headed for the basement, with Karen hot on her heels.

"Don't worry, but be careful on the steps." cautioned Ann. "The light switch is at the bottom of the steps. We finished remodeling and carpeting down here, about two years ago. Alan just never got around to moving the switch to the top of the steps." 

"I understand." replied Karen. "You know what procrastinators, men can be!" Karen emphasized.

Ann nodded an acknowledgement and unlocked the door. She then stood aside, pushing it open and gestured Karen to enter. Karen took a few steps into the darkened room and paused.

 "Are you ready!" asked Ann. Letting the excitement build. Ann discreetly reached over to a nearby shelf and pocketed a few items. "I'm ready." replied Karen nervously. Ann threw the light switch and the fluorescent light panels and track lighting flashed into brightness. Even with Karen's back to her, Ann heard her gasp in surprise as the lights came on.

To Karen's left was a huge writing desk, with a computer, scanner, printer, etc. on it. Bookcases covered one whole wall. The rest of the walls were done in a light wood grain paneling, with an off white suspended ceiling. Hanging on the walls were framed artwork, photos and magazine covers, all with a common theme. Women in stringent bondage! None of that loose rope ties with hands in the front and the sissy Hollywood gags, either. Hogties, suspensions, the works!

Karen's head scanned left, then right, with her mouth open. An incredulous expression on her face. Ann quietly closed and locked the door. Then stepped up behind Karen. "Well? What do you think?" asked Ann, suppressing a chuckle. Only after a moment, did Karen's gaze switch from the walls to the floor, and the furniture on it.

 The floor space, on the three walls was occupied by a heavily padded, bondage table, a device that looked like a large sawhorse with a vertical mast attached to one end. On the mast were cross-arms. The horizontal bar of the sawhorse had a tapered edge facing up, on it. The third item was a large vertically mounted X-frame. All three devices were equipped with straps, D-rings, and other attachment points. On the wall near each device was a rack holding ropes, leather straps and chains of various lengths. Karen vaguely recognized various hoods, gags, nipple clamps and a few whips.

"Put your hands behind you." spoke Ann softly into her ear, as Ann slowly guided her hands back. Karen was so distracted trying to take in everything, that she absent-mindedly allowed her hands to be guided back. Ann quickly clicked a set of handcuffs on her wrists. Only as Ann slipped a second pair on her upper arms, above her elbows, did Karen snap back to reality.

"Hey! What are you doing? Let me go!" she cried out. As she tried to turn to face Ann, Ann held her wrists tightly and applied pressure on her elbows, locking them straight and stiffening Karen's arms. This kept her facing away from Ann. With her arms held in this rigid position, it was easy to control her struggles. "I'm making you helpless and controlling you." Ann raised her hands up about 10 inches, forcing her to bend her body over and down.

 You wanted to know about Alan and what he enjoys. You may find yourself learning more than you wanted. Alan's main hobby is the tight, inescapable bondage of women. Me specifically, and some other playmates occasionally." answered Ann. She paused for a moment, to let this information sink in.

"You can't get away with this!" said Karen. 

"I certainly can." Replied Ann, matter of factly. "Your now powerless and in my control. Your bound in steel. Trapped in a locked and sound proofed dungeon. You also have no idea of your fate." Karen squirmed and twisted at the shoulders, with no effect. Ann pulled Karen's body to her. Pinning her arms in the tight embrace. 

Her arms reached around to the front of Karen's body and caressed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. This was more a demonstration of Ann's power over her, than out of sexual pleasure.

"God damn it! Let me go now, you bitch!" yelled Karen as loud as she could. Holding her with one hand, Ann reached into her pocket. "Now. Since you can't watch your mouth. I'll have to do something about it."

Before Karen could mount any sort of resistance, a red ball gag was pushing past her front teeth and had popped into her mouth. In a moment, Ann had it strapped tightly behind her head. Ann stooped down and locked a two-foot spreader bar on her ankles. She now stood in front of Karen with a pair of scissors in hand.

Karen had a look of absolute panic on her face. "Since your legs are secured, stay still! I would hate for you to fall over. I may not be able to, or may not even want to catch you!" warned Ann. Karen moaned and whiffed into the gag.

Ann began cutting Karen's blouse off. She cut up each sleeve, then across the back and up thru the collar. Her bra straps and back strap were next. Her breasts immediately popped out, the nipples as hard as rocks. Still hanging nice for a woman of her age. "Your high-beams are on. (Referring to her erect nipples.) Are you enjoying this? I hope so. Don't worry, we'll find out!" taunted Ann.

Karen was now red with embarrassment. Ann began cutting her jeans off. Karen screamed into the gag as the scissors began destroying her expensive jeans. Ann was cutting straight down each pant leg to maximize the destruction of her pants. (Great way to hurt a woman. Ruin her expensive clothes.) Karen's white, teeny- weeny, bikini panties followed suit. In a few short moments, she had been rendered totally nude and helpless before Ann.

Ann grinned as she eyed her body. Slight tummy showing. Pubic hair trimmed nice and neat. Ann loved how the wrist and elbow cuffs pulled Karen's shoulders back and forced her breasts out. Karen moaned in disgust and embarrassment. Drool had started leaking out of the corners of her mouth, dripping down onto her breasts. Ann laughed at the sight of Karen trying to suck it back into her mouth. This was obviously so humiliating to Karen.

Ann stepped forward, softly stroking Karen's breasts and pussy. No penetration. Just soft, gentle strokes, as only a woman knows how. Karen hmmmm'ed as her eyes slowly glazed over and closed. After a few moments of this stimulation, the caresses suddenly stopped. "Time to get back to work." said Ann. Karen whined and shook her head to her own surprise, when the caresses stopped.

Standing beside Karen to steady her, Ann walked her over to the bondage bed, in a herky-jerky fashion. Ann buckled a leather belt around her waist. She removed the handcuffs, connecting each wrist to the belt by a leather cuff at the side. Once her wrists were secure, she removed the elbow cuffs.

Karen was lowered on her back onto the bed. One at a time, each limb was strapped to a corner of the bed. The bench top was cool and Karen immediately broke out in goose pimples as she came into contact with the surface. The waist belt and spreader bar were removed.

Ann looked down at Karen. "I think you're interested in my husband, and I don't appreciate it!" As she pulled the wrist straps a notch tighter to emphasize her point, causing Karen to wince as her muscles stretched. Karen's head was shaking from side to side, mmmmphing no into the gag. "I believe you are and I've decided to teach you a lesson!"  Karen's head was shaking no faster now, to no avail. "Mmmphingg and nngg!" the only sound escaping her gagged mouth.

"I'll be right back." Ann turned and walked out of Karen's field of view. Karen knew Ann was right and she was very worried about what she had gotten herself into. Five minutes later, Ann returned with a tray stacked high with bandages of various sizes, along with some other items she did not recognize. "The bandages are black in color to symbolize your tainted status."

 "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. The hard way will involve me injecting you with a muscle relaxant in your neck." Ann held up an evil looking syringe with a five inch needle. Karen's eyes were bugging out of their sockets, when she saw that. "Easy way?" asked Ann. Karen nodded her agreement. (She didn't need to know the syringe was filled with colored water.)

Ann grabbed a roll of the vet wrap off of the tray, released her left leg and began wrapping at her toes. She wrapped quickly and smoothly as the bandage wound up her leg. Some extra layers were added at the knee. The second bandage finished at the top of her thigh, right at the edge of her lips. Karen found her knee was stiffened as she pulled and tested it. Her leg felt odd, as if it were being squeezed all over. Ann noted her expression, grinned and re-attached the wrapped leg to the corner restraint.

She moved over to her right leg and repeated the process. Karen's arms were also done in the same fashion, starting at the fingertips and wrapping up to the shoulders and armpits. Extra layers were added to her elbows to stiffen them. Each hand was also wound in a layer of sport tape, up to the wrist.

Ann walked around Karen to check her work, making sure that the wrapping was neat and tight. Karen's expression was questioning. "Though a bit extreme for a first time bondagette, I've decided that you will be mummified tonight. The bandages that I'm using are called vet wrap. Each layer sticks to the previous layer as it is applied. I haven't decided how long you'll stay like this. So you may as well relax."

Karen's anger and frustration boiled over at this point. She couldn't handle being this helpless. She began struggling in her bonds. Twisting and turning frantically. Ann knew enough to stand back and let her frustration run its course. After a few more minutes, she settled down. "If you're thru, we'll continue." Ann slipped a blindfold over her eyes. She knew that the loss of sight could be more psychologically handicapping than tightly tied ropes.

Ann lubed up a three-inch butt plug and a six inch dildo. Ann applied a firm pressure to the plug as it entered her puckered rose bud. Karen winced, with some discomfort, until the increasing diameter of the tapered part had entered and her muscles closed back down over the narrow end. Karen was so wet that the dildo required no lubrication at all. Karen's hips bucked a bit as she tried to force them out. Though her struggles didn't last long.

Ann then wound a bandage thru her crotch and in between her ass cheeks to hold them in. Karen could feel the objects pushing deeper into her as Ann pulled the bandages tighter.

"I want your holes occupied, but no stimulation for you. If you can, feel free to work your muscles against them for some pleasure. Get yourself off,...if you can. Good luck!" laughed Ann. Karen's eyes narrowed in anger as she grunted. Ann reached down and released her ankles from the cuffs. In one quick movement, she grabbed a roll of bandages, slipped a pad between her ankles, pulled her feet together and began wrapping around her ankles to secure them initially. Karen felt her legs move together, but didn't grasp the significance ...and opportunity.

Before Karen could react, her ankles were already bound tightly. In a few seconds, Ann had Karen's ankles secured. Too late did Karen begin struggling frantically, snorting in frustration as she realized she might have missed her only escape opportunity.

Karen felt the next layer of bandages climbing up her legs joining them together as one. Ann lifted her legs and rocked her back and forth to get the bandage rolls under her. Karen's ass and mound were sealed in completely by this second layer. She continued winding the bandages around Karen until she reached her waist. Karen was still squirming in a feeble attempt to free herself. Not yet realizing that, especially with these bandages, her escape was impossible. Ann enjoyed watching Karen's pathetic and futile struggling. What a turn on.

Ann picked up the waist belt and slid it under Karen's back, buckling it loosely. Doing one hand at a time, each hand was released at a corner, moved down to the belt and temporarily resecured. Still blindfolded, Karen's head turned left and right trying to determine what was going on. Ann pulled her cocooned legs over the edge of the bed and sat her up.

Resuming at her hips with a fresh roll, Ann began working her way up over her waist and ribs. Here, she pulled the bandages as tight as possible. Ann's strategy was to wait patiently. Each time Karen breathed out, Ann wound another wrap or two around her waist, pulling them tighter each time. Narrowing her waist more and more. Karen found it becoming harder and harder to take a full breath, though she wasn't sure why.
"I never said you would be comfortable." snickered Ann. "Remember. You're being taught a lesson."

Ann removed her blindfold. Karen blinked for a moment as her eyes adjusted to the light. Ann stood in front of her and began fondling her nipples. In a moment, they were erect and hard. Ann leered at Karen. She slipped a loop of string over each nipple and tied it securely. Karen grimaced and pulled her chest back trying to escape the ever-tightening loops. Ann picked up another roll of bandages and wrapped her breasts over, under and between them. The bandages were wound in a figure eight, over her shoulders and around her neck.

Karen was now tired. She had adjusted her breathing to compensate for the restriction and less air she was getting in. She was still on the verge of panic.
"I've decided to give you a break. Since this is your first time being mummified, I have a surprise." She reached down onto a shelf under the table and stood back up. Ann shook out and unfolded a tan canvas bag, covered with straps, d-rings, zippers and laces all over it.

"It's a canvas mummy bag. Very restrictive in its own right. Being your good friend and knowing your clothes sizes and measurements as I do, this mummy bag was bought about one half size smaller than you need. Oh, those layers of bandages that you're wrapped in occupy space also. They'll just help pack you in there a little tighter. But don't worry, the zipper will close on it and the edges will be drawn together with the laces to meet perfectly."

Once Ann had prepared the bag, she laid it down behind Karen. She pushed her back down onto the bed, centering her on the open bag.

 Karen was now desperate. Her eyes pleaded with Ann as she mmmphed frantically. Ann already knew that this was a lot of restraint for a first timer. She pushed and tugged Karen's feet into the single foot at the bottom of the bag. Then began pulling the sides up and over her legs and torso, drawing the zipper upward over her body, a few inches at a time. With some difficulty in spots, the zipper continued a steady climb up over her body. The increase in compression that Karen felt seemed overwhelming. She was sure she would be crushed breathless.

Ann stopped zipping just above the knees. She released Karen's left arm from the belt and worked it into the internal sleeve of the mummy bag. It was a very tight fit. "If you move or your arm comes out, we'll finish this as a traditional mummification. With your arms drawn behind you and wrapped together. Do you understand?" asked Ann sternly.
Karen meekly nodded yes, punctuated with a whimper.

Karen's right arm was released and stuffed into the remaining sleeve. Ann unbuckled the waist belt and slid it out. Ann spent about five more minutes working the sides of the bag together and pulling the zipper up. She spent another ten minutes lacing the bag from mid calf up to her chest. Ann was as good as her word. The zipper came up the whole way and the lacing went beautifully.

She had stopped the zipping and temporarily tied off the laces at her chest, above her breasts. Ann was flush and sweating from the excitement and the effort she had expended so far.

She looked down at Karen. Karen was completely helpless and barely able to wiggle her feet. Her body was being squeezed and compressed from every direction. She still whimpered and moaned with that same pleading look, hoping for her release. "So. Now that you know a bit about Alan. What do you think? Maybe you know a bit more than you wanted to." teased Ann. "Any questions?"

Karen could only shake her head and moan thru the gag. "There, there. Breath deep. Relax." cooed Ann as she dabbed some drool off of the corners of Karen's mouth. "Your helpless and in my power now. Accept it. Time to finish up."

She put a pillow under Karen's head and removed the ball gag. Karen's mouth was dry and her voice raspy. "Can I please have a drink, Ann?" she begged. Ann held her head up and put a straw in her mouth. Karen drew the cool water into her mouth and sloshed it around before swallowing. It felt very good as it slid down her throat. "That's enough. You'll be in there a long time and I don't want you pissing yourself." cautioned Ann.

"Why are you doing this? I know I was wrong. I'll never look at Alan again! You can leave me go. You've made your point!" pleaded Karen. "Wait until our friends find out." 

"I know you won't look at Alan again, Karen. As for our friends, you may be in for a few surprises before this is over." Karen leaned her head back on the pillow as a few tears trickled out of the corner of each eye.

Ann suddenly pinched her nose shut and as her mouth opened to breathe, stuffed a foam ball in to fill it. She placed a hand on each side of her mouth, using her thumbs to pack it in. Three strips of medical tape sealed her lips and mouth shut. Karen snorted out of her nose and struggled feebly.

Turning Karen's head, first one way, then the other, she inserted conformal earplugs into each ear, holding them until they had expanded fully.

She resumed the wrapping at her neck. The bandage first went up over her head and down under her chin to further lock her jaws shut. Soon her lower face was covered in bandages. As the wrapping of her head continued, Karen felt her ears squashed flat against her head and her cheeks being squeezed tightly.

Carefully, Ann wound the bandages over the bridge of her nose and around her eyes, so Karen could still see. (For now.) She used a second roll to ensure that her head was completely covered and compressed evenly. As Ann looked down at Karen, only her blue eyes and nostrils were visible. Ann bent down close to her ear and explained what sensory deprivation was and how it worked.

"Now, for the final touch!" chuckled Ann, as Karen now saw the rubber hood approaching. She was restricted too tightly to even struggle as Karen stretched it over her mummified head bringing the rubber front into contact with her face. Ann was careful to line up the nose holes. She worked it over her head with some difficulty tugging and pulling the ends to the back.

She used a few more pillows to prop Karen up and zipped the back of the hood down tight. Ann loved watching the rubber stretch and conform to Karen's head. Muffled groans and distant whimpering sounds were all that escaped from her head.

As the hood went on, Karen felt like her head was in a vice as another layer sealed her even deeper into her bondage. She could feel the hood as it tightened all around her. After a few moments, Ann tucked the neck flap of the hood into the neck of the mummy bag and finished the zipper and lacing. Karen was done and she looked fantastic!

Ann caressed the mummy bag, loving the texture, running her hands over it as muffled sounds and feeble squirming barely escaped from it.

I've got to get ready for my next guest. I'm going to leave your eyes uncovered, so you can watch. Too bad you won't be able to hear. But that's ok. I'll be video taping it. Just like I did your capture and subjugation! You can watch it later as a reminder. Play nice with your butt plug and dildo. Good luck getting yourself off!"

Ann went to the wall and moved the full length mirror out of the way. It was hinged and when it swung open, revealed full size compartments for storing people in. Ann moved Karen over to a compartment and strapped her snuggly into it.

The mirror was a two-way design. She swung the mirror back into place and waved to Karen through the glass. Ann turned and walked away. She busied herself cleaning up the room for about fifteen minutes. Once she was satisfied, she dimmed the lights and went upstairs to get ready. It was 1:00PM.

At 2:30PM, Ann heard a knock on the back door. She walked over and opened it. There before her, stood Jay.

Jay was Lisa's husband, another friend of Ann and Karen's. What a piece of eye candy, this man was. Six foot, two inches. Rugged good looks, lean and in good shape. Oh. And what a bulge outlined by his tight jeans. Occasionally, when they were all out together, Jay would flirt with her. In fact, their conversations had even drifted towards bondage. Ann and Alan's number one pastime.

Jay, on more than one occasion had hinted that he wouldn't mind being "restrained" by Ann. She always assumed that he sensed that she could be a take charge, controlling person. Alan and she had always been careful not to reveal their kinky pastime to anyone.

This situation presented a dilemma for Ann. In their bondage play, she was always a sub to Alan's dominant side (and she loved it.) However, lately, she had found herself longing to tie and dominate Alan. (Though she never told him this.) The circumstances with Jay's hinting at her tying him up were intriguing and the thought of Jay under her control were getting her wet as hell.

"What a package." she thought to herself.

"Hi. You haven't seen Karen have you?" he asked, as Ann snapped out of her thoughts.

"No I haven't. She came over this morning for a bit. Haven't seen her since." Replied Ann. "This is strange. She is usually always home. Lisa asked me to stop over after work and help her with something. No sign of her and her car is still in the driveway." said Jay.

"I wouldn't worry about it. Why don't you come in and wait for a bit. She'll probably show up. Sit down and we'll chat a bit. Now that I think of it, she mentioned going into town to do some shopping. Alice was picking her up. Maybe she forgot you were coming over." offered Ann. Jay seemed relieved. "That would explain the circumstances." He sighed. "Hell. She won't be back until late tonight! Where's Alan?" he asked. "Alan won't be back until about 6:00PM tonight." she answered. Jay nodded in acknowledgement.

Ann got up to get them some cold drinks. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Jay checking her out with a grin on his face. That was ok. She was sneaking glances at him, also. His shorts did nothing to hide his lean, muscular legs. Nice tight ass. Hard waist and muscular chest, arms and shoulders. As she returned with the drinks, she caught herself staring at the bulge in his crotch.

She sat down and they sipped their cold drinks making small talk for awhile. Ann commented, "You know. We were talking at the bar the other night and I sensed that you are interested in bondage. Maybe even want to experience it. Being tied up that is."
Jay looked uncomfortable as he hesitated, then answered. "I've thought about it.. A lot. Even tried to discuss it with Lisa. She just laughed at me. Made me feel like an ass! I would love to submit to someone with experience." He looked Ann straight in the eye and emphasized the last line.

"What makes you think that I know anything about bondage?" she responded. "Oh, the inside jokes between you and Alan. The innuendo. It just feels right with you, intuitively." he responded. Ann paused for a moment in deep thought.

"Well, Alan and Karen are gone. We seem to have some time on our hands. Introducing and educating you into bondage, might be fun." she said.

Jay's face brightened when he heard that. Suddenly, he was as excited as a kid. "Can we start now?" he asked. "I want to experience being helpless, immobilized and in someone else's control." He continued gushing.

"OK DEAR! Slow down. First things first. Go to the bathroom and clean up, while I get some things ready." directed Ann. When Jay returned, Ann was sitting at the table with a small bag in front of her. She gestured for Jay to sit down. "If we're doing this, you must understand that you will do whatever I tell you or command you. Without question! I will do everything I can to make this educational and a very pleasurable experience, for you..and me."

"I agree to your terms." replied Jay. Ann smiled as she glanced at his tee shirt. Though the room was warm, his nipples were as hard as a rock. 

"Good." she replied with a devious grin. "Another way to piss off or punish a woman. Play with a man that she is interested in, right in front of her." thought Ann. 

"Stand up. Go to the center of the room and remove your clothes. Leave your underwear on. You'll be more comfortable, for the activities I have planned. Keep your head down. Eyes on the floor at all times!"

Jay moved to the center of the room and slowly, hesitantly removed his shoes, socks, shorts and shirt. The sight of him like this, left her breathless, as she stifled a gasp. Before Ann, stood one hunk of manhood.

Her eyes roved up and down his solid figure, settling on the bulge in his crotch. The dark blue bikini briefs were tight enough that she could plainly see the head of his semi-erect penis pressing outward on the stretchy fabric.

Her stare embarrassed him and he started to cover his crotch with his hands. "Move your hands to your sides. Stand up straight. Stomach in and chest out!" she barked. Ann stood up and walked over to him. She circled around him, squeezing his bottom, caressing his shoulders and abdomen. She deliberately avoided his bulge.

Jay felt like a piece of meat ..and he liked it.

Ann walked to the table and returned with the bag. She opened it and took out a long length of cotton rope. She played with the rope in front of him for a minute. Dragging it over his nipples and body.

"Put your hands behind your back." She faced his hands, palm to palm, doubled the rope, wound it around his wrists and cinched it between them. She split the ends up and tied the knot so it was out of his reach in back. "Are you flexible Jay?" she asked. "A little." he replied. "Good. We'll see." she cooed.

Jay felt the soft rope winding around his arms above his elbows. He felt the pressure, as she drew them together. He unghed, as his elbows came within inches of touching. She quickly tied and cinched them as she had his wrists. Ann walked around to his front. "I'm glad to see that I'm having an affect on you." she commented.

Jay looked down and saw his rigid cock stretching his underwear outward. His bikini briefs were rapidly becoming a thong. The elastic was now pulled away at the leg holes, with his pubic hair and testicles almost hanging out the sides.

He hung his head down, red faced with embarrassment. Ann stepped in close, cupped his chin and lifted his head until his eyes were looking into hers. "It's ok. This is why we're doing this. I'd be worried if you weren't aroused with a raging hard on. Ann rubbed the head of his cock, with her palm thru the fabric and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Ann reached into her bag and pulled out a red ball gag. It was still wet with drool, as she pushed it into his mouth and strapped it tightly behind his head. The gag was tight enough that the straps pulled the corners of his mouth back. She wondered if he realized or recognized the taste of his own wife's good friend's drool on the ball and strap.

Ann moved behind Jay and reached around to caress his body. Running her hands over his chest. Dragging her nails over his nipples. With her left hand, she reached down and grabbed his thick shaft thru the fabric. She felt his hands flexing and grasping her front. A slight move backwards allowed her to avoid him. He gasped from the stimulation he was experiencing. This was new ground and his senses were being assaulted in a massive first wave attack.

"See Jay." she whispered. "This is what bondage is all about. Being totally helpless in someone else's control. Having your pleasure turned on and off, without your say so or consent. And we're only getting started."

From behind, she slipped a blindfold over his eyes. Jay thought he caught a whiff of a familiar scent. Perfume? Shampoo? He told himself he was crazy and brushed it off. Ann carefully led him down the steps to the playroom entrance. She turned up the lights and led him in. The increase in brightness roused Karen from a light sleep. She briefly panicked. In a moment, her struggles stopped as she realized where she was. Mummified, gagged, laced up into a tight canvas bag and strapped into a wall cavity inside her neighbors "playroom".

As her eyes adjusted, she saw Ann leading an almost nude man into the room. "Oh my god! It was Jay!" He was being led in, bound, gagged and blindfolded. There was no evidence of struggling or resistance. Ann led Jay to the center of the area in front of Karen. Ann stopped, looked at Karen, waving and smiling. "Bitch!" thought Karen.

Ann reached up and played with Jay's nipples. As she tweaked them, he moaned into his gag and wiggled in his bonds. Karen could see his rigid cock, pulsing and straining against the fabric of his underwear. Jay was melting in her hands.

She removed the blindfold and allowed his eyes to adjust. Ann loved the look on his face as he scanned around the room. He paused for a moment on some of the items, guessing their use.

She left him momentarily and went over to close and lock the door. When she returned, she turned him facing the mirror, stood behind him,  and reached around to his front. She fondled his nipples and played with his cock and balls. Jay's eyes closed and his head lolled back onto Ann, as he gave himself over to the sensations spreading from his groin, outward. He was tingling everywhere.

"Jay. Open your eyes. Look into the mirror". She paused. That's it. Don't be embarrassed. Do you like what you see? Do you like feeling helpless and no longer being in control?" He looked in the mirror and whimpered, "Uh Huh!" "Well. I'm making your wish come true, let's see if there is something you can do for me."

"Kneel down. Right here!" she commanded. With Ann's help, Jay knelt down as he was instructed. Ann removed the gag from his mouth and walked over to the bondage bed. She stepped out of her shorts and teasingly pulled her shirt over her head.

Jay's cock throbbed as he watched her reach back to release her bra and step out of her thong.

She grabbed a chair and walked back to Jay, setting it up in front of him. She sat down on the edge of the chair with her legs spread and pulled Jay towards her. He moved in between her legs, knowing what was coming. Ann bent down and kissed him. Her tongue slipped into his mouth as they exchanged a moist kiss.

"Now, it's your turn." As she looked sideways into the mirror, she pulled his head into her and buried his face in her mound. She sighed softly as his nose nuzzled her moist lips. Soon his tongue was parting her labia, seeking out her hot, wet hole. Still pulling him into her, she leaned back in the chair, arching her back and hissing,  "Yesssss!" Her swollen lips were being nibbled and sucked into his mouth. He toyed with them using a gentle chewing action on them.

After a few moments, his tongue began teasing her clit. Coaxing it out of its fleshy hood. Finally it popped out and he tortured it, even more. Ann was now moaning loudly, her head thrashing from side to side. She had started playing with her nipples. Jay looked up her body and knew that she was close to an orgasm of incredible proportions. He increased his efforts.

Ann's orgasm came as a massive eruption. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over her body. She squeezed her legs together and held his face in her pussy. He never missed a lick with his tongue, as her thighs squeezed his head. Ann's orgasm continued for another moment as she slowly spiraled down. She came back to reality, only after hearing his muffled cries for release. He sat back on his thighs licking his lips as he watched her settling down again.

"That ....was incredible!" she said with a glazed look still in her eyes. After a few minutes, Ann got up and helped Jay to his feet. She saw the stain on his underwear and realized that he was dripping pre-cum from his arousal. She reached down and squeezed his cock. He moaned loudly. Ann walked over to the bed and returned with a pair of scissors. She cut the sides of his underwear and pulled them off. "Now it's my turn to reciprocate." she told him as she pushed him back into the chair.

He was now facing the mirror with his legs spread open. Karen had an excellent view as Ann walked behind him and strapped the gag back in place. Jay obviously didn't want it in and twisted his head trying to resist. She reached down and twisted his left nipple, causing him some pain. He yelped and settled down as she tightened the gag more than necessary.

She moved around in front of him and knelt down between his legs. Each ankle was tied securely to a leg of the chair. She moved in and began sucking his cock. Her tongue moved up and down his shaft as she sought out his most sensitive areas. She took the head in and sucked it, while her tongue tickled the underside behind the head.

Jay was now in ecstasy. For a moment. When suddenly Ann stopped her action. He wailed into the gag, feeling he had been cheated.

"This is where you are taught a lesson in control Jay. You shouldn't have resisted the gag. Good subs obey. Is this what you want? Nod your head for yes." After a few seconds, he nodded yes, then stared at the floor. Ann smiled. "Good. Very good. Now for your lesson in control."

She moved in and got comfortable. Ann reached up and gripped his cock firmly and began stroking. Karen continued watching. Her anger and frustration had subsided. She was incredulous at the scene playing out in front of her eyes. Worst of all, she knew that watching this had her pussy drenched! She clenched and released her pussy muscles on the lifeless mass in her trying desperately to satisfy herself, with no luck.

Meanwhile, Ann was varying the length and speed of her strokes. Jay was quickly back into the pleasure zone and he now leaned back into the chair. She held it with her fingers over the top of his shaft and her thumb rubbing the sensitive underside behind the head. All she did was squeeze it firmly and rub small circles with her thumb.

He moaned loudly as she brought him up to a peak and whimpered when she stopped or slowed down. Her hand and his member were covered in his pre-cum. Ann slipped a finger down to her mound and began rubbing her clit.

Jay soon lost count of the number of times that he approached an orgasm and was brought back. He looked down at her thru his own pleasurable haze. She was looking up at him, smiling, gauging his level of arousal intently. She manipulated his cock like the throttle on a sports car. Jay whimpered as Ann increased her thumb movement. He knew that his climax was finally coming. Ann would finally allow him to cum. He realized that it was her decision, not his. He was totally helpless to her whims. He had willingly given this woman total control over him.

As his climax approached, Ann enjoyed watching him straining against the ropes. His muscles flexing and contracting in rhythm to her stimulation. His chest was rising and falling rapidly, as his breaths came in short gasps. Suddenly, Jay's body stiffened and shook as the cum jetted out of his cock. His cock pulsed and spurted in what seemed a never-ending stream.

After a moment, Ann made sure he was ok. She got up, left him still gasping, and walked away. Returning with a wet towel, she cleaned up Jay's privates and the floor. "Was it what you expected?" Ann asked. Jay slowly nodded his head in the affirmative.

 Ann glanced at her watch and noticed that it was 4:30PM already. "My how time flies when your dominating someone." she thought to herself.

Ann released his ankles and stood him up. Ann sensed that Jay was ready to be released, but she had other plans. She led him over to the mirrored wall and forced him onto his knees. She then helped him down onto his stomach, on a mat she had placed there.

"We're coming into the home stretch Jay. It's important for you to do as I say. I can still make this easy or hard. It's up to you."

She straddled him and plopped down onto his ass cheeks, pushing his semi-erect cock into the soft mat. She felt his butt cheeks clench as he worked his cock against the mat in his continuing pursuit of pleasure. Ann grabbed a roll of the black vet-wrap and wrapped his hands into a tight pocket.

He struggled weakly as he felt the tight wrapping continue over his forearms, winding around his upper arms to his shoulders. She criss-crossed the bandages over his chest a few times to complete his restraint. His arms were now tightly wrapped in a single sleeve of sorts. She slapped his ass cheek as she stood up to admire her work. "Don't go anywhere Jay!" she laughed. Jay turned his head to the side, trying to glance up at her, wondering what's coming next.

When she returned, she knelt down by his legs and began tying his ankles. Jay could feel the movement as she wound the rope around and then cinched them. The process was repeated at mid calf and at mid thigh. He felt so helpless. He knew he was going nowhere soon. (He finally realized that he didn't really care! He was exactly where he wanted to be.) Ann bent his legs back at the knees and completely encased his feet up to the ankles in black vet wrap also.

Instead of releasing his feet, she pulled out a piece of rope and tied it around his ankles. She cinched it around the balls of his feet and fed it straight out over his toes. She then pulled the rope up his back, bending his feet and bowing his body enough, that his feet overlapped his hands. The rope was looped around the wrist rope and tied off.

 Jay grunted and snorted thru his nose, adjusting his breathing as she retightened the ropes. He groaned from the strain in his shoulder and calf muscles. He was not used to being pulled in this fashion.

Ann again stood back to admire her work. She bent down and rolled him on his side, took a peek and put him back. "Yep. Still hard as a rock!"

Ann lay down on the floor, her face inches from his. "You've been a real trooper Jay. This is one intense first bondage experience. I hope you enjoyed being in bondage, as much as I enjoyed putting you in it." He mmmphhed and nodded to her. "I have one more surprise for you. Something I want to show you." Ann stood up and walked to the mirror. "When I told you that I didn't know where Karen was. I lied!"
He looked at her with his eyes crinkled up in a puzzled expression. "She's been watching all the time." She swung the mirror out of the way to reveal a mummified and tightly encased Karen.

The look of shock and embarrassment on Jay's face was worth it. He mmmphed and struggled furiously for a moment. Karen could barely move her head in acknowledgement. Ann stooped down by Jay's head, caressing and stroking it.

"You've both embarked on a new adventure in your lives. Ann buckled a collar around Jay's neck and stood up with a leash attached to it, the other end in her hand. She connected the end of a second leash to a similar collar on Karen's neck. The symbolism was obvious to both of Ann's guests.

Ann knelt by Jay's head, cooing and talking to him to keep him calm. Reassuring him that it would be ok, as she pulled out two more rolls of bandages. "This will help keep you quiet and relaxed." She used both rolls to wrap his head tightly. He found the compression of the bandages to be soothing and calming, as she had said.

Ann kissed his forehead, before winding the final layers over his eyes. When she was done, his head was a black mass with only the tip of his nose sticking out. Jay whimpered as she got up and walked over to Karen. Karen's head twisted and turned as she saw the black tape coming to cover her eyeholes. She mmmphed as she felt Ann pressing and smoothing the tape in place.

About an hour later, Alan came in the door from work. "Hi Honey. How was your day?" he asked cheerfully.

Great thanks." she replied. "What did you do today?" he asked. 

"Remember that problem with Karen? My suspicions about her desire of you?" she said.

"Yes. I remember you mentioning that. You were going to have a talk with her." He looked at her slyly. "You didn't? Did you?" 

"I did. Decided to teach her a lesson." She replied with a smile. "And I got a bonus! Walk this way." as she led him downstairs.

Alan couldn't help but admire her work as he examined their two captives. Ross thought to himself. "I'll call Lisa after I take care of Ann and let her know that Jay is ok. She had wanted him broken in anyway."

"You've had a busy day. Time for you to relax." Alan told Ann. "If you get the plastic wrap and duct tape ready. I can have you mummified in half an hour, for the evening.

She smiled at him and pointed to the bondage bed. Everything was laid out and ready for use. "I'm ready." She replied as she stepped out of her jeans and pulled her top over her head. It was going to be another warm, cozy, immobilizing and helpless night.


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