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Number 367

by number 367

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© Copyright 2005 - number 367 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; latex; mum; boxed; cons; X

I woke up from my drowning sleep when the car hit in a hole of the uneven street we were driving on. I don't know how long we were driving on. I felt no time after staring probably several hours to the ceiling of the stationwagon i was put into. I tried to move a bit but I couldn't move the tiniest muscle. How I got in this unconfortable situation? It started with a kinky idea of my girlfriend.

She wanted me to do something exciting and unusual to give our sexlife a little bit of a change. She wanted me to wear some woman's clothings like skirt, bra and blouse. In high heels and stockings, and because of my girlfriend could be very convincing when she wanted to I agreed to the idea.

We went to a small shop in a sidestreet of my home town in Cologne, Germany, which contained to my surprise a huge range of outfits, lingerie and sex toys. From latex to leather it was a available. 

As I found out my girlfriend was quite familiar with the shop because she went straight to some latex skirts and blouses. She picked some stuff and pulled me to the changing rooms. I jumped in the skirt and the blouse but as I could see on my girlfriends face it looked very disappointing.

After I suggested that we should asked somebody for some ideas she ran to the woman behind the counter and she obviously knew what to pick. She looked great. Her hair were as black as the night and her lips as red as blood. She was wearing a kneelong black latex skirt and a white latex blouse with a black latex tie. And the highest high heels i've ever seen.

She told us that our disappointment resulted in the fact that I am a man and we would have to change that. I looked kind of stupid to my girlfriend and she looked at the, I'll call her "Mistress". The Mistress grabbed some latex outfit and handed me some Vaseline. She told me to get naked and to put the Vaseline over my whole body. She repeated whole body. I closed the curtains of the changing room, got naked and smeared the Vaseline over my whole body. Outside the curtain I could hear the Mistress and my girlfriend whisper but couldn't understand any word. I told them that I had finished and to my surprise the Mistress ripped the curtain open and I twitched for a second.

"Don't be afraid, my dear", she said. I've seen many men naked. You're not the first one. Jump into this and let us know when you're finished."

She closed the curtain and I examined the outfit. It was some latex outfit in black. At first I had quite a problem to sneak into it, but after a while I got experienced. After I finished my legs I found out that there was a little canal probably for my dick and I slid it in the canal. Then i slid with my arms in and there was a hood too with openings for my eyes, nose and mouth. The latex felt surprisingly nice and tight on my skin and I saw in the mirror that the outfit turned my body into a womans body. I had bigger hips, a smaller waist and breasts. I started giggling. Breasts. I told them that I had been finished and the Mistress opened the curtain.

"Very nice!" she said. "Let me close the zipper!" She pulled the zipper upwards and the latex pressed against my skin. A nice and comfortable feeling. My dick got pushed deeper into the canal and I couldn't even see my best part anymore.

"Now look at yourself!" she demanded.

I turned in front of the mirror and I couldn't believe what I saw. If I wouldn't have known it better I would defenitly think that I am a woman. My girlfriend was jumping up and down and clapping her hands together because of excitement.

"Here! Try these on!" and the Mistress threw some high heels to my feet. The size perfectly fit and I stood up, balancing a bit but felt comfortable again. How did she knew?

"You look awesome!", my girlfriend said. "We will have a lot of fun. Now try this on .. We might have to give you a bit of help with that." 

She handed me some very heavy latex outfit that looked like a long skirt, like a gown. The back of it had latex straps and a long zipper. The Mistress and my girlfriend were holding the gown open so I could walk into it. They pulled the ends together behind my back and pulled the zipper up. It needed a bit of strength to pull it up. I could feel it and hear it out of their struggling. The gown closed tight around my body. The upper part was like a tight corset and my new boobs were sqeezed into the cups. I could feel my dick getting filled with blood but it couldn't move what felt quite unusual but kind of exciting too. The lower part of the gown was very tight on my legs and ankles and I thought how the girls could ever walk in these tight outfits. The latex straps were pulled by the Mistress and closed behind my back. Now the gown was like a second skin on my second skin. I smiled into the mirror.

"You like it, hon'?"

I nodded. I never thought that I could ever look like a woman but I did.

"Here is something else for you. I have to add this. Hold still!", and the Mistress closed a collar around my neck. "Now I need your both hands to hold this as a support. This will look great on your gown. Put your hands here. Yes, on top of your nice, new tush. And hold this. With your two pointing fingers and thumbs. Yes, great!"

I heard a fast zip and my arms were pulled tightly together behind my back. Before I could ask what she was doing my mouth got filled with a red Latex ballgag. My girlfriend pushed it in with a big evil grin in her face. I moaned and my jaws hurt because of the size of this massive gag. She pulled the straps tight behind my neck. Meanwhile the Mistress was pulling straps around my arms and my waist. In a minute I was tied and gagged. I couldn't move my arms any slightest bit. My mouth was wide open and totally filled with this red ball. I couldn't move my head because the collar was so tough and it was holding my head in a strict position. My chest and legs were kept tight in this long corset. I was trapped!!!

"As you can see, my dear, everything worked out fine. How confiding he is. Let's put the make-up on!", the Mistress said and after removing some eyebrows, adding some facial, mascara and lipstick and some fake eyelids I was ready.

I moaned and tried to get out of my prison but all my struggling was useless. The Mistress and my girlfriend laughed at me and I swore at them but because of the gag you could barely hear my deep voice.

"Oh, I forgot something important." the Mistress announced. She turn a little button at the side of my collar. I could here a slight humming noise. "Here we go!"

"What have you done?' my girlfriend asked.

"Nothing special. Let's get the transport box!"

After a while they came back with a black shiny box that was the size of a grown man. The top of the box had a hole in the upper part of it. They put the top on the floor and i could see straps attached to it. The women grasped me and pulled me to the top of the box a put me with my face down on it. My face perfectly fit in the opening but my nose wouldn't touch the floor. There was like 5cm space left. They adjusted the straps to pull me on the top. The filling of the top of the box adjusted to my body shape and then the women put the rest of the box on top of. I felt the box being pressed on me and again the filling adjusted to my body shape. I could feel the box with me inside being pulled upwards and I could see the faces of the Mistress and my former, girlfriend.

"Oh, look at him. He is angry with us.", the Mistress said to my former girlfriend. "he will be more angry when I will tell him that you sold him to me for a very good price."

I was shocked. I was dragged in this shop under different circumstances to get captured by a Mistress who bought me from my girlfriend.

"See? He is shocked. Oh, I love looking at the boys when they just find out." The boys? She said the boys? "Yes, Number 367, there are more of you. Trapped the same way and still in my custody. You will meet them soon." She turned to my ex. "The car is ready. Let's put him in and then you will get your money!"

That's how it all started and soon I will see my new place of living. But this is for sure. I will not give up until I have escaped from this Mistress and to pay it twice back to my Ex!!!

to be continued


number 367


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