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Nylon Web 3

by Nylondesirer

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© Copyright 2007 - Nylondesirer - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; nylon; pantyhose; machine/fm; mum; encase; cons; X

Nylon Web 3, Part I

Down in a deep subterranean cavern, the secret society of the Nylon Web thrived.  Chronicled by others, this place is famous for its treatment of males:  the punishments and dominion over men.  The women of the Nylon Web all had a love for pantyhose and nylon that brought them together; they pursued new technology that would allow them to better use the fabric and maintained a society solely based on it.  The rooms and surroundings were inevitably draped in the fabric.  Women used it as often their only source of clothing.  They also found it the perfect way to humiliate and control men.  As their high-tech prowess allowed them to monitor the above world ever more closely, they found more and more men that would serve them well.  In fact, when a man was willing to submit to the women and put up with their devilish ways and experiments, sometimes men could quite enjoy it there.

Julia sat in her quarters.  On her chair to her left was her slave, Charlie.  Charlie was Julia's dream;  brown-haired and at 5'11", and with the physique of an athlete, he himself had a nylon fetish that made him want to cooperate and be her slave.  He was currently in black sheer pantyhose at the bequest of his mistress.  Two layers in fact.  The nylon was too small for him, but with so much tensile strength, all it did was almost painfully fit him.  The control-tops compressed him completely.  Julia herself was in bright blue tights, not sheer, but glossy and soft to the touch, and a bra to match.  She was a stunning blonde with the face of an angel, a little shorter than Charlie, and she herself knew that that they both loved each other.  She beckoned him over to her bed where she sat, Indian-style.

"I want you to lay down now, face-down," she said. 

Not exactly reluctantly Charlie obeyed.  She proceeded to take out her nylon toys for her slave, and put them next to his head on the chiffon bed cover.  Charlie dared to turn his head to the left to watch; he saw her pull out stockings; knee-high and thigh-high, pantyhose of all colors; and several body tubes.  He shivered in delight, and felt one coming on to him.

She sat down on his backs, and grabbed his arms.  She took a thigh-high stocking and slowly encased his hands and forearms in it.

"Charlie?  My sweetness?"

She could feel him tremble under her, not out of fear.


She now took out a pair of old pantyhose, her own personal pair.  She wadded them up, rolling them up on themselves, and then stuffed it in his mouth, making an effective gag.  Taking another knee-high, she forced it over his head.

"I've been thinking.  You should try out for the Contest."


"Don't you want the fame?"  She was stroking his face now, massaging him with her right hand and reaching for more toys.


"Ah, come on."  She now put a hot pink knee-high over her head.

"Don't you love me?"  She put another one over her head.

"Don't you love . . . it?" She put a third on.  She could still see him, because the knee-highs were of the thinnest denier possible.  She bent down, throwing herself next to Charlie.  She kissed his face, fondling the back of his head, making him sweat.

"Mmmph.  Mm-hmmm."

"What?  I don't understand you.  You've got something in your mouth."


"I won't get your answer until you are out of that stuff.  Oh well."

She smiled wickedly.  She undid his arms, made him sit up.

"Try this on for size."

She put on a black nylon shirt over his head.  Except, this shirt had a head to it and gloves, all in black nylon of course.  She sensuously helped him into it, stretching each finger, making sure it fit and was not kinked anywhere.

"All right.  Now, I want you to put your hands in front of you."

Julia took another knee-high and put it over his arms.  She put several more on, each time making it fit better.

"Charlie, honey, I think we need to discuss something."

She looked into his eyes, and took him off the bed.  She took Charlie to a post in the room, and put the ankle manacles on his ankles.

"To hold you still of course."

She also took his waist and tied a sash around it.  Now, Charlie could not move from the pole.

"Now to secure the abdomen . . ."

The pole was also collapsible.  She moved it so it wouldn't get in the way of the wrapping.  She moved his arms up in a prayer position, and took out a roll of nylon fabric.  It was special, because the first and last two meters had an adhesive on it.  Incredibly sticky at first, within a couple hours it degraded into nothing.  Stretching it tight, she started on his back.  As Charlie stood there, she pulled and pulled, constricting the fabric to the utmost.  The cocoon around him got thicker and thicker, and at times she would play with him.  Getting close to him, she wrapped herself in too.


"Well, better get back to business."

At the same time, Charlie's package was straining against the control-tops he was wearing.  But, they wouldn't budge, and he sometimes would let out a little moan.

"What? You okay?  Ohhh, it's this, isn't it?"

She grabbed the package, feeling it through two layers.

"You want this right?"

She continued, reveling in the sensation of the mass under her hand, trying to break free.

She realized she should continue, and left her hand as she continued around him.  Finally, after maybe twenty-five minutes, the roll was done.  Charlie stood before her.  His movements reminded her that while his top half was as secure as possible, his legs were still free as a fly.

"We can't have you running around like a headless chicken.  You know what comes next?"


"I'm sorry.  I know you hate it.  But I love it.  And it still didn't sound like you wanted to do what I would love you to do?"

She looked at him with her face in a puppy look, lips put out, and he still refused.


"Oh.  Well.  Last I checked, a master's slave couldn't refuse an offer."

"Mmm.  Hmm-hmmmph!"

"Oh, I love the sound of that.  Never gets old."  Julia unchained Charlie, then the vixen unstrapped his waist.

"Sometimes you might forget, but I am still your master!"

She thrust him down on the bed, then leapt on top of him.  Her pretty feet, almost debilitating in her current tights, were in his face, unconsciously tickling his face.  He moaned, desiring to be free of the tightness.  What had been pleasurable was now getting to be almost painful.  At the same time, she fondled his manhood, again making it hurt.  Julia dug into it, making it strain even more.

"Ah-ha.  Not tonight.  I'm too mad at you.  Hmph!"

Again pouting, she drew out four more pairs of sheer black pantyhose.  She shoved it on his feet, and with considerable strength lifted his butt.  For each pair, she almost maniacally shoved and pushed.  She wanted to torture him more, but eventually his package was almost uncontrollable.  To prevent her slave from getting any pleasure, she just shoved more onto him.

Eventually, the last pair was on. Six total pairs now encased his legs, making  his bottom completely black.

"Now?  Do you want to do the Contest now?"

To be honest, Charlie had never seen Julia as black as this.  There seemed to be a hidden rage within her that was coming out now.

She was caressing his legs, feeling the wonderful feel of the nylon, the muscles beneath it, straining to be free of this torture . . .

Charlie had to shake his head.  He still had his dignity.

Another two pairs were shoved upon him.  Except this time, they were larger.  And they went over both sides of him, over his head and his feet.  These pairs of pantyhose were stretchy and durable, meant for full-body encasement.  She noticed as she pulled it over him the sweat of his body, with nowhere to go with the cruel layers over his skin.

Julia gazed at the cocoon before her.  Regret tinged her thoughts; she had had a hard day, and was taking her anger out on her loved one.  She had never meant it to go so far.  She would make it up to him.  Her thoughts changed at once. Wait.  I still need him to do the Contest!

"One last chance.  Then you will, I'm afraid have to go further."

One thing that was interesting about their relationship: they both loved nylon, bondage, and each other.  Only Julia had a love of mummification.

"Mmmm!  Hmm-mmph!"

She touched his face.  "I'm sorry."

She dragged him over to the machine in the corner of her room.  At the same time, he was yelling to high hell, the screams dampened completely by the pantyhose in his mouth.  A machine with an aluminum casing and resembling a CAT scan machine was welcoming the head of Charlie.

As Charlie was put into the hole, and robotic arms poised themselves to start, Julia brought ten body tube stockings to the machine.  She put them in and dialed specifications into the computer.

Charlie himself was crying.  He knew it was okay to cry; the five layers of nylon over his head would hide it.  What came next was Julia.  She limberly and gracefully jumped into the tube, and hugged Charlie.

"I'll make it up to you.  Computer, start."

Amazed, he watched as both he and Julia were encased in ten layers of nylon.  The pain of his legs, compressed by eight pairs of pantyhose, all ridiculously too small, didn't matter.  The stiffness of his mouth didn't matter.  The pain even in his own package didn't matter.  His loved one was with him, and now he could enjoy it.

Fifteen minutes later, a white cocoon was laying inside Julia's room.  The two lovers were encased completely.  Julia had positioned herself to have her arm around his neck and the other hand, once again fondling him.  For an hour they sat there, silently enjoying the company.  Julia was marveling in her captive, the smooth body she was holding, in such beauty and sweetness.  It was so . . . sexy.  As she hugged him, she heard him make a sound like he was waking up from a deep sleep.

"Mmmm-mmmm.  Ohhm-gayme."





"Computer, unwrap."

The removal was much faster than the application.  Julia eventually stood before her relieved mummy, watching him writhe about.  She had him get on to the bed, freed him of the nylon.  As the shell came off, her slave reappeared before her.

"Why don't you get into something more comfortable?" she said, tossing him flesh-tone pantyhose that were a much better fit.

Julia started to take the nylon fabric and roll it back up.  Charlie tore off the pairs of black pantyhose, secretly enjoying the scent of his sweat and her sweat together.  He took out his gag.

"Okay.  I'll do it."

to be continued...


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