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One Night

by Toran

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© Copyright 2002 - Toran - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mum; entombed; cons; XX

I lead her by the hand, deep into the warm summer forest.  The night breeze is gentle, picking up the smell of lilac and jasmine.  I don't need to tug on the leash that is bound to her collar, she keeps pace with me all right. I don't even have her arms bound behind her, as is my preference.  The nipple clamps are there - some things you just can't forget.

She's led to the small burial pit I've made for her - by hand.  With a lingering kiss and under the full moon, I bind my Goddess with wrapping.  Her breath catches and her eyes close.  I whisper into her ear that I can stop anytime - does she wish to continue?  She has to, she knows.  I would be disappointed and that would crush her.  So each time she murmurs 'yes - continue'. 

Finally, there is only the gag left.  I ask her one last time and one last time she whispers, 'yes'.

I slowly slide the big penis gag in, her mouth accepting its size.   Then I wrap her head with the wrapping and she is alone in her bindings.  She's made the supreme sacrifice and she knows it.  I scoop her up and lay her down in the dark, clammy stone of her burial coffin - her sarcophagus.  Not even the moon's insistent light can penetrate into that pit.  I run my hands along her bound body one last time.  Then slide the heavy lid of her tomb in place.

After I am done sealing her fate with the mound of fresh dirt, I lay back and enjoy the rest of the night.  Inside, six feet below, my girl lays, drinking the little air I've piped into her tomb, wondering when I will release her.  I smile and get to work.  The wild flowers and shrubs are planted over the mound and by the first ruby red light of dawn, her resting place is hidden completely.  I look long and hard at the fresh site – I have no idea whether I will be able to find this place again.

Or whether I will even look.


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