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One Off

by Clingfilm

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© Copyright 2007 - Clingfilm - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; mum; breath-play; cons; X

I have been married to my wife Margaret for about eighteen years now and my wife and I have, on occasion, indulged in a little light bondage.  I love it but alas, my wife does not get as much from it as I do.  I of ten engage in self bondage involving wrapping myself in cling film but my wife does not approve which made this incident all the better.

One morning, we were at home together.  My daughter was away on holiday and we both had the day off.  As I lay in bed next to Margaret I began to feel quite horny so I put my arms round her and began to play with her nipples.  She loves this but on the morning in question she demanded that I stop immediately.  I playfully tweaked her nipples some more and at that she turned over and said, “You are very naughty and if you do that again, I’ll have to tie you up”.  I needed no more encouragement; I reached forward and stroked the back of my hands over her now erect nipples.  She turned away from me and for a moment I thought she was annoyed with me.  She got out of bed without another word and went to the wardrobe.  I thought, “Bollocks, she’s really pissed off now”. My cock started to go limp. 

She opened the wardrobe door and went to my tie rack and took out four of my old ties.  “Is this what you really want”? She asked.  I was stunned for a moment.  Could she really be asking this?  “Yes” I stuttered, already, my cock was getting hard again. She then, wordlessly went to the top of the bed and reached out and took hold of my right wrist.  She wrapped one turn of one of the ties round my wrist but instead of doing so at the end of the tie, as she had done in the past, she used the centre portion.  I had often managed to get out in the past by twisting my arm round until it slipped the knot off.  This time there was no chance of that.  She did the same with my left wrist, and then tied each one to the wooden bedpost at each corner of the top of the bed. 

I could have resisted but I didn’t want to.  The feeling of helplessness started, even though, at that time, I could have reached up and undone the knots.  She then went to my ankles and tied them in a similar manner to the bottom end bedposts.  We have a very big bed and now, stretched between the top and bottom, I could no longer reach any of the knots.  I really was helpless now.  Such ecstasy. 

“Is that nice”? She asked and reached forward towards my throbbing prick.  She took hold of it in one hand and began to caress my shaft.  She took hold of my ball sac in her other hand and began pulling it gently.  I was in heaven. 

“Yessss” I replied, “You know I love that”.

“Do you”? She said, “I thought you preferred to be wrapped from head to toe in tight cling film”?  She continued stroking my cock and pulling my balls.  I was totally helpless and I was loving it but the thought of being wrapped in cling film sent waves of pleasure through me.

“Ohh, yes, I love that so much” I replied.

“Imagine I have you wrapped up in cling film doing this to you” she teased.  My mind was racing, I was in immense pleasure, and I was close to coming.  Yet she was taunting me with my ultimate fantasy.

“God I’d love that so much” I managed to say as my pre cum started to ooze from my cock onto her hands.

Suddenly she stopped and took her hands away from me.  “I’m not ready to let you come yet,” she teased.  She turned and left the room.  What was she doing?  I heard her in the Kitchen.  Has she gone to get some cling film?  I tried to move but my bonds were very secure and the ties very strong.  I was going nowhere.

When she came back from the kitchen she was wearing her new long black leather coat I had bought her for Christmas.  “I’m going out for a while, don’t go anywhere will you”. And with that she turned and went.

“Where are you going?  How long will you be”? I shouted after her, but she went without another word.  I love bondage, but only with sex or even if I can wank myself, but in my present position I couldn’t do anything.  I couldn’t even rub myself on anything to bring me pleasure.  After a short while I began to get a bit annoyed but that didn’t help me.  I tried to struggle against my bonds but all that did was chafe my wrists and ankles.

About an hour later I heard her come back, she came into the bedroom.  “Been enjoying yourself” she teased and put her shopping bag down at the foot of the bed.  “What do you think I’m wearing under this coat?” she said? I didn’t know and told her I didn’t.  She then turned round away from me and undid all the buttons and slid it from her shoulders.  As the coat slid to the floor I could see that she had wrapped cling film round her breasts down to her waist, she had made a cling film dress.  She looked stunning.  My cock, which had been limp since she had gone once more, rose to the occasion.

“I see you like” she said “Look what I have bought for you”.  With that she took a catering size roll of clear cling film from her shopping bag.  She took it out of the box and stood near the foot of the bed caressing my feet and ankles with the roll, teasing me.  “Would you like me to wrap you in it” she asked?

“Yes please, yes, please do”. 

I thought she would untie me first but she didn’t, she went to my left ankle and started to wrap my foot and ankle over the tie, she then worked her way up my leg pulling it tight as she went.  I was instructed to lift up my legs and hips to allow her to wrap it round me.  Then down my other leg.  My hips and legs were now encased.  She tore off the roll and went to my wrists and started there, once more she didn’t undo the ties but wrapped over the top of them.  This time she told me to grip the tie where it went up to the head of the bed and wrapped over my hands so that I couldn’t let go. She wrapped both my arms the same way. 

She went to her drawer where she kept her ‘toys’ and took out a battery-powered vibrator and began to play with herself with it.  She knelt between my legs inches from my prick wanking herself with it.  I could see her breasts through the tight cling film as she knelt there.  I wanted to fuck her but couldn't move, what delicious torment.  Suddenly she was shuddering in orgasm. I tried to touch her but I was tied so well that it was impossible. 

When her shuddering had stopped she reached forward and started playing with my balls and slowly worked her fingers towards my arse, I love that and she slowly circled my anus with her fingers.  It was beautiful.  I wanted her to suck my prick at the same time and asked her to.  “No way, maybe later” she said.  With that she slid her still buzzing vibrator out of her sopping pussy and pushed it against my arse, gently at first then more forcefully.  I could feel the vibrations right through me.  It was orgasmic.  I was close to coming with the vibrations when, with a last push, she forced it right into me and switched it off.

“Please” I begged, “Please, more”

“Soon” she said, and got off the bed.  God my balls were aching to release my spunk.  She was teasing me and there was nothing I could or wanted to do about it.

She untied the tie holding my right foot and pushed my leg over to join my left leg and tied them to the same post. She went to my left arm and untied it them took it across and tied it to the same post as my right arm.  I was now tightly stretched from corner to corner. And my legs and arms were covered in tight cling film.  She then went to my feet again and started to wrap my feet together.  Once more she worked her way up my legs, each turn tighter, I was in heaven.  Onwards, Up over my hips encasing my balls and cock, then up over my stomach, round my chest with several turns pulled tightly making breathing a little difficult.  Up round my shoulders now, then my arms pinning them to each side of my head.  Over my mouth and round my arms, the next turn over my eyes and forehead leaving my nose clear to breath. Then on up, right up to my wrists and hands above my head.  I was cocooned in cling film, totally helpless and in ecstasy.

“Is that nice?” she asked?  She then started to rub the base of my prick once more.

“Oh, yes, wonderful” I said as I started to hump to push myself against her harder.  She reached under my backside and once more switched on her vibrator.  She turned it up full power and again I began to feel that shuddering feeling approach. 

Seeing that I was once more near climax she tore my prick free from its prison, climbed on top of me and slid it deep within her still soaking pussy.  She leant forward, brushing her tits against my chest.  Her face close to mine, I could smell the cling film and feel the heat of her face near my nose.  I could feel her body weight pressing on my chest as she gently kissed my nose, the only part of me exposed to air.

I was breathing her breath.  My thrusts became more urgent as I approached orgasm.  The vibrator sending waves of pleasure through me, feel of the tightness of the cling film, smell its acrid odour.  Her lips parted and she started to suck my nose engulfing it in her mouth and cutting off my only source of air.  I couldn’t move.  I was helpless as I started to come, bucking against her weight and the ties holding me stretched across the bed.  My Orgasm seemed to last forever, but I needed air.  Still she sucked on my nose.  Once more I tried to struggle free, but I was helpless. 

She opened her mouth allowing life-giving air into my nose.  She tore the film over my mouth allowing me to breathe easier, my body, still shaking with orgasms.  Margaret got off me and untied me. All I could say was “Thank you”.

She looked at me and said, “I still don’t know what you get out of it”? 
It’s almost as if that day didn’t exist, she won’t do it again.


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