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One Woman

by Hyram

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© Copyright 2004 - Hyram - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mum; enclosure; cocoon; cons; X

She was terribly sexual, if terrible is an acceptable way to define sexuality.  A black evening dress, a turn of her head as she held her hair up, and puckered lips... for no reason other than to demonstrate she could look that way.  Knee-length leather boots, she claims she likes the sound the zipper makes when she slowly undoes them.  Her hair is a tawny brown of varying lengths depending on her mood that year: no bangs so it falls over her face and she says she likes the feel of it, thinks it's sexy. 

She comes over one night, and neither of us is sure anything is going to happen.  Nothing has happened yet, though it's abundantly clear something *should* happen.  And it was distinctly possible that tonight, something sexual might indeed occur.

We had spoken, briefly, actually very briefly, in an email some months ago about "being tied up".  Her reply was, "While the topic is interesting, I don't think it's appropriate we discuss it".  Well, if that is not an open door, I'm not certain what is.  Naught was said for months on the topic, though we warmed to each other and eventually, it came down to this night. 

Salmon, wine, salad.  Followed by myself rubbing her shoulders while she chatted on her cell phone with a friend.  I was firmly seated on a futon that was currently in the form of a sofa, she on a pillow resting on the floor. Backrubs are one of those few actions in life that are steeped in duality - going from relaxing to stimulating and you don't even need to do anything with your's more of a mood swing, a change in intensity, an aura that comes alive in the room.  And so it did.

Her conversation finished, the phone on the floor, she literally pushed back into me, forcing herself into my arms, turning, muttering "kiss me".  And so I did.

Speaking a touch of zee French, over time she was coaxed into a very compromising position.  The futon had come down into a bed and happily it was a mission style futon.  A blindfold was applied to her eyes, and she was still grinning and writhing.  A woven leather belt held her wrists together, and I looped the far end around one of the mission style columns in the middle of the headboard.  And her sexuality was unimaginable - her wrists bound and held by a foot of belt to the top of the futon, he was squirming and gasping as if she were in the throws of an orgasm already.

Some stroking, touching, playing...more French whispering and her ankles were held to the footboard, spread-eagled, by likenesses of the same belt which held her wrists.  Her ability to squirm limited now, her chest was still heaving with anticipation.  More playfulness and she was gasping with each fingertip placed on her bare skin.

Then I straddled her chest, and whispered, "Une autre chose...tu es prete?  Are you ready?"  And she didn't really reply, but only waited, shivering with sensation.  I kissed her, and asked her to close her mouth...and she did.  And I pressed a wide strip of cloth duct tape against her lips and cheeks, and pressed hard with the palm of my hand. 

There's something about a woman's breathing that is exciting.  It speaks volumes without words: when it is quiet, she is relaxed; but, like then, sometimes it is loud and wanting, everything about her screaming "Yes!" without a word, only her restrained wriggling, her thrashing head, and the need for more air as her body becomes more and more excited.  Her breathing is sharp, fast and deliberate, she wants to orgasm like this, bound to the bed, blindfolded, gagged. 

And she does. 

All this in one night - she'd never been tied up, never considered bondage.  And I'm not sure she "considers" bondage today.  It's just that she's sexual, and when she's hot and wet, almost anything goes. 

But this was supposed to be about mummification, I think.  Now that the introductions are done, I'll tell you a tale, though a true tale.  The idea was inspired by a story I read here, a man wrapped with plastic to a pole, with only his mouth opening to breathe.  So I followed suit with her, with slight variations of course. 

As I said, sometimes with her, anything goes for sex.  I'd wrapped her up before, from head to toe, and the first time she actually fell asleep.  It's a bit disconcerting when her mouth is taped, she's blindfolded, and only her nose is peeking out of the plastic, and she's not moving, and her breath is so quiet you're not sure how she's doing. So I woke her, she'd only been asleep for a minute or two apparently, and immediately she was very much ready for sex upon realizing her position.  Sexual.

Once we even played, without success, with fact, she was quite helpful in trying to make it work on her, but in the end, I think treating it like plastic wrap was the problem - too many layers to heat up.  Oh well.

But this night was a bit better planned.  With those very same leather belts, her wrists were locked to her thighs, the belts creeping towards her vagina as she pulled gently on them.  She was blindfolded with an airline blindfold.  Standing up at the end of the bed, I wrapped her well in plastic, beginning at her middle, wrapping her fingers against her bottom, leaving her breasts exposed.  I then wound the roll down her legs, pulling each turn tight against her.  Then, her body encased from ankles to shoulders, I laid her down on the bed.

A backless stool from the kitchen allowed a body-length board to be balanced between the stool and bed.  I lifted her and moved her gently onto the board, placing her somewhat strategically - the roll of plastic wrap had to reach from head to toe. 

I wrapped her body tightly to the board, three turns so she couldn't lift her torso up.  Once her legs were also firmly wrapped, I kissed her gently on the lips, which she liked.  Not drawing too far from her face, I whispered for her to open her mouth...she did, but only just.  "A little more..." I told her.  "Okay....take a deep breath and hold it." Sometimes you wonder what makes people listen to  Desire? Anticipation of pleasure?  She was wrapped tightly, helplessly to a board, with her boyfriend asking her to open her mouth and hold her breath.

As I heard her intake of breath, and then nothing, I quickly wrapped her head to the board, three times, pulling tight each time.  To my dismay, after tearing the roll off and attempting to poke through the plastic wrap with my finger to her still open mouth, I found I couldn' just gave way like a trampoline, not breaking at all.  Happily when I returned from my few steps and 5 seconds to the bathroom with something to safely poke a hole, she was breathing fine - I'd wrapped tightily enough the the layer became sort of a mask and tilting her jaw a bit, she could easily breathe.

A bit of prompting again, and a thumbtip sized hole was placed over her mouth through the three layers of plastic, and I wrapped a bit more to be certain that was the only hole.  I slid the board fully onto the bed, and looked at her.  She was wrapped, all but her feet, securely to a heavy board.  She couldn't do anything more than fidget slightly, nor lift her head.  Her tongue would push the excess plastic away as it drifted to the inside of  her mouth. 

For some time I played with her: water, ice, things more tender.  She struggled a bit when I squeezed my erection into her airhole, but she didn't seem to mind too much as she was more than willing to lick it and accept it again.

Finally, I gave her legs a little leeway, just enough to slide my fingers between her legs.  With more stroking, kissing, even deep kissing, which just made her gasp afterwards, and other caresses, she began to orgasm.  Her body tried to buck, her head tried to lift and, stretching the plastic, it did a bit.  She actually screamed, loudly, but her movement had brought the plastic across her lips and when her head dropped back onto the board it was all she could do with her tongue to get more air, sucking the plastic into her mouth.  With a little help from me, she continued into the throws of her pleasure, not being able to do much about it.

Soon, she lay, panting, her tongue still fussing with the plastic.  I slowly cut her out, and she just crawled onto the bed and curled up, pulling me along with her.  The next day, she said that was likely the most incredible sexual experience she'd ever had - so intense she couldn't believe it. 

Naturally, I repeated it the following two nights, with similar results.

Here's a tip for those who think about this stuff alot and want to perform it on their significant others:  YOU are thinking about it all the time (well, alot anyway).  Possibly making kinky plans, dreaming up schemes to entrap your partner, etc.  By the time you're able to get together, you're already worked up, raring to go.  If your partner is a woman, she likely hasn't been thinking about sex at all (for whatever reason...wink), and just tying her up or wanting to wrap her up immediately isn't going to work for her.  You want to take it slow with her, caressing, touching, feeling, talking.  If you try hard enough, and she's the right kind of person, you won't need to ask her if she'd consider being tied up.  She'll be ready to do anything you want.


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