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Open Wide

by LeatherMinx

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© Copyright 2009 - LeatherMinx - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; D/s; hood; tape; wrap; mum; bond; bdsm; toys; sex; anal; cons; X

He had requested me to be waiting for him on his return home.  It was Friday night and the weekend was ahead of us - he had promised me something special, unforgettable even.  That thought made me shiver with anticipation as I speculated about what may happen.  I was slightly nervous as I knelt facing the front door.  I was not bound, but I was naked, kneeling with my knees apart, close to a 90 degree angle, exposing my pussy to the cool air near the floor - it tingled slightly as the breath of a breeze slipped under the front door.  My hands lay empty on my thighs, my eyes were closed - as ordered - and my long blonde hair pulled up into a high ponytail at the top of my head. 

I shivered slightly as I reviewed his parting instructions that morning.  "He" is my husband, Pete, who is also my Master.  We had met three years previously, and discovered our mutual interest in bondage as our relationship had grown.  He knew most of my fantasies, and had fulfilled many of them over the years, but he had promised this weekend would be special.  His only instructions were to make sure I was home early from work, cleaned inside and out, and waiting for him - kneeling and naked - by the front door when he returned from work.

And here I was.  I had made some excuse to get home an hour early, leaving me time to clean myself properly inside and out.  This meant two enemas, to make sure that nothing would interrupt us, as well as a long hot bath.  I had eaten nothing since breakfast only drinking water up until a couple of hours earlier.  I had no idea when I would next get to a bathroom.  I also had no idea when he would get home.  So many factors could delay him, or he could have left early to miss the worst of the traffic and be home any second.  I shivered slightly, both with the slight draught and with the anticipation of his return.  Every car passing made my heart beat a little faster - was this my Master coming home?  I shifted a little on the hard floor as I heard another car pull in - it sounded like Master's.  Steps came up to the door and a key turned.  The door opened wide - or at least there was a large gust of cold air that swept across me, causing me to jump a little - I could just imagine my nipples standing erect as the temperature drop and the anticipation rose another notch.  He stood still for a few seconds, the door open to the street and any passing motorist or pedestrian, before it whooshed closed.  I could hear my own breathing - Master said nothing.  He brushed past me, his raincoat briefly skimming across my sensitive, cooled skin as he moved further into the house.

I could hear him as he moved around the house, removing his coat (I heard the cupboard door), and going upstairs to change.   I heard a lot of noise from upstairs before he eventually returned.  He had still said nothing to this point.

He walked up beside me and I could hear him put some items down on the wooden floor next to me.  "Open wide".

I opened my mouth and felt him insert a ring gag behind my teeth.  He pulled the straps tight, bedding it well, and my mouth was locked open.  I felt him brush a few stray hairs from round my ears as he inserted small foam earplugs into my ears - the sounds from outside immediately deadened and my breathing sounded louder in my ears.  Next came a familiar smell of leather as he pulled a hood on - it had no holes except the one for my mouth, and two small grommets under the nose.  It was familiar to me, so I didn't panic as he carefully aligned it to fit across the front of my face and then he pulled it over my head - stopping briefly to pull the ponytail through the grommet at the top - before smoothing it out as he laced it up the back of my head. 

Once more ensuring it was smooth across my face with no wrinkles to crease the effect or pinch my skin beneath, he then methodically tightened the laces, moulding the leather to my face, and I heard the light click of a small padlock as he finished, securing the black leather to my head.  The cool air rasped in and out of my open mouth, the only part of my face still exposed, which he then proceeded to stopper with a penis gag, sealing the hole as the cold solid rubber filled my mouth and he pulled the straps tight behind my head - he did not padlock this on - I was now breathing through only the two small holes beneath my nose.  He briefly stopped the holes, as if to remind me that he was in control of my fate.  I had never doubted that, as I knelt waiting, blind to what came next.

A small nudge on my chin made me lift my head back, and I could feel the rigid rubber and leather of a discipline collar being fitted across the front of my neck.  This would make me keep my head well up and facing front - even if I could see, I could not have turned my head to the side to look around me.  Once it was buckled, a faint click confirmed that he had padlocked it on to me.

Master had still not said anything to me whilst he was taking away my speech, hearing and sight, but I now heard his breathing as he stood behind me and above me.  He grabbed my ponytail, sticking up from the top of my head, and pulling to make it tight he started to plait it tightly.  I couldn't see him, but I knew he was plaiting a black leather thong into my hair, which would become useful later on.

I was still kneeling on the cold floor, facing the front door with nothing on except a hood and a discipline collar keeping my head up and facing forward.  Now my Master spoke for only the second time, again saying "Open wide" as he nudged my knees further apart.  Kneeling in front of me I could feel his warm breath as he closed on my pussy, then the sharp bite as he attached clover clips to each of my pussy lips. He pulled them apart, stretching the sensitive skin wide, then strapped the clips to the inside of my thighs.  A new breath of cold air brushed across my throbbing clitoris as the blood flushed through the sensitive tissues.  He stepped back, watching me breathe harder through the restricting helmet as I processed the new sensations coming from my exposed flesh.  I so wanted to close my knees, but I had no chance as I felt Master pushing aside my arms and slipping some vet-wrap around my left leg, securing it in its position, bent double, with my foot touching my behind.  He quickly did the same to the other leg, rendering both of those limbs useless to me with one quick wrap to either one.  He then grabbed my arm and, did the same to that limb, folding it and taking a quick wrap around the doubled limb to secure my hand up by my shoulder.  Repeating the motions with my other arm, I was now simply, but effectively frog-tied.

Master completed the wrapping of my arms first, sealing them into shapeless stumps, my hands blending with my shoulders as he wound the vet-wrap around my neck and across the top of my chest.  Moving down my chest he wove the bandages around my breasts in a figure of eight, tightly wrapping them at the base, but leaving the freshly-swelling globes of flesh themselves free.  He then continued down my torso and across my belly as he wrapped tightly, effectively creating a corset from the wrappings and restricting my breathing as my waist and stomach were pulled in.  As he came to the top of my hips he stopped, and I could hear his breathing through the leather of the helmet and the earplugs as he stood back to admire his handwork - a wrapped bundle with only the purpling globes of my breasts showing.

The first I knew of his next present was the bite of the clover clamps as he attached them to my erect and blood-filled nipples.  Probably just as well that my mouth was full as I screamed with both surprise and pain as Master quickly attached both within seconds of each other.  The nipples throbbed as he let the clamps bite and I struggled to catch my breath through the small holes below my nose and with the tight wrapping around my chest and abdomen.

I then felt my world tip as he moved me on to my back, the cold floor making me gasp slightly, and my knees automatically tried to close to protect my pussy from the cold air.  He stopped them, saying only "Open Wide" again as he pushed them apart, leaving me on my back, knees in the air, still open for the world to see, should it step through our front door.

I heard the vet-wrap again as Master approached and he started wrapping around my knees, then attaching a thin rod with the tape to the top of my knee.  He stopped working on that knee and moved to the other knee, also attaching the rod to that knee, affectively opening my knees almost as far as my legs would allow, with only the thin rod keeping them there.  There was a little give in the rod, as I could feel it flex slightly, but it would not break or let me close my legs.  This also stretched the clamps attached to my pussy lips out along my thighs, making sure there was no cover for my clitoris.  As soft, warm breath touched my clitoris as Master blew warm air across it, making me shiver slightly with the stimulation to my already-excited blood-filled genitalia. 

The next surprise caused me to fight for my breath again – this time he attached a clamp to my clitoris, the metal biting into the blood-swollen and hyper-sensitive bundle of nerves.  A string from this clamp pulled the skin taught as he tied it off to the rod between my knees.  The sensations from this new clamp distracted me as the wrapping continued, turning my legs into shapeless objects, small gasps coming as he occasionally (intentionally ?) tripped the string between my legs as he worked.  The first set of clamps were taped even more firmly to the inside of my thighs as the wrapping continued, with Master turning me left and right as he sealed my feet to my buttocks.  He also taped across my buttocks, pulling them apart, leaving a clearer passage into my virgin hole behind.  The wrapping now continued up to where he had stopped above my hips, leaving me wrapped into one package, only my holes and my breasts free. 

I had thought he had finished wrapping, as I lay on my back wondering what might happen next, but I heard the unmistakable sound of more tape being unwound.  This was the black tape, too delicate for my skin, but which was safe to use over the vet-wrap.  The tearing sound continued through several rolls as he moved me around, layering it across almost all of my skin, making a continuous black wrapping from the top of my black leather-clad head, to the tip of my knees in stark contrast to the pale white purpled flesh of my bulging breasts and throbbing, flushed and open pussy, exposed to the elements.  This wrapping was also tighter across my chest, further restricting my breathing as I had gotten used to the previous restrictions, but this brought it back again as I struggled to draw in enough air through the tight bindings.

Finally he seemed to have finished.  He tipped me forward until I was propped up on my four stunted limbs - the knees and elbows my end points on the hard floor.  My breasts dangled almost to the floor, the nipple clamps brushing the surface and teasing the tender flesh as they dragged slightly; my tender clitoris pulled backwards towards the rod keeping my knees apart and my sex exposed; my head was erect, facing forward, forced there by the posture collar.  I felt open to the world, despite all the wrapping.

I felt him approach from behind me, and reach around me to my tender breasts.  Massaging my nipples around the clamps, and the distended flesh of the breasts, making me gasp as the tender flesh was squeezed and rolled in his fingers, he spoke into my ear - which came across as little more than a whisper - "I was going to wrap these up all neatly, like everything else, but they are far too magnificent to hide away.  I think I shall let them out to play with.  But first, I have another surprise for you."

Master stopped his massage and turned his attention to the rear.  His wrapping had opened the split between my buttocks and, in my position he had easy access to my rear hole.  We had never used this hole in the past, not through lack of willingness to try, but we just hadn't stopped playing with my other holes.  Now, for the first time, he approached my virgin hole.  Gently, he inserted one finger, exploring and stretching slightly, rimming the hole with lubricant, flicking his finger in and out making sure the entrance was well covered before he added another finger, widening the muscles and trying to get me to relax as he bent and widened his fingers in the hole.  I gasped slightly as the muscles protested, but he added another finger, and I tried to relax more - it was easy to say that I was willing to explore the use of this part of my anatomy, it was another lesson to learn to relax whilst Master did so.  He took his time and, when he obviously felt I was ready I felt his fingers retreat and the tip of a hard rubber butt plug, also well lubricated, was pushed up against the hole, I tightened again, but Master was ready and had already got the tip in before the muscles bunched. 

He flicked the nearest clamp to distract me – the sensations from my clitoris shot up and down my spine as he gradually pushed and retreated as he stretched the sphincter further and further open, finally letting the plug be sucked in as the muscles contracted around the narrow base.  It wasn't coming out any time soon, but I was also glad I had used both the enemas.  Far less gently, and with more practice, Master pushed a dildo up my pussy and, before it could slip out from my dripping hole, he’d untied the string from the clitoris clamp and stretched a piece of vet-wrap through my legs, front to back, to keep the toys in place.  I felt more full up than ever before, and I concentrated on the new sensations, of the two objects so close, yet so far, through the thin walls dividing them.

It took me a while to notice that Master had left me alone.  I couldn't hear him at all, nor could I feel any vibrations of him walking across the floor.  It seemed as if I was alone.  I wondered briefly what I looked like - black head to foot (or knee at least), my breasts dangling beneath me like some overgrown udders, my head alert and straight ahead, and only a thin strip of flesh showing round the edges of the tape between my legs.  My breathing speeded up as I contemplated what might happen next.  This was further than we usually went with our experiments, and the sensations were new.  I was used to being mummified, although rarely this tightly or effectively, yet my holes were available for use - even my mouth if the gag were removed.

I don't know how long I waited, my knees and elbows began to ache on the hard floor, before I felt footsteps approaching.  Master picked me up across the stomach and carried me through the house.  With a change in air temperature and the door closing, I could feel we were in the garage.  I was not allowed in to the garage unless with special permission.  It was where he concocted his schemes for our weekends of pleasure, and he didn't like me spoiling the surprise.  I felt myself being put down, but above floor level.  The 'table' moved slightly as he put me down at about his waist height, and I was confused.  He moved my elbows out the corners and placed some padding beneath my knees and elbows, then proceeded to use more of the black tape to secure me to the table beneath me.  I was beginning to have some sense of what he was intending when he moved to my head and bent to speak to me.

"I know one of your fantasies is to be used by several men, and have no choice in the matter, to essentially be their sex toy.  I have never been totally comfortable with this idea, but I think I have found a way to allow this to happen and both of us be happy.  You are attached to the top of a trolley which is about hip high - which will leave your holes open and available to use at just the right height.  I have invited one or two friends around tonight for a party and some 'special' entertainment - you, although they don't and will never know that.  You will have no choice in who or which hole they service, the choice is theirs.  You are our sex toy for the night."

My mind shook.  I could remember telling him that fantasy, but I had never thought it would be anything more than that as He had been so adamantly against the idea at the time.  I was now slightly scared - all my holes were totally exposed for use and I no control at all - exactly as I had described it to him.  But my body took over.  I could feel my pussy flushing and getting wetter at the thought, the blood pounding through the vessels; my breasts throbbed in their confinement, crying for attention.  Then I noticed that He was removing the tape from between my legs.

The dildo slid from my dripping pussy as the tape barrier was removed - I couldn't hold on to it.  But he turned his attention to my other invader.  This took a little more pulling, but he managed to remove it.  I then felt him insert something quickly into my love hole and move it around slightly, before removing it and pressing it against my rear hole and pushing gently.  I gasped, this one was larger than the last - it seemed as if he was trying to stretch me before the evening's events began.  With some persuasion, the butt plug was sucked in to settle firmly clenched by my sphincter, and He inserted a larger dildo in the other hole before again taping through my legs.  This time he avoided the end of the butt plug, and I realised why as he pulled the forgotten thong through my hair and tied it to the butt plug, ensuring my head stayed pulled back at the correct angle.

The sensations running through my body chased each other around as I tasted each one - the overwhelming sense of fullness from the increase in the size of plugs now filling me up.  Anticipation for the coming evening battled with worry - the anticipation easily winning as my breath came in gasps and my body throbbed.  I heard the door slam, and I was alone.

I don't know how long I was alone in the garage for.  I didn't even know how long it had taken Him to wrap me up, so I no sense of time before I heard the door slam again.

"Time for your grand entrance.  They don't know it's you, they think you're out for the evening.  They think it's a girl I have hired for their pleasure tonight.  I hope you enjoy yourself"

He pushed me, face first out the garage and into the house.  As we entered the living room, he spun me around, to show me off to his guests, "Gentlemen, your entertainment for the evening."

I didn't hear clearly many of the comments until someone asked if they could touch. "Of course," said my Master, "that's what she's here for, for you to play with.  She's your sex toy for the evening.  You only have to not damage her in any way so she can be returned to the store in the morning.  Here, I'll show you."

The tape was ripped from between my legs and the dildo fell out with a slight suction from the moisture and fell to the trolley with a tinny sound.  The butt plug was a little more resistant, and I sucked my breath in as He yanked it from my virgin hole.  Last of all, he removed the clamp from my clitoris – the blood rushing back into the sensitive vessels over-stimulated the nerves and I panted as I tried to catch my breath with the rush of sensations.

Cold fingers explored my pussy - the lips pulled back to expose me for use more easily, and show my availability.  Hands wandered over my breasts, kneading them and pressing the distended flesh, making me gasp slightly.  The sound stopped the hands - "She's real!" said a surprised voice.

"Of course" said my Master - "isn’t that the point, the best sex toys always are." and he laughed.  "Check out this end as well."

He swung me around to, presumably, face the audience, and unbuckled the gag I had had in for a long time.  I ran my tongue around my dry lips and swallowed, as a voice said "Wow, both ends" and laughed with the others.

"My turn first I think," I heard my Master's familiar voice, and the sound of a zipper from behind me.  “Open wide.”  Next thing, warm flesh was slammed into my pussy, coating it in a layer of moisture and leaving me trying to press backwards into the intruder before it was pulled out and presented at my rear hole.  It was inserted gently at first, then more insistently as it entered, pushing further in with each thrust, then faster as Master worked up towards his orgasm. He had obviously been anticipating this as it wasn’t long before his final thrust sent his seed into me before I had reached my own climax.  He stood still as he regained his breath, even as I was still recovering mine.  He had probably wanted to be the first to subject me to that intrusion and take my anal rosebud from me.  He withdrew slowly and spun the trolley, presenting me for use to everyone else.

"Any hole?" a voice asked.


The trolley spun as the next customer came up to the counter.

“Open wide.”



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