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Over and Over Again

by Firebird

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© Copyright 2011 - Firebird - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; kidnap; femdom; zentai; bond; catsuit; sleepsack; hoods; mast; sex; cons; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

Jeff didn’t know what was going on or where he was. His last memory was of meeting a gorgeous woman at a bar and letting her buy him a drink. Lydia was her name. She had red hair, stood six feet tall and her body was easily a 9. Her lips were bright pink, which matched her outfit; she wore a tight pink long-sleeve dress that seemed to be made out of spandex, a material that Jeff had a very strong fetish for. The last topic he remembered talking about was, “What was the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?” She asked him to go first and he decided to ease her into his fetish for bondage AND encasement slowly by simply saying how he was tied to his bed, but he never mentioned the all black zentai catsuit from Winter Fetish that he was wearing at that time – nor the dominatrix that he had PAID to get this done to him. The strange thing is that he could have sworn that Lydia’s eyes lit up when he mentioned this. Of course Jeff’s imagination ran wild with that single glint in her eyes. Maybe she was totally into this?

Lydia gave a little smirk afterwards that seemed to disprove Jeff’s fantasy because her expression was unexplainable – almost one of distrust. Regardless, Jeff really had to pee and so he excused himself to the restroom. While washing his hands, he just couldn’t stop thinking about how he most likely weirded out yet another woman!

While heading back to the bar, Jeff noticed that for some reason Lydia was already holding his drink. She replied rather defensively, “Oh sorry I stole a little sip off your glass. Here.” After she handed his drink back, she asked him to walk her to her car.

Outside, in a rather secluded looking street, Jeff escorted Lydia to her all black tinted SUV. Upon reaching the car, he wanted to apologize for possibly weirding her out, but he started to blither out his words. “It’s okay hun,” she said. “You actually didn’t weird me out at all. But I am disappointed that you lied.” What? What the hell was she talking about?

As his senses began to dull even more, Jeff began to stumble from just trying to stand in place. So he leaned an arm on the hood of her car. Lydia continued without pause, “Oh I saw how you were looking at me after you mentioned your kinkiest experience. It was like you were hoping for more while playing it safe for now. I really hope there was more to just being tied to the bed like a bondage noob. In fact, you never asked me what my kinkiest experience was! And for now let’s just say my kinkiest is 2 days, which I intend to beat. But never mind what that means for now. You’ll find out what I’m into soon enough since you should be passing out in the next few seconds. And thank goodness it’s Friday on a three day weekend because of Labor Day. No work until Tuesday.”

This last phrase from Lydia was rather inaudible as Jeff began to pass out and…soon…blacked out.

That brings us to the present with Jeff. He couldn’t move his arms since they seemed to be in some kind of straitjacket. Only this one seemed almost impossible to get out of and really tight. Jeff had worn straightjackets made of their standard canvas-like material before but this one was so skin tight and yet just as strong. He tried to pull his arms up and perhaps get the jacket over his head but the jacket seemed to go all the way down to his crotch like biker shorts! Was he in the Winter Fetish darlex straightjacket shorts!? And if so how the hell did she know about this? All he could hear was what must have been the SUV driving. He was sitting up and could feel the seatbelt over him, but it was very hard to see. He felt trapped in layers! After wiggling his feet and hands around, it became obvious that he was indeed wearing a spandex full body catsuit, very much like the one he owned, underneath the straightjacket shorts! And his head felt ever so tight. Normally he could see out of his zentai suit’s hood, but there must have been another hood over him!

“Don’t struggle too much, slave. You have a darlex hood over the hood of your zentai suit. If you get too worked up, it can be somewhat difficult breathing through spandex and then out only two little nose holes. Hahaha.” As she said this, she gently brushed her hand against Jeff’s crotch, giving him an instant hard on!

“Oh. You DO like encasement huh? Well of course you do, I work over at my friend, Gord’s house. You and I have actually been emailing each other back and forth for over a year now. Does the screen name McLaneDom mean anything to you?” Jeff tried to say, “I think so,” but the hoods were on so tight that he could only manage an, “Mmmhmmm.” If this woman was ‘McLaneDom’, then she knew every single nook and cranny of Jeff’s fetish and bondage desires!

“You’ve been emailing us requests to tie up men the same way Gord does for women for so long that I finally decided to stalk you on collarme and other free bondage dating sites. After I figured out which bar you frequented and what you looked like from your facebook profile, the rest was just a matter of planning and patience. Hell, I even knew that you would bring your zentai catsuit in the trunk of your car and that is what I have you wearing now.” Hmmm maybe this wasn’t so bad. If this Lydia really was into what Jeff was, then this could be the best day of his life! But if she’s crazy….

Soon the car came to a complete stop. They seemed to pull into some kind of garage because Jeff could hear Lydia clicking on some remote and then some motor powering the garage door close behind them. Lydia then got out and closed her driver side door. Jeff could hear the clopping of her high heels get more faint towards the back of the car. He began to feel for a car door handle but his hands were so tightly pressed against his torso that he couldn’t reach for anything, much less a door handle where he couldn’t see. A few seconds later, Lydia opened Jeff’s passenger door.

If he was going to escape then now was probably going to be the only time to do it. But should he? Too late. Before he could make any decision, Lydia had jumped onto his lap and was straddling him with her back towards him. She then started to dry hump against his groin over and over again. This continued with both of them moaning and groaning for a few minutes. She seemed to know how long to go before stopping for only a few seconds because each time Jeff was about to cum, he would stop gyrating his own hips as if to brace for his ‘explosion’ – and Lydia figured out his ‘tell.’

“Oh this is gonna be so much fun! You like to stiffen up before you cum! I am going to get you so fucking hard and who knows? I might even let you cum a few times…” With that being said, Lydia then continued to ride him for what seemed like an hour. Each time stopping just before he could come. It was difficult to breathe through two hoods, but Jeff started to get the hang of it.

“Oh I’m so fucking wet right now. Too bad you don’t deserve to be in me just yet. But don’t worry, I managed to slip a condom on you while you were unconscious too. I think it’s about time you get some release. But I’m going to warn you. As per the many emails you sent me, I KNOW that immediately after you cum, you usually feel a little ashamed or embarrassed and don’t want anything to do with bondage or encasement until you’re horny again, which could be hours later. Well this is my world now and you’re going to play by MY rules. I get off on seeing you all helpless in darlex, spandex or even pvc or rubber. I DON’T CARE whether you’re horny or not. But in exchange for me making all of your fetish dreams come true and letting you cum at least once a day, the least you can do is look sexy for me and serve me as a slave on the weekends and some week nights. I’ll let you think about this arrangement while I do this-” Lydia then began to dry hump and ride Jeff again, but this time a lot harder than before. Jeff moved his hips up and down as she gyrated side to side. Her moaning began to get louder and louder and he started to stiffen up. Finally both of them let out loud screams, orgasming at the same time. Jeff could feel his cum filling up the condom that was indeed protecting his nice zentai catsuit and the darlex straightjacket from any of his….’mess.’

That felt amazing. By far the best orgasm Jeff had EVER had. But Lydia was right. Now he felt like he just wanted to get out and maybe cuddle or talk or even leave and go home. “So now should be where your fear is beginning to set in,” Lydia commented. “Don’t worry, I’m not a crazy serial killer. But like I said, I have an arrangement to offer you and before you agree or disagree with it, I’m going to make sure that you know what you’d be getting before coming to a decision. Why buy a car without test-driving it first right? Earlier, when I said I was going to beat 2 days, I meant that I wanted to keep a man in darlex or spandex fetish clothing and bondage gear for over 2 days. Lucky you, it’s Friday night and so I’ve got you until Monday night for a whole 3 days.”

“Now to make sure you can walk, but not run. Oh I’m NOT stupid. I know that even though you are a shorter man, you still have quite a bit of strength in you. So I’m not going to tie up your legs just yet. I’m just going to make it more difficult for you to escape…” Lydia then shoved her luscious ass against Jeff’s chest as she bent over and grabbed his right ankle, shoving on what must have been a woman’s high-heeled shoe. She then fastened it tight with whatever lacing it must have had and did the same with his other foot.

“For starters, I have you wearing 4 inch heels. Now for your collar and leash.” Lydia grabbed a generic black leather dog collar and buckled it on Jeff’s neck. It seemed to tighten his darlex hood on even more; as if that were possible! With a slight tug, she led him out of the car. At first, Jeff started to wobble atop the hard ground of Lydia’s garage, having never worn women’s high-heels before. But Lydia guided him rather helpfully – with one hand pulling on his leash, Lydia had her other one stabilizing Jeff by his crotch. A few minutes of getting used to, and they were both finally in her house at what must have been her bathroom due to the more hollow sounds her floors were making underneath his high heels. Lydia then proceeded to carefully unzip the crotch of Jeff’s straightjacket shorts and then his zentai catsuit. “Oh perfect. The condom is still on. Let me get rid of that and clean you up with a towel.”

“Oh dear it’s been a long day! Tying up and vibrating women at work, then planning out your kidnapping and then ACTUALLY kidnapping you! I think it’s bed time for both of us. Don’t worry, you’ll be right next to me the whole time. This way slave!” Lydia yanked on the leash causing Jeff to choke briefly. After reaching her bedroom, Lydia stopped and spoke sternly, “Okay now this is going to be tricky slave. I need to put you into something more comfortable for sleep wear, but that will require getting you out of that straightjacket, which means you will have the free use of your hands temporarily. But I have an idea. You still can’t see and so I’m going to throw your leash over a pull-up bar and then pull it back down towards me. If you try to escape or do anything else besides obeying me, then all I have to do is yank really hard and you could end up choking or, worse, hanging yourself. Do you understand?” Jeff nodded. Why the FUCK would he want to escape? This was heaven!

“Good slave.”

Jeff could hear the chain leash clattering against the metal pull-up bar as Lydia finished setting up her ‘contingency’ plan. “Now let’s get started. Shall we?” Lydia un-buckled and unzipped the straightjacket shorts. She then pulled Jeff’s arms out and then peeled the whole jacket down below his legs and helped him get one high-heeled foot through before the next. She then opened a dresser drawer and pulled out something that made a rustling sound. “Now I’m going to take the leash back from the bar and walk you to my bed. Keep in mind that all I have to do is yank really hard at any time. Now come!” Lydia yanked really hard and Jeff nearly fell but caught himself with a free hand. “Hahaha nice one. Now hurry!” Lydia exclaimed before slapping Jeff’s ass really hard with her hand.

“Now lie down on this bed in front of you.” Jeff felt around in front of him and finally figured out the angle of the side of the bed. He crawled on carefully so has not to puncture anything with his heels and then lay down obediently with his hands at his sides.

“Good slave. Oh you won’t be needing these shoes anymore. For tonight at least.” Lydia took off both of the painful heels and Jeff could feel immediate relief returning to his feet. “Now do you have to pee or anything slave?” Jeff shook his head. “Good. Because this is going to be your last stop until we wake up tomorrow morning like newly weds. Hahaha.” Okay now I’m going to slip this darlex sleepsack onto you feet-first.” Jeff could feel a tight material being pulled over his feet and then up past his waist. “Now get your arms into these sleeves. Come on!”

Wow! This sleepsack was really tight and felt amazing. It felt like spandex, but was as tight as rubber or even leather; yet STILL comfortable! “Oops. I forgot to zip the crotch up of your zentai suit. Oh well. Guess we’ll leave both crotch zippers open. Now to zip up the back. Turn over!” As Lydia zipped up the back of the sleepsack, Jeff could feel it tighten over his body even MORE so. It felt like he was being caressed by a hundred dominatrixes. Simply amazing. Lydia then walked a few feet away and started to get undressed. “I myself like to sleep in my mesh catsuit.” Jeff heard her open another drawer and barely heard her pull anything out. After Lydia finished getting changed, she sat on her bed next to Jeff, staring.

“Oh look at you! So sexy and cute! You’re inside your very own spandex zentai catsuit, and on top of that you’re trapped in a darlex sleepsack. Would you like me to at least remove the darlex hood so you can breathe better in your sleep?”

Again, all Jeff could make out was a weak, “Mmmhmmm?”

“Well too bad, slave! Looking at you all spandex’ed and darlex’ed up like this has gotten me all hot and horny again. I want to see you hard again. Come on it’s already been over 20 minutes since we came!” Lydia immediately grabbed onto Jeff’s exposed cock and started to stroke up and down ever so slowly. “Oh yes you got hard so fast! And pre-came a little already. Tsk tsk tsk. Naughty naughty. Looks like I better clean some of this up!” Jeff felt the warm, wet saliva of Lydia’s lips and throat surrounding his member like a condom in and of itself. So tight. So soft. And so perfect. Up and down Lydia thrust until Jeff started to stiffen.

“Oh no you don’t slave. Not without me you don’t. Lucky for you I’m on the pill so this next part is really easy…” Jeff felt the bed shake slightly as Lydia placed her feet on both sides of him. Then she dropped to her knees and rammed her moist pussy right over his shaft! As Lydia rode Jeff up and down, she proceeded to mention exactly what he wanted to hear per their dozens of email conversations in the past: “Oh fuck yeah that feels good! I want you to smell the spandex and darlex against your face! Oh yeah! Think about how you’re totally encased in it from head to toe. Uh! Uh! Uh! Now smell my mesh suit.” Lydia pressed her boobs against Jeff’s face almost suffocating him. “Your heaving breathing through your nose is tickly my boobs! Bad slave! Uh! Uh! Stay hard slave! Stay hard! Uh!” Jeff was about to explode. As he stiffened, Lydia began moving even faster until they both screamed into orgasms that seemed to last a minute!

“Well done slave. That deserves some more oxygen!” Lydia reached over and tilted Jeff’s head up as she unzipped the back of his darlex hood. She then pulled it off and for the first time since the bar, Jeff could see – although it was a little difficult since he still had the hood from the zentai catsuit on. The room was dimly lit and Lydia, still in her sexy mesh catsuit, was already shifting into a cuddle position with one leg lying across Jeff’s crotch and one arm across his chest. “Good night slave! Don’t move too much or the mesh on my leg could rub against you and get you hard again. If that happens and I wake up in the middle of the night, then I WILL rape you. Now get plenty of rest because tomorrow we’re going to do this over and over again. And the day after that…over and over…”





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